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Backstreet Boys' Nick Carter is Married - Wedding Photos Here!

Backstreet Boys' Nick Carter is Married - Wedding Photos Here!

Nick Carter shares a passionate kiss with Lauren Kitt after they became husband and wife during their wedding on Saturday (April 12) in Santa Barbara, Calif.

The 34-year-old Backstreet Boys singer has previously said that he would “never get married,” but that certainly all changed when he met Lauren!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Nick Carter

Nick‘s bandmate A.J. McLean posted about the rehearsal dinner on Instagram the night before and said the affair would be “the wedding that most of u thought would never happen, but I’m so happy it is finally!”

ARE YOU SURPRISED that Nick Carter finally tied the knot?

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  • couper

    He looks miserable.

  • SomeGirl

    Good for him! it looks like a beautiful wedding.
    The bride looks beautiful and the groom looks handsome.

  • Jessica

    I’m surprised he’s relevant enough to deserve a post.

  • Nancy

    @couper: I noticed he’s not smiling :/

  • Thereza

    bitch, please, he is nick carter.
    wh are you?

  • Tyla

    He doesn’t look very happy about it….

  • http://bayleesgrace joy

    He doesnt look happy at all like he should im worried about him and for him im surprised it happened at all but if he is happy im happy for him iv been a fan nearly 21 years

  • chriwyatt


    Pauvre débile va, va poster tes commentaire à la con ailleurs !

  • chriwyatt

    Ils sont magnifique, et je leur souhaite tout le bonheur du monde !
    Quand aux jaloux, allez voir ailleurs

  • helen

    I think it was sad, his brother did not come because he was late, which is the only one of his family who had.But also within himself was happy to marry her.

  • Mrsweller

    Wow a forced wedding for tv! The girl sure looks delighted. What a bunch of losers. Reality tv life.

  • Christinne Radu

    DIVORCE IN 3, 2, 1….

  • Christinne Radu



  • Christinne Radu



  • Angela

    He’s sad because his brother missed his flight, and didn’t make it to the wedding. I doubt any of the rest of the Carter clan were there either.

    So sad for Nick, but so very happy that he met Lauren, and she helped him change his life around for the better.

    May they have a long & happy marriage. :)

  • Angela

    Sorry – not missed his flight. Aaron’s flight was cancelled.

  • nicks mistress
  • ???

    @Angela: What kind of brother doesn’t make plans ahead for the biggest day in his brother’s life? If anything, the missing brother should have been there a few days ahead to help Nick with plans etc. And to be a brother to him. Pretty sad family, really. I don’t think it will last but here’s to hope and wishing them all the best in spite of the odds.

  • marie

    I’m just not sure about Lauren’s heavy eye-make-up but apart from that I must say that I didn’t expect her to be that elegant on her wedding day. She might be a bodybuilder but she is just like us normal girls on her wedding day. I love everything about her looks: the hairdo, the dress, the veil and the jewelry.
    I don’t get the hate, I find those pics very sweet, and aww love me some dashing groom with teary eyes.
    Btw Nick knew that none of his family would attend, except for Angel, and by the way he was the one who decided to distance himself from them. It’s sad but I can understand his view.
    Now he is married I wish them a happy and solid marriage. Nick has to work hard on it though, because his parents are far from being role models. I hope that Nick will look up to the ones that have stood as his true big brothers: Kev, Howie, Brian and AJ.
    Wish you all the best baby backstreet, I can’t believe that you are a man now.

  • http://ditaeriana Dita Eriana

    im happy for them.. huge step for nick to get married.. good be better, better be best always for you two.. :*

  • Lina Roy

    Beautiful photos. I m so happy for them. Finally the last BSB to get marry. Congrats to both of them/

  • Leslie

    He married a closet. Well, what did he expect?

  • http://twitter jo redfearn

    Congratulations to you both and hope you are happy and stay happy and keep smiling your best fan jo :) Xx

  • Cooler than You

    Haters why bother reading ? People are so stupid sometimes,

  • A305

    i’m lil upset that Kevin&Brian didn’t attend they chose red carpet event in stead but at least AJ&Howie showed up which is gr8!

  • what

    He isnt smiling at ALL

  • K.T.

    Hell, who’d of thought you’d actually do it Nicko..!!
    Wiish you’d smile a little more, I’d be happy for you

  • Laura


    Brian is there, he is shown in other pictures—along with a BEAMING Nick Carter. The poor boy was just nervous reciting his vows–which several people there said were VERY moving!

  • jason

    woooow ! beaitif wedding selfie by nick

  • patty

    I’m devastated!!! My 15 year old dreams are crushed LOL on a different note I’m so happy for Nick, he;s an amazing person and he deserves to be with someone who loves him for him. Congrats Nick :-*

  • patty


    well.. believe it

  • patty

    @Mrsweller: you’re the loser thinking everyone does things for publicity, Nick and Lauren have been dating for about 5 years and he asked her to marry him more than a year ago but have not had time to schedule the wedding due to the release of their album and world tour..

  • patty

    @A305: you can see pics of Brian at the wedding he even posted a vid on instagram with his wife while they were driving to the rehearsal dinner.

  • Lily

    Kevin and Brian didn’t show because they know it’s a sham wedding.

  • Lily


    My bad, Kev solo.

    I don’t care if people call me a hater, he does not look happy at all. People who genuinely love each other don’t look like that on their wedding day – and I’ve been to countless weddings! You always know the ones who’ll make it. these two? Not likely.

  • Britney

    Nick’s face screams “WTF did I just do!?”

  • Zzz

    She looks pregnant. So Nick was forced to marry and support her @$$. Poor guy.

  • Anne

    I don’t understand all the hateful comments. I think it’s beautiful that Nick Carter found someone that means so much to him that he chose to marry her. The Backstreet Boys made millions of dollars with their sweet music and if they were so bad, why is their music still played on the radio stations today? Can’t we all just get along and wish the best for each other?

  • Summer

    Soooo happy for Nick I didn’t see that coming at all! I had the hugest crush on him when I was really young.
    Ps. Why all these stupid inappropriate comments?! Bitter bitter sad people :(. And just so you know these pics that he looks “unhappy” in them were probably shot within seconds while he was having this look on his face because he was nervous on his WEDDIBG DAY! Who wasn’t?!

  • couper


    “… these pics that he looks “unhappy” in them were probably shot within seconds while he was having this look on his face because he was nervous…”

    Look at the bride – she’s smiling in ALL the photos so they weren’t taken seconds apart. He’s not smiling in ANY of them. In the 2nd photo, you see the photographer taking their photos so he SHOULD have been smiling, but he wasn’t.

  • Flor

    @Jessica: then why are u reading this????

  • A305

    @Laura: don’t know where u found those. i’ve read pretty much all there is articles about this wedding and there are no pics or mentioning of Brian and Kevin. i just found just one article mentioning Brian being there which is very weird.

  • V

    Let’s make countdown how long until they filed for divorce.
    What kind of wedding that not invited his own siblings and other BSB guys that’s been with him for more 15 years?
    Nick is clearly having tons of issues that can’t never be solved with wife and kid, it only dragged them all into more therapy sessions.

  • aron lilly

    Happy for them. Sad that Aaron couldn’t make it. He will make it up. Makes me sad that some people aren’t happy for him. People just needs to look at the outer picture than the inner picture. He is happy and hope he stays that way.

  • aron lilly

    Hater’s will hate

  • Isadora Rios

    Fui só eu que notei que ele não está sorrindo em nenhuma das fotos, fala sério parece aqueles casamentos de antigamente obrigados pela família mas nem familia ele tem.
    Tadinho dele, ou ele vai ser muito infeliz ou ele vai se separar logo!!

  • AzureSkye

    Loved Nick since I was 12.

    Lauren looks gorgeous! I’ve somehow become quite a fan of hers, love those Kitt fit videos she makes. Best to them, the pictures are lovely.