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Lady Gaga Gets Puked On at SXSW Concert - Watch Now!

Lady Gaga Gets Puked On at SXSW Concert - Watch Now!

Lady Gaga is covered with vomit while performing a special concert on the Doritos #BoldStage during the 2014 SXSW Music, Film + Interactive Festival on Thursday evening (March 13) in Austin, Tex.

The 27-year-old singer performed the concert to celebrate her Born This Way Foundation and fans only could earn entry by proving their boldness by completing a Doritos Bold Mission.

While she performed her song “Swine,” Gaga had a woman push her finger down her throat and barf a green substance all over her. Watch in the video below!

Gaga also made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live earlier in the evening. See the photos of her in a white outfit made out of coffee filters in the gallery.

FYI: Gaga is wearing a Gareth Pugh dress on Kimmel.

Lady Gaga Gets Puked On at SXSW Concert – Watch Now!

10+ pictures inside of Lady Gaga appearing at the 2014 SXSW Festival

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lady gaga gets puked on at sxsw concert 02
lady gaga gets puked on at sxsw concert 03
lady gaga gets puked on at sxsw concert 04
lady gaga gets puked on at sxsw concert 05
lady gaga gets puked on at sxsw concert 06
lady gaga gets puked on at sxsw concert 07
lady gaga gets puked on at sxsw concert 08
lady gaga gets puked on at sxsw concert 09
lady gaga gets puked on at sxsw concert 10

Credit: Kevin Mazur; Photos: Getty, Wire Image, ABC
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  • Janie

    That’s nasty

  • leelee

    Amazing! She’s such an inspiration to all girls who like to get puked on.

  • s

    what the actual…? she’s so irrelevant i feel bad for her. she’s so desperate for attention


    GAGA The GREAT !! The Swine performance was disgusting, sexual and mesmerizing all at the same time. Gaga proves she owns the pop world and this is not for little girls. Lady Gaga makes what the other poptarts are doing looks like child’s play. I have never seen anything like this done before. Damn, Gaga just keeps raising the bar.

  • sonya

    That’s sick! Sorry, but Gaga seems to be as mad as a hatter.

  • Katie

    Classy girl

  • Anne

    That is just terrible and she is right disgusting, what a great example for the music world.


    @s: GAGA The GREAT !! Please don’t feel bad for Gaga because she got paid 2 million dollars for this performance. Lady Gaga’s ARTRAVE, ARTPOP BALL TOUR is selling great in the United States and Worldwide. This was confirmed by LIVENATION this week. Lady Gaga will be adding more millions to her already huge empire. She’s young, talented and super rich. Most people wish they could be like Lady Gaga a 27 years old with a networth close to 200 million or more.

  • krapulax

    disgusting jewish swine

  • Jojo


    I may wish to be rich, but I’ll never wish to be puked on!

  • Kelly

    @VICTORIA: Yes, because it takes so much effort to be puked on! Who knew, all you had to do to keep “raising the bar” is nasty shit, instead of just singing well in the…music industry!

  • vinny


    1. The person that puked on her is a PROFESSIONAL ARTIST that makes paintings by puking.

    2. Gaga has had an eating disorder before, and this references to how she went past that.

    This isn’t a desperate Miley stunt.


    @Kelly: GAGA The GREAT !! Stop being a SWINE. Gaga was singing live and she song more than this song. She performed about 8 or more songs. I loved her Aura and ARTPOP performance. She also performed a jazz/rock performance of Bad Romance. Gaga is a awesome singer. JustJared has not released all the videos yet. You are the Swine, Kelly.


    @Jojo: GAGA The GREAT !! This was not real puke. It was a green solution people. Its called special effects. You all love Gaga because you would not waste your time commenting. Yes I would love to get paid 2 million dollars for singing 8 songs and getting faked puked on. This is no different than being slimed by nickelodeon. Remember the fake green slime people. Some of you guys are missing half your brains if you really believe that was real vomit.

  • plbh

    OK, this is definitely the most ridiculus thing I’ve seen. What is wrong with her? I’m serious, what is WRONG with her? Why would you do that? Sweetie, that is not ART. That is nasty and stupid. I’m speechless. This looks like some kind of weird-ass show she put on for crazy stupid people like her. can’t people be normal?

    And LMAO at people saying it is not real puke or it’s special effects. How can people be so delusional? The girl drank the green liquid and then puked it out. It was in her stomach. I wonder how much she was paid to do that stupid thing “Oh yes I puked all over Gaga” STFU….

    She just made a fool of herself. Again. She’s a joke.

  • krapulax

    @vinny: so vomiting on a white sheet and calling it a painting is art.
    these two whores are abnormal jewish swines and the people who like this “art” are pathetic idiots.

  • http://twitter lillian

    i think gaga did fine


    @krapulax: GAGA The GREAT!! Baby bubba, you are calling yourself a pathetic idiot. No one forced you to click on that little button to watch Gaga’s video. The title clearly says what happens and you really wanted to watch. You are into this performance way too much because you are going into details like talking about her white outfit. I’m guessing you watched this video more than once. We all know you are the biggest freak in the sheets but pretending to be all religious. Stop playing. We know you love Gaga. Stop being a SWINE.

  • gwen


  • Common Sense

    Gaga fans are so so so young a naive. They’ll literally eat up anything Gaga says and/or churns out. She could take a shit on stage and her fans would applaud and call it “raising the bar.”
    When Miley Cyrus acts like a desperate whore, people bash her. When Gaga acts like a desperate insane asylum escapee, her fans say it’s art. What kind of double standard?


    I could care less how much she got paid for this. This for me has nothing to do with music or standing out. This is an desperate act to stay a little relevant at best. This is not art, nor was this performance art.

  • catapostrophe

    Thanks for the information. I was about to go about thinking that someone puking on a singer during a performance was blatantly strange, but now I see the error of my ways.


    @Common Sense: GAGA The GREAT !! Don’t you ever ever ever compare Miley Cyrus to Lady Gaga. That’s a insult. Miley Cyrus is the new Madonna. A no singing, non talented fool. Lady Gaga is extremely talented and has been awarded grammys and recognized by her peers. Miley Cyrus is known for sticking out her nasty infected tongue and trying do her so called twerking with her flat pancake azz. Miley Cyrus and Madonna have a lot in common. Twerking has been a dance that black people did for years now and as soon as Miley Cyrus do it, people act like its brand new. Vogueing was a dance done by black gay people back in the eighties way before Madonna and as soon as Madonna makes a song called Vogue. Its brand new as if Madonna invented it. So if you want to compare two lemons, Please do so with the old hag Madonna and the terrible actress Miley Cyrus. This is all act with Miley Cyrus. Keep Lady Gaga’s name out of your mouth.

  • UGH!!!

    Serious mental problems here.

  • Jeff

    She had to do something because no one is talking about her anymore. How’s that tour coming along? I wonder if it will cancel this time because of another “injury”

  • bradlyhotlynak

    get artpop for free in deluxe ed

  • I think

    She is a vile person.

  • next

    poop.. ..but it’s been done before

  • next

    Designer/Singer Leigh Bowery from the 80′s did this, had an enema on stage, threw poo etc and made his own costumes as the singer for the group MINTY…look up” USELESS MAN” on YouTube…Gaga lifted her act from a combination of Leigh Bowery and Madonna.

  • Cynthia

    @GAGANO: My thoughts exactly!

  • beth

    absolutely disgusting

  • Rika

    Everything about Gaga repulses me even when she’s not being puked on. This tops all her stunts though. I don’t even like seeing her face because she looks like she’s on pills or heroin half the time. I hope she just goes away at some point. Yuck.







  • marnie

    wow. This is just so pathetic. shit music and shit performance. Instead of vomit, Gaga should have had this lady take a big steaming dump on her chest.Would seem more appropriate.

  • Diedre

    This is art?

  • Ugonna Wosu

    I’ve had excuses and explanations on everything she’s done up until this point. However, with this, I think I’ve reached my creative limit. I’ll pass.

  • Musiclovendsx


  • logicalmusic

    All of you haters are freaking stupid ! She wanted attention and now you are giving it to her. Just like she planned. MORONS !

  • Audrey

    That’s not art, that’s simply disgusting and pathetic.
    She is too much on drugs, starts to totally lose her mind…


    GAGA The GREAT !! Lady Gaga was paid 2 million dollars by the SXSW festival promoters. Congrats go out to Gaga and the festival. Gaga is trending worldwide and she brought major attention to SXSW.

  • shane

    It makes sense. The woman is “a puke artist”. Its for ARTPOP.

  • babs

    @VICTORIA: sorry hon- if the barfing was real/ that would be something to watch

  • freya

    I don’t have anything against Lady Gaga but I think it’s time to screen out the psychological health of every concert goers. No matter how angry or disgusted you are at the performance you should at least mind your manners the disgusting person that puke on lady Gaga has the laugh on her she’s poise less, uncouth and judging by her behavior she is raised poorly by parents who themselves has no manners. She could at least excused herself and went to the bathroom if she’s feeling puky. ONLY RETARDED PEOPLE ACT THE WAY THAT FAN DID TO LADY GAGA.


    GAGA The GREAT !! GAGA IS BACK…… To all you swines, Gaga made the decision to take a blackout from the media but that’s over. The other poptarts and the old fart Madonna is watching Gaga. She raised the bar with this performance. The other poptarts can not keep up with Lady Gaga. In the next few months they all will try to either copy her or do something and it will look stupid. Miley Cyrus is going to further humiliate herself and end up in rehab trying to keep up with Gaga. The media is going to turn on Miley Cyrus and she wont be able to handle it. They build you up to tear you down. It you have true talent like Lady Gaga, they can’t tear you down. This is no game with Lady Gaga. That pop crown is hers. She’s like the energizer bunny. She keeps going and going. LADY GAGA IS THE NEW QUEEN OF POP.


    @freya: GAGA THE GREAT !! Thanks for the compliment. Retarded is the new Einstein. Congrats to Lady Gaga again. Gaga has done zero promotion for her ARTRAVE, ARTPOP BALL tour and LIVENATION has confirmed that her tour is selling great. The SXSW show that Lady Gaga performed last night is going to boost even more sold out shows for Gaga’s upcoming tour which is in the United States and Worldwide. Lady Gaga’s new video is coming soon. THE BLACKOUT IS OVER. MOTHER MONSTER has returned.


    GAGA The GREAT!! *************BREAKING NEWS********Correction, Its been confirmed that Lady Gaga was paid 2.5 million dollars for her SXSW performance by the Dorritos corporation executives. WOW!!!!!!!!

  • Bruno

    YAAAAS GAGA! Grab them headlines!!!

    Amazing performer!

  • lol

    at least gag gag has one fan left