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Jessica Chastain - Oscars 2013 Red Carpet

Jessica Chastain - Oscars 2013 Red Carpet

Jessica Chastain is absolutely stunning on the red carpet at the 2013 Academy Awards held at the Dolby Theatre on Sunday (February 24) in Hollywood.

The Oscar nominated actress was joined on the red carpet by her boyfriend Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo and her agent Hylda.

Jes rocked a gorgeous custom Armani Prive dress, Christian Louboutin heels, and Harry Winston jewels. “I chose it because I’m such a fan of movies. I love cinema so much and when I saw it],” Jes said of her dress choice. “It’s a very ‘Happy Birthday Mr. President.’ It reminds me of old Hollywood glamour.”

At the big event, Jes is nominated for the Best Actress award for her work in Zero Dark Thirty – good luck tonight!!

Make sure to tune in TONIGHT to the 2013 Oscars, hosted by Seth MacFarlane, at 8:30/7:30c on ABC!

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Credit: Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
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  • Mendi

    What a wonderful Woman! Best of luck!


    never heard of her…can you post more Bieber…thanks

  • LaCroix

    wow she is stunning! fingers crossed she wins!

  • Oscars live

    2013 Oscars Live

  • ha ha

    She looks pretty!

  • x


  • mrst

    my fav so far

  • Warren

    ooooo! Beautiful! Sexy!

  • K.

    Jessica is gifted by her talent, on 2012, unfortunately she didn’t won anything (i guess) but i’m crossing my fingers for her this year! The dress is simple and perfect for her. Beautiful!

  • Reba

    Wow! She is my new obsession!

  • Black

    Beautiful inside and out. She’s so graceful and gracious. Lovely. Most important of all, totally talented and deserving of her fame and success. Let’s hope she never gets smug…but if she does I’ll still be a moronic fan. BEAUTIFUL!

  • Pat

    I love her hair color.

  • ann

    boring boring boring. I hope you cry when she loses, Jared.

  • Czarina


  • Sally

    A bland dress in a bland woman.
    She is so boring!
    So, she bring the womanizer Gian Luca with her? lol what about “I want to protect my personal life”? this woman is so fake!

  • Chris

    She already looks like a ghost and this dress is not helping.
    I hope Emmanuelle Riva win the award and Jessica go back to casting couch!
    Go Riva!

  • Ana Maria

    I LOVE her hair!

  • elisa

    the best deresed !!!

  • Czarina


    He also attended the 2012 Oscars, so it’s not like she’s parading him around for the first time. You classify him as a womaniser based on what? A Google image search? Well, based on your methods of an internet search – they’ve known each other for AT least a year, if they’ve been together for that long then you can’t really classify him as a womaniser. So far, there’s been NO PICTURES of the two of them together flaunting their relationship for the paps… so I think they’re doing a pretty damn good job of protecting their relationship. She chose to be interviewed with her Grandmother on E! earlier today, and NOT her boyfriend. Katie Couric asked HER if she had a boyfriend. If you hadn’t noticed the trend here – the MEDIA is the one obsessed with pumping information to the public about her relationships… and they’ll continue to do so as long as people are willing to talk about her…. and she can’t be THAT boring if you comment on a post about her. I don’t even read half the garbage that’s on here on people that don’t interest me.

  • Liv

    I’m a big fan of her hair color and toothy smile.

    @Chris (#16 comment)

    It seems that you have so much hate for Jessica Chastain — oh just forgive her for being pale :)

    Also, she seems to have more talent than the 99% of Hollywood actors/actresses, so you sound like a over-reacting drama queen saying she should “go back to casting couch”.

    Just saying.

  • Liv


    Yes. They were pictured together @ Oscars 2012 (after party).

  • Kate

    “Also, she seems to have more talent than the 99% of Hollywood actors/actresses”
    Jeez! Hollywood is worst than I was thinking if Jessica is a role model for actors! You never heard of Meryl Streep? or young actresses like Noomi Rapace? or Saoirse Ronan? this girl is what you can call a real talent, not Jessica, she is just another overrated actress!

  • Czarina


    People are quick to believe what they’ve been spoon fed by the media. They’re so reliant on what’s been written, they assume that everything reported must be true.

    Fine, you have an opinion of Jessica Chastain, an opinion based on what she’s portrayed in the media, an opinion about her personality, her looks, her style.

    Now, let’s talk about some facts – Terrence Malick, Kathryn Bigelow, Al Pacino, the people that accepted her into Juilliard, the panel of judges that nominated her for numerous awards last season and this season… all these people recognise something special in Jessica Chastain and want to acknowledge her work.

  • Sarah

    @Czarina: @Liv:
    If they are together since last year, it makes even more shameful what she did with Tom Hardy in Cannes at the Lawless press conference, red carpet and in every interview they did together. She was acting like a desperate woman crazy for sex who was about to put off his pants in front of the audience, that was very ridiculous and everyone was saying that they were having an affair, and the guy is engaged!
    After that, she gave an interview saying that she didn’t have a boyfriend because she is too shy around guys, well, a shy woman don’t rubs herself in a man in a public space like she did. And she wasn’t shy around Gerard Butler either.
    She is not that shy and saint as she says she is.

  • Toby


  • Hal

    Hey Jared, are you sad now? your daily campaign for her didn’t work, better luck next time!
    Seems like her millionaire PR “boyfriend” aka beard sent his paychecks to the wrong person, or Weinstein’s paychecks were bigger.
    HA HA HA

  • Czarina


    Why do people keep saying this? Does the Academy base their decision on the winner by trolling through Jared’s website? Then again, Jennifer Lawrence did win…

  • Czarina

    @Sarah: I think you misunderstood what she said about being “shy around men”. This comment refers to men she’s attracted to and applies only to a social level, not a professional level. If she was shy around all men, including at a professional level – there’s no way she’d be able to have the career she has today. She wouldn’t get the roles in Wilde Salome, Jolene or Lawless – all of which require her to be nude. Her affection towards Hardy was sensationalised by the media, if there was any truth to this then Tom and Charlotte wouldn’t still be engaged.

  • Lana

    The thing is yes people don’t actually know anything about Jessica, so they do base opinions on the media. If you’re interested in an actor that is your only outlet, so to decry people is kind of harsh.

    She has given statements that can be interpreted differently and everyone is entitled to their opinion.

    It’s all about image, PR, it’s not just about talent these days… The PR people feed the media and we have seen a lot of Jessica recently purey because of the oscars, she cannot be unaware of it and agreeing to it, hence the sudden appearance of this passi guy after some Internet gossip that wasn’t favourable, so people will decry her. It’s only natural surely.

    And all gossip while not being true, does have some basis in it!

  • Lana

    Oh and passi in a lot of the Italian press including photos is basically portrayed as a playboy. It’s there in pictures.

  • Sarah

    @Czarina: “Her affection towards Hardy was sensationalised by the media”, she assumed the risk when she did that in front of the world press, she is not a little kid! famous people have to take care of what they do in front of the cameras in this business, of course everybody would talk about that and SHE KNEW IT, and then she pretends she is very shy and private, yeah…
    Well, Hardy’s ex-girlfriend (and the mother of his son) broke up with him after she discovered that he was cheating on her with Charlotte, actually everyone knew that because the guy was been pictured with her several times while his girlfirend was at home with their son, I have no doubt that he did (and probably still does) the same with his current gf, and Charlotte is a well-know famewho-re who loves to talk about Hardy to get attention and always wants to appear more than him when they are together, he is her passport to fame, she won’t break up with him now, not even after a cheat, she is not dumb.
    And Jessica wasn’t acting “professionally” with Hardy, they were not making a movie at Cannes, she wasn’t obligated to practically jump on him by contract, that was Jessica and not her character in Lawless.
    I know lots of actors who are really shy in their personal lives (amazing actors, by the way), but they don’t rubs themselves in other actors like that during interviews, there’s no excuse for this, specially if the other person is involved with someone, this is not what a shy person will do. But if you wants to believe that she is really shy…

  • Czarina

    @Lana: You make several good points, and numerous times you have been the only one justifying your opinions properly.

    I think it’s safe to say that we both agree she should ditch her PR team, image – although skewed, is no doubt very influential in how your perceived in the spotlight, and in her case of being an actor, there’s no way to avoid it.

    She needs to find the right balance of giving out the right information to the right people. Giving exclusives to JJ isn’t such a wise move, especially when “sources” speak on your behalf. Confirm you have a boyfriend on Katie Couric is a wise move (although I’m still up in arms about how she deflected her answer by squashing any chance an actor has with her). To make statements about subjects you don’t want to talk about in interviews only amplifies the media and public’s need to find out the answer. Simply request for such questions NOT to be asked in the first place. She needs to understand that people will back off and quit speculating and conjuring up rumours if the “exclusive” comes direct from the horses mouth. That being said, when do you draw the line at telling the world stuff about yourself? Who your dating? Why don’t you acknowledge your real Father? Why do you wear leather shoes and carry around leather purses if you call yourself a Vegan?

    My opinion, she hasn’t dealt with media attention on this massive scale throughout her career. The media was never this bad when Tree of Life or The Help came out. Like I said previously, she will prevail this media storm that has in deed given her exposure, but has come at a cost to her image.

    I admire that she’s learned to accept that it’s okay to not be liked by everyone, but sees the positive in that people are passionate about her, whether it’s hate or love. God, I’d hate to be talked about and ridiculed by strangers that easily and comfortably talk about the way you look, dress, work.

  • Czarina

    @Sarah: Like I said, and thank you for quoting me – yes it was/is sensationalised by the media. All those interviews, red carpet photos and interviews by cast members like Shia LeBouf could be interpreted that there could be something going on between the two of them. Did anything come of it in the end? NO!

    Unless you were present at Cannes and in their vicinity the entire time they were together, your opinion of what did/didn’t happen is skewed. You’ve only been presented with some pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, and therefore can only make ASSUMPTIONS on what happened. It seems like you’re caning Jessica for “seducing” an engaged man, a man who is a serial cheater and that is engaged to a woman that seems to be okay with it. You’re disgusted are Jessica’s immoral behaviour towards a man and his fiance that has no morals (according to your statements)?????????

    As I’ve stated before, I’m sure Jessica and Tom have had time to bond while filming the movie and she speaks highly of him, as she states in several interviews. You would have to especially if you’re getting intimate on screen, so I see no reason for Jessica to be “shy” towards Hardy.

  • Lana

    @Czarina: yup, I don’t think she is inexperienced, she’s been in the game by her own admission for years and while speculation about her private life has increased as it always is, magnification is inevitable, she has changed from a I don’t talk about my private life to, kind of statements.

    I think her handlers are actually clever, because she gives just enough for people to keep being interested and wanting more, while not really revealing anything, recent talk of passi has increased, but not completely.

    That said it is going to piss people off, because for some bizarre reason the general public think they have right to know everything right?

    I know personally seeing her what feels like everywhere is annoying, turning up at instyle lounges when really there are c listers there just feels like over kill.

    I hope now the Oscar hoopla is over, she will get back to acting, but I feel that it may just be something she cannot go back on opened a can of worms so to speak?

    We will see.

    And Passi thing is weird, look at him on the red carpet, almost skulking around, not looking supportive at all? Go figure lol

  • Leah

    My favourite look of the night, so classy, especially with her gorgeous haircolor

  • Marlon

    Larry David may say she looks pretty pretty pretty good. She’ll be on vacation in Italy with her bf. This relationship really starts a few months ago we’ll see where it’ll go.

  • Mary

    Let’s see how many times for week she will appear here after her Oscar campaign have failed!

  • Sarah

    @Czarina: If I was making ASSUMPTIONS like you said, you are doing exactly the same!, unless you are Jessica’s personal friend and know exactly what kind of person she is, you are making assumptions too! This is a gossip site right? not Jessica’s fansite like her PR team would like to make it looks like with her daily updates here. I was talking about her behavior with men in front of the cameras (and NOT IN MOVIES!). There’s a huge difference in not being shy around people you already know and worked with and behave like a desperate woman around your MALE co-stars to tease the audience and the press making the whole world believe that there’s something going on between you and them.
    I would love to see what you would think if a woman is all over your boyfriend or husband in a public place and making everybody believe that they are having an affair! but for your comments here, I presume that you will think that is the most beautiful and natural thing in the world, right? otherwise you’re just another HYPOCRITE!
    To finish the “shyness” subject, Jessica wasn’t shy to catch up a playboy “boyfriend” like you said she is “shy with men she’s attracted to”, the guy is a womanizer who always have been surrounded by models, he’s not the kind of guy that a self-proclaimed “shy woman” would look for a serious relationship, this is just another PR thing that was created to help Jessica in this awards season and make the rumors about her lesbianism disappear, but you probably believes that is true love, right? LOL
    These so-called “stars” of these days have the most stupid, moron and blind fans ever! I don’t know if I feel bad for them or if these “celebrities” deserves these kind of fans they created, but I guess everyone has the kind of fans they deserve anyway.

  • Czarina


    LOL, when did this discussion turn into a personal attack against me/Jessica’s fans? Relax and take a breather, because you sound like you’re about to burst into flames just by the thought of her!

    Firstly, no I wouldn’t like it if another woman was flirting with my boyfriend. But then again, I would never be with a man who is a known cheater, why would I put myself in that situation? It takes two people to have an affair, and if he loves and respects you enough – he’ll keep his d*ck in his pants. Therefore, I would have nothing to worry about if a woman were to offer herself to him.

    Secondly, you’re arguing the same points over and over again without any further elaboration. You’re holding onto the “shy around men” quote like it’s the Bible. Frankly, I can’t be bothered chipping away at it, yes this is a Gossip site, and you’re right – it’s not a Jessica Chastain fansite, but people have the right to praise her just as much as you’re allowed to scold her for whatever she did or didn’t do.

    Lastly, your passionate distaste for Chastain reads loud and clear over the internet. I can feel the hatred all the way from my bedroom here in Sydney! I don’t know what your real problem is with her, but it’s serious enough to evoke emotions out of you, for you to call complete strangers morons and hypocrites.

    All the best to you!

  • Missy

    Chasfake fans are so stupid as Jennifer Lawrence’s and Kristen Stewart’s fans, all of them are crazy teenagers with no taste in films and good acting – REAL FILMS AND REAL ACTING! they only like Hunger Games, Twilight and The Help.

  • Peach

    @Mendi: She should have won, but the movie business favorite was handed yet another UNearned reward.