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Taylor Swift & Harry Styles Reunite at VMAs Party! (PHOTO)

Taylor Swift & Harry Styles Reunite at VMAs Party! (PHOTO)

Taylor Swift and her ex-boyfriend Harry Styles reunite while attending a party together following the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday evening (August 25) at the SoHo Grand Hotel Club Room in New York City.

The 23-year-old singer and the 19-year-old One Direction heartthrob were joined at the party by mutual friend Ed Sheeran.

“Hosting the VMA after party @grandlifehotels With Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran & Harry Styles,” Instagram user @spikyphil said.

During the show, Taylor won the award for Best Female Video for “I Knew You Were Trouble” and she made a dig at the man who inspired the song. Many people believe that person is Harry. Watch the video below!

ARE YOU SURPRISED that Taylor Swift and Harry Styles made amends?

Taylor Swift Acceptance Speech for Best Female Video
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taylor swift harry styles reunite at mtv vmas 2013 party 01
taylor swift harry styles reunite at mtv vmas 2013 party 02
taylor swift harry styles reunite at mtv vmas 2013 party 03
taylor swift harry styles reunite at mtv vmas 2013 party 04
taylor swift harry styles reunite at mtv vmas 2013 party 05

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  • alexandrina

    i hope they back together and let the game begin LOL

  • Janne

    Umm, considering the fact that she wrote I Knew You Were Trouble BEFORE she even dated hin, plus the fact that the Red album was released months before the breakup, it’s pretty obvious the song is NOT about Harry.
    Either way, happy to see that they (mostly Taylor) don’t seem as bitter as the media tries to make it look like. On the oher hand, just because she took a picture with him doesn’t mean they are even remotely friendly towards each other. But hey, who knows

  • Lexi

    Can we just focus on Daft Punk reaction while she says that. They’re like “oh not this again…”

  • sweetness

    I think she was bitter no doubt being dumped…but that’s because she’s spoilt and expected this Harry boy to fall at her feet. Usually people like her can’t handle rejection and instead of fessing up that she still likes him like a normal person would she plays being the be-yotch because that saves face. You know she was hoping this would rekindle a reunion.

  • lauren

    the song can’t be about harry! the album came out and they dated after.

  • Jen

    I lost track of how many guys she’s dated, so I have no clue.

  • Amy


    Exactly. It’s most likely about John Mayer.

  • nemo

    @sweetness: pfffft. it was a PR stunt.

  • sara

    no – apparently taylor & harry first got together (briefly) much earlier after one direction performed at the kids choice awards. there is a reference to to it on her album booklet “when you saw me dancing”. i think he was think then pictured getting off with someone lease. then they got back together & was interested in commit in. no wonder why she is still so bitter…

  • Boo

    He’s done with her completely over it. You can tell by his expression. Time to move it along and get some more material.

  • Mel

    It would be stupid of Harry if he goes back to Taylor.

  • bethany

    I find her obsession with all her ex- boyfriends really creepy. I understand that as a song writer that she uses her own experiences for her songs but I don’t know why she has to continue to speak about them in speeches/interviews/performances. Harry & John have moved on & she really needs to as well although I expect no decent guy will want anything to do with her.

  • RyanJames

    Love my job, since I’ve been bringing in $82h… I sit at home, music playing while I work in front of my new iMac that I got now that I’m making it online. (Home more information)

  • lol


    Thank you – you said it all & you are right no decent self respecting guy would want to have anything to do with that self centered whinning …..

  • sammy

    @Lexi: hahahaha so true XD

  • yup

    Wow, how mature of her. She acts like she’s this classy lady, but she’s a rude little girl

  • E_rod_1D

    I honestly dont like Taylor for what she did. Why in the world would she do that . She knows shes gonna get hate from Directioners. So what’s her deal. Shes so immature. I just didnt like her from the start when she was dating Harry! :( I love you ONE DIRECTION

  • jolene

    this whole story just makes Harry Styles seem ALOT hotter. he’s only 19 but his parents have obviously brought him up properly which is a lot more than you can say about this Taylor girl.

    and the song is about Harry and her friend told Vanity Fair that they broke up because she didn’t trust him & he kept hitting on other girls. And I guess we now know why…

  • ash

    get your source straight
    IKYWT is about John Mayer
    calm your tits down

  • ash


    Taylor wrote this song before April 2012, before KCA, she didn’t even know the kid when she wrote it. and the references in IKYWT music video is so obvious. It’s about John Mayer. You don’t know anything about Taylor all you know is false info and you judge Taylor by those false rumors? come on.

  • bethany

    I think that even if the comment wasn’t directed at Harry she is smart enough to know that it would have been perceived that way. The guy in the video for the song has been deliberately styled to look like him as well & even has the same tattoo so she is propagating this idea anyways.

    And if it was aimed at John Mayer then she would have been aware that Katy Perry was there & so it must have been an indirect dig at her. That relationship ended so long ago & she is still bitter over it.

    * apologies for the puns littered throughout this

  • Fjvjdnvdk

    @ash: Well you don’t seem to know anything about Taylor and believe false info because SHE SAID at the Brits it was about him during an interview.

    My friend was there and she saw them interact for a few seconds very awkwardly.

    And she does not look very happy in that photo.

  • Jack

    I feel like what happened was: He tried to make amends and be nice, “Hi, how are you?” and Taylor gave a fake smile like “Oh, good, yeah.” but inside just like ‘I effing hate your guts.’ You can see it in her face, she does not want to be there. Haha

  • ann

    she’s got really bad publicity off the back of this – second only to miley. i think that people r starting to realise that she isn’t as sweet & innocent as she makes herself out to be. i guess in the next few days her pr team will have to start trying to turn these stories around – maybe it was them that decided to release this pic?

  • Lucy

    Directioners are immature for acting the same way she did.

  • zACH

    Can you imagine the track listing from Taylor’s next album “Harry I hate you!” “Harry stop looking at other girls” “How could you Harry?” “”Harry please take me back” “Harry I thought that we were going to be together forever!”.

    Poor Harry I don’t think he realises what he let himself in for :(

  • Effy

    Taylor is never going to get married if she keeps this victim act up.

  • Her publicist probably made her take that photo with him to get people off her back because everyone’s going ape shit and her reputation is going down hill fast.

  • ontd

    Most know that the song is about John Mayer not Harry Styles but Taylor knows how to milk that publicity for all it’s worth…she’s been doing it for years.

  • http://@dafinestsmokey1 smokey sims
  • Anna

    Its just awkward that people still think IKYWT is about Harry! I mean the way the video is styled among other things makes it obvious to me it is about John Mayer. She knew this person wasn’t good for her but dated him anyway. John Mayer is a known player and April was before all these rumors swirling about harry and his love life got really bad, so no. So stop kidding yourself people, its not about harry. Directioners are just bitter over what happened between them and try to start stuff. Only reason people think it is about harry. She has also never said it was about harry, so whoever said that is just an idiot.

  • we


  • flz

    she’s as fake as her boobs

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  • Xxlko