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Chris Pine Showing Off His Gorgeous Smile & Shirtless Body Makes Our Day!

Chris Pine Showing Off His Gorgeous Smile & Shirtless Body Makes Our Day!

Chris Pine looks so sexy as he puts on a tank top over his fit shirtless torso while on the set of his latest movie Z For Zachariah on Tuesday (February 25) in New Zealand.

The 33-year-old actor shared a laugh with a worker on the set, showing off his gorgeous smile.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Chris Pine

Chris just recently signed on as the face of Armani Code, the brand’s fragrance line.

Chris perfectly embodies the brand’s spirit with his strong charisma and natural elegance,” Giorgio Armani said in a statement about his latest employee (via GQ). “Besides revealing great talent, high versatility and the right amount of irony on set, his magnetic charm makes him the ideal match for this fragrance.”

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chris pine showing off his gorgeous smile while shirtless really makes us melt 01
chris pine showing off his gorgeous smile while shirtless really makes us melt 02
chris pine showing off his gorgeous smile while shirtless really makes us melt 03
chris pine showing off his gorgeous smile while shirtless really makes us melt 04

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  • checkerboard

    Mr. Pine is looking mighty fine. Happy and relaxed….

  • Dv8


  • Jen

    The original novel by Robert C. O’Brien doesn’t have a “Caleb” (Chris Pine) character. Apparently he’s been added for “sexual tension”. Typical Hollywood!

  • Diane

    Thank God! finally found news about him. keep it up Chris! I’ve always waiting your up-coming movies.

  • http://JustJared Teepi

    Catering must be good – Chris looks like he’s packed on a few pounds & he looks better for it. In recent interviews he’s looked too skinny. Good to see him happy & relaxed, looks like he’s having a blast!

  • alley

    I think he looks great nice to see same set photos and also nice to read same nice comments i guess when it is not contraversal people on this sight dont care
    cannot waite for this movie and there are also more pictures of him on set if u look up the movie

  • suezi

    Chris finish movie end of Feb yes? he not have to many fans. He lie much yes? His girl frends are bad peple yes? His “Jack Ryan” movie not do well yes? I no likey him :(

  • round table

    Chris Pine is just another Hollywood liar.
    He has not been particularly successful in his movies.
    He is not particularly good looking.
    What’s to discuss????

  • Cyn

    Yay! New pics of Chris! A smiling Chris is always good.

  • rura penthe

    Yes! Chris without his beard! even better!

  • ??

    So when did Pine go to NZ? Where are the pics of him leaving at LAX? Aren’t the paparazzi ALWAYS hanging around there? (according to some) or does Pine call the paps only when he wants his pic taken? LOL

  • http://JustJared Teepi

    Not seen any pictures of Chris with his latest gf Iris Johannesdottir since the ones taken at LAX airport in January. Just wondering if he took her with him to New Zealand. With all the travelling he does for work it must be difficult to keep relationships going with long gaps apart.

  • alley

    Well i take that first comment back i guess people are just alround bitter people who do not think before they comment they think they are better than others that they never lie that they never do anything wrong they think of themselves as gods gift to earth. So since chris cannot or will not defend himself i will at school he had bad acne hence the scares so what gives people the right to judge his looks would you go up to a over wheight person an tell them to there face that they are not good looking becouse if u would then u r the lowest form of life and chris has always being polite he is a shy guy and does not always do will in interviews but he gives it his best and that is all u can do in life and as far as i can see he is the only actor that has respect for his elders by calling them mr and last name and he has also got a lot of respect for his co workers if he is not your cup of tea then go same where else because u dont know what a nice person looks like and before judgeing same ones looks take a hard look at yourself because know one is perfect and he never has said he is perfect

  • oh, twitter!

    Some of his fans say IBJ tweeted she’ll be in NZ for 2 weeks. Like AF was in London? Like Dom P did in the good ole days? This is getting really really boring…..

  • suezi

    It is Chris and his lady frens in gossip blogs yes? not no one of us. So what you say no.13 is silly!

  • Jane Tavern

    When did IBJ reveal that? Because according to the make up artist the wrap party for the film was just days before the Oscars. Maybe Margot is going to join her new BF she met on the set. I do believe AF was in London as she tweeted pictures of her first class on the plane. I don’t think Iris would lie. But maybe she was there sometime in February.

  • Jane tavern

    @oh, twitter!: Only people who can access that site which is Iris’ friends can tweet that. so maybe she did who knows not doubting her. So good for her he obviously likes her company to fly her around the world. Good for her who knows how long this will last so she may as well enjoy it.

  • alley

    No i have never meet chris iam not even from the same country but i know what it is like to have people judge u and it is not nice know one has the right to make anyone feel bad about themselves even on the internet to anyone i read that on the net a woman was told she was the uglest woman in the world and she should commet sucide how would you like that if people talked about u like that the same goes for actors as will do you know what i think it cames down to jellousy they have the life everyone would love but i can tell u i would never want that life alwas being followed always being judged are they good looking r they any good your life is for the public to scurtinise and yes i know that comes with the job but put yourself in there shoes and see how u would feel about people saying she looks ugle oh thats the worst performance ever after working for six months 15 hour days and yes i know they get paid well but that does not give u the right to judge if u dont like him then go look up an actor or a celb that u like which judge by what u right iam guessing he would have to be god dame perfect so maybe not becouse there is know such person in the world

  • oh, twitter!

    @Jane tavern:
    Sorry. My comment at 14 still stands. AF and London has been discussed before. Unless you have something interesting to say, I’m done.

  • suezi

    Why you saying same thing again????

  • goldengirl

    I agree with ally ive seen same pretty bad comments onthe web and its not good there is know need for it and as for suzie i think you need to take a good hard look at yourself becouse for same one who does not like chris you seem to be looking him up a lot hah

  • jane tavern

    Best thing is to ignore bad comments. people are entitled to their opinions. When people argue it ruins the thread. Like when people tried to out a friend of Iris as a fake who came on this board. That was a shame because we learnt a few things about Iris. Anyway has anyone got any Chris and iris gossip?:)

  • suezi

    “you seem to be looking him up a lot hah”
    That bother you lots?? hahaha
    I want to looking him up, I look!
    You & alley go to same English class?

  • goldengirl

    OMG your just here for an argument right well iam guessing that u have nothing to do in life but be a bitch will two can play that game your english and spelling needs same serisous work like iam saying go back to school now thats judging u bitch

  • ally

    U r right jane tavern it proberly is best to just ignore them but same of them just can send your blood boiling with the shit they come up with like they know the person they are commenting on any way no i dont have anything on her but from what people are saying she might be going to see him on new zealand and on wheather it will last is up to them i think his just enjoying himself and when he finds the right woman that will be that i think its great that he is not going out with some girl and then 3 months later getting married ot just does not work out you have to take the time to find out that person is the one for you so i think its great he dates and when he has found the one i think everyone will know

  • jane Tavern

    Chris has said he would never get married. Maybe he might change his mind.His longest relationships were with DP and Beau G. By the way I thought they had wrapped the film as the make up artist Hil Cook tweeted about the wrap party last week and is now on another job! I agree he is enjoying himself and when he split with DP he said it was hard to maintain anything she is a successful in house Ralph Lauren model those contracts are hard to get. He is flying everywhere for work.
    I think he deserves to enjoy himself. He can fly anywhere with anyone at the drop of the hat. JW got a trip to Paris too. I hope iris milks it for all it’s worth. She could of locked her facebook and istagram account due to the fact she sold the photos ,don’t blame her. As the press have to have permission to use them. She probably made some money out of the set up jobs in Paris and LAX airport. Don’t blame her everyone else is making money on those photos. Hope something good comes out of it for her. Good for them.

  • ally

    He did in an interview say that the comment that he made about wanted to be like george clooney was a mistake the reporter took him serousley he does joke around thats his diffence he use’s humer but now he regrets it. Its funny how people take things littery and dont always belive every thing thats in papers or the internet people make up things all the time just look at the comments when they arrived at lax people are still saying his gay but if he where wouldnt people think that he would of come out bye now he is friends with zach and to say that he suports him in comming out and to speck out about the russion laws wouldnt that put him as a hipocret to it would not be good for him people would have a serisous go at him as for her if its true that she is doing what people are saying and not saying it is true then she is no good for him

  • jane tavern

    Hopefully we will have news of Mr Pine soon as I saw at my local cinema coming soon was that film Stretch to be released in Europe 21/03/14 not sure when in the USA.

  • ally

    What i thought that film had been pulled from that release date have u seen a tralior yet for it and if so is it on the net and does it look good

  • Jane tavern

    No trailer but advertised at local cinema and also on the Europe webpages as coming soon too.

  • ally

    Oh good hopefully that means it will be comming to my country soon as well maybe there just testing it out there first then they will release it world wide

  • jane tavern

    I was hoping there would be a premier but could not find anything in Europe.

  • offthegrid

    @Teepi: hey Teepi (and Cyn), if you guys are looking for more intelligent CP convo than you’ll find here, check out our forum at . we are troll-free. the rest of you idiots can stay here. thanx.

  • ally

    I dont know they did say that universal was not willing to pay the money to advertise the film they think that it would cost to much to properly advertise so they gave yhe film back to blumbhouse producation so he could find a new buyer he did not find one so it went back to universal and they where looking for a creative way to get the film out so there might not be a big premier they might only see how it goes but ive herd that early reviews are good and people want this film to be released so heres hopeing it does will

  • suezi

    You no invite “ally”? why? because she dimwit?
    Me happy here with “rest of idiots”!!

  • ally

    Hey jane tavern could you please let me know what sight you saw that info on the movie i would really love to see it even though its proberly not my cup of tea i just want to see cp in it i recken his going to be great he plays crazey well have u seen him in smoking aces and if u have not u have to see him in confession

  • observer

    The conversation here is usually great it’s just that some idiots have decided to play games….

  • Keachick

    I have been waiting to see some pictures from the Z for Zachariah set of Chris. Thanks, JJ, for posting such cool ones of the person my other half refers to as my “scruff bunny” or was it “scruff honey” – all the same to me…:)

    Chris does look relaxed and happy. I guess it could have to do with the relative quiet and lovely scenic location, good crew/colleagues, good work and good food. Hopefully Chris has got to see some lovely Pacific ocean views, although it is doubtful that they will be shown in the movie unfortunately. The weather has not been so good over the last weekend around those parts, but it is likely that Banks Peninsula missed the worst – flooding etc.

    Anyway, take care, Chris. Have a good one and do good work. Say Hi to me, won’t you, before you leave Auckland, NZ! You know where…
    (I write this just on the off-chance that he or another may read and act on my request)

  • yasmin

    Those pictures are nice good to see some news about him it has been a while

  • ally

    I agree keachick i think he is most happy when filming he does not have to worrie to much about the paps just doing what he loves thats what i love the most about him he is not like same actors that love the lime light more than acting but that is them not him thats why there is not much news he goes films takes a break films promotes and has as much of a privete life as he can get any way what did u think of jack ryan i throught he was great i hope they do a second one maybe one thats more complecated and more action for the action people i think they can reboot this thing its just going totake really good writeing

  • CFine’s gang of twitter beards

    Welcome, Iris Bjork Johannesdottir!

  • observer

    Is íris björk jóhannesdóttir a relative of Hlin Johannesdottir? who is a co owner of Zik Zak Filmworks who is producing Z for Zachariah in which Chris Pine stars?

  • in other news

    Why is IBJ beating the bearding drum so hard? Is Zachary Quinto visiting NZ?! ROTFLMAO

  • pinto tinhat!

    Auckland – 71 F
    Berlin – 45 F
    Even if Quinny ain’t going to NZ he sure should!
    Jus’ sayin’….