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Eva Mendes: Diamond Foam & Fabric Shopper

Eva Mendes: Diamond Foam & Fabric Shopper

Eva Mendes picks up some items from Diamond Foam & Fabric on Thursday (June 14) in Los Angeles.

Earlier in the week, the 38-year-old actress showed some leg in a summery dress while stopping by a gas station.

Eva can next be seen on the big screen opposite her real-life boyfriend, Ryan Gosling, in The Place Beyond the Pines.

The drama centers around a motorcycle stunt rider who considers committing a crime in order to provide for his wife and child, an act that puts him on a collision course with a cop-turned-politician.

FYI: Eva is wearing an Asos top.

10+ pictures inside of Eva Mendes shopping at Diamond Foam & Fabric…

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eva mendes diamond foam fabric 01
eva mendes diamond foam fabric 02
eva mendes diamond foam fabric 03
eva mendes diamond foam fabric 04
eva mendes diamond foam fabric 05
eva mendes diamond foam fabric 06
eva mendes diamond foam fabric 07
eva mendes diamond foam fabric 08
eva mendes diamond foam fabric 09
eva mendes diamond foam fabric 10

Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • judsie

    eva is one of the most gorgeous woman on earth, but her casual style is seriously wrong on so many levels.

  • jennifer

    she’s got a booty!

  • Elsa

    Dat ASS!
    Anybody who says Eva Mendes looks like a “tranny” seriously needs their eyes examined. Curves in all the right places.

  • Miley

    Enough with the Cuban Tranny.

  • Pete

    That face is all man and heavily made up.

  • LOL

    She has a hard looking face, but dresses very fem and and wears her hair nicely so it balances it out. She does have a great body though..

  • bahha black sheep

    perfect ass

  • jayne

    Oh man, not her again. Can she just go away?!

  • Hal


  • kev

    Isn’t she a lover of the ladies? Maybe Gosling’s just a beard?

  • annette

    What’s she doing with all that fabric? Is she learning to sew now or something?

  • Marina

    Now that’s a womans body! Gorgeous!

  • Missy

    Yeahhhh, this is not a staged photo op at all, I’m sure the paps camp out at a fabric store all the time, it’s a know star hot spot..
    On a more serious note, I NEED to petrol bomb her wardrobe, the bad fashion needs to end, and it needs to end now!! the onesie rompers are one thing but a line must be drawn at denim skirts and shirts tied at the waist, she looks like a bad extra in an Elvis movie. Where are the fashion police when you need them? She’s a serial offender, it’s too late for just a fine, those clothes need to be looked away from the rest of society!!!

  • katie

    Her ass is too big. Her legs are perfect though.

  • Louanne

    @Missy: ahahaha! That was really funny!!! I agree. I think this woman is attractive, though in a heavy way. But, most of her wardrobe should be sent to another galaxy. She has absolutely no sense of fashion or sense of what looks good on her.

  • Happy Jacky

    Color combination is at least not off this time, but she looks like a cheap hoochie for hire and way too try hard.

  • bebe

    She’s incredibly beautiful/sexy, without trying too hard. Love what she;s wearing:)

  • Costume

    Never pair a denim skirt with a tied up shirt, it’s costumey a la Daisy Duke. Question..if these aren’t planned photo ops, why would anyone wear that outfit out to run errands? What about flat shoes and casual clothing?

  • Photo ops

    Ok..this is getting ridiculous. There are HUGE A list stars who manage to not be photographed THIS MUCH. There is no way she’s literally not calling ahead every day to her photo friend, giving them her destination and then getting into full makeup, outfit, blown out hair toooooo….get gas, get coffee, get fabric, pick up groceries…every one of these things just this week. It’s becoming laughable. Her pr team reads these comments. Reign it in guys, people don’t relate to someone who is dressed to the 9s every day to run normal people errands. If you want more fans, dial it down.

  • KissThis

    She always has this look on her face like she has a stick up her ass.

  • may

    Eva’s not a famewhore attention seeker at all. *rolls eyes*

  • dez

    I hope Ryan is done with her soon. Then we won’t have to be subjected to these daily photo ops anymore. Come on Ryan, if you know what’s good for you, you should dump the clinger!

  • bluebird

    Just think, if he marries her, we’ll be subjected to these photo ops everyday, forever. I wish the world will be ending if that’s the case.

  • Lori

    Do you think Ryan ever says to her “Hey girl, I really like the way you went out today on your own and bought fabric for that sewing project”?

  • kara

    Somebody needs to tone down the famewhoring. Sometimes less is more.

  • blaine

    She’s not really famous for her acting, it’s because of who she’s dating, which is kind of pathetic when you think about it.

  • Jesus

    She’s clearly arching her back in the side view pic of her ass…it’s what you do in a swimsuit photo shoot to maximize ass effect. Anyone who’s been on set of a swimsuit/lingerie shoot (she has) can recognize that. She looks like an uninformed time traveling fashion victim with her outfits…wake up, you’re not Sophia Loren, you re not on the set of Beach Blanket Bingo, and you’re not ever going to look hip or current. You’re stuck with your unfortunate costume wardrobe that bites off the style of former sex sirens actual movie stars, who you can never even dream to come close to. Your costumes age you every time you “suit up.” This chick is effin ridic with the staged photo ops. I wonder why they seem to “catch” Ryan (the actual star) so much less than her…hmmmmmmm…

  • 2xs

    Ummmm…why is she exiting twice in two different pictures? Was the first time a rehearsal for the photographer so he could establish focus? Or did she forget her bolt of fabric and go back inside again? Just wondering..

  • Helen

    Most of the negative comments here are because she is dating Ryan

  • Give it a rest

    Unfortunately, many of Ryan’s fans are nasty pieces of work….they seem to have all the time in the world to trash Eva Mendes because she is dating him. Ladies worry about your own love lives or lack there of. Bitterness causes wrinkles, frown lines and won’t attract anyone.

  • InsideSource

    Word is that they will marry and procreate. It’s already being planned.

  • Give it a rest

    If you don’t like seeing pictures of Eva, Ryan or both together….then you always have the option of not clicking into the threads. B*tching about this couple and the “supposed” photo ops serves no purpose.

  • Give it a rest

    Oh,, and FWIW, I’m not even particularly a fan of Eva although I will admit that she’s beautiful.

  • JG

    @InsideSource: And how do you know this? Do you know them personally?

  • sam

    If he marries and procreates with her, I am so done. Ryan’s lost his mind, clearly. I am not a jealous fangirl at all. I am just perplexed he’s chosen such a mean, b*tchy woman. I speak from personal experience, I worked on a movie with her.

  • andie

    I thought Eva was very opposed to marriage? She’s been very vocal about it in the past. Even as recently as last year when she was on the Chelsea Lately show. I don’t think she would change her mind so fast. I’m not sure I buy this.

  • mn

    I thought Ryan wanted to slow down the relationship, and didn’t even want to move in with her yet. Now there’s all this stuff about marriage and babies? It’s ridiculous if you ask me. Makes no sense.

  • olive

    @andie: @mn: It’s Eva’s PR team at work.

  • InsideSource

    It is what it is.

  • kris

    @InsideSource: Ok, so how do you know this? Anyone can write anything on the internet.

  • Olivia

    who cares about the face when you have an ass like that? she’s hot, a butterface yes but hot, that’s why guys love her so much

  • Xp 10

    Maybe word is she is desperate and wants to squeeeze every last bit out of it, before their arrangement is finished.

  • marcie

    @Xp 10: I agree!

  • kurious kitty


    i was going to say the same thing!her other pictures prove that she has a square ass and she’s definitely sticking it out for a photo op.. i think she’s totally phony and tries very hard to look good..

  • Inside source haha

    Clearly you’re not lol…anyone who actually was wouldn’t be on here calling themselves “inside source”..idiot

  • ?

    @give it a rest
    If you don’t like reading comments on eva, Ryan, or both together, then don’t click on their threads. Works both ways. To comment as much as you are, it must really be bothering you so….give it a rest.

  • myopinion

    Man, she really wants to be noticed. Posing for the camera. Shameless PR wh*re, and at Ryan’s expense. Pity.

  • Anne

    @myopinion: I also find it a pity that she is dragging Ryan’s image down the drain. An actor’s talent has nothing to do with whom he/she dates, yes, but this lady repeated and appearances make her look like a silly woman desperate for attention, and Ryan used to transmit a cool image besides being talented…

  • myopinion

    @Anne: I agree. His talent has nothing to do with her. But she is using his good image to her benefit, while simultaneously bringing it down. I think you are correct. It’s too bad. He’s already lost fans over this, even though who he dates shouldn’t be important. It’s the way she is famewh*ring that is turning everybody off.

  • .

    @Elsa: you sound pathetic saying that about another woman..that’s something a male perv would say..but maybe you’re just a sick female perv?