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Nina Dobrev Attends John Varvatos Benefit, Ian Somerhalder Hits SXSW

Nina Dobrev Attends John Varvatos Benefit, Ian Somerhalder Hits SXSW

Nina Dobrev gets all dolled up for the John Varvatos 2013 Stuart House Benefit held at John Varvatos Los Angeles on Sunday (March 10) in Los Angeles.

“And I’m back! Thank you sun for shining brightly for my arrival. Uhhhh I could NOT get on a plane for 10days+be so happy. Thank god Im not!” the 24-year-old The Vampire Diaries actress tweeted after arriving back in LA.

Meanwhile, Nina‘s beau Ian Somerhalder hit up the 2013 SXSW Film Festival the day before to attend The Branding Bee presents the Drinking Buddies after party live from The Hive held at Maggie Mae’s.

“If you’re at #SXSW stop by the Warner Bros. space 419 Congress today/tmrw & pitch your idea for a new CW digital series. #WBSXSW #SXCW” Ian tweeted the next day.

FYI: Nina is wearing an Elie Saab dress, Pollini shoes, and a Jimmy Choo bag.

10+ pictures inside of Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder at separate events…

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nina dobrev attends john varvatos benefit ian somerhalder hits sxsw 01
nina dobrev attends john varvatos benefit ian somerhalder hits sxsw 02
nina dobrev attends john varvatos benefit ian somerhalder hits sxsw 03
nina dobrev attends john varvatos benefit ian somerhalder hits sxsw 04
nina dobrev attends john varvatos benefit ian somerhalder hits sxsw 05
nina dobrev attends john varvatos benefit ian somerhalder hits sxsw 06
nina dobrev attends john varvatos benefit ian somerhalder hits sxsw 07
nina dobrev attends john varvatos benefit ian somerhalder hits sxsw 08
nina dobrev attends john varvatos benefit ian somerhalder hits sxsw 09
nina dobrev attends john varvatos benefit ian somerhalder hits sxsw 10

Credit: Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty, Wire Image
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  • Hunger Games Fan

    STOP SMIRKING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • guest

    They’re ALWAYS at separate events! Very rarely are they together. If people would just open their eyes…

  • Wtf

    @guest: they don’t have to be up each others ass at every moment

  • nessie

    Ian’s got the weirdest face I’ve ever seen in my life. I don’t understand how girls find him hot. Only because of his blue eyes??

  • jess

    beautiful Nina!

  • ANON5678

    She never poses straight forward. It’s a little odd. Lovely pair.

  • Mia

    Honestly I respect people shipping celebrity people, couples or whatever but honestly someday you gotta open your eyes. They never confirmed the relationship in the first place and they are telling you right in your face let us alone with this Nian thing that we are not dating, but of course just for promotional purposes, foundation, career, show etc,.. they let fans to think what they want.,,, lack of respect for them for not being brave and say hey we are not dating, I thought that they were more mature than ROBSTEN but everything for fans I guess. And yes they hardly spend time together, and after this season ends, Ian has plenty of conventions so they hardly will see each other during the break, I am sorry THAT´S NOT BEING A COUPLE AT ALL. They are just friends that´s all. But well fans want them together so hard, that they invent all excuses, that they already spend time together on set etc…. excuse me?? when you are in love you want to spend quality time with your partner, you have desire to spent time with her/him but this obvioulsy is not the case.For them what matters is work, publicity and this “relationship” is part of it. Fans are very naive, they know it, the industry know it and they use the fans thats all.

  • Luli

    They’re such a lovely couple.

  • kinley

    Yeah. I don’t know why this guys name keeps coming up as a potential actor to play Christian Grey. He has his moments when he looks ok, but when he does that stupid smirk, man, looks a little bit like the joker. Creepy

  • Sw

    @Mia They are very much together. Nina has talked about her relationship with Ian in a magazine interview.

  • :)

    I had to be the bearer of bad news. I don’t think this peeps can act very well. When the show first came out, yes, it was good. Due to the poor acting abilities for virtually everyone on that show especially the dude that plays Matt, sucks at acting.

    Don’t get me wrong. I just feel like they are no longer trying to entertain, but are just going through the motions. The only actor on there that I could stand to watch are the British ones. Just my two cents, and personal opinion that I’m sure a lot will disagree with.

  • Meh

    I think Ian has gorgeous eyes, but I don’t think he’s that attractive, and the smirk that he’s always does is getting on my nerves.

    Also, I question whether these two are together anymore. For a while, all we did was see them together. Now, we don’t see them together. I agree a little with Mia.

    On a side note: sometimes interviews are done a few months in advance before they are printed. Sometimes less, sometimes more.

  • Anon


    No one is saying they have to, but they sure do that at the major events. Don’t they? When it is minor events, they don’t bother. Care to venture a guess why?

  • jenna

    FYI when it says that, that means she got it FREE. Guess that’s why the rich get richer. They get FREE clothes, trips, cars, jewelry, etc when the name is mentioned they ALWAYS get if FREE. Meanwhile they expect us to buy the stuff. Newsflash we DO NOT fall for their BS anymore.

  • Sara Rose

    @guest: Yeah, and what about Paul attending the Elton John Oscar Party without Torrey, or the fact he is going to China without her. Come on… they are all busy and at times go there separate ways for work related events.. Ian is representing his ISF foundation, as well as Origin Magazine of which he is now an Editor, and RYOT news w/ his best friend Bryn Mooser. Don’t try to make it more than it is. Ian and Nina are just fine.

  • amy

    @Sara Rose: What’s the deal you Delena’s. Why is it when anyone says something you don’t like you bring Paul’s name up. Your constanttttt bullying have ruined this show for fans. When the show doesn’t get a season 6 it’s because you have made it miserable for any fan of the characters on this show from enjoying it.

  • GAgirl

    Why was so necessary to put these two in one article? wouldn’t it be logical to post two different?huh? oh i know it is ressure for those who went wild b/c Ian and Nina stoped hiding that free time from set they spend apart!The fact that they are at diffrent events is nothing that is true, THOUGH Nina kinda joined RYOT why she chose to be free bee in LA insted to stand by her man in his ISF and help RYOT where she supposely has a blog?

  • Gem

    Was it neccesary to make one article about them when they are doing 2 different things in different states? Makes me laugh really…If nina was SOOOO supportive of what Ian does…wouldnt she be there with him? JUST SAYING

  • Amy


    This is a sexist comment. Why shouldn’t Ian be with Nina supporting her? It goes both ways.

  • Gem

    Lol sexist? how so? Ian is doing stuff for his foundation and the show. More important then Nina going to some party. Esp being that she is part of TVD. Ian does far more with his time then Nina does. She seems to do stuff that only is good for her. Nothing I said was sexist. It is a fact.

  • anonymous

    @Gem: how would you no what ninas doing every single day? she has important things to do aswell. you dont even no her so stop judging u idiot

  • Rayne

    Awww! Nina and Ian are such a fantastic couple. Love them together. Ian is in Austin, TX working and meeting with others that have the same interest in the environment. Jessica Ramsey his ISF secretary is with him too, as well as the CW PR man Chris. Together they are helping Ian stay on schedule. Nina is in LA supporting the John Varvatos 2013 Stuart House Benefit. Ian and Nina could not possibly be more perfect.

  • Chari

    Wow! Love Nina’s dress. Happy to see her once again as a supporter for the John Varvatos 2013 Stuart House Benefit. I hope she has a few days while she in LA and has a chance to rest. She has certainly been pulling double duty on the set of TVD. This young lady is just awesome! Can’t wait to see on her on Conan this coming week. Ian doesn’t ever seem to rest. This guy has so much energy. Glad to see he went to the SXSW to meet with others that have the same interest in the environment. Next week he will be in NYC on Anderson Cooper to talk about some of these issues and share common goals. After that he will have an appearance on Live w/ Kelly and Michael. Ian and Nina are such a gorgeous couple.

  • Alison

    Maybe he has stopped bearding?

  • aashy

    Clearly they are fed up,if u live together for too long and are not married and the novelty of love waned and lost ll u need to do is stay awy fromeach other and freely go seperate ways .itz their life,their one else’s business,they don’t have to live other people’s happily ever after dream,they don’t have to live ur fairy tale.also his smirk,his looks his problem,he doesn’t tell or ask anyone to express opinions about his looks.if his smirk is a problem look away.there,it’s simple!

  • Sara


    That´s right. Things are more simple. The thing is that real life is not the fairy tale that fans want for these two. The spark, attraction that there was in the very beginning is not there anymore for a long time. Their relationship is purely friendship, so that´s the reason that they are doing their own thing when they have free time. And in the summer the same. They will go to some events together mostly when other members from the show attend as well, and the Oscars it´s an example.

  • MV

    ”10+ pictures inside of Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder at SEPARATE events…” —-> so why we don’t have TWO different articles?

  • Michael H. Wilner

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  • teddy boy

    People hardly open your eyes.Even when things are so obvious.And it is obvious for a long time.There is no excuse.It can be if it happens repeatedly.
    However, it became apparent that the two went their own ways.They want the fans to understand.But fans are persistent and do not want to see.Just a little bit of logic and common sense is enough to understand how things are.Ian is passionately dedicated to their foundation, the realization of their fantastic ideas and their dissemination.His world revolves around it and one to be his emotional partner websites should share the same passion.It’s hard to follow someone who is different from ourselves.Nina is the girl who at this point in a career and his place in Hollywood.It does not belong to Ian’s world.She does not want to spend his time spreading his ideas and promoting his work.I personally think that they were never a real couple.But if they do, they are now at least.
    Why are they in the same article?Ian works such wonderful things that deserve a separate article.And those things have nothing to do with Nina entertained at parties in LA.As always, creating just the fact that it makes better sales, more reading and commenting.

  • Gem

    @anonymous: Hey I do not go around calling people names like you are. From what i have been told about her there is not much to like. Everyone has a difference of opinions. And who the hell would not want to go to SXSW?

  • Em

    she should change her pose


    amazing Nina, I love her!

  • Isabella

    I agree! Why mention Nina is this article? This girl does nothing, she is not even smart! And if she would love her fans she would go to conventions just like everyone else from the cast! Can’t stand her at all :(

    Ian is amazing! He really is a great man, Idol and he loves his fans so much! <3

  • Isabella


    Btw, I think they aren’t dating! Just look at how smart and awesome Ian is!? What should he do with a party girlie like Nina? She doesn’t deserve him at all! Sorry thats my opinion!

  • Susan

    @Em: Ah I agree! But who cares about Nina? She’s one of the most boring girls in Hollywood! lol Only her ‘relationship’ with Ian interests the media and her fans! Poor girl! No woder she deleted her tweet! lmao

    Anyway love Ian :) What he did last night was amazing! We fans love him so much, he’s the best

  • carrie

    I find Nina very beautiful and smart, if a person do not like do not need to comment on it in this way ..

  • ana

    Do not worry! All these articles paid Ian, and knows exactly why, and why it works!Otherwise, who else mentioned Nina?

  • GAgirl

    i would say vice versa. Ian doesn’t need to pay for articles, ppl are hungry for news about him. Nina on the other hand who is she beside ians rumored GF.
    I Austin in interview ian said that his rule in life to mean what he is saying. And he never said she is his gf, he said TVD is his gf and ISF is his life.

  • Gem

    @GAgirl: I honestly believe at times Nina leeches off the good things that Ian does with his fame. I mean, why would she not go to SXSW? Music and boozes. Isn’t that kind of her thing? lol The girl gives off bad vibes. She does not care about her fans, she def does not go out of her way to show she appreciates them like every other member of the cast does. Many examples I could go through, put people that have commen sense and dont live in a fairy tale of NIAN would know what I am talking about.

  • dany


    shut up. i am so happy that this show got rid of epic stelena bullshit. this is a love triangle…..not twilight

  • GAgirl

    @Gem: \
    sister i live in Atl i don’t see her everyday, but if u meet her at the mall be prepared to be treated like crap if uŗe on Divas way. Ian has his bad days too, but here is difference he has bad days she is like that 24/7 b/c never ever for last year we saw her NOT being snob here.
    All the cast do some good things with theur fame. What does do Nina?

  • jena

    i met her in barcelona and she was really nice to me!!!!! but when i saw paul for exemple in paris with his wife he didn’t want to make a pic with me. maybe he had a bad day, no problem.

  • susie

    Nina is adorable, very pretty :)

  • vera


    i met candice once in atlanta and she was like “bye bye” to me. so i need to hate her now?

  • queen


    What does what actors from TVD? exemple Paul, i swear that i didn’t even know who i paul before TVD, i knowed just ian from Lost and other shows, what does Candice? Or Zach? Steven???? that Matt Davis???

  • michelle

    this girl nina dobrev is really beautiful. bulgarian genes!!!!!!!!

  • michelle


    tell me one actor from TVD that really does a brilliant thing with the fame he got? expect ian that has ISF and does some really good things with it and that morgan that plays klaus. And about the girls from TVD, if they go to parties what’s the problem???? they do what they want with their free time.

  • carrie

    GAgirl has a crush on Ian, so she must speak ill of Nina and now sports the other half of the cast! Ian you like? well, speaks only of him. if a person do not like do not need to comment..

  • carrie

    I agree with Michelle!

  • Gem

    @GAgirl: Yea i have a friend that also lives in ATL and she pretty much said what you did and i trust her shes not a liar nor would she care enough to lie about something like that. The thing about other cast members is they take their time for their fans via conventions some cast members then others. Nina probably the least out of any of them. My point being Ian is so so so busy with his foundation and all his projects he takes time to do pretty much all of these things. Nina, what does she do? I mean really? She has no movies, nothing of that sort, so why could she not take time out to spend time with fans that got her to where she is. I will never like a celebrity that is not thankful for their fans. It is one thing to say they love their fans on twitter or an interview, but showing it, is where you actually see they give a crap. Nina from what i have seen has not done that. Therefore, I could give a crap about her.