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Michael Fassbender Gets Back to Work on 'Macbeth' Remake

Michael Fassbender Gets Back to Work on 'Macbeth' Remake

Michael Fassbender is seen wearing his period clothes on the set of his film Macbeth on Saturday (March 8) in the countryside of Surrey, England.

The 36-year-old actor is playing the title role in the adaptation of Shakespeare’s play about General Macbeth whose ambitious wife (Marion Cotillard) urges him to use wicked means in order to gain power of the throne over the sitting king, Duncan.

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Make sure to check out the trailer for Michael‘s upcoming movie Frank, in which he wears a giant fake head throughout the entire film.

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  • katia

    Great actor!

  • ashley

    hope he gets an oscar nom for frank , i ve just watched the trailer and looks like an exceptional performance !

  • Frank
    Everything you should know about Micheal Fassbender on this thread
    You will be amazed!!!

  • Fan of The Scottish Play

    tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow

    who is playing King Duncan

  • Fan of The Scottish Play

    @Frank: Are you paid for your PSAs

  • LOL
  • Frank

    @Fan of The Scottish Play:

    If it makes you happy then Yes I am ;)
    Everything you should know about Micheal Fassbender on this linked JJ thread
    You will be amazed by the truth !!!

  • Argent

    Yes, girls, and he’s single again, too. Mmmmmmm.

  • Irene

    Fabulous in 12 Years a Slave.

  • Actually


    Well he was dating a rumored escort, but we don’t know if that has continued or not. So I wouldn’t say he is totally single yet.

  • Lively

    @Frank: And you wrote 2,953 of these stupid comments, Actually–whoops, I mean Frank. (How many names do you have?) Get back on your meds, sweetheart.

  • Frank


    Has my post offended you?
    Sorry if it has

  • Frank


    I will post no more

  • Sarah

    This is not a remake Jared! Jeez!
    Macbeth is a well-known play by Shekespeare, this movie is a film adaptation of the play, NOT A REMAKE!

  • Sarah

    * Shakespeare

  • TamiPrm

    I can’t look at him the same after what I read about him and madalina ghenea. I didn’t think he was the sleazy type.

  • .

    @TamiPrm: And Queen Anne is dead!!


    Women, come forward now. Fassbender is in disconsolate mood because of reputation lost! It’s time to console him and put him in the trap. Come on!

  • Amazing

    @BUNGA BUNGA GIRL: Posting the same crap from the Butler threads……Jeez.

  • Vertigo

    why are you repeating yourself? and why are you so fond of his personal life anyway?

  • vertigo

    Thank You lively.

  • Hi Simone


    Hey there, your Simone from the Fassbender site right?

  • Lena

    @BUNGA BUNGA GIRL: Maybe he’s upset because Madalina isn’t in his life anymore. He doesn’t look happy.

  • Sicko

    Lena go back to the IMDB!

  • I just heard

    JJ’s Butler fans think MG is trying to win him back now that Fassy has broken up with her. MG is posting again on fb, using a few cryptic pics that make ya wonder. She’s also claiming to be happy again which is code for “I’ve got someone on a string” and can play him.

  • ?????

    Madalina is a seriously mentally disturbed person and there is no way that GB will ever have her back.

  • GFW

    I agree.
    Once a man demotes you to casual then breaks up with you, you (universal you) might as well accept it. Rarely, and I do mean rarely does a man ever change his mind.
    This young woman needs to really get a clue about what one can and cannot do to men. You (universal you) cannot betray them and think there will be no consequences.
    Let her post whatever, she’s just a kid who for some reason, is stuck on creating an image that does not reflect who she truly is. And once that’s found out, weeks, months or a year later, they leave.
    This girl was trained since little to use men for money. She won’t change. And she knows nothing about love or what’s required of someone in love but a hint can be given. It is a word that starts with a T.

  • GFW

    Michael looks in character here. This movie will be awesome.
    If he’s mad, it’s at himself.

  • Friends of MF

    @GFW: Excuse me but didn’t you tell us months ago that you were through ripping her apart and only wished her well?

    It kind of makes us think you’re nothing but a hypocrite but most already know that about you. Is there a reason you have to return to taking potshots at her? What’s she done to you, exactly? I’m betting nothing.

  • GFW

    I ventured over here cos her minions ruined the Butler thread so wanted to see what was going on. And what is going on? You can’t stop being somebody.
    I did wish her well and am appalled she learned NOTHING from being with Gerry, nothing. For all intended purposes Michael was a good fit for her. She is STUPID.
    I’d tell you but you wouldn’t believe it.
    Best to stay in Romania and stop spying or people. Like I said she is so STUPID.
    I don’t give a flippin’ bag of Jasmine rice what people ‘know’ about me, get it?

  • GFW


  • Friends of MF

    @GFW: You say you ventured over here…let me guess. It was so you could spy on her. Sounds like you’re the stupid one. You’re still obsessing over her, aren’t you? Why can’t you let her go and stop spying on her and commenting on her? She really got to you didn’t she. All because she had Gerry’s and Michael’s love for awhile.

  • JS

    @?????: I think it’s the other way around. Gertard is disturbed more than you know and she fled for her life to get away from him.

  • ????

    @JS: You mean they were a perfect match, but someone blinked.

  • Monicker stealer


  • Mentally deranged troll

    @JS: “Gertard is disturbed more than you know”

    It’s people like you who post under other people’s names that are the really disturbed ones.

  • Eva

    I miss him. Miss seeing him around town. He must really be working hard and not partying at all. No one’s seen him I guess.

  • Clapping!

    I heard his fling with whatshername was over, the Romanian. Good if true!

  • So funny

    ” is a seriously mentally disturbed person and there is no way that GB will ever have her back.

    He knows not to take that dish out of the garbage. She looks desperate. She is posting many semi nudie photos of herself on fb.
    Also, The Ro trailer trash is trying to promote herself through her fb in the Dom movie. I do not think Jude or lovely Emilia wants her publicity or anything associated with her beyond the film. She talks to herself rotating different monikers but no one is talking back. If she is called out by another poster she calls them a troll or jealous. Same game as before. She cannot improve her prostulina rep here or fb.

  • ???

    @So funny: Sorry, but you sound envious of her. Isn’t it over with him? Why are you so hateful towards a lingerie model? Her pics are nice and there isn’t any nudity at all. She’s finished with Fassy, they’re over and done. Get over it and move on. Stop the hate.

  • sarah

    I’m not sure it’s over with Fassy and I only hope that his fans are consistent. He decided to bind to the crazy hollywood bike? Well, his career ends here.