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Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson: Halloween Party Pair!

Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson: Halloween Party Pair!

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart hold hands as they head inside the Hollywood Forever Cemetery Halloween Party on Wednesday night (October 31) in Hollywood.

The Twilight co-stars were spotted in clear masks with bushy eyebrows at the beginning of the night. As the evening went on, Kristen was spotted in a short wig and sunglasses.

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Meanwhile, the final installment of Twilight, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, is set to hit theaters in just a few weeks on November 16.

FYI: Rob is wearing Levi’s Vintage Clothing jeans.

10+ pictures inside of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson celebrating Halloween together…

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kristen stewart robert pattinson halloween party pair 04
kristen stewart robert pattinson halloween party pair 05
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  • ella


  • jaymes lover

    ahahahaah they are fantastic! both looking so good and happy!

    i really love their couple!

  • rrta

    is her costume a homewrecker?

  • Mary

    hahahahahahahahhahaah i love it. so funny

  • Cyn

    I love them both! Always happy to see new photos!

  • Suzie

    OMG. LOL

  • Yuck both of them

    What a great couple. Cheap wh@re and total looser. Awwww…

  • LOL

    Are they going to rob a bank?

  • Danielle

    Awwww! Love them. So cute. Really freakin creepy masks, they look the type that bank robbers or serial killers would wear.

  • Rose

    Love how her jacket says “God loves ugly”… Because I’m pretty sure he definitely frowns upon infidelity…

  • peach

    the masks are kinda creepy but not in a scary way

  • A

    So all of the cheating was just a publicity stunt. You twitards have been tricked, how stupid and gullible you are. They’re laughing AT you and looking forward to you idiots spending lots of $$$ on their lame movie. Ha ha ha indeed.

  • Jenna

    He must really not give a shit the whole world consider him an idiot…

  • lily

    ha ha ha … exactly what i thought…..
    please wear something more … bold, we can still recognize you…

  • Claire

    I love their costumes. hahahhahahahah

  • eww

    They both look like hobos..don’t even understand the appeal of either. He is pathetic and she is overrated. Oh who are we fooling…both are overrated. Nice costumes BTW.

  • Amber

    I think this is just for the movie release

  • bella

    @A: people went to see the first twilight films when both rob and kristen were dating different people and continue to see it because they liked the books not because of rob and kristen’s relationship

  • Dina

    they do not need costumes, they are weird enough

  • lila

    once a cheater, always a cheater, I say. But if he’s happy with her then whatever. But don’t expect me to think they’re a great couple. If she didn’t want people talking about it, then she shouldn’t have issued a public statement about it. This whole thing is just gross.

  • stretch

    should of dressed up as an actress

  • assuri

    The more I see these people together, and Saunders back with Liberty Ross the more I’m thinking this whole thing was a fraud. Not so hard to spend 5 minutes on taking pretend kiss pictures with a director and look at the attention they got.

  • Barbrady

    “God loves ugly t ” sounds like a “Get Out of Jail Free” card for Khoe

  • http://yahoo avk

    Robert Pattinson is the biggest P**** in hollywood . he is a very sad insecure person .

  • http://yahoo Anne

    This guy has no balls , he is a V****** !!! such a joke of a man !!!

  • http://yahoo Penny

    Robert Pattinson …..calling him a man is an insult to manhood . he is a C***

  • Summer

    I can’t understand the messages those people send! I mean kristen & rob taking her back and all the people who still defend her and rihanna and chris brown… It’s very wrong to make it look ok to cheat and to hit or whatever I’m not saying that we are perfect and they go shoot themselves NO but just forgive and move on but not like nothing happened they r they like or not in the sopt light and young people look up to them… It’s what they chose to b it comes with the job!

  • Noel

    LOL Press juncket today!!!! Hahahahaha This circus is soooo predictable. Show and more show to sell the last movie. Pathetic circus and pathetic FAMEWHORES!!!

  • Noel

    @Summer: It’s PR stunt. They’re not a real couple. A pathetic fauxmance as always.

  • Dis

    I really felt sorry when she cheated on him and hoped he’d be okay & one day find the right one who’d value the relationship.
    Now to see them back together less than 3 months after breaking his heart & right before the premier of the last movie…leaves a bad taste.
    She’s a spoiled, immature cheater & he’s a foolish, insecure idiot if he thinks she won’t do it again.
    I feel sorry for him for not seeing what a lot of us, who’ve been there, do.
    Honestly…good luck. I do hope this is real and she’s learned to value & protect what’s important and I sincerely hope he didn’t make a mistake in giving her another chance.

  • ron

    trampire estupid, bad actriz and bich!!!

  • lila

    @Dis: yeahh same here I’m done feeling sorry for him Rob turned out to be such a phony. after everything he said about cheating he takes back someone who cheated in front of the whole world , maybe he deserves to get hurt again then for being such a puzzy and a liar

  • mona

    @lila: HAHA OK Lila, we won’t ‘expect’ you to think they are a good couple. JFC, you are so entitled. Stop clicking on their posts freak

  • Caramella


  • Black-Dahlia

    I lost most of my respect for Rob.

  • vica2012

    People, why so cruel? Happy to see them together again, wish them the best of luck)))))

  • eve

    I love Rob, but they could have made an effort. The one day where they could have hidden under disguise, they didn’t do it. Big failure!

  • http://yahoo Trash

    These two are giving out the message that it is ok to cheat and that they both support cheating . It is appalling that they are the role models. It is pathetic .

  • Justme

    Pathetic couple. He should have went as a beaten pussy with no spine and she should have went as a gal with a better personality who can talk coherently and string a sentence together without awkwardness.

    Losers deserve each other. What he sees in her is beyond me, the girl can’t talk or walk without looking like an idiot. Makes me think less of him.

  • Linda

    Dressing like an actress and for rob like a man would’ve been funnier or at least would’ve made more sense:))

  • neel

    these dirty smelly fuglies deserve each other!

  • anonymous

    So they went as Dumb (her) and Dumber (him), then???? Or is that costume a GF cheater and his costume a stupid idiot who took her back? Either way, if the costume fits, wear it you 2 fools.

  • http://yahoo fake

    they are both fakes …didnt think Robert was like that , at least that was how he seemed from his interviews . But he is a big fake too and has no morals too .

  • Haters are pathetic

    As the haters have repeated meltdowns and continue to foam at the mouth, Rob and Kristen happily move forward TOGETHER!!! They couldn’t care less what critics think! Ha! Too bad for all of the haters! They’ve both risen above all of your negativity and nastiness!

  • jillyro

    Ahh I get it…the masks are for her to hide behind her skanky behaviour and his is to hide his shame for being a wuss and taking her back. Guess they sold out of the costumes of a cheater and her pathethic BF this year. But they don’t need to walk around with masks or costumes for that, this is their new image, persona and how the public views them now. Can’t stand either of them anymore.

  • http://yahoo fake

    thought Rob was like a breath of fresh air in a stale world of hollywood but being with kristen has changed him for the worst . he is now as amoral and fake like she is .
    guess in my mind i see Rob as he was in 2008 , a beautiful person inside out . …but now only the outward beauty remains but he has become a ugly person on the inside who has lost all his values .
    It is sad .

  • Sheila

    Not liking these 2 anymore. KS should have went as Snow-not-so-white-cuz-I-sc***ed-the-director and Rob as the 8th Dwarf named Low Self-Esteem.

  • anonymous

    Kristen should have dressed up as a Mini Cooper and Rob as the director dude who went down on her, you know, recreate Rob’s recent nightmare, it is after all Halloween LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://yahoo fake

    No one is surprised that KS cheated she always came across as a S*****, but people are shocked by Rob’s behaviour in taking her back . people expect Rob to have more values and more balls . guess he is not the person people thought him to be .

  • costumes

    Rob – Spineneless Jellyfish or a Cooked Shrimp
    KHo – Spider covered in webs or a Cheap Hooker with an
    Open for Business sign