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Ariana Grande Covers 'Cosmopolitan' February 2014

Ariana Grande Covers 'Cosmopolitan' February 2014

Ariana Grande rocks a sexy cut-out dress on the cover of Cosmopolitan‘s February 2014 issue, on newsstands January 7.

Here is what the 20-year-old singer had to share with the mag:

On being a positive role model: “I think I’m an old soul. What excites younger people doesn’t excite me… I’m kind of a boring, normal girl who likes Harry Potter and to sit in her pajamas and sing. A lot of my friends are partiers, but I’ve never really clicked with that. I like Barbra Streisand, and when was the last time you saw Babs getting, like, turnt up? That’s kind of the road that I, as a lady, would like to go down.”

On her first date with Nathan Sykes: “We were going back to his hotel to watch a movie, and he had LadurĂ©e macarons and sunflowers waiting—I love Parisian baked goods, and sunflowers are my favorite flower. He had taken the DVD player out of the bedroom and into the living room, because he said he didn’t want to take me into the bedroom on the first date.”

On making a name for herself in the music industry: “I never really expected to be taken seriously as an artist, and it’s just been the ultimate, proudest achievement. I’ve dealt with a lot of people not knowing what to expect from me because of my age and my personality. People often mistake my kindness for weakness, and they didn’t expect much from me, because at the end of the day, I’m just a nice Italian girl from Boca.”

FYI: Ariana is wearing a Bec & Bridge top on the cover.

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  • may

    Who is she? I dont know but I like the cover. It reflects her one cell brain.

  • Jessica

    Her facial expressions are always so awkward.

  • http://tommy tounce

    why on a magazine for adults

  • Karen

    is she really 20? She looks like a little child.

  • kel

    Always has the same pose.

  • Yuk

    She’s the most annoying singer on the planet. She needs to stop trying to look like a child, with the stupid, innocent facial expressions. She’s an adult, she needs to act like one.

  • Melissa

    She’s adorable!

  • Nikki

    Not really a fan of hers. At least she’s not an annoying reality star. She looks like Alyssa Milano 20 years ago. Sounds like her too. They are both Italian.

  • Nikki

    Her face always has the same expression. It’s kind of odd, really. Cute girl, but can she not smile normally?

  • Nikki

    I stopped buying Cosmo when they put a Kardashian on their cover. I hate that family so much. They’re the reason I avoid magazine stands. Talentless, no class & famous for nothing.

  • living in a box

    LOL!!! at the Fantasy Sex headline next to ariana picture.

  • GAH!

    ANNOYING, too skinny. eat something

  • dani

    @living in a box: exactly what i was thinking, i know she wouldn’t be cool with that but they do that for every cosmo cover LOLOLOL. thats an awkward pose for the cover though. i think that as great of a singer she technically is, she needs to create her own image as opposed to being “heavily influenced” by mariah. she can still be influenced by mariah yet still have more creativity and update her sound cause her current sound feels very dated imo. i feel that with a voice like hers, the possibilities are endless for her in the music industry and she can be in this for the long run but i feel she’s restricting herself with this very manufactured image she has. id like to see her loosen up a bit with her personality, she doesn’t need to dress sexy, that’s why high fashion has many formal dresses for her but she is very manufactured at the moment. scooter braun doesn’t know how to manage her image, i mean cmon look how beiber turned out LOL. she can still look innocent without giving off a lolita vibe cause the lolita vibe is going border on creepy with her.

  • S

    I feel like I’ve only ever seen one half of her face.

  • Guest

    @may: The one celled brain belongs to the person who posted that comment! Hater sit down!

  • Guest

    @Jessica: NOT!

  • Guest

    @tounce: Umm She’s 20 yrs old, if your not old enough, then don’t look, but she can do what she wants!

  • Guest

    @Karen: No she doesn’t, if that’s what you think a child looks like today, then you must get your head checked!

  • Guest

    @kel: Well when someone puts you on the cover of Cosmo, you can pose a different way (Like that’ll happen stupid!) But on her cover, in her photo shoot she can pose how ever the hell she wants!

  • Guest

    @Yuk: NO, your just a jealous, dumb-ass hater, who can go to hell! She can do what ever she wants, and look how ever she wants, ignoring what haters like you say, and getting everything she wants in her career, while you sit on you ass and complain! Like she said in one of her videos “GET A LIFE!”

  • Guest

    @Nikki: Get a life, who are you to tell her how to look in her photos, what are you doing with your life that’s soooo special that you think you can tell her what not to do! Let someone put you in photo shoots and put you on the cover of Cosmo, and you can pose the way you want (Like that would ever happen) This is her chance, and she can do what she wants, no one’s making you look at it!

  • Guest

    @Nikki: Lord yes! I’m sick of the Kardashians to, they really need to go away!

  • Guest


  • anon

    Ariana is a triple A class talent surrounded by a third tier “team” of hairstylists, makeup artists, dancers, pr boyfriend, etc. How many albums must she make before she can get a industry leaders like Steven Meisel for a stylist (or similar) and a Patrick Demarchelier (or similar) photographer?. She’s a classic Italian beauty whose features should be played up, not played down like they were this past summer.

  • Guest

    @dani: There is nothing wrong with who she’s influenced by, or how she chooses to be, that doesn’t mean that she isn’t creative. She has the right to make her music look like & sound like what ever “She” wants it too.

    If you or anyone else has a problem with that, then you can go look for something else, and let her do and be what ever she wants! There’s nothing manufactured about her image, she’s being who she wants to be, and doing what she wants. Your trying to tell her different, instead of letting her be who “She” wants to be, and that’s what’s wrong with people today! You look at someone like this, picking her appart, like what she’s doing is so bad, when you don’t get a vote in who she should be, or what she should do!

    She knows how to loosen up plenty, she is a very fun, funny person, and her personality is, what it is, not what “you think it should be!” And her fashion doesn’t have to be what you think she should choose, it should be, and is, baised on what “she likes” high fashion or not! Its not manufactured, its just her own personal choice, and taist, and she stands up for that, when every someone like you complains, so she’ll change when ever she wants, and untill then she’s enjoying it to the fullest! Scooter isn’t in control of that, he lets her be who she is, and he respects that. She has stylists that know what she likes, and they make sure she gets as much of it as she wants.

    And for the record, Scooter played a big part in Justin’s career success. But the only one who can take responsibility for Bieber being the way he is, is Justin himself. Scooter can’t be there looking over his shoulder every second, or holding his hand and leading him through life. Bieber has got to learn to grow up for himself, but sometimes, a hard head, has to learn those lessons, the hard way!

    There is nothing “Lolita” about the way she looks, and if that’s what you or anyone else sees, then you need therapy. Please get it, leave this young woman alone, and let her find her way. It’s her business, and her career, not yours!

  • um

    She’s even prettier in motion. Not a fan of her recent magazine covers and music videos, xcept Popular w/Mika, but the good thing is that all these mistakes are happening while she’s still under the radar and not a household name yet!

  • Guest

    @dani: The only time you or others like you get a vote, is when it comes to what you choose to look at, or buy and listen to. You don’t get to tell her what she should or shouldn’t do. That’s all on her, so let it be! She is also not afraid to tell Scooter what she wants or how she wants it, and that’s as it should be. She has a voice, and isn’t afraid to use it, to get what she wants. She is Not his puppet, and Not manufactured or controlled that way. What you see is what she wants and that’s what matters!

    If you don’t like it, go find something else, and let her do her thing, making her fan’s & supporters happy in the process! Her career & her future are what ever She chooses to make of it, not what you or anyone else tries to decides for her!

  • Guest

    @S: Well you must not be looking hard enough, because I’ve seen that much and more! Make the effort, or move on and find something you like better, its not your choice, how she wants to look!

  • Guest

    @um: Um she’s not making Any mistakes, if there’s something you have a problem with, either get over it, and let her be, or go look at and listen to, someone else!

    She can do what ever makes her happy, “and that’s never wrong!”

  • Guest

    @Jessica: Maybe to you, but clearly she doesn’t think so, cause she’s still doing it! So let her do as she chooses, and be happy for her, or move on! Those are the only options that anyone else gets, she can do what she wants!

  • um


    she’s not the one making the mistakes. Ariana is fab-u-lous.

  • donatella

    “..because at the end of the day, I’m just a nice Italian girl from Boca.”

    That’s all that matters to me.

  • soy

    @Guest: lol get a life

  • OK

    @Nikki: yep I stopped buying Pepsi because they put Beyonce as a sponsor, then I stopped buying Chanel because Kristen Stewart is going to be on a campaign and then I stopped buying Victoria Secret because Cara was in the picture, then I stopped buying GQ because Ben A. was on the cover and finally I stopped drinking milk because Gwyneth Told me its bad . Hahahahahahaha your logic is pathetic grow up ! NOW

  • Young

    Ugly poses.

  • Nikki

    @Guest: You sound like a psychopath. People are aloud to have opinions and they’re going to. So move on loser.

  • Aurea Arredondo

    She Looks beautiful and charming .

  • Guest

    Idk why but she looks really annoying and Mariah copycat!

  • lol

    GUEST has to be scooter braun, you’re the only one backing her up with your insanity. stop defending your idol (or client from the looks of it xD), she isn’t perfect ok, no celebrity is perfect and she is no exception, deal with it. delusional stans are so annoying.

  • Daisy