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Katie Holmes Issues Statement after Closing 'Holmes & Yang' Fashion Line (Exclusive)

Katie Holmes Issues Statement after Closing 'Holmes & Yang' Fashion Line (Exclusive)

Katie Holmes has broken her silence about her and longtime stylist Jeanne Yang‘s fashion line Holmes & Yang.

The pair shared in a joint statement given exclusively to on Monday: “After five years, both Katie Holmes and Jeanne Yang have decided to close their clothing line, Holmes & Yang.”

The statement continued, “Katie and Jeanne remain close friends.”

Katie and Jeanne dressed many top celebrities together in Holmes & Yang including Rihanna, Amy Adams, Jennifer Lawrence, and Olivia Wilde.

Busier then ever, Katie will soon be promoting her dystopian flick The Giver, out August 15, with Meryl Streep, Jeff Bridges, Alexander Skarsgard, Taylor Swift, Cameron Monaghan, Brenton Thwaites, and Odeya Rush.

Although Jeanne, one of Hollywood’s top male stylists for the past decade, is notorious for never confirming her client roster, sources tell us that she dressed top talent for last night’s Academy Awards including Oscar winners Christian Bale and Alfonso Cuarón, who just took home Best Director for Gravity.

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  • K-Flop – It’s Official

    ‘still friends’ – hmmmm, o-k

    ‘decided to close their clothing line, Holmes & Yang’ – already leaked by page 6 and not a surprise to those who’ve seen the clothing line and price tag. obvious decision.

    looking forward to the trailer, promotions and pre-reviews for K-Flop in “The Giver”.

    sure Jeanne will be ok returning to being a stylist to the stars.

    Not much of an exclusive since there is no word on K-Flops other projects – Days & Nights, Mania Days, and Miss Meadows.

    Also, How’s Alterna and Bobbi projects going….I mean …on the books (i.e. financial profit)?

    2014 The Year of K-Flop?

  • whatever

    so who leaked to page 6 a few days ago?
    I think they had a talk and are both trying to come out looking good.
    They both did some serious name dropping in that joint statement. Just like a divorce when they say they are still friends well if you are still so close why split?
    PR statements are always full of DUNG.
    what else will go wrong for KH/JL in 2014-15?

  • whatever

    lol at notorious for never mentioning her clients and then they list them and claim a “source’ told them. Yeah, this is all pr bs for sure.Ms Yang does have a big mouth and loves to name drop and seek attention.
    If we get “sources” talking about Holmes soon we can probably assume it’s her in retaliation for the page 6 comment.

  • Cari

    I’m sure it was a business decision. The line was faltering big time. And probably weeping money from lack of sales. The reviews were never glowing. It was definitely not high end fashion and they charged way too much. There was nothing distinctive about the line. Some of the colors and designs were just plain ugly, other pieces like the camisoles you could find anywhere with quality better and prices cheaper. And as much as KH touted the line as something for busy moms who need classic pieces, it wasn’t. It was overpriced, often made of silk (like that will stand up to a baby) and in sizes 0-8 for the most part. Not to mention the majority of the pieces hit the sale rack almost as soon as they came out. KH also never showed the devotion to the line that it needed. Victoria Beckham spends a great deal of time on hers. Jessica Simpson hires only the best to design hers. Same with Gwen Stefani. These women also hired savvy business people and marketing/personnel to manage the line. KH did not. The only question is why didn’t she pull the plug earlier on this disaster.

  • diana

    Katie needs to go to school and get a job
    maybe a nurse? or teacher?
    she needs to move on a admit defeat

  • Bijoux

    So, another opportunity given to Katie and she just didn’t cut it.
    She has been given every chance under the sun to shine but she and her few fans need to realize she just doesn’t have the talent nor the “IT” factor to be a real success in Hollywood.
    Plenty of child or teenage actor don’t make it after initial success of what they did as a child. She needs to accept this.
    Some say she was known or well liked before 2005 but her audience was mainly teenagers who have grown up since then. She was not on the world stage at that point.
    She did go Batman but most say she was the weakest link.
    If not for her marriage she would not have been given so many chances since then.
    What has she really shinned in? anyone? Bueller???

  • Free at last!

    That ‘fashion line’ has been painful to look at, particularly with the one that all models simply stood there for the very few invited to look at.
    Now that KHo has no where to pimp out Suri for attention, Yang’s daughters have no use of her.
    KHo doesn’t need to borrow Yang’s daughters to stage play dates anymore.
    Don’t think Yang’s daughters would love to carry Suri’s junk to parade on the street either!

  • Free at last!

    The weakest link seems to be KHo’s trademark.
    Think about ‘Mad Money’.
    How about ‘All My Sons’, she barely avoid embarrassing herself.
    Think about ‘Son of No One’.
    The list can go on.

  • anne

    The number 05 is mystical to katie. 05 years of marriage, 05 years of Holmes & Yang …, she does not have the $ $ $ $ cash she had during the TomKat.
    Because the exclusivity in JJ? TMZ, Daily Mail has more influence. I think Katie wants to focus on the profession of actress.

    The invejos who posted up the bad comments about KH, at least she tried something (H & Y) and left the shadow of someone (TC). And you bitter and ugly women, will continue behind the computer looking for KH and wishing her failure. Ridiculous. Long Life for jealous.

    Hugs K-Flop.

  • K-Flop – “invejos”


    :-* smoochies :-*

  • Bijoux

    Anne, weren’t you the one that was picking on poor Bella who isn’t in the public eye at all?? Yet you call others bitter or jealous for commenting on Katie who is in the public eye by choice? That is rich and very funny.
    Hypocrite much?

  • Free at last!

    Don’t be ugly and bitter, KHo only got to do somthing b/c of Tommy Gurl’s money from her bearding contract, which she got her out-of-wedlock daughter into it.
    She leased out her daughter to be TommyGurl’s prop. Now the karma is biting. Yeah, I gloat, simply b/c it’s funny.

  • Missy

    Just a couple of weeks ago I saw a comment on twitter from someone who claimed that their step-father was training people for a clothing company for Katie Holmes. At the time, I assumed they were talking about Holmes&Yang. Now I wonder if she’s starting a new clothing line? She started H &Y with Jeanne Yang who was Tom’s stylist and Heather McQuarrie (sp) who is the wife of Tom’s bussiness partner Chris McQuarrie. I just think Katie is trying to start fresh and strike out on her own.
    People always compare her to Victoria Beckham, but remember Victoria’s lines struggled for a long time. It was only after she over-hauled her design team and started fresh, that she finally succeeded. Perhaps, Katie is trying to do the same.

  • Jo

    Misty that may be true we don’t know but if it was a few weeks ago maybe they were still trying for H&Y.
    I just really doubt that Holmes would try this again. If she does she is more delusional than I had thought. She should cut her losses and move on.
    She isn’t a good designer or someone who has the fame right now to carry a line. Her best ‘sell by’ date has expired for this sort of thing. I don’t like Jessica Simpson’s line for me but I acknowledge she had a market and good price range and at the time of her popularity. People aren’t going to run out and buy things in droves for Katie’s name.

  • anne

    @K-Flop – “invejos”: @Free at last!:
    :-* smoochies :-* ?????I do not understand what you mean.

    Free at last!

    What you say is horrible. I think Tom is not the biological father of Suri, the more I see it Mapother gene. There is blood. Katie did not rent her daughter. She married with a sterile man who could not take it publicly (career) and she agreed to lie.

  • You gotta be kidding me

    that doesn’t make any sense. She got pregnant before they were married. So you are saying just a couple of months after they started dating he got his cousin involved and she agreed to do this big lie? So was so overwhelmed by Tom that she agreed to all of this and was still so ott about him a year or so later when they got married and she was then living the lie? It takes a lot of imagination to believe all of that. The only reason people think his cousin is because they see how much Suri looks like Tom and they don’t want to admit it is his child.

  • Megan

    @anne: Yeah, that’s why he SUED that magazine for what they said about his daughter. What man, would pay POPEYE child support for a BASTARD that’s not his? Come on people, don’t let social media make you more STUPID than you already are. With the way they whole divorce went down and with all the headaches, I promise you had Suri not been his daughter, it would have been a whole different story. POOR GUY GOT TRAPPED INTO MARRIAGE WITH A RETARED, PREMATURE, MENTAL CASE OF A CHILD-WOMAN.

  • anne

    @You gotta be kidding me: @Megan:
    Tom fought for adopted children and not only fought his biological daughter? Full custody is not common in the USA, only when the father / mother is not appropriate.
    Tom (I love) was criticized for exposing her daughter to Paps. Now with your picture so bad, no photo? Strange. I think he was kicked out of the life of Suri. She had something on him and threatened to go to press.
    Poor Suri, what a mess.

    I’ll wait MI5.

  • You gotta be kidding me

    You just pull this crap out of your butt and you have no idea about any of this or if/when he has last seen his daughter.

  • Cari

    @anne: Nicole had two miscarriages while with Tom. A German magazine said he was sterile. Tom sued and won. To win he probably had to give a sample under controlled conditions. So there is no reason Suri isn’t Tom’s bio daughter.

  • annie

    To me Suri looks more and more like tom everyday.
    I agree with Missy, don’t know why, but I also think that she’s branching out on her own.
    Remember, she doesn’t talk much to the media about things, nor has he, so there is a lot of speculation going on about everything!
    I agree Holmes/Yang was very expensive for what it was, but for me personally it was very wearable.
    At this time in her life, Katie is mixing with women, who have done things themselves, started business themselves, she is seeing how they operate, she attends conferences, with producer Jane Rosenthal who started up the Tribecca film festival with Robert Dinero and her life now and
    how she’s living it seems a whole different

  • annie

    Also her association with Bobbi Brown.

  • anne

    Believe me. All this confusion was unexpectedly good for TC, these times we wake up to reality. He already has a career of prestige and a huge fan base (myself included). No more “weddings”, now is only in dating, like DiCaprio, Clooney.
    Both (TC / KH) are rich, beautiful and famous. I am a poor stranger who is in front of the computer with nothing to do.
    Good luck to both especially for Suri, single innocent here.

  • anne


    I only see Katie on Suri. More arriving this thread, Tom is the legal father, period.
    Friend, let’s hope the new business KH. I did not like the media be saying that one of the reasons for the end H / Y, was Yang leaking information divorce. It seems that Katie wants to play Yang underneath the train and pose as the victim.

    Hugs. I hope you had a good carnival.

  • Brandy

    To Cari:
    I think Nicole once said or it became known that she was the one that had a hard time having a child when they were married.
    Her two daughters now she had a bit of artificial help with.

  • Cari

    @Brandy: No, I agree, she did say that, but to get pregnant with Tom’s child he must have donated the active “sample.”

  • Brandy

    you mean to Nicole, not Katie?

  • I Mean…

    Jessica Simpson did better than Katie. You gotta cater to the masses.

  • yups

    another celebrity fashion line bites the dust… Oh well. On to the Next!

  • Dare to be Honest

    @Bijoux: Anne was not being vicious. I believe her culture is just like. Bella WAS very fat and ugly so Anne’s words were just honest.

  • jess

    Oh so when people who don’t care for Katie call her ugly (because in their opinion she is) that is just being honest?
    I have a feeling Katie fans might not think that way when it happens.
    Bella is not trying to be in the spotlight or have the standards of a celebrity so to call her ugly is rude.
    Does the same go for Suri? I know not everyone thinks she is cute but see her as not very good looking.
    So it’s ok to call her an ugly brat on here because it’s just being honest? Kids of stars are fair game?

  • Suri the meal ticket

    It’s a fair game for Suri, even though it is actually a fair game to reflect on KHo.
    Suri has ceased to be cute after her infantile cuteness evaporated just like that. She’s been the hardest working child labor in the US, whoored out by her mother dearest since day one.
    On the aftermath of H\Y death, I’d like to remind everybody, Bella was fired from that ‘fashion’ line right when Tommy Gurl chose not to renew KHo’s bearding contract.
    How nice is that? And they called her mom.

  • annie

    You guys are the ultimate pack of losers!
    So Suri and Katie are both not nice looking, well people here have called Suri worse that that, over the years, didn’t that ever bother you ”Jess”.?
    How come you never came out to defend the little girl, and you are being so righteous ,now about Bella ?
    Conner and Bella have a mother….remember …it’s NK
    If you read the article , it said they” joke and call me mom”.
    And that immature, brainless,child woman, has never said anything ridiculing her ex husband. She wasn’t pic punching the air with her fists when her divorce came through, or went on talk shows saying she can wear high heels now like NK did…. because she wore high heels from day one!

  • xenu

    are most of you Scientologists working for tommy-girl your alien leader?

  • Jessica

    @xenu: Think about this. When you take Communion, the same hands the Priest are using to give you the “Holy Sacrament” is the same hands they use to masturbate and jerk-off little altar boys. But of course your religion is better? How can anyone give money to a religion that allows, promotes and covers up SODOMY?

    Which would you rather?
    scientology or
    Sodomizing Catholicism – “men of GOD” having SEX with little boys.

  • Mollymo

    The hypocrisy in this country shocks me. Our forefathers escaped from religious persecution. They wrote our constitution to make sure this inalienable right is protected. The made this right the 1st right above others. That’s how important it was to them. CSPAN had a show the other day discussing religious freedom and racisms especially against minority religions. People practice SANTORIA in America; they worship Snakes, Cows, Rats, Earth, Moon, Wicker worship. I mean there are thousands of different religious practices in our country and that’s all ok, that’s the beauty of this country, that we have this FREEDOM TO WORSHIP ACCORDING TO OUR OWN CONSCIOUS. And when the world’s biggest and most popular religion has reported 50% PEDOPHILES that are SODOMIZING little deaf boys, I’ll think even GOD would rather I believe in cult than join that religious group. Amazing that people would rather take the kids to the alter, spread their butt cheeks for the priest to enter and yet judge other religious practices. I mean with all the reports of sodomy out there, aren’t parents CHOSING to have their little boys SODOMIZED by taking them to that “holy church.” If you know something bad is happening to little boys at a church and you keep giving them money are not worst of human beings.

  • polly

    No in fact the posters who dislike Katie almost always dislike Tom and Co$(Scientology) too.
    It’s the pathetic defense of Katie lovers who always have to bring up the cult as an excuse for anyone who doesn’t like her must be a church of Scientology member. (deflection much?)
    It is possible to not like Holmes and not like the cult at the same time. Katie is the one that joined it and said she thought it was cool vs, the posters here who were smart enough to do a google search and figure out it was a cult.
    Having said that, Mollymo does have a point that the catholics sure aren’t much better as a ‘religion’.

  • Missy

    And what’s the point of criticizing catholicism? Nobody here said anything positive about that religion. It’s funny that people complain that Katie supporters deflect criticism by bringing up scientology. Likewise, others seem to deflect criticism of scientology by bashing other religions.

  • polly

    the point was that all religions do horrible things so COS shouldn’t get all the heat although I do think it’s a cult and wouldn’t go near it myself.
    People seem to praise Katie when she ran back to the Catholic Church as if that was some place of great purity and integrity.
    the bigger point here is that it’s very weak of Katie fans to assume anyone who isn’t a Katie lover must be from the cult. That is a deflection.

  • anne

    # 30 – I admire Bella, I just think she was barely tidy. She seems to be a strong person, imagine being rejected by 03 mothers?
    # 31 Suri is the most beautiful child of HW. KH is also a beautiful woman.
    # 32 Bella was fired, maybe she was reporting on the steps of KH for TC..
    # 33 I agree, NK has an obligation to care for and give a job to Isabella, not KH.
    # 35 I’m Catholic and not agree to its many dogmas. But do not want to shove religion down my throat to my partners, as TC does.
    # 36 There is no bad religion. There are bad people in all religions.
    # 37 I have nothing against Scientology, just do not agree with the disconnection.
    #39 KH is an opportunist who married for fame and $ $ $ $. If TC was a Muslim she would wear the veil.

    Hi Annie.

    How was the carnival? Have you seen the new cover of Elle magazine? Katie is beautiful. But I found thinner.

  • Sincerely concerned

    Yes I know I have become cynical in my latter years but only because of what I have seen. Pre -emptying with this, this article makes no sense at all: if Beckams goes solo than there is no reason why Holmes & Yang can’t continue to collaborate each using there own strengths while one steps in when the other is too busy or prefers to remain in the background (which makes no sense because she was out w******* her dtr. out with her daily in NYC). J Lo has a line and she is huge busy. After reading the news about Rachel Canning, I am beginning to see a little of Katie. Has it all but never happy and eager to blame someone or something. Supposedly a 4.0 in high school but chose not to go for a higher education. Managed to secure a meal ticket without the added wt. of a relationship where she needs to give and take. Rachel’s parents had a line they would not cross. Did Katie’s parents enable her? The article goes on to say that Katie is too busy with all the movies she is doing yet they are all completed.

  • anne

    @Sincerely concerned:

    Perhaps, it is certain that the clothes of HY were not selling well. Katie has no more $ $ $ $ $ she had when she was TomKat. I think that ended in the term, divorce settlement TC has to give $ $ $ $ mark.
    05 years? Magic number?
    Now, it’s boring the media is saying that Katie was upset with Yang talking to the press, secrets of her divorce. If she (Y) did this, Katie knew and contributed. I think the friendship will not be the same.

    Or you, my friend, is insinuating that Katie has a “screw loose” in the head?

  • You cannot be serious!

    Suri’s look? C’mon, Suri looks like aged George Boy and KHo looks like aged Michael Jackson(RIP).


    @diana: Admit defeat in what?? In entertainment?? In fashion?? Media industries suck to begin with so she was as defeated as everyone else in media!! After two whole years of whenever she wanted to talk about her fashion line all the media did was talk about her and Tom and Suri and Scientology!! I can’t blame her for not getting her marketing through!! All you ever heard of Katie Holmes for 2 freaking years was her and Tom and Suri and Scientology!!


    And she has no one to blame but herself. She played the game for six full years when it suited her. She can’t expect people to just stop talking about it on cue when she says so. She played the TOMKAT card and she has to live with it. She built her reputation and it will stick for a while. People aren’t interested in that fashion line anyway. The only thing the public did care about out of morbid fascination was the Tom,Suri,Scientology connection.

  • Fashionoli

    She tried to sell the fashion line at all opportunities but the socalled mainstream media rags kept changing the subject to Tom and Suri and Scientology. She was always out there showing the fashion line off but the rags kept blasting on about the Tom/Suri/Scientology thing. It was boring to always see that in the rags!

  • Fashionoli

    She tried to sell the fashion line at all opportunities but the socalled mainstream media rags kept changing the subject to Tom and Suri and Scientology. She was always out there showing the fashion line off but the rags kept blasting on about the Tom/Suri/Scientology thing. It was boring to always see that in the rags!!


    yes because that is the only reason the general public are interested in her. No one cares about Holmes or her fashion line. Once they get bored with the TomKate connection they won’t care at all. She needs to realize that.She is not interesting or talented on her own.Joey Potter can not carry a fashion line.

  • http://comcast Joni

    Why don’t people mind their own business. I am just happy Katie escaped Scientology for her daughters sake. Bella and Connor great example of how lucky Suri is.

  • http://comcast Joni

    Also, most of these ugly remarks are made by The Crazy One, who hates Katie and Nicole Kidman. I wonder why ???????