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Robert Pattinson's 'The Rover' Teaser Trailer is Here - Watch Now!

Robert Pattinson's 'The Rover' Teaser Trailer is Here - Watch Now!

Check out a shirtless Robert Pattinson in this brand new teaser trailer for his upcoming film The Rover!

The film is about a loner who tracks the gang who stole his car from a desolate town in the Australian outback with the forced assistance of a wounded guy left behind in the wake of the theft.

The film also stars Guy Pearce, Scoot McNairy, and Joel Edgerton‘s brother Nash! While there is no set release date, the film should hit theaters sometime this summer.

The Rover is director David Michôd‘s highly anticipated follow-up to 2010′s Animal Kingdom. We can’t wait to see this film!

Robert Pattinson – ‘The Rover’ Teaser Trailer

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  • Lauren

    Love this.

  • marie

    love for this *w*
    i’m so proud of Rob. He’s not just Edward Cullen anymore.

  • Meme

    This looks incredible! I really think it’ll be a game changer for Rob!

  • Mary

    This looks like a Guy Pearce film, so I’ll definitely see it. At least from the preview, Rob looks like a much more minor character.

  • Jessie

    He’s getting quality roles and doing well in them. People need to get over that he was in the Twilight films and see him doing much more. He’s not Edward, he’s himself and I think he’s proven that he’s a good acyor when given the proper material to work with.

  • rhea

    It’s a Guy Pearce movie. robert’s caracther is secondary. indie movie

  • http://RACH23 Rachel

    it’s Guy Pearce AND Robert Pattinson movie, you haven’t even seen the movie and you already talk bs lord some people anyway can’t wait for this movie looks edgy, cool and intense

  • Jilian

    Looks indeed good. I hope they gave Robert Pattinson a character that fits him as he isn’t the best actor out there. Of course still better than Kristen Stewart though.

  • Meg

    He should stick to crime movies for awhile and avoid sappy dramas/romance movies (ie: Remember Me, Bel Ami) so that he can jump out of the Twilight thing. Also, maybe playing the bad guy (IDK if he is in this one) would be a good idea too. Teaser trailers always make a movie look even better than the final trailer (and sometimes the actual movie), so I’ll wait until the final trailer…or until I hear his fake Texan accent… before I even make a small first judgement.

  • KJ

    It is funny reading all these comments from Rob fans talking him up like they’re some professional critic lol. Every movie role he’s ever gotten has proper material (as one commenter pointed out that this one finally has), it’s just about the execution of the material. For example: a good cast of true actors could have even made the Twilight movie franchise a pretty good set of movies…it’s the actors job to make even the sh*ttiest script work. I enjoyed reading the Twilight books and cringed during the movies. The fact that Rob was boring in Remember Me, horrible in Bel Ami, somewhat decent but not great in Cosmopolis, and just as pouty and one-dimensional in Twilight as Kristen Stewart was (sometimes even worse, ugh New Moon) doesn’t leave me with much hope for The Rover. However, I won’t write him off just yet because hopefully he’s improved. I’m just not getting my hopes up.

  • Meme

    @Mary: Lol, I see you and your agenda, lol. Guy is indeed the lead, but Rob is the supporting role. He is very much in the movie and the story revolves around him and Guy.

  • KJ

    Oh, I forgot Water For Elephants… Rob was pretty good in Water For Elephants. Not great, but not bad either. He need not stay at that mediocre level though. Maybe he should take some acting classes to help improve his craft. That’s not an insult either…some of the best actors out there still take lessons to make themselves better at what they do.

  • Meme

    @KJ: Lol, not even Daniel Day Lewis could’ve made the a Twilight films any better. Give me a break, did you hear the dialogue? Please. Ppl like you have decided that Rob ‘can’t act’ based on Twilight and your own skewed opinion. He’s a great actor and getting better with each part. I very much doubt he’d be doing the work he’s currently doing, if he were considered ‘bad’ by those who matter. Js.

  • Meme

    @KJ: Are we supposed to believe you aren’t an ‘ex fan’ lol. For someone who thinks he’s so mediocre, you sure have watched a lot of his films. May I suggest you give them a miss in future, if you’re so offended by his acting. Lol at you.

  • KJ

    @Meme: You are such a ditz, seriously. You only mentioned my mention of Twilight even though I said I saw all of his movies. I’m a movie fan, and I watch MOVIES. I have seen all of the Twilight films, and I have seen all of the rest of Rob’s films yes. He worked with Christoph Waltz, he did a Cronenberg movie, he did a Pierce Brosnan movie and he did the film version of Bel Ami. OF COURSE I’m going to see them. And because I saw all of them I was able to comment on MORE than just his role in Twilight. It’s people like you who like to yell at anyone who critiques his roles by saying that person strictly bases their opinion on Twilight. I clearly didn’t, I just mentioned Twilight one more sentence than the others. You yell at people for only judging him on Twilight and tell them that they should see other movies, I saw the other movies and made a comment on all the roles but you only mention Twilight. That doesn’t mean I’m an ex-fan, it means I enjoy going to see a wide range of movies. I could tell you every single Reese Witherspoon movie I saw (which is a lot), every Jessica Alba movie I ever saw (which is nearly all of them), every Hugh Jackman movie I ever saw, etc. Are you going to call me an ex-Reese fan too?

    And you’re wrong, Daniel Day Lewis could have made Twilight much more watchable. It was the cast bad acting that ruined the Twilight movies (and I didn’t even place all the blame on Rob FYI..I said the CAST…if you had properly read my first comment). All of you Rob fans try to put down people who don’t think he walks on water or you like to call them ex-Rob fans instead of just accepting the fact that not everyone likes his work. If you’re a fan, I wholeheartedly understand that you’re going to even think the way he says “hey” on screen is Oscar worthy. I’m not telling you to not be a fan, but respect others opinions. Seriously, grow up.

  • KJ

    @Meme: And if seems like you’re just a crazed Rob-obsessed fan who can’t handle a little bit of criticism. You jumped on that “Mary” girl up there for calling Rob’s role minor. She didn’t insult Rob, she didn’t insult the movie, she actually seemed like she was interested in seeing this movie and just mentioned that Rob SEEMED like a minor role and you jump on her “agenda”. If the roles were reversed and she said “it seems like Guy has a minor role”, I doubt immature Guy fans would jump down her throat. Do you even stop to think or re-read comments before you start attacking people?

    Just because you think Rob is the best actor and every single one of his moves is a “game changer” doesn’t mean everyone shares your opinion. Just accept that because you can’t change the mind of others. You should be happy that people even give his other work (outside of Twilight) a chance and make their opinions based on that…like I did. And even given that, I’m still willing to see “The Rover” to see if he’s improved. I doubt Rob thinks every role he’s done is the best. I’ll based Rob’s acting off a group of material instead of just one or two sh*tastic roles…just as I will base Rob’s FANBASE off a group of them instead of one “meme” who hangs out at this message board whacking their crazy stick at everyone who doesn’t worship him.

  • KJ

    And for my final note on this, because I give zero f*cks what you have to say anymore…

    your comment: “I very much doubt he’d be doing the work he’s currently doing, if he were considered ‘bad’ by those who matter.” I didn’t say he was a BAD actor. I think he has been boring at times, and decent at times (and horrible in Bel Ami -sorry, can’t change my mind), but that was one movie I said he was horrible in. I said he was decent in Water for Elephants. I never called him a bad actor, so we’ve established you can’t read.

    2) “May I suggest you give them a miss in future, if you’re so offended by his acting.” I’m sure Rob would love that you’re telling people not to see his work just because they haven’t even everything “two thumbs up” in the past. Seriously, you’re fan of the year.

  • KJ

    given everything*

  • Elaine

    Kristin Stewart will forever rue the day…

  • RDTP

    I love to read the comments from people who doesn’t understand that this guy can’t act. he is aways in secondary parts linked to others big actors. he is boring, can’t act. he just has tons of fans (crazy, ugly, desperate teens, an two-mom) which is good for audiences $$$$. how hard to understand is it?!

  • Drea

    @Elaine: LOL, right? She was such a boneheaded idiot for cheating on that.

    BTW…lots of drama on this comment board above… “KJ” was a little too wordy for my taste, but I see where he/she was coming from. I’m a Rob fan to the end, but I can respect others opinions. He may not be the best actor all the time and I may not enjoy all his movies, but he works hard and I think he’s continuing to grow. A lot of people may not like his movies, but if they’re still giving him a chance, especially after his Edward Cullen stint, then that’s a good thing to me. Maybe at some point he’ll change everyone’s mind/opinions.

  • Lana

    @RDTP: you bored me like @KJ said, I give zero f*cks what you say

  • Elle

    @Drea: Exactly! totally agree w/ you.

  • Drea

    @Elle: Yup! Thank you. Only “RDTP” called Rob a bad actor…”KJ” just said he needs work. I wish some Rob fans would stop making us look bad by yelling at everyone who critiques his work. If someone sees 5 of Rob’s movies and hates 3 but is still willing to see another 5…then he’s doing something right.

  • Vicki

    @KJ: PREACH. I’m sick and tired of saying that Rob was crummy in one role and then saying I liked another and then have fans only focus on the negative and call me some ‘Kristen fan’ or ‘ex-Rob fan’ who is just ‘spreading hate’. It’s like they have their brains programmed to only pick up the bad things with that same auto-response. It’s pathetic and sad at the same time. I’m what I call a ‘passerby’, I’m nor a “Rob fan” or a “Rob hater”, to me he’s just another actor. I like plenty of actors but I don’t go to their fansites, follow their career, etc. I’m sick of being labeled something just because I give some criticism where this one actor is concerned. Some Rob fans can be brutal and go off the deep-end. I hope the balance of his fanbase is more ‘sane’ than not, but it seems like the crazed ones hang out at JustJared.

  • Vicki

    @KJ: and seriously, how can you not mention Twilight when critiquing his work? He did Harry Potter but Twilight made Rob a household name. You’ll never find a critic of any caliber not mention Twilight. That’s something his fans just need to accept or get over. At least you judged the majority of his movies and not JUST Twilight.

  • Lulu

    @KJ: i desagree, if the scipt is no good, no matter how great the actors, the movie will suck. And Pattinson was amazing in little ashes, good in remember me and bel ami and fairly decent in the others. And the twilight movies had bad material to begin with, the books were terrible.

  • TK

    @Lulu: I respectfully disagree with you and partially agree with KJ. I don’t think Twilight could be saved because I thought the whole story sucked, but I think actors that are truly great can make a poor script work. I’ve seen it done, but just because you (and others) haven’t doesn’t mean that statement is untrue. I thought he was great in Little Ashes and decent in Remember Me, but I could not take his acting in Bel Ami. I definitely agree that he’s at a mediocre stage, but I also think he has the drive and the talent to get out of that rut and grow into a much more solid actor.

  • TK

    @Lulu: But be careful what you say about him being only “decent” in his work because he has some rabid fans who will come after you.

  • TK

    @TK: OH and one more note on that Twilight statement…I also agree that the cast of Twilight wasn’t the best and that it could have been *slightly better* if some of the characters (I won’t mention who to avoid drama, but there’s quite a few) had been replaced by better actors. So, if that’s why KJ meant..that the movies could have been better but not great with a different cast, then I do agree.

  • Lulu

    @TK: They would, wouldn`t they? LOL but u are right, he has potential, he would probably end up being a list.

  • Roo

    Yes! This looks so awesome! I can’t wait. Guy and Rob look like they did a phenomenal job with their characters.

  • Roo

    Who cares if Rob isn’t the MAIN star of it. Guy is an amazing actor. But it’s a total plus that Rob is in this. He will draw a lot of fans to seeing it.

  • Glo

    Rob looks hot!!! can`t wait to see it!

  • Teresa

    @Roo: THANK YOU. I can’t believe that one commenter “meme” took offense that “Mary” said Rob looked like he had a minor role. Based off the trailer, it DOES seem that way. His role is supporting though, but it’s not a bad thing. Jennifer Lawrence went from winning a lead actress golden globe last year to winning supporting actress this year. A supporting role and a minor role are not BAD things. He has a minor role in “Maps to the Stars” too.

  • Mary

    I think that the only great actors in twilight were robert pattinson and anna kendrick, the others were ok and kristen stewart was awful ( i haven`t seen her in other movies though)

  • ashley

    This looks awesome Rob and Guy seem to have done an amazing job!

  • diane

    I think it looks fascinating. Moody, intense, and sort of starkly beautiful. Animal Kingdom was one of the finest films of the past ten years, so I’m definitely on board with anything Michod creates. I can’t wait to see this film. Pearce and Pattinson are great choices, too. Both are extremely charismatic and interesting actors. With each new film, Pattinson proves that more and more.

  • Teresa

    @Mary: Kristen was good in The Runaways, Welcome to the Rileys, Into the Wild, The Cake Eaters, In the Land of Women, Panic Room. I suggest giving those a try because Twilight gives her a bad acting rep. I thought Nikki Reed was good at develoring her character in the Twilight movies, but Kellan, Ashley, Taylor, and a slew of others were horrible in those movies. Peter and Elizabeth were okay from time to time, Rob had his highlights and his low-points and Billy Burke played his role well…but those are the only ones who did IMO.

  • Teresa

    ‘delivering* her character’ wow, what a typo lol. Kellan and Ashley’s acting was so bad in Twilight, right up there with Kristen. In fact, at times I would rather watch Kristen’s character for hours than Kellan’s for 5 minutes. He was horrendous, and it baffles me that he got millions for that movie when I’ve seen reality stars deliver lines better than he did.

  • wow!!!!

    Rob speaks with his eyes……this is looking awesome.I am gonna watch this Guy and Rob together will e awesome

  • avk

    Even more excited to see this now! Great trailer and as expected Rob’s acting is right on!!

  • annie

    I thought it was amazing. So chilling, dark, desolate…I can’t wait to see it! The cinematography was so beautiful, and this is random but I loved the shot of the vulture. Did anyone notice if Scoot was in the trailer? I tried looking for him in the shot of the 2 cars driving next to each other, but I couldn’t make him out.

    I can’t wait to get the full trailer so we can get some dialogue action– which I imagine we’ll get in March/April when some of A24′s spring movies come out– until then though, this will hold me over

  • Jay

    @KJ: If you watched Bel Ami you’re not just a “movie fan”. That movie wasn’t easy to find or see, not that that’s a big deal, every actor has some straight to video films in their resumes. I’m just saying don’t try to fake you don’t have a vested interest in this particular actor in some way because you already gave yourself away with your admission of seeing Bel Ami LOL

  • Michelle

    @Jay: Umm..if he/she is a movie fan then, yes, they’re the exact type of person to see it. The movie starred Uma Thurman and Christina Ricci and was part of Berlinale. You could download it on iTunes at one point and you could see it in theaters overseas (if KJ is not a US resident)..if you’re a movie fan you’re going to see imports and indies rather than typical movie goers seeing whatever is playing at their local cinema. I know a lot of people who have seen Bel Ami who are not big Robert Pattinson fans but they love movies.

  • Michelle

    In fact, your opening sentence “If you watched Bel Ami you’re not just a “movie fan”. ” is almost laughable because it’s the exact opposite. “If you’re a movie fan, I’m not surprised you saw Bel Ami but I am surprised you watched Twilight” would make more sense. My uncle is a hardcore movie fan and that’s how he spends his free time…checking out indie pics and international films, and he makes it a point to see almost every movie played at Cannes, Berlinale, TIFF, Sundance, etc. He’s helped me see a lot of great movies that I would never see if I was left to my own devices.

  • Michelle

    @Jay: In fact, your opening sentence “If you watched Bel Ami you’re not just a “movie fan”. ” is almost laughable because it’s the exact opposite. “If you’re a movie fan, I’m not surprised you saw Bel Ami but I am surprised you watched Twilight” would make more sense. My uncle is a hardcore movie fan and that’s how he spends his free time…checking out indie pics and international films, and he makes it a point to see almost every movie played at Cannes, Berlinale, TIFF, Sundance, etc. He’s helped me see a lot of great movies that I would never see if I was left to my own devices.

  • LOL

    The ultimate clue that he can’t act as being true: he says nothing in the trailer. it’s all Guy Pearce. Is he playing a mute? really the director deliberately chose not to have him say much in the trailer.

  • Jen

    The bit I like the most in that trailer is that It’s an “end of the world” setting, and yet everything looks deceptively ordinary. There are no road warrior outfits, no unnecessarily elaborate vehicles and fortresses, just plain clothes, cars and buildings with a little extra dirt and grime. It makes the whole thing more plausible, and frightening quite frankly.

  • Jen

    @LOL: Robert Pattinson does not have to speak his eyes talk that is the testament to how good an actor he is .Stay pressed