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Gal Gadot: Wonder Woman in 'Batman vs. Superman'!

Gal Gadot: Wonder Woman in 'Batman vs. Superman'!

Gal Gadot has just been cast as Wonder Woman in the upcoming highly anticipated movie Batman vs. Superman, Variety reports!

The 28-year-old Israeli actress and model joins an all star cast including Henry Cavill as Superman, Ben Affleck as Batman, as well as Amy Adams, Diane Lane, and Laurence Fishburne.

Not many plot details are known about the Zac Snyder-directed film, where the Dark Knight will face off against Superman.

Gal has previously been featured in many of the Fast & Furious franchise movies.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the choice for Gal Gadot to play Wonder Woman in Batman vs Superman???

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  • Sayer

    This is a joke. WW needs her own movie. Is this a Justice League movie or a Superman movie? DC is such a screw up.

  • True

    So, WW is a sidekick? No origins tale for her? I will avoid this garbage. Ben Affleck’s casting was enough.

  • Wrong Casting

    WTF???????? I though this was a superman and batman movie only ??????whats next…..Flash?

  • eleanor

    כל הכבוד גל חולים עלייךךך!!!
    way to go!! she’s gonna kick asses in this movie!!! :D

  • M.

    Yes!!! Good casting, she’s hot and can act pretty well.

  • lalal

    ahh had to comment.
    I like her, shes pretty , but playing WW? ? REALY ARE You eeF–ING ME?
    with her poor acting, and accent, she only plays models or girlfriends in movies.. Shes hot yeh- but WONDER WOMAN/??? will skip this movie for sure (esp. Ben as batman, I’m a Bale-team)

  • True

    Wonder Woman deserves better than a sidekick role. DC is desperate. This is supposed to be a Superman movie, and here comes all the stunt casting to generate box office dollars.

    This is why Marvel’s kicking their a$$. Justice League movie or Superman? Why bother calling it Superman or Superman v. Batman?

  • MMMM

    hate it when they make movies and the people who are cast don’t even look a bit like the characters

  • http://frenchsuki_ Fiana

    So happy they choosed her ! She has so much potential ! it’s time to show what she worths


    casting couch

  • manoush

    I think she’s a good choice, she’s beautiful, not really famous but she’s way too skinny. Isn’t WW suppose to be an amazon?

  • Nadia

    Poor Henry, apparently Batfleck is the major one WB’s considering in the movie. They’ll overshadow superman to let Ben shine so he would direct new projects for the studio.

  • Ha

    Wait!! They’re doing yet ANOTHER Batman / superman movie!? Aren’t they tired of remaking those…..seriously…. Why not try new characters of the DC Universe or Marvel? Other characters than Batman and Wolverine……

  • Emma

    Love that she is married to a successful man, has a child, served in the military, is beautiful, smart, rides a motorcycle, is hot looking, and can act!!

    She’s truly a REAL Wonder Woman in real life! What a great role model she will be for young girls/women.

  • Kate


    Emma, I’m not familiar with her but thanks for posting her credentials. I’m going to google her

  • lol

    well..whose c o c k did she suck?

  • Yes, she’s perfect

    I love that they cast an Israeli! S*ck on that, Israel haters.

  • Dasha

    Seriously??? Ben Affleck and now her?? No thanks

  • O

    @Emma: I am a MOTHER , I am married to a Successful man, Both MY husband ADN i served in MILITARY and I can ride a motor cycle,quad, truck, tank, and anything with wheel, and I can probably act as well……guess I am Wonder Women and a great example for girls huh?????? *FOOOL*

  • jennifer

    maybe she is too skynny for wonder woman but somehow i think she is perfect for the role! i guess she is gonna have a small part in the movie and after that she is going to have her own movie about her origins

  • Esther

    @Emma: once boys and girls from Israel reach the age 18 they HAVE TO join the military.It is the law. I am from Israel and Yes she is a good actress but there are many good actress and she join the military because she had to and not because she wanted too

  • beth

    they are so goddamn lazy with making a WW origins movie, ive read books about wonder woman and she actually has a great storyline but i know it isnt the easiest to make for a 2 hour movie but its definitely attainable if they actually TRIED. if they were going to make a movie with multiple justice league characters, they might as well just call the movie Justice League, add the rest of the superheroes and stop being damn lazy, the way they are navigating the justice league movies is pethetic. and its nice to see they chose an actress with brown eyes for wonder woman, its a nice change, especially cause she’s a stunning brunette with a great bone structure and a good actress to boot and actually has the skills to kick ass. im just mad about the affleck casting (WHO ISN’T THO?), that is the biggest fail of superhero casting i’ve ever witnessed. thanks to affleck, the avengers will still have higher box office sales than any justice league-ish movie and from reading the comics, i preferred justice league over avengers so this is really disappointing.

  • Cate

    I hoped Olga Kurylenko would get WW but Gadot seems a good choice too. She’s beautiful and I’m sure she will build some muscle up to become more believable as an Amazon.

  • Isis Lara

    Finally, Wonder Woman on the big screen! I’ll reserve judgement on Gal when I see the film. I hope Zack makes her badass with powers that rival Superman and NOT as Batman’s love interest. After all, WW is part of the DC trinity and not anyone’s sidekick.

  • Nitzan

    Some Israeli pride!!!

  • karina

    nice choice!

  • Emma

    @O: Let me guess…you wanted someone with a bigger A$$ and bigger boobs? Typical male idiot.

  • Emma

    @Esther: I already knew this :) My husband served with the Israeli special forces.

  • Emma

    It’s a shame that most, if not all the haters of Gal Gadot are men and slamming her for being too flat chested, too skinny, too short, no a$$. Good Lord! She’s going to be training with Gym Jones, and I think it’s a shame that a lot of men only see two parts of the anatomy to base their judgment on. Seriously? How big do you want them?

  • caroline

    I think a movie about Wonder Women alone would be nice but I’m not surprise. Warner is dreaming of doing a Justice League movie for years that’s why they had so many problems with Nolan who only wanted to focus on one character. And now that he’s gone Warner can finally have what they wanted …

  • Elena

    To begin with,you are all a-holes.You don’t even know the girl.
    Second of all,nothing that you said is right.
    1.Superman is the main focus of the movie as Snyder has said countless times that not only the sequel will focus on Suoerman dealing with the aftermath of the Metropolis battle but it will also bring back every sub-plot from MOS.Cavill was even getting top-billing when the casting calls were announced.On top of that,every cast member of the original cast is returning.
    2.Gadot is a skilled Krav Maga fighter.She looks the part and there are these places called “gyms” that can help her bulk up.She has no bo0bs?Apart from the fact that this argumentt is very sexist and i’m really saddened that is being brough up by women,if you are so desperate for WW to have big b00bs make a petition to use a push up bra.
    3.According to variety this is possibly a cameo.Obviously WB will give stanalone film to every superhero that will appear in atman vs Superman.

  • O

    @Emma: nononononono . All I am saying is just because shes not a skrew up and has a nice life means that shes a perfect Wonder Women , because if that where the case then damn, this world id filled with them.
    To add though , Wonder Women , last time I saw the comics and pics is VERY,VERY ,VERY Curvy (means she has an hourglass shape with a good amount of boobs ,hips, and ass) and don’t blame me because I didn’t draw her . This women has a nice body and I would F*ck her if I ever got that chance but know that you mentioned it, YES she should have bigger boobs, ass, and HIPS

  • Gretchen

    @O: I’m so confused by this response. Also, I’m assuming it was written by a man considering I don’t see why a woman would bring up their own successes in life as an example of why their successes aren’t a big deal? How does someone being happy a real life role model is playing an iconic woman in comics make them a fool? You should consider adding moron to your long list of impressive accolades.
    Also, to the person who said “why can’t they cast someone who looks like her?” You can just say ‘why isn’t she white?!?!?!’ we know what you meant, considering the only thing that she doesn’t match physically is eye color. Which doesn’t even remotely matter or could be easily changed if it did. But surprise! WW is from the Amazons, so her being white makes about as much sense as Jesus being white does.

  • Esther

    @Emma: Than you should know better and not bother to even mention that she was in the Military because you know everyone HAS to join

  • O

    @Gretchen: First of all , the FOOL was for the person who wrote the comment, not the actress, second how sad how you decided to bring race into this, NO I said why can’t they cast some women who is Curvy!!!! Like I said before she in FINE , BUT Google WW and see her pictures. , Yes shes going to work out but only if she gets implants she she going to look like WW . And third , Electra was Spanish so I am aware that super heroes and comic characters come from different places so either you misinterpret what I was saying or just stupid bring that sh!t up >>>

  • Green

    All the actresses in HW wanted that role!

  • Kayra

    I guess we will never have a solo Wonder Woman movie. She’s going to be nothing but batman man’s love interest and a sidekick. Some people here are overrating her just because of her nationality. The honest truth is her acting ability isn’t very strong, and definitely not good enough to portray WW with a strong character in a solo movie. She’s nothing but an ex-miss universe contestant that has befriended people in the industry. The fact that she’s Israeli just makes things easier for her. We know who runs Hollywood. Don’t have high hopes for this movie, and here I though Man of steel was rushed…..

  • Love

    @Kayra: I really like you

  • Wonder woman no Warner bros

    Ben Affleck s the only other character the rest of the cast is Clark
    At the newspaper Perry Whie , Clark’s parents Lois Lane so go 2
    IMDB and see we were suppose to have Catwomaand several other
    Characters but 2 no avail .. So stop !

  • LOL

    OK guys complaining about her being a sidekick…. First, you guys should know that Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman together are the LEADERS (equal) of the Justice League, they are called the “Trinity”. So no, wonder woman is never a sidekick.

    Second, she’s obviously gonna get her own movie after this movie. She’s not gonna be a loser like Black Widow.

  • Sarah

    A twig to play Wonder Woman? REALLY? WTF?!
    This movie will flop because of Ben Affleck and now this joke to play WW!
    DC sucks!

  • OMG

    @Sarah: Of course, you must be a Marvel fan. Idiot.

  • living in a box

    somewhere out there Marvel people are laughing at DC. at least Marvel get a talented actress to play their characters, ScarJo is oscar nominated actress and Elizabeth Olsen been praised for her work in Indie film. while this Gal, killing innocent Palestinian.

  • immature

    @Wrong Casting: Actually yes, according to Variety.

  • Sushmita Pandey

    This Woman is Playing a good role as a Wonder woman in the Movie .

  • sheigh

    who ?

  • Anna

    @living in a box:

    Johanson was never nominated for an oscar (nominated for 4 GG though) and Olsen is a god awful choice for Scarlet Witch!

  • LaCroix

    wow what a joke.. this whole movie is going to be a joke. bad casting on all parts imo.

  • GalGadot

    Gal Gadot is a great choice. She is beautiful and can bring action. She was in the Israeli Army and I’m sure she can “thicken up” a bit for the movie. It doesn’t come out for over a year. lol Quit being so critical and just look forward to the movie. After you see her performance, then critique away!

  • GalGadot

    Gal Gadot is a great choice. She is beautiful and can bring action. She was in the Israeli Army and I’m sure she can “thicken up” a bit for the movie. It doesn’t come out for over a year. lol Quit being so critical and just look forward to the movie. After you see her performance, then critique away!