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Katie Holmes: Gymnastics Class with Suri!

Katie Holmes: Gymnastics Class with Suri!

Katie Holmes takes a quick phone call as she watches her daughter Suri in her gymnastics class at Chelsea Piers on Monday (July 16) in New York City.

The 33-year-old actress looked on as Suri did some tumbling and flips with an instructor.

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The day before, Katie and Suri were spotted in adorable matching pink outfits as they stopped for a chat on the street.

Earlier in the weekend, Katie and Suri took a trip to one of their favorite locations: the Children’s Museum of the Arts!

FYI: Katie is wearing a Hoss Intropia blouse.

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  • Just so

    There are many excellent gymnastics facilities in NYC where they could have privacy. Why does she attend some place where photos can be taken through the glass?

  • Marie

    She looks stunning… thanks god she ran away from freaky Tom Cruise

  • Kilem

    Does every single fart these people make have to be posted? Lawd!!

  • Hayley

    Is there a reason that since the break up she is letting herself be so over-exposed? This is getting like a Kardashian lifestyle. WTF?

  • A

    @Just so: looks like someone took it with their cell phone

  • baugh

    Good to see she’s taking suri places to learn and experince things every little girl should.

  • baugh

    suri is one beautiful Girl.

  • WhoresOfAFatherFlock2Getha

    Why can’t she keep away from the limelight until the media frenzy cools down from her high-profile divorce?

    Suri is still not interacting with kids her age, is that a private lesson? Is Katie afraid to let Suri mingle because she has no social skills and is being taught that’s she’s the centre of the universe. She’s not even allowed to walk! I see same unhealthy patterns perpetuating despite breaking away from COS.

  • Katie the Media *****

    Suri is the next future Lindsay Lohan. Katie Holmes has nothing else going for her so she gets $$$ through over exposure and by selling photo opportunities of Suri. She’s p.i.m.p.i.n.g. her daughter’s image.

    Not a single star is openly supportive of her. They get that she’s a fraud using her daughter’s famous identity to gain press for herself.

  • Hamlet

    What a ridiculous argument, #1. Blame the paparazzi for stalking this girl.

    You don’t know how she is being raised, #8.

  • A
  • barf

    Soon JJ going to start posting pics of Suri using the toilet. Must every moment of this child’s life be photographed by paps. She’s not an actress…YET.
    There’s something perverted by adults fascinated by the everyday comings and goings of a little girl.

    grown ups should be ogling pics of adults NOT children.

  • reeven

    I donĀ“t like Tom Cruise, but after this overexposure from her ex wife i think i will become Team Tom, she is getting annoying.

  • Natalia

    I just can’t believe that there are people so poor thumbing down to a comment that states that a little girl is beautiful.

  • WAlterBisho[

    I just don’t get this woman – she’s becoming annoying – 1) why stay in New York with all the publicity? 2) she contributed to Suri’s spoiling just as much as Tom did – he did because of his COS rules, and she did because she’s an immature, helpless, boneless, weak-willed excuse of a mother. I still maintain that she should have seen that coming – I believe the media reported just before the TomKat marriage that she studied the ways of Scientology – hence why did Tom’s parenting ways come as a surprise to her?! If she is such a devout Catholic from a Catholci family , how could she have been closing her eyes on this mess for 5 years? I remember reading her interview some time ago where she was asked on her plans to have another child – she said “I wanna be all there for Suri”. At the time I thought, she probably doesn’t want to have another child with crazy Tom, but now I think she spoiled Suri so much, that the girl would not tolerate another addition to the family and what is worse Katie herself is afraid of having another child so not to harm her center of universe aka Suri’s feelings. I think Tom has been honest from the beginning – at least about his Scientology things,whereas this woman doesn’t know what she wants, who she is

  • Rose

    @reeven: oh no! Katie will be very upset by the fact that you’re team Tom! please, for the sake of humanity, think again before taking such a great decision.

  • Din

    The fact that JJ is posting such pictures is very uncomfortable to be honest

  • WAlterBisho[

    almost forgot – last time I wrote that “she’s almost got to the point when everybody will start to hate her..again” -well now I can say she’s there.

  • WAlterBisho[

    I believe those celebrities who say if You want to avoid publicity – you will manage to avoid publicity. Why can’t she go to Texas for example? or to some other remote location? I’d rather see her in Africa with Suri giving lunch boxes to starving kids ..That would have been more inspiring

  • Maria

    @WAlterBisho[: bunch of hypocrites you’re all, regular readers of gossip blogs, quick to judge and criticize with the rod of morality and truth. Pathetic losers.

  • Katie Holmes-on the lose

    damn u can so tell/see that she want to be see and I’m sure she herself call the paparazzi to come stalk her where she is at.


    freak show

  • adiane

    it seems every hater’s conclusion that a celebrity always call the papparazi whenever too much pictures of them are taken. Why don’t you send a letter to just jared and ask him to stop stalking this little girl. then you could probably sleep well. Or better yet rant on the papparazi and tell them this girl is not worth it. I’m sure they will listen to you

  • lucy

    katie, please allow suri her privacy. stop using her as a means to get your picture taken. every time this little girl of yours turns around she has the paps flash their cameras in her face. other people in your position have found away to ensure their children’s privacy. talk to them katie and find out how they do it.

  • Melanie

    I only visit Just Jared to get updates on Katie and Suri. I’ve loved since she was Joey and the fact her daughter and mine are the same age. DON’T LOOK AT THE PICS IF THEY ANNOY YOU. SIMPLE. Scroll down you eejits.

  • Melanie

    @LINDSAY LOHAN WILL WIN OSCAR: Freak Show from the fan of the walking joke Lindsay Lohan LOL

  • mira

    I can’t believe that pic where the instructor is holding Suri’s stuffed animal out to her, like a lure, in class! WTF is up with that? Does she need it to do her somersaults?? Veery strange.

  • ab!

    just seen entertainment tonight and they showed how close the paparazzi get to suri and this one old pig literally shoved his camera in her face — how the eff is this legal?

  • anonymous

    Katie is not calling the paps. They’re there because she she broke up with Tom Cruise and now she’s fair game no matter where she goes. It could be other people in the gymnasium taking photos of Suri and selling them to the highest bidder, or the paps have themselves gained access to the gym. It’s creepy anyway, adult men taking photos of a child at her gymnastics class.

  • lexy hates bilson

    They should have privacy at Chelsea Piers but apparently these animals got in! The piers have other activities so I guess they just went in. Katie needs to call the police on these idiots!

  • helen

    @Marie: #2

    Katie looks haggard, and the only one who is the freak is her, not Tom.

  • joann

    Suri is just a plain faced girl, nothing special. Definitely not a beauty.

    And is ridiculous that the instructor has to hold a stuffed toy out to Suri to get her to perform. I suppose when she is in school the teacher is going to have to tease Suri with stuffed animals to get her to do her school work. Ridiculous.

    The spoiled, ridiculously bratty child in the show biz world.

  • Sunshine
  • pickles

    Maybe she is scared the Scientologists will come to take Suri away so she is in public with her so it will be public if they stalk her.

  • Grandma of Four

    I am somewhat surprised at some of the negative comments about Katie and Suri. Katie made a very bold and life altering decision about her marriage to an extremely high profile Tom Cruise. She realized she was in a marriage that was not working probably for a number of reasons on a lot of different levels. She also had enough sense to make what she felt was a very important decision for their daughter. I applaud her! She cannot control the paps. I seriously doubt she intends for them to be parked in from of her apartment and then following her all over the place. I congratulate her for not becoming a hermit and hiding. She is getting out, going very normal places, doing very normal activities with and for her daughter. THE paps ARE the problem. They are driving all the photos for $$$. Plus the tabloids are right behind the paps. BLAME THEM!

  • Grandma of Four

    Reference all the stuffed animal commenters…my SIX year old grandson does not budge without his “buddies”!! My 8 year old grandaughter takes her American Girl doll(s) with her all over the place! WHAT, exactly, is the big deal??? OK the blanket is a bit much, that I will agree with! However, to some degree, I do understand Katie picking Suri up and carrying her at certain times when the paps get over zealous! That appears to be happening less and less. Give this little gal a break and her mother as well! They are a family needing positive comments and support.

  • Sheila

    I think the Katie backlash has begun and people are tiring of her. She will claim she is just living her life, but she could lie low until the storm passes, use private entrances/elevators and private gym time. She is starting to enter Kardashian territory of overexposure and by the comments, it is staring to bite her in the butt. Not very bright as a career move.

  • Adam

    what Tony implied I’m shocked that any one can make $6529 in a few weeks on the internet. did you see this web page (Click on menu Home more information)

  • Suri, meal ticket


    Katie is never that innocent and naive in her beard contract, just like NYT says, she’s very calculating. Yet, intelligent she isn’t, particularly when it comes to her career.

    Why would anybody buy the ticket to see her bombs when she’s plastered everywhere on every tabloid and gossip blog?

  • FreedomLives

    @Walter and Katie the Media:
    You people are dolts, if not CO$ planting stories. Who says she’s just not living her life. If she’s trailed by the media, how is it her fault? Why does she have to leave New York and go to Africa? She has every right to be where she wants to be. Lots, if not all go into marriage looking at the best case scenario and not the worst. EVERYONE. She’s no different. I don’t dislike Tom either, even though I don’t agree with his idiotic views. And What does Kate need going for her? She’s been an actress on a popular show. She’s done movies. She has about 25 mil on her own in the bank. She is rich by all accounts. Maybe not TC rich, but she is nonetheless. She’s being a mother now. Women have seasons to their lives where they are doing different things. So stupid to call or imply people are has beens or losers or have nothing going for them. But what do I know, you’re both experts on Katie Holmes. You show such vile contempt for her, I would not be surprised if you were CO$

  • N. J.

    Gee, there are a lot of Scientology weirdos on here, spewing their hatred and trying to make Katie look bad.
    Give it up, Suri and Katie will not come back. You lost.

  • barf

    Oh please…to you crybabies blaming the paps..It’s a two way street. She is orchestrating you actually think her PR did not let them know in advance where she was heading to ,Chelsea Piers (which is great advertisement for them..Every place she goes she gives advertisement to the places..i.e. museums, pet stores..USE YOUR COMMON SENSE.
    How would the paps know when she’s at the Pier? Hmmm. Did they all hop in a taxi and follow her taxi or car service a whole army of paps just decided to follow her car and no police were called to say there’s strange men in cars following her??

    She’s boring and her new NY expensive lifestyle new apartment, business and living in NY with no career is going to bankrupt her..not to mention lawyer fees. She’s off the gravy train of Cruise and now she’s using her child to attract attention = $$$/

  • Kane

    I’m glad she’s doing child friendly things now, but I still question her motives. I wonder if she’s just following advice to make herself look like a more responsible mother, because it’s such a sudden and drastic change from the dragging Suri around at night routine. Whatever the case, she’s got a lot of work ahead to undo some of the damage that’s already been done.

  • Just my opinion


    Look at these pictures of Suri doing an advance position in gymnastics. Wow! Those classes are really paying off. I think these classes are one of the best activities Suri is involved in right now. She looks so happy and confident here. Her teacher also walks with her to the entrance of the gym and waves good-bye. I think Suri loves her time here.

  • Effy

    I think Suri is absolutely adorable. I really hope she has a happy and healthy upbringing. You can’t blame her for her parents, she didn’t choose them.

  • Team Tom

    Just watch it only takes a minute of your time!

    there are many vidieos

  • Kayt

    @Hayley: she can’t control in when those paps are following her and camping in front of her house. It’s not too hard to see isn’t it?

  • bizarre

    Youre the plain faced girl, nothing special.Suri is a beauty compared
    to other celeb kid’s.