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Just Jared's 50 Most Popular Celebs 2013

Just Jared's 50 Most Popular Celebs 2013

It has been one very eventful year in the world of entertainment and now as the year comes to a close, we are recapping who our readers have made‘s most popular celebrities of 2013.

These rankings were based on whose stories you all were clicking on the most, sharing with your friends, commenting on, and more. It all came down to the numbers!

We have already revealed our top posts of the year, as well as the most popular music acts, actors, and actresses, so keep reading to find out the top celebs.

Check out‘s most popular personalities, musicians, and movie stars of the year and let us know who were your favorites!

50. Chris Hemsworth
49. Gisele Bundchen
48. Nicole Kidman
47. Emma Watson
46. Channing Tatum
45. David Beckham
44. Anne Hathaway
43. Justin Timberlake
42. Reese Witherspoon
41. Hilary Duff
40. Chris Brown
39. Halle Berry
38. Ian Somerhalder
37. Mila Kunis
36. Adam Levine
35. Jennifer Lopez
34. Robert Pattinson
33. Lea Michele
32. Henry Cavill
31. Nina Dobrev
30. Cory Monteith
29. Lady Gaga
28. Zac Efron
27. Alexander Skarsgard
26. Katie Holmes

Click inside to find out who were’s top twenty-five celebs of 2013…

25. Liam Hemsworth
24. Katy Perry
23. Britney Spears
22. Orlando Bloom
21. Kate Middleton
20. Bradley Cooper
19. Justin Bieber
18. Jessica Alba
17. Taylor Swift
16. Paul Walker
15. Leonardo DiCaprio
14. Kristen Stewart
13. Jennifer Aniston
12. Gerard Butler
11. Jennifer Garner

10. Vanessa Hudgens
9. Brad Pitt
8. Beyonce
7. Rihanna
6. Miranda Kerr

5. Selena Gomez
Selena began the year as a single gal, after calling it quits with her boyfriend Justin Bieber over a New Year’s vacation. Selena did not let a breakup stop her in her tracks – months later she released her debut solo studio album Stars Dance in mid-July of 2013! In August, Selena kicked off her Stars Dance tour, which came to a close in November. Selena capped off the year with a run at the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball tour, which landed in various cities across America.

4. Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence had quite the start to the year after gaining massive buzz, and a ton of awards, for her performance in Silver Linings Playbook. She even won the coveted Best Actress Oscar statue (after falling on stage to accept the award!) Jennifer continued to make powerhouse movies, and in the Fall, premiered her hits The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and American Hustle. Apart from pursuing more great movie roles, Jennifer also had a busy year with respect to other endeavors! She launched a campaign with Dior, and debuted a brand new pixie haircut. You haven’t seen the last of Jennifer – she’s receiving major awards buzz for her role in American Hustle!

3. Kim Kardashian
What a year it has been for Kim Kardashian! In June, the reality television star welcomed her first child with Kanye West, a baby girl named North West. Later in the year, Kim accepted her boyfriend’s proposal of marriage. Expect a Kim and Kanye wedding in the future! Kim has also made inroads in the fashion world this past year. She attended the 2013 Met Ball while pregnant – she was even seen at a concert with Vogue‘s Anna Wintour herself!

2. Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie‘s health took center stage earlier this year when she announced that she had bravely completed a pro-active double mastectomy. During the whole process, she thanked her partner Brad Pitt for all of his support. Later in the year, Angelina showed off her grace and poise as she accepted the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award on stage during the 2013 Governors Awards. Currently, Angelina has been stationed in Sydney, Australia, where she is working on her second major film Unbroken as the director.

1. Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus took on 2013 with a bang as she entered back into the music scene in full force! No one can forget when Miley and Robin Thicke took the stage at the 2013 MTV VMAs for an unforgettable performance. Miley also released several music videos for her new singles including “We Can’t Stop” and “Wrecking Ball”. Apart from her music, Miley also went through a breakup this past year. It shocked many to hear that Miley and her longtime fiance Liam Hemsworth were splitting up and ending their engagement.

WHO WAS YOUR FAVORITE celebrity of 2013?

*FYI: These rankings are calculated by a number of factors, including pageviews/hits from readers, comments, and social media interaction. The number of posts on each celeb during the year is also taken into consideration.

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  • sweet ashoo

    what a bad list O_o

  • Martin Duff

    My favorite is Hilary Duff <3

  • biker mike

    Are you kidding us? Miley? maybe as the most laughed at for making a idiot of herself, we were laughing at her, not praising her, she is as popular like tiny tim was, as we laughed at him too

  • OK

    He may be number 28 here but Zac is number one to me !

  • Justyna

    Hilary Duff is the best :D :)

  • terry

    You forgot Adam Lambert. And why is CB in any list other than worst scumbags of 2013?

  • AmyClaire

    Really? you put Nicole kidman near the bottom with all the comments/hits she gets here? Maybe you shouldn’t write about her then? Most of the people you put ahead of her barely get 5 comments per thread if that.

  • Kiley

    Justin Timberlake should be way higher. And where is Amanda Bynes? I mean, she had a train wreck this year, but still pretty popular.


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  • maria

    what no ben affleck?

  • Bella

    BS, Nina Dobrev is ahead of Ian Somerhalder?? How can it be possible? Ian is way more popular than Nina.

  • jherics

    ewww,kim kardshian no3?what had she done to be no.3 as compared to jlw,jlaw over achiever for 2013.

    just jared list is a joke.

  • Sheesh

    People go to check out th Kardashians to laugh at them!

  • get naked

    How did you do this JJ? Where’s the poll?

  • Alaia

    lol at the woman who does nothing being ranked above Jennifer Lawrence.

  • not with toni

    Leonardo is not just one more “popular celeb”.
    Leonardo is an ARTIST, jj.One of the very few left in HW….
    @Leo:you are a beautiful angel and nothing compares to you ,my love:-)

  • http://whatever_5922 Mario

    Where is Demi Lovato?! She should be in the top 5!!!!

    Hilary Duff is amazing! :D

  • sharyllee

    where is Jude Law, my favorite?

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan


  • daly b.

    Nina Dobrev <3


    seriously, miley cyrus its the first ?!!!??
    how come this hapen??
    how in any way she`s better and popular than ian somerhalder or nina dobev??
    the world its condemned!!!

  • http://@Thinspaddict Dani

    And Hugh Jackman and Ben affleck??? …. Bad List


    i wish hilary duff to be the best one


    The best thing on the menu . lovely Hillary I love her from my heart she is absolutely the best in all respects <3

  • soy

    JJ you should update the Top Celebs column with this, i mean who cares about Katie Holmes, V Hudgens or RPattz anymore

  • no

    Kardashian is popular because people click on her stories. People are laughing? Yes, but they are reading those stories.
    Don’t cry. They are on this list because of you. I DON’T click on those stories and if you don’t want to see Miley and Kardashian on this list, DON’T read their stories.

  • Dasha

    Miley Cyrus #1 is a shame.

    Leonardo Dicaprio is my fav ♥♥♥

    not with toni #16 bless your post

  • Angie and Brad

    Miley Cyros it´s numer one just because she shocked the world with the infamous and disgusting MTV song-porn-show.

    If not Angie would be the number one without any doubt. And it´s interesting that the first man in the list it´s Brad Pitt.

    Only Angie and Brad have this kind of power in this world.

  • Kath

    Gee #9… have waaayyyyy too much time on your hands. Jealous much!

  • MK

    Love Gisele she rocks!

  • cmac

    My favorite 2013 celebrities were Joseph Gordon Levitt, Idris Elba, Stephen Colbert, Rafael Nadal, Carey Mulligan and Amy Poehler.

  • kary

    the top 5… WTH? Are they actresses? I mean… really? Nicole Kidman gets way more comments that the top 5 together… and what about Cate Blanchet?

  • Janet

    FJWP who unchained you from the radiator?

  • Nikki

    I’m sure this list is based on who’s stories had the most comments and views this past year. So, it doesn’t lie.

  • Kayle

    Where is Johnny Depp? He is more relevant and popular than most of those on the list.

  • Maya

    @not with toni: Your precious Leo has been nominated for the Razzie award twice and won it once. He is one of the most talentless hacks in Hollywood.

  • Missy

    Leo<3 End of story.

  • fan

    WTF is this list? lol Where is Logan? Where is Josh?

  • yets

    go Vanessa hudgens!!!!!

  • Smiler

    Demi should be in the 3rd position, Jennifer in 2nd place and Taylor Swift in 4th place

  • Smiler

    And Josh Hutcherson lack in 5th position

  • sienna

    Such a bad list Robert Pattinson should have been way above
    This list means people who are in famous Pathetic list jj

  • Amy


  • Amy

    before judging Vanessa Hudgens, you all should watch the trailer for her new movie “GIMME SHELTER” which comes out on January 24th in the US

  • just sayin

    You should have put Jennifer Garner’s kids lmao cuz I don’t think people are really interested in her other that she is married to Ben Affleck and he had a very public relationship with Jlo.

  • EmmaS

    I get Brangelina,Miley,Beyonce,Jennifer Lawrence and Rihanna since they’re always EVERYWHERE.but others ?

  • LOL

    what? Vanessa Hudgens is on the list? is she even still alive? LOL

  • wha

    Miley Cyrus is number 1?NO WAY. She is 24 or 25.

  • remember da truth

    Now will people listen that if they don’t like someone, DON’T CLICK, don’t comment. just MOVE ON.
    You notice that Paris Hilton isn’t on this list. A few years ago she was everywhere. But people are sick of her, so they stopped clicking and now no one has to post “who cares” to show they don’t care. They ignored her, and she was no longer in our face. If you REALLY don’t care, don’t tell us, SHOW US. Click on the ones you like the best.

  • remember da truth

    It’s funny to me how people are complaining and saying that Jared stinks because of how the list is ordered. Can they even read to know HOW the list was chosen by them and people like them who don’t even realize that by clicking on someone’s post, they are making them popular?