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Justin Bieber Defends Wearing Overalls to Meet Prime Minister

Justin Bieber Defends Wearing Overalls to Meet Prime Minister

Justin Bieber defends his choice to wear overalls to meet Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper on his Instagram.

The 18-year-old singer defended himself after reading an article written by The Daily Mail’s Hayley Peterson, who called him a “white trash prince.”

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Justin wrote, “The pic of me and the Prime Minister was taken in a room in the arena where i was performing at that day. I walked straight from my meet and greet to him, if you “Hayley” expect me to have a change of clothes let a loan [sic] a suit at that specific time that’s crazy, It wasn’t like it was like I was going into his environment we were at a hockey arena. Wow am i ever white trash hayley peterson lol.”

The day before, Justin was spotted in Toronto, where he was rehearsing to perform at the half time show for the Grey Cup.

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Credit: O'Neill/White; Photos: INF Daily, PM Stephen Harper
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  • Erica


    I just posted it onto my Facebook wall! :)

  • S







  • Kat

    To be fair… no one should EVER wear that outfit, no matter what they are doing/who they are meeting. Ugh.

  • whatever

    He is so disrespectful it is not even funny. I get young people trying to be cool and buck the system. But when you go to an event to honor you; YOU DRESS IA RESPECTFUL WAY. And yes you could have put on a suit.

    Bad example to young people that follow him. I’m sure he thinks he is the sh*t but don’t care it was wrong.

  • Lara


  • Lea

    Wow…I am in my late thirties and I am so ashamed of this generation. They have everything their parents did not have, so much resources at their fingertips and still they can’t speak/write proper english!!!!!

  • amanda

    Yes, he is white trash. Not having a suit at the arena is one thing, but if you don’t have one then at least look respectable. At the very least he should take off the hat. He may as well have given him a high-five instead of a handshake

  • dooliloo

    Canada gave the Diamond Jubilee Medal to the last Canadian on this planet who deserves any kind of medal. It says that the Diamond Jubilee Medal is given to Canadians “who have made a significant contribution to a particular province, territory, region or community within Canada, or an achievement abroad that brings credit to Canada.” I bet they regretted it when Justin Bieber showed up to the award ceremony looking like some cartoon!

    Yes, Justin you could’ve dressed up by wearing a tuxedo or something more formal, I’m sure the PM wouldn’t have mind at all as long you wanted to show some respect and say “Sorry I’m a bit late, I wanted to look presentable.” but no you thought you’d look “cool” in your Of Mice and Men clothes? Now go back to the ABC of education you junior douche!

  • Mama

    No one cares in Canada just the crazy media and haters.
    Give it a rest.

  • Davis

    Justin Bieber is bring overalls back….lol

  • dressed up for a playdate?

    ..on a serious note, if this was the american president he wouldn’t have dressed that way so why wasn’t the prime minister seen in the same light? disgusting and disrespectful.. hes not a child.. even though he dresses like one

  • Asha

    His grammar is terrible.

  • KissThis

    Good for him for standing up to that b!tch. People need to focus less on what celebrities wear and more on their talent. I’m not saying Beiber is talented, but people need to give him a break.

  • Sara

    I’m sorry he’s 18?… He looks more like a 5 year old…

  • yeaa

    This is NOT about “young people” wanting to be cool. THIS little prick and his crazed army of “followers” think that he can do or say anything, and anyone who disagrees is a “H8TER”. Can’t wait until he fades like the rest of them.

  • ninadrake

    You are absurd, JB. Have you no sense of decorum? One has no propriety by dressing so riduculously. PLEASE represent America by following sensible dress codes and reverence for those in positions of authority and esteem. REALLY, now!

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    …He’s the new poster boy for Wigggers. I’m sure Vanilla Ice is proud, next thing you know he’ll be wearing his clothes backwards .LOL

  • Anne Marie

    Leave the boy alone. Harper is a fascist, corporate tool who deserves no respect or consideration.

  • CJ

    He could have AT LEAST taken off his dumb hat, what an asshole. And im pretty he sure he could have brought a suit….don’t like 50 people go everywhere with him, couldn’t one of them carry a suit for him? Such a disrespectful little shit.

  • ozzie

    I love how everyone gets so upset over the Biebs … you people need to get lives. Maybe Santa can bring you lives for Christmas but i’m sure you hate the way he dresses too.

  • Jennie

    He looks like he just walked out of a trailer park .

  • believe

    I don’t care for this kid but come on, he was performing and met the prime minister during the show. Anyone who has gone backstage to greet an entertainer and get a picture would have the same experience.

  • joak

    wow i lost several brain cells reading his reply.
    it doesn’t matter if he just took a late night shit or walked out of a gay bar with his crotch grabbing friends, there is NO excuse to be dressed like that when meeting somebody of that status. NONE.
    considering how rich he is and how many people are at his disposal, i’m sure they would have found something acceptable in his wardrobe and make him change, but even if he REALLY couldn’t change his clothes (which i highly doubt.. people can change clothes pretty damn fast in the car.. or in the restroom), he should have clipped/buttoned that other damn shoulder strap and taken off his stupid hat. disrespectful little shit. true white trash. a complete embarrassment to the human race.

  • aaaahahah

    @ozzie: you still believe in santa ? O_o

  • Jamie

    Why would he represent America? He’s Canadian. Having said that, he looks like a complete tool. Even if it was an outfit for a show, it’s a stupid one. He dresses like an idiot most of the time.

  • Jamie

    That and he looks like an 18 year old girl. Nothing masculine about him at all. I’ve seen guys younger that look more manly than this kid. Not that he has to be some muscle bound, facial hair sporting, hulk or something, but he’s so feminine looking. Ugh

  • Sarah

    Your political views are irrelevant. Whether you are a fan of Harper’s or don’t believe in what he believes he is the Prime Minister of Canada and it is totally disrespectful to meet the Prime Minister. He could have just put on a shirt and tie, which would have taken 2 minutes. He accepted a prestigious award… I think it’s not unreasonable to expect that he would dress up, even if he had just been rehearsing.

    this just really frustrates/offends/angers me as a Canadian

  • V

    If he knew he was going to meet the prime minister he could have at least quickly change into a nicer shirt, doesn’t even need to be super formal. Even if he didn’t and for some reason didn’t have the time to change, at least wear the other overall strap and look a bit more presentable.

  • Random Person

    But Justin, you KNEW you were going from the meet & greet to see him, right? So why did this kid not dress decent earlier on in respectful preparation for meeting the PM? This is a BS excuse kid.

  • T

    Hey, I wore that outfit once…in my baby pictures when I was 2.

  • Gilmore

    What a tw-t. Stop being such a whiny little b-tch about one critical statement about you and to be honest he did look like white trash. Seriously, his fans need to grow up and get over the hype of this kid.

  • Jennie

    Is it me or does he look like Brian Austin Green back in his 90210 days ? LMAO !

  • Chiara

    Who cares that he doesn´t look manly. Not every male has to look manly to pleasure your faggy eyes

  • idiot

    No matter how he was dressed, he could have taken his hat off.
    He needs a lesson or two (or 20) in manners and deportment.
    Anyone who doesn’t care about good manners IS white/brown/black trash.

  • ?

    Wonder if he would wear those clothes if he ever visits the “Sixteenth Chapel”?
    He’s rich. Can they not get a tutor to travel with him? He really needs to be educated in so many things.

  • Get Over It!

    I understand that people find it offensive that he wore a casual outfit to meet the prime minister but you are making this a bigger issue than it actually is. The prime minister didn’t even have a problem with it but you do. Yes, he is a role model to many young people but I find it insulting that people just automatically think that the younger generation just do whatever they see. We do have minds of our own, so that argument needs to be thrown out. Do you even realize the many things he does for people? The wishes he grants for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the time and money he donates? Oh I’m sorry you were too focused on what he wore because yes his outfit choice was so important that you had to comment on how hideous it was or disrespectful he was. Just remember the prime minister found nothing wrong with what he wore but yes you all did. Really he’s white trash because of the outfit he decided to wear? Yes, because that’s what defines a person.

  • Uh huh

    Why does he insist on dressing like a jackass?

  • Lucy

    @Get Over It!: grow up kiddo, in several situations you HAVE TO dress properly. There is a specific dress-code you have to follow to show your RESPECT. Maybe one day when you dress up like him and come to your job interview you will pay the price. I cannot believe we live in the world where even relevant dressing up is such a problem.

  • http://princessfoluwaso floxy

    oh pls u guys should give him a break he’s just a kid!

  • Whatevs

    His grammar, style and education are terrible.

  • Dave Franco

    Bieber fans will always defend him no matter what. Always. But this is not appropriate clothing people. I like the fact Bieber is a good ambassador to Canada, but you gotta act more respectable than that.

  • Lara

    its ‘let alone’.. not ‘let a loan’ lol.

  • sldkj


    Sorry, your generation raised us. I’m sure everyone from your generation is perfect when it comes to grammar though, right?

  • @44

    Not perfect, but at least we try.
    At least we know the difference between words such as their, there, they’re, your and you’re.
    Not to mention “a loan” does not mean ‘alone’.
    “16th Chapel” *head desk*

  • Cris B.

    @Lea: I agree with you, but one thing to think about is that this actual generation was educated by the last one, yours…

  • ..

    Four for you Hayley Peterson!!!!!!

  • Felix

    Justin Bieber is the new Vanilla Ice!

  • May

    an 18 year old who’s dress like a toddler! someone please make him disappear already! lol.

  • porks

    He knows it is wrong otherwise he would not even care what the writer of daily mail said !