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Beyonce Supports Marriage Equality with Handwritten Note

Beyonce Supports Marriage Equality with Handwritten Note

Beyonce has taken a stance for marriage equality with a handwritten note posted to her Instagram account.

“If you like it you should be able to put a ring on it,” the 31-year-old super star wrote in the letter, paying homage to her song “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)”. “#WeWillUniteForMarriageEquality.”

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Bey posted the pic after the heated debates yesterday over the issue in the Supreme Court.

“It’s about TIME!!! #EQUALITY #MarryWhoYouLove” Beyonce posted on her Facebook as well, along with the viral picture of a red equal sign.

Bigger picture inside…

Just Jared on Facebook
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  • Lucy


  • Ava

    What does that mean “marry who you love” … Ah love my brother can I marry him, we promise to not have biological children just like gays or better yet there a about billion people in the world that allow one man with 5 wives, they all love each other too, so when will it stop , it’s back to the Roman days before the fall and the 300 years of dark ages… Marry who you love, such stupidly with too much influence. People are free to live with, date , have children with … Why should governemnt now have to put a stamp of approval on every type of lifestyle……. first Hollywood and liberals, try to destroy marriage , cool thing was to be against it, now 30 years later, more children are brought with one parent , or with no fathers or not having children at all..and now it’s lets just redefine marriage, you know that institution that served us well for the last couple thousands of years and brought Judea / Christian society to the prosperity we have know and are destroying to every whim that we fancy, because it’s all about what makes us feel good.

  • Lucy

    if you want to be with your brother because you love him as a man and you don’t hurt anyone i’ll tel you: be happy! I won’t care about it.
    And please, stop with this destroying real marriage because this is ridiculous. Nobody want to destroy marriage. Live and let live others. Somebody doesn’t want to have a baby and this is such a big problem for you? Come on…

  • Peapo

    Good for you Beyonce.

  • offtheproperty

    What politicly correct mass-media cash-cow peer-pressure extortive whiney gripe or grievance wouldn’t she pimp for?
    Gay marriage is a mirage.

  • UR a fool

    Straight up
    No pun intended

  • Bianca

    I am so glad I live In Holland.. Where gay marriage has been accepted for about 20 years.

  • Bianca

    And I’m not even gay.

  • They Will All Pay

    If they change this the outcome will not be good. Man need to stop trying to change what God has ordained.

  • PlayMe

    little cute sayings don’t make it write , how glib and corny.

  • me


    focus your energy somewhere else…I PROMISE you in the end you won’t win this one.

  • Ava

    @Bianca if you’re from holland then your pretty ignorant since gay marriage became legal in 2001, not exactly 20 years… ……And the last thing America should do is follow the countries of Eruope, where immigrants are treated like second class citizens, where more children are conceived from single parents and divorce rate is higher then in the US, if they brother to get married at all….. Oh and you guys wouldn’t even be around after this generation , not only because your broke and your way if life is becoming extinct, but since you don’t even have 1 child per couple and you need 3 per couple just to maintain a new generation, ….. And you know all those immigrants that aren’t really part of society and most are muslim and the ones getting married and having the 5 children…White Europeans wouldn’t be round one more generation… Eruope will just be a museum, for people around the world to visit , if the new habitants even keep your historic building around, because your culture sure wouldn’t be .

  • Ava

    @Me … Why because liberals think they are the only ones that can keep pushing their agenda onto society until it’s accepted… And really your the one who’s going to lose in the end.. Don’t know if you know this but the only countries the have gay acceptance besides gay marriage are white Christian society, and liberals have sucessed in making us a selfish me , me culture that values no institution, so marriage isn’t important ( unless your gay) why have children, aboration on demand, it’s all about what makes us happy and supporting children isn’t about me , me…….. America, Europe are 10% of the worlds population and declining fast and out of that 10% , 6% are tolerant , do a survey in Netherlands Muslim coummity about support for gay marriage, not something Bianca would be bragging about… the rest of the world is becoming less tolerant of gays existing besides gay marriage.. And we are the ones not producing the next gerentaion … But go to China , India.. better yet Africa, or the Middle East Russia..harp about gays just want to be married.

  • the support but how many times did i tell u stop writing with your hands ( charles barkley’s voice)

  • Sandy


    To the objection that we’re trying to “redefine marriage”:

    There never was some ‘Marriage Committee’ that got together and formulated the conditions needed to have a legitimate marriage. Marriage, as a concept, has evolved throughout the ages, meaning different things at different times. We’re currently discussing whether, *as a matter of law*, same-sex couples deserve equal marriage rights.

    No “redefinition” going on. We’re merely taking the concept of marriage as it currently exists (without special pleading by excluding same-sex couples), and saying same-sex couples deserve equal consideration.

  • Stevie


    Ava, Argentina, parts of Brazil and parts of Mexico allow same- sex marriage, and bills allowing legal recognition of same-sex marriage have been proposed, are pending, or have passed at least one legislative house in Taiwan and Columbia . . . Are these considered “white christian societies”? I suppose I need to update my understanding of this description.