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Ginnifer Goodwin & Jennifer Morrison - LACMA Art + Film Gala

Ginnifer Goodwin & Jennifer Morrison - LACMA Art + Film Gala

Rumored couple Sebastian Stan and Jennifer Morrison meet up with their pals Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas inside at the 2012 LACMA Art + Film Gala held on Saturday (October 27) in Los Angeles.

The Once Upon a Time co-stars were joined at the event by Dark Shadows actress Bella Heathcote.

The gala honored artist Ed Ruscha and filmmaker Stanley Kubrick, coinciding with two new exhibits at the museum.

Make sure to catch a new episode of Once Upon a Time tomorrow night at 8/7c on ABC!

FYI: Ginnifer and Bella are wearing Gucci. Jennifer is wearing Reem Acra.

20+ pictures inside of Ginnifer Goodwin and Jennifer Morrison at the 2012 LACMA Art + Film Gala

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ginnifer goodwin jennifer morrison lacma art film gala 15
ginnifer goodwin jennifer morrison lacma art film gala 16
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Credit: Kevin Winter, Frazer Harrison, John Sciulli; Photos: Getty
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  • Cindy

    Love Jennifer’s dress

  • Anna

    awww Snow, Prince Charming and their daughter.

  • Luiza

    Who jennifer os wearing?

  • Rachael

    Beautiful couple is beautiful.

  • riley

    jennifer and sebastian <333

  • reeven

    I like them a lot, but jenn and ginn dresses…..not so much, Jenn´s body looks very manly, and she is beautiful and her boyfriend is gorgeous, what happen with her today?
    Ginn is not a suprise, she is like that, a little wird with her wardrobe and josh love´s her like that =D

  • Vane

    I feel so disappointed that Jennifer Morrison got a boob job. I saw today a tweet about it and i feel like i can´t be a fan anymore.

  • Meg

    Jennifer looks stunning!

  • CF

    All the ladies are pretty beautiful with different looks, appropriated to their ages, body tipes and personality!!!

  • Siri


    What? LMAO, that is ridiculus,LMAO. Why do you have a problem with that? BTW, if you have problems with plastic surgeries then you will have a tough time to find any women who hadn`t work done. ;)

  • Vane

    Yes but i thought Jen was different. Now she is just another plastic doll without personality for me. At least i have Ginny and Lana. Those two are really awesome and natural beauties

  • nepenthes

    Sebastian is such a handsome man!

  • Hannah

    Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas are so cute as a couple!!!

  • TK

    I´d like someone tell me why Jennifer is another plastic doll ? I think she´s the same beautiful woman I watched on Dr House, now she isn´t as skinny as before because she put on weight for good and her boob aren´t bigger, maybe you didn´t notice them because on House she was always wearing a coat and now you notice them because she doesn´t wear it anymore, so I don´t think she got a boob job.

  • Vane

    Just look at this tweet i saw yesterday. You can´t deny she had work done. Sorry but only a blind worshiper wouldn´t see it

  • GregHouse


    Oh Come on Vane, don`t be so blatant. It is obvious that you are an effing troll and probably the same person who created an extra Twitter hating account. Yuck, How ill-devised is this?

    Hence just because she had a boob job, she doesn`t loose her personality. That´s bollocks! Either you like her or not but physical attributes shouldn`t design an opinion about ones personality.

  • Vane

    I´m a disappointed fan. Does it turn me into a troll? And no, the account is not mine. I searched for Jennifer Morrison on twitter and that´s one of the tweets i found.
    In my opinion, her personality is not strong enough if she feels the need of changing her looks just to feel better about herself. And the fact that she was showing off her boobs in front of an audience means that she is looking for attention. I thought being on a great show like Once should be enough but it seems she needs more.
    I don´t find her classy or cute anymore and it doesn´t make me feel good because i loved her before all this.

  • L

    Vane, I don´t agree with you If she wanted to look for attention she would do the same things that Olivia, and now she´d be talking about her vagina and how many times she has sex with Sebastian and before of that we´d have seen her without clothes for magazines frecuently , since I know her as an actress I´ve only seen her in bikini in three photos because i couldn´t find more photos of her in bikini, and the most important she´s not the kind of actress who are always looking for attention because she´s a good actress and good actresses don´t need to do that because they can relay on their acting, so I don´t think Jennifer wants to show her boobs she just wants to wear what she wants. although I must confess I´d like to see more photos about Jennifer in bikini because she´s beautiful and sexy and I´ve hardly ever seen her bikini

  • Vane

    Olivia is way more popular than her. That´s why she is requested to make photoshoots for important magazines. If Jen was asked to pose semi naked for FHM i´m sure she would gladly go for it.
    Last week i would have said something different about her. Now i´m sure she would take her clothes off if she would get a good offer for it.

  • 777

    I´d like to know why some people hate jennifer, maybe they hate her because Jen is beautiful, sexy, hot, sweet, funny, intelligent and talented actress, and in this world always there will be some people who envy what they don´t have. In my opinion she´s natural and original person.
    and I also want to say that the only reason Olivia is more popular than Jennifer is because since she was hired for playing 13 on House she often took off her clothes for magazines, before House Olivia was an unknown actress and nowadays she isn´t unknown, but she´s still a bad actress, don´t you think I hate her, but you must admit that she always acts in the same boring way, all her characters are under 13´s shadow, you can´t see them without thinking about 13, so she needs to take off her clother and make scandals, but Jen doesn´t , on Dr House Cuddy had the nicest body although she had a manly face and was old, and Cameron had the prettiest face, although she was slim, fortunately now she has a nice body too, so I´ve never thought Olivia was the sexiest doctor female on Dr House, but she was who often took off her clothes.
    Well, every time i watched Jen on OUAT I forget about Cameron there´s no doubt she´s a good actres she can play Emma, badass, so perfectly and can also be the sweet, kind Cameron, she´s a talented actress.
    Finally, there´s only left to say that is pathetic to envy and hate people who you only watch on Tv, so I don´t think you´re a disappointed fan I think you´ve always hated her and It is obvious that you are the person who created the Twitter hating account because a disappointed fan stop searching for the person or celebrity who disappointed them, so STOP BEING PATHETIC AND GET A LIFE !!!! , Vane you´re going nowhere hating someone who doesn´t deserve it

  • Vane

    lol i didn´t know Jennifer had so many pathetic fans who don´t let others express an opinion. I never said i hated her. Not at all. As i said she is an actress i like. I liked her very much indeed. What I said is that i like her less for what she has done.
    You are the one bringing up other actresses and insulting them. So it´s bad to say Jennifer is just another plastic doll but it´s ok to keep judging Olivia for showing her body in some magazines? Is ok to insult her and call her a bad actress? Isn´t that a double standard? Insulting and judging Jen is bad but insulting and judging other actresses is fine? Give me a break.
    You know what? The fact that her big fans can´t accept a critic about her is making me dislike her even more.
    She got a boob job. She is another superficial woman. Get over it. It´s my opinion and i won´t change my mind just because some crazy nutjobs attack me because i don´t consider Jennifer a goddess and worship her.

  • 777

    Maybe it´s hard you understand, but tell if I´m lying when I say Olivia is always taking off her clothes It´s not a crime to say the truth maybe your head is in another planet, but in this world men love to see naked and semi naked women, so I love to see her in magazines but she´s a bad actress, so I don´t like to see her in movies because in series and movies I want to see good actors and actresses I don´t care if the main actress/actor is as fat as a cow or is ugly I just want to see interesting characters, I´m sure Olivia, Jen, hugh and Lisa will never win an Oscar, but Jen, hugh and Lisa are better actresses/actor than Olivia, so this is the big question why Olivia is more popular than Lisa and Jen and why she´s even more popular than Hugh Laurie, do you think that´s why her acting was better than Hugh´s acting? I don´t want to insult her I´m just a person who likes to analize, so I suggest you use your brain and analize too. she´s a bad actress and that´s the truth I don´t need to hate her to say that, but if you want a lie I should say “Olivia is an excellent actress and I´m sure someday she´ll win an Oscar, She´s so good as an actress that she was hired to play for many movies and she got all of this because of her way of acting and not because she always pose naked for most magazines of this country she´s such a good actress that she don´t need to do that ” Are you happy now ?

  • Peter

    Jennifer is beautiful from head to toe with or without boobs on Jimmy´s show she looked amazing she´s in better shape now i talk about her arms, legs, … every part of her body is almost perfect, but her boobs didn´t look bigger i´d like to know what´s the problem just because since the beggining of her career as an actress she never showed off her boobs we must forbid her to show them off , if you watch Bringing Ashley Home you´d notice that she showed them off and on OUAT 1×4 she also did, even in Big Stan she showed them off, so just a blind or someone who hate her can say something like she got a boob job because they are the same they don´t look bigger, if there´s a doubt just watch what i mentioned

  • Diana

    @reeven: I do love that dress, specially the efects on the back, I think Jen looks sexier in that dress, I´d like one like that

  • Diana

    I also watched “Big Stan” many years ago, in that movie Jen was brunette and younger and the boobs she showed off were as big as the boobs she showed off on Jimmy´s show, so I think the big problem is that Jen hardly ever shows them off, if she had showed them off frecuently nobody would doubt her boobs are natural.

  • Jessica

    @Vane: Al of this is ridiculous !!! So you think women must be ugly and wear as nuns to show they have personality, sometimes i wear miniskirt, so you think because i´m showing my legs off i´m looking for attention, have you ever think women who have personality wear what they want and don´t care what other people think? maybe you think the only ones who have personality are women who don´t put make-up on and wear long skirts, if you think that, good for you !!! but don´t criticize other people who don´t wear the clothes you like, and the most important don´t say someone is looking for attention just because they wear something that let them show off some part of their sexy body that you surely don´t have.