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Chris Brown: Gas Station Stop with Karrueche Tran

Chris Brown: Gas Station Stop with Karrueche Tran

Chris Brown continues his love triangle by heading to the studio with his ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran on Monday afternoon (October 22) in Burbank, Calif.

The 23-year-old singer took a different car than Karrueche after they left his house together, but they both stopped at a gas station along the way. Chris‘ bodyguard handed Karrueche a $20 bill to pay for her gas.

Over the weekend, Chris spent time with his former girlfriend Rihanna at a party in Beverly Hills.

15+ pictures inside of Chris Brown at a gas station with Karrueche Tran

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chris brown gas station stop with karrueche tran 01
chris brown gas station stop with karrueche tran 02
chris brown gas station stop with karrueche tran 03
chris brown gas station stop with karrueche tran 04
chris brown gas station stop with karrueche tran 05
chris brown gas station stop with karrueche tran 06
chris brown gas station stop with karrueche tran 07
chris brown gas station stop with karrueche tran 08
chris brown gas station stop with karrueche tran 09
chris brown gas station stop with karrueche tran 10
chris brown gas station stop with karrueche tran 11
chris brown gas station stop with karrueche tran 12
chris brown gas station stop with karrueche tran 13
chris brown gas station stop with karrueche tran 14
chris brown gas station stop with karrueche tran 15

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  • Rachel

    Waste of oxygen.

  • ha

    must be nice to have an ex who’s so rich that anytime you have to fill up your tank, he just gives you a few $$$ bills!

  • Leenah

    Is this high school? It seems like they forget sometimes who they are..celebrities,and they should deal with all this mess in private..anyways..what does Karurreche or whats her face does for a living? Except being a former soon to be girlfriend of Chris Brown? I couldn’t be with a guy that pays for everything..women should be independent and not leave men controll them…if I want to pay for gas I’ll get money out of my own pocket not from my boyfriend.

  • Din

    wow..cant even pay her own gas?

  • Yoki

    Wow, he’s such a good guy…. I would never talk to my cheating ex, but I would take his cash >:D

  • ems

    omg no she did not – the bodyguard with the $20 for gas lol
    that’s so embarrassing.
    girl, swing for your own gas at least!

  • Alexis

    He didn’t just buy her gas, he obviously paid for that car she’s driving too. All these people seem immature and trashy.

  • jenna

    Karurreche at least gets gas money… what’s your excuse Rihanna?

  • LeeSeol

    everyone is distracted by the $20 spot no one has noticed -wtf is she wearing??-. well played. karrueche, well played.

  • laura

    OMG this girl has no parents or what. wow what a shame, things fame whore would do. no integrity at all, how could she. this girl dumped for rih and she is still collecting his money

  • drew

    maybe she pays the car insurance.

  • http://Totallytfw Theresa

    Rihanna don’t be a fool let this man go . It obvious that he wants to be a player player. And his girl has nothing else to do but be with him . It seems like they are auditioning to be Stevie Joseline and Mimi. Chris Brown wants his cake and eat it too

  • Yoki

    I obviously meant that as a joke! I have no idea why she would still be hanging around Chris after he cheated on her ass.

  • amber

    @Yoki: dont take it back. if he cheated, u -should- take his cash ;-) buying you stuff is the least they can do.

  • Hornet

    he payin for it like men do ! men pay and pay and pay and pay for the woman ….

    it’s legalized prostitution in a way if you think about it…. they both losers

  • AMY

    Geez Chris Brown, you cheat on your woman and you give her 20 bucks for gas, if that isn’t a true man I don’t know what is. These niigas are wack.

  • 4real

    okay. he gifted karrueche a car she cant handle to fill the tank with her income. the poor thing is her. atleast he tryna help her. sore story. :/

  • Have to say

    this whole situation is smells of pr publicity, not good publicity but publicity.

  • Mary H.

    Rihanna, Karrueche, nor Chris have any respect for themselves or others. As a former fan of Chris and Rihanna, separately and together, I am extremely disappointed in both of them. They’re so embarrassing. Karrueche isn’t any better.

  • Oh Yeah!!!

    Rihanna as pretty as you are Chris is not be faithful to you! He still loves Karrueche and is still sleeping with her. She looks really sad though!

  • Ortiz4Real


    And $20? How far that gonna get her…a few blocks? Did she forget to put on her pants? No wonder her heads cold and she needs a beenie!

  • Ortiz4Real

    She came out in her panties and his shirt and beenie…foul!

  • tom

    @jenna: ummm …actually someone like rihanna could pay for her own gas including, that private jet, for which it is. girls are funny now a girl who cant even afford to pay her gas gets more respect than a woman who has her own?! well, i am happy being a man.

  • Ball SO Hard

    @Oh Yeah!!!: I think you mean that Chris is in love with himself and dont care about either one of them!

  • SimplementMoi

    She’s stupid and that ridiculous zipper tattoo on he back of her leg is even more stupid.

  • yasmine26

    Kae is stupid. I know they say love is blind,but it ain’t that damn blind. Chris openly told her and the world that he was still in love with his ex. Then he broke up with you because he was torn between you Rihanna and you still allowing him to make you look stupid. Kae don’t have no damn back bone forreal.

  • layne7

    Rhianna and Karuche (however u spell their names) must love the taste of one anothers puss….so disgusting. Really what a bunch of losers, pretty girls with NO pride.

  • Sad

    She should have been stacking her money while she was with him and not following him arround. Women please dont depend on a man. What is $20 of gas going to do when gas is about $4 in cali

  • Sad

    So true. She should have been stacking her own money instead flying around going to parties with him. Women please dont depend on a man. She need to sell car and get a job

  • shammie

    I think Rihanna can actually buy both Karrueche and Chris with the amount of money she makes. Like 8 million to switch a button at the Westlife Shopping complex in London. So Rihanna what are you doing with this low life Chris Brown. You can do better or even buy someone better.

  • tammi

    Hmmm……before she could not leave her house without CB’s bodyguards, now she roaming the streets alone with CB trying to avoid being seen with her, cuz he a player for life, lol

  • Marie

    This is what low/no self-esteem looks like. Some could say its the same for Rihanna but IMO it is not. Rihanna’s money and fame are her own. CB had nothing to do with who Rihanna is and how she’s getting paid. Also, she’s the one with the more infamous romantic history with CB. And while she still loves hiim and obviously wants them to have a relationship again, if she drops him or vice versa, her mega star will keep on shining because again she isn’t Rihanna because she was banging the headboard with CB. Ms. Tran on the other hand is only known because of her association with CB. I can’t speak on her means of income but obviously CB was footing most if not all of the bills for the lifestyle Ms. Tran has become accustomed to which is why her going back for his crumbs after he’s had his fill of Rihanna is just sad. You could not break up with me for your ex, embarass me with drunk rantings about being in love with 2 people, be seen at all the hot spots in and out of town with said ex, and then have me popping up for a morning after photo op at the gas station. Really? The CBs of the world are a dime a dozen Ms. Tran. Find you one that wants just you. If you hold out thinking you’ll win him back from Rihanna completely…you’ve had him and been in his bed for the last 2 years and look how that turned out. Just saying.

  • Lanae Willson

    I think she just needed some gas & she forgot her money so she called him for the rescue

  • Lanae Willson

    I think she just needed some gas & she forgot her money so she call him up for the rescue & that is why the bodyguard gave her a $20 bill

  • Natus

    Where did these girls (beautiful) leave their dignity? The love you have for yourself is more important than the love you may have for a guy! This goes to everyone who might read this.

  • Ammi

    Vile group of kids.

  • Set

    @LeeSeol: lol I’ve been thinking the same.

  • tori

    i find it so sad . ME BEING A STRONG YOUNG WOMAN that she would lower her self like that …. asking for money , gas at that lol for real (ROLLS EYES ) i have NO RESCEPT for lil girls like her EW!!!!!!!….. thats why i love me some RIH AND CLEARLY CHRIS DOES TOO =) —tori

  • uh

    i love that through all this people are berating her and not that abusive pig! lovely to see women supporting other women. whatever, it’s all PR – they’re getting the publicity they all want.

  • Losers

    Blah blah blah. You all are the biggest haters. Chris is single he can do what he wants with his money. You know dang well u would date him if he gave u half a chance but guess what he didn’t. Don’t hate the players hate the game. Get a clue. Do you have a job and pay all your bills, are u educated, do u go on dates and pay? NO

  • Know your money people

    That was clearly a $100 bill. Obviously you haters have never seen one. Take a look. You fools believe all you read too, how do you know it was today AND if the media can’t get the dollar straight what makes you think thy can get the story right. The boy said he wanted to be single so he could be free and date and see 100 women if he chooses. Yes heartbreak is difficult but you folks on here are ignorant and stupid. Let you become famous and see how it feels to face haters day in and out. Go get a life and but the F out of the business. It’s not like they are tweeting about it, it’s the media.

  • Know your money people

    MARIE- go sit down and shut up! I guess you haven’t dated or you wouldn’t be speaking like that.
    Tori- do you have proof she asked for money? Get a life and be honest you know you’ve needs money before.
    Besides Rihanna is a skank hoe and has no self esteem.
    Yasmine26-you’re the one looking stupid. She doesn’t look dumb at all but you judging hoes on here do. Put yourselves in others shoes before you judge

  • KissMeHoe

    This nigga Chris is a straight DOG. LMAOOOOOO! Both them bitches is dumb for still dealing with this nigga. Rich or not, all the money in the world couldnt have me running back to someone that CHEATED on me.

  • Rafael

    I’m rooting for them.

  • Sad

    Rihanna plz leave this fool! OMG this is annoying the shit outta me..RiRi is so gorgeous yet shes lowering her standards to this nigga who has hit her n cheated on her numerous of times! So so sad

  • baggie

    Tran has no shame. She is hoping Chris will feel sorry for her and take her back or is this money extortion. Why she don’t get a life and find work or is she used to living off Chris. Chris don’t be a fool and feel sorry for this woman. She could be setting him up. She knew what she was getting into when she began dating him. Something is very very strange. She seem to be wearing a chain with a religious saint on it. Chris be careful. She looks very disshuffled. Is she in a right frame of mind? Chris do not encourage this woman at your home. Remember you are still on probation.
    Something seem strange with Tran and Brown’s relationship. Why is she still moving from his house if the relationship is over? Is she part owner of the house. When the relationship ends and there is no marriage and children involved, as an ex girlfriend she should be out of there. Chris needs to get a lawyer. The longer she keeps her things in his house, the longer she will not go out of his house. How nicer can he be. If the information in the media is true that she still has her things there, then she has no intention to leave and leaving things at his house gives her an excuse to continue to have contact with him, she can use coming to pick her things to harass him, see him, get Rehanna angry at chris in hopes that Rehanna will break up with Chris and she will be in his life again. Somebody in his circle should know the dangers and inform Chris. This is serious and can be extremely serious for Chris and rehanna, especially Chris who is on probation. Tran seems like she wants to hurt Chris, or trap him by getting pregnant. Look Chris, Get a lawyer’s advise, issue her a lawyer friendly letter for her to move at a certain date, and when she is finished let her sign a document indicating that she has removed all of her personal belongings and will not return to his home., Arrange for a moving company to pack her things and move them at one time, make sure you have someone as a witness don’t get into any confrontation with her. Don’t drag this out any longer, it spells trouble.

  • weird

    this girl k is ray charles to any bs. even her own.

  • Mickey Mouse

    She’s dressed like a clown. lol

  • Erin

    @Leenah: oh she works for his charity company called Symphonic love where in exchange for the symphony she loves to give him a b j probably be coz why else would she be hanging around him all the time . She is paid by him to do stuff. Rihanna can do better for sure .

  • Erin

    @jenna: in this Rihanna seems like the biggest loser because obviously Chris is busy with this chick