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Zac Efron Emerges After Skid Row Fight Incident

Zac Efron Emerges After Skid Row Fight Incident

Zac Efron sits in the passenger’s seat of a car as his friend takes the wheel on Friday (March 28) in Los Angeles.

This is the first sighting we’ve had of the 26-year-old actor since news broke that he got into an altercation in the Skid Row area of Los Angeles earlier in the week.

Zac and his bodyguard ran out of gas and were pulled over waiting for help. While waiting, they threw a bottle out of the window of the car and it happened to smash on the pavement near a group of “transients,” who approached the car.

The bodyguard then got attacked by two of the guys so Zac got out of the car to help, but then got punched in the mouth.

We’re glad Zac appears to be okay after the whole incident!

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zac efron emerges after fight in skid row 01
zac efron emerges after fight in skid row 02
zac efron emerges after fight in skid row 03
zac efron emerges after fight in skid row 04
zac efron emerges after fight in skid row 05
zac efron emerges after fight in skid row 06
zac efron emerges after fight in skid row 07
zac efron emerges after fight in skid row 08
zac efron emerges after fight in skid row 09

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  • katty

    what does he have in his hand besides the cellphone?

  • amanda

    Jared, no one believes that bs story. He was clearly buying illicit goods and was messing around in an area that is well known for that activity. He needs help.

  • pam

    Is that Matthew Scott Montgomery driving?

  • My hand

    he is Smoking a Vaporizer apparently but dont be afraid read this:

  • Susie#1

    Why would anyone be that rude and throw a glass bottle out of a car window? And what was Efron doing in Skid Row?

  • TML


  • Chris

    No one believes that story. Talk about a PR spin on “He got jumped while trying to buy drugs.”

  • lillian

    He seriously needs help, or he won’t see the age of 30.

  • Jessica

    Is that an electronic cigarette that he’s smoking…or something else?

  • My hand

    @Jessica: something like that

  • chus

    He sent his bodyguards to confront the drug dealers. Coward.

  • vaness

    Who’s the guy driving?

  • Jessica

    @My hand: but I mean is a “normal” thing to smoke like regular cigarettes or is an illegal substance? Im sorry about my stupid question…but I dont smoke and dont know anything about it!

  • OK

    You look great Zac hope all is going well for you.

  • http://Shanice15Xo Amoore

    Not a lot of people are buying zac story about what happened that night..since when does zac smoke btw? there a picture on daily mail of him smoking a pipe! Now to add to more drama there is a new report about Vanessa Hudgens including friends worried that Zac may end up like Cory!and now the haters are saying that Vanessa is only looking for publicity and that she is a hoe!seriously why must people be so mean?if the report is true then she should care because they did date for 5years!I would of been disgusted with her if she won’t of cared that her ex bf has some issues and wanted to be there for him as a friend->

  • annie

    @Amoore: lol ur kinda dumb to believe this report. its literally one random report off some random site. why bring her into this they split from their showmance like 4 years ago. move on!

  • http://Robinpa Sue

    Why do all of you hate zac? What did he do to you? I like zac and disappointed and worried about him. He seems to be a nice guy and want him to be happy and heathy and not end up dead somewhere . I just don’t understand the hate.

  • jen

    @Sue: I don’t think it’s hate but more disappointment and frustration that he’s choosing to throw his life away and succumb to drugs.
    People, his fans especially, don’t want him to end up like cory for example. Seeing people who have the means to do basically anything but choose to live like this just…idk

    Amoore: that article just seems made up to me but if it were true, I don’t get why some people are so pressed lol if anything, I think his HSM family are the ones he should be reaching out to instead of those hanger ons he sees on a day to day basis… The ones he calls ‘friends’

  • Kia

    Zac, you will be much happier coming out of the closet. Being yourself will set you on the right course. You can finally have open relationships. Your not going to be a leading man anyway.

  • Karen

    Oh yeah, he definitely looks like he was in a fight… Where’s the bruise? There’s so many different stories, which one is right. Now they are reports that he did not even go to rehab. It’s ridiculous. I hope you stay on the right path Zac. I’m supporting you.

  • Paula

    For having a “bloody face” as the cops said 5 days ago, it sure did heal fast…

  • roxie

    Aww, Zac….love you bud but no one believes you just ran out of gas in that drug infested area. Please get the help you need to stay healthy. So sad. I am pulling for you to kick that nasty drug habit before it’s too late.

  • lili

    DAMN his fans are DAMN his fans are so delusional i can’t believe after all of this they still think he is sober this boy is a very SAD MESS if he didn’t get the help he need he will not make it till 27 yearsold he need to take a break

  • lauren901

    not all of his fans are deulosnal? some are worried?

  • lauren901

    first its from showbiz spy and second its prolly from hollywoodlife who has ”exclusives” yet it has so source to the link?
    do u really believe it?

  • Amber

    @Jessica: @lili: who is delusional? We all know he has a problem, nobody is denying that. Do you want me to insult him or something? Can I not support him though this time? All his fans know, we are just supporting him and hoping he will get on the right track. Can we not do that? Am I suppose to be cruel to him right now when he needs support? Anyways, I’m supporting you Zac. Get better.

  • lili

    i was talking about some of his fans on twitter and i’am also worried never cared about zac but this a sad situation and what make it more sad is his PR team and their lies i mean this post for example i’am 100% sure that his team are the one who called the paparazzi to take pics of him holding a script and going out with his assistant to show people how great he is doing what zac really need is 6+ months in rehab and a long break so he can take care of his prob

  • Amber

    @lili: I understand what you’re saying but most fans want to show support to let him know he’s not alone. It just different ways they’re doing it. Just want him to get the help he needs. I’m not gonna insult or call him names like some immature people on here.

  • link

    @Kia: you stucked in 2007. I suggest you to grow up. Not just you, but a few people here too.

  • Jake

    @Kia: well that was random…

  • zactheheroordruggie

    what’s ludicrous is for his team to spin it like he is a hero by his “bodyguard” who is an alleged drug convict. now who in his right mind, a recovering drug addict, would hire another druggie as bodyguard.

    he should be locked up in rehab for good!

  • Jessy

    Whatever it is… Zac, get back on track or keep staying on track. I’m still supporting you.

  • Kelly

    Who”s that man driving. Haven”t seen him before. Zachary needs help.he”s life isn’t”t going well.

  • Carl

    The transients should have owned Zac’s a r s e! … as that’s why Zac was cruising skid row. He was looking for Daddy c o c k!

  • Tailer

    @Carl: I’m sorry, why are you so obsessed over him being gay or not? It’s kind of creepy.

  • kami

    he’s using a vaporizer. a marijuana vaporizer lets you inhale cannabinoids and avoiding the harmful elements of marijuana. when you use a vaporizer, the smoke/gases you inhale are 95% cannabinoids–the psychoactive ingredients that calm the mind and soothe the body. but is it legal to do this openly in a car in calif? actually, i’ve seen ppl puffing on these in the mall.

  • Carl


    It’s cool, eh?

  • zactheheroordruggie

    So the sobriety bands afterall is just all show!

  • http://Shanice150Xo Amoore

    Yes I will bring the ex into this!the ex is always brought up till this day and I didn’t say I believed the report I said “if its true”we don’t know if its true or just a something that made up. Forget what the report says the thing is Zac needs good people in his life even if that include Vanessa as a friends because she did keep him grounded(regardless of what mistakes she has made in the past and what the haters still bring up)and many friends that includes the HSM gang that he had before all his problems started.

  • Why?

    You guys do realize that TMZ connected the rehab story to this just so they can bring him down right. We don’t know what actually happened Sunday night at midnight. Nobody knows what went on, but just don’t assume it was drugs just because TMZ connected this with the rehab story. I choose to wait until i see photographic evidence or until Zac says something about it, either way i still support him.@zactheheroordruggie: It wasn’t just for show, nobody knows what went down and for all you it could be that the paparazzi are trying to hurt him.

  • hmmm

    Here’s something interesting I found out… Zachary here changed his publicist. He went from the woman who had been there since the beginning to the woman who represented Cory Monteith and kept giving out bullshit answers of ‘He’s fine, nothing is wrong with Cory; he is getting better.’
    Take of that what you will…

  • lauren901

    its been 3 years tho, we have no idea and prolly never going to know the truth between z and v yet people on here seem to figure it out like they know all answers, its also been rumored that v does drugs and she does party but no one seems to bring that up it seems, but at the end of the day its been 3 years and move on already, they sure have,

  • Tailer

    @Carl: umm yea… Sure :-/ whatever gets you going.

  • lauren901

    zac changed publicist back in 2012 , we dont know why he did but we arn’t sure going to know why he did?

  • Kris

    @lauren901: I agree. People writing like they actually know what happen, when they don’t.

  • Lauren

    I know, it’s been like this since they ended it, we are prolly never going to know. The article sound made up and I doubt Vanessa doesn’t wanna be drawn into zacs life at the moment ,

  • hmmm

    @lauren901: because his old publicist was actually looking out for him and he didn’t like that?(just a suggestion) I just find it sad that he would go from someone who helped him get to his fame to someone who essentially ignored all the signs of a drug addict and in turn let the man down. I’m just saying; it’s not just his friends he has to watch out for but the people who actually work for him.
    Also, the difference between Vanessa and Zac is that hers is just rumoured; why are some of his fans denying it when it’s been proven? I just don’t get that.

  • Lauren

    Yes it’s rumored but it’s also pictured thst in 2011 there were pics of Vanessa licking somthing at Coachella, some think it was coke or some type of drug but her team said it was frosting, but no one bought that either,

    Some fans , like his younger fans I’m guessing prolly just find it hard to believe that he does drugs and etc? Idk but some fans been having meltdowns since the rehab news broke , most of his fans are supportive and are worried about him and etc,

  • Kelley

    @Lauren: yup, I’m still supporting him on getting his act together even if we don’t know what really happen… Lov ya Zac!

  • hmmm

    @Lauren: really you believe that she was doing coke in broad daylight in a place where paps/photographers were taking pictures left right and centre? I know some of her haters like to think she’s ‘dumb’ but come on, that’s pushing it a bit.
    Some of his fans are waiting for him to confirm that he takes drugs, they won’t believe these stories until he confirms them and tbh I feel sorry for them because all this guy’s been doing is lying to the public and himself- ‘everything’s fine’- if it wasn’t for his rehab story leaking; I don’t think we would’ve found out about it from efron himself and he would have gone on pretending to be ok.