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Lupita Nyong'o: People's Most Beautiful 2014!

Lupita Nyong'o: People's Most Beautiful 2014!

Lupita Nyong’o has been chosen as the prestigious cover girl for People‘s Most Beautiful issue!

Here’s what the 12 Years a Slave Oscar winner had to share with the mag:

On being named People‘s Most Beautiful: “It was exciting and just a major, major compliment. I was happy for all the girls who would see me on it and feel a little more seen.”

On what she used to think ideal beauty was: “Light skin and long, flowing, straight hair. Subconsciously you start to appreciate those things more than what you possess.”

On her favorite thing: “When I have been called beautiful with not one drop of makeup on. And also before I comb my hair or put on a pretty dress. Happiness is the most important thing.”

Also making People’s Most Beautiful list are Keri Russel, Jenna Dewan, Mindy Kaling, Pink, Amber Heard, Gabrielle Union, Molly Sims, Stacy Keibler, and Kerry Washington.

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ARE YOU EXCITED that Lupita Nyong’o is People‘s Most Beautiful??? Bigger cover inside…

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  • cutiespie

    Everyone has their own taste and some people are incomparable. These lists are silly and change every year.

  • mmmm

    ………..if you say so

  • media

    I like what she says but wtf with:

    “Light skin and long, flowing, straight hair. Subconsciously you start to appreciate those things more than what you possess.”

    What does she mean? that we tend to like more those features just by nature?

  • lauren901

    aka thank her publicist.

  • Rocky

    Stunning. Absolutely stunning. THANK GOD I didn’t have to see another ‘white’ face woman on cover of People’s Most Beautiful.

  • scandinavian

    @cutiespie: Apparently, people’s tastes in beauty vary from one year to another.

  • Jen

    lol was this the “big news” she was going on about? Girl, how about you get another job?

    She is beautiful though.

  • ladyb

    She’s beautiful – People Magazine chose the right person. I thought Anna Wintour should have put her on the cover of Vogue after the Oscar win – But she’s too busy licking Kimye’s you know what.

  • R.T.

    @media: I think she’s saying that we tend to conform to the “standard” of beauty that’s presented to us. Women with dark skin and natural hair aren’t normally lauded as the most beautiful in tv, movies, magazines, etc.

  • allison

    These list are silly and yes each person has his/her own opinion of what is beautiful. Quite frankly I think most of the time People Mag gets the most beautiful and sexist man alive wrong 95% of the time. But it’s good to know that these silly lists can included someone that looks like Lupita.

  • Cate

    I don’t deny that she is lovely but she clearly has a very good team because the People Most Beautiful cover is a publicity tool so it’s very impressive they landed this for a newbie. At least Lupita is a better choice than last year’s alleged most beautiful, Gwyneth Paltrow.

  • BJ

    She is pretty–I’m still upset about the oscars, don’t think she was deserving of that award. Have not heard about any new movies that she will be in, after the wards she just fell into a crack someplace.

  • scandinavian

    I find her very cute and nice but physically speaking she’s average.

  • Liz


    I think she means that we tend to value other’s attributes more than our own. Many girls with straight hair envy girls with curls and vice versa. Her example was perhaps a personal example and the complete opposite of her own beauty.

  • Lena

    Dang! Again THIS year. What is UP with the friggin’ post office?. I have been waiting, and watching and waiting and watching, but it was the same thing THIS year as LAST year with Gwen Paltrow. And for the last 10 years before that, and so on and so on…is it a conspiracy against ONLY me, or are others having problems with their mail too? LOL…

    I did NOT get MY BALLOT to VOTE on this. I figure since they are deciding the most beautiful woman in the world, surely, ballots should go out to all 7 billion of us to give OUR personal input right? Especially the over 1 billion in China cause I bet their voting block really really wanted Paltrow to win last year (sarcasm intended), LOL :). Why do they get to decide for all of the world?

    I mean isnt it the biggest insult of all time to be TOLD who we are supposed to think is the most beautiful person on the planet? Yeah, I think I will PASS on buying PEOPLE this month. Not interested in the aesthetic lecture. And for those eager beavers just itching for a fun game of let’s claim racism, let me just launch the pre emptive bite me, as I felt the SAME way when PEOPLE did it with PALTROW last year. (She is a blonde white woman)

  • media

    @Liz: thank you Liz. I can see clearly now.

  • Frenchy

    You know I was just thinking that this issue comes around this time of the year. Congrats to Lupita. She seems like an all around cool chick.

  • what

    @Lena: Most likely you don’t buy any magazines because all these publications have some type of best list of the world. Yet don’t poll everyone in the world to find the answer.

  • Yeah Yeah

    I always find the People cover thing cheesy. Lupita looks stunning on the cover though. She’s beautiful.

  • busted

    Finally a cover that is RIGHT.. glad for her. Well deserved. I hope she get the roles she deserves. And yes this is beautiful for any woman of color. Beauty comes in all shades.

  • floretta50

    Actress Lupita Nyong’o couldn’t have come at a better time. Sends a strong message to black African American women to love themselves as God made them. the strong desire by African American women to get the physical attributes of people of other races. the hair,skin color is a sad discourse hundreds of years after slavery. Some people have to remember that America is predominantly white, Africans have their mother country, Latino’s have their mother country and the Europeans that settled this country should have the right to own their country too. Fairness!

  • leah

    @what: most beautiful people does not equal REAL MOST BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE .It’s more a : most beautiful starlets actresses and so called musicians

  • NN

    It was obvious it would be Lupita and I couldn’t agree more…also Jennifer and Amber, the three are like the “IT” girls now

  • http://JustJared celestialacademician

    Lupita is a pretty woman, but can we stop with the whole “you can only be pretty if you have lighter skin and long hair” schtick. I’m soooooo tired of hearing it. There are darker skinned women who are stunning (natural hair or not). Then there are darker skinned women who are not. Whoopi Goldberg is an amazing actress, but imo isn’t physically attractive (sorry). I just wish we (black community) would stop with that BS. The truth is there are women (in ALL races) that just aren’t physically attractive point blank (and it has nothing to do with race or skin color).

  • cute

    I find her pretty….

  • spirit7

    Congratulations to Lupita! Well deserved. She is beautiful and seems like a really nice lady

  • LOL!

    Another politically correct move by the hollywood entertainment media to sooth the cries of racism.

  • Bill

    It’s all about PR.

  • asd

    But she still can’t get an acting job. She couldn’t even get a part in the Star Wars film..

  • Bill

    If People really wanted to award a black woman, it should have chosen Halle Berry, who is much more beautiful than Lupita. Everyone knows it’s all about PR and who is in the spotlight at the moment.

  • I Think

    She is Much better looking than that other African Gabourey Sidibe.

  • CAA .PR



    Lupita doesn’t work as an actress since two years ago and she hasn’t signed to do another movie after12YAS.

    But she has just signed with CAA and now, it’s showing.

  • http://JustJared celestialacademician

    @#31 – Gabourey Sidibe is a native New Yorker (born in Bed-Stuy), but you get the point I was making. I like Gabourey as an actress. She was really funny on Chelsea Lately, but again imo is not a physically attractive woman. Physical attractiveness has nothing to do with weight (I’ve seen physically pretty big girls), race, or skin color. Hey, congrats to Sidibe. She made it. Gabourey is a working actress in Hollywood (something Howard Stern said wouldn’t happen for her because of the way she looks).

  • JustChill’n

    I actually somewhat agree FOR ONCE with their pick. Still, I think the title for “Most Beautiful” is unattainable with 7 billion people in the world. They should just call it Hollywood’s Featured Beauty or something. People I would consider the “Most Beautiful”, like my mom, aren’t the type to hang out in Hollywood & be on magazine covers. People that are there for you through thick-n-thin & still manage to have a natural beauty about them without the assistance of makeup artists & photo editing.

  • tammy

    Totally overrated.Another “politicaly correct” choice.She is ugly.

  • True

    Surprised there aren’t more racism–idiots thanking about Affirmative Action, blah, blah.

    Congrats Lupita,

    but I hope this doesn’t change the focus of you working. Lupita will likely end up like Frieda Pinto and other non-white actresses who are touted for their international beauty, but can’t get roles in Hollywood, due to their race.

  • http://yahoo lizzie

    ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’. I have no doubt she’s a lovely girl, but I don’t consider her the most beautiful woman in the country. As with most Hollywood actresses, we have no idea of how she actually looks w/o proper lighting and make-up.

  • Pierre

    NO ! Lupita Keri and Jenna NO NO NO !!!! Where is Eva Longoria, Charlize Theron, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jessica Chastain, Rosamund Pike, Mila Kunis, Milla Jovovich, Jennifer Lopez, Carrie Underwood, Sofía Vergara, Amy Adams, Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu, Jennifer Lawrence, Julianne Moore, Mandy Moore, Malin Akerman or Reese Witherspoon ? :XXXX :OOO !!!!!

  • Kretty


  • Kretty


  • Acting roles

    She seems nice but not the most beautiful in any country. Is this the big news her agent said? Lol. She has not had an acting role for over 2 years. Sidibe is working all the time despite not being the Hollywood guilt 2013 token backed by a big PR machine.

  • Blythe

    At this rate, Lupita will be known more for what she is wearing or what magazine cover she lands than what film she’s in. Her publicists are trying desperately to keep her in the news until that next film role comes around. Congrats, but this doesn’t look good from a future standpoint.

  • Leo

    lmao Jennifer Lawrence one of the top on the list? This country certainly has low standards on beauty. Pity.

  • Lena


    I do buy magazines. I think it is obnoxious to call ANYONE the most or BEST in the world or universe of anything. They could have said, “our pick for 2014′s most beautiful ACTRESS”. It’s insulting to the entire world to do what people magazine does. When they named Paltrow last year, my immediate thought was of the dark hair dark eyed Asians. They must love getting told blondes set the world standard in beauty eh? It’s no different that they are now sticking it to the blonde haired washed out Scandinavians. Dont worry Asia, one of these years, you guys might get to SET the world standard of beauty. I’ll light a candle for you guys, Kay? Like I said. “Most beautiful in the world?”. Of COURSE Lupita is gorgeous. No question about it. My problem isn’t with her. It’s the concept. And, it’s too bad she’s not in Star Wars. I really want to see more diversity in leading roles in sci fi. It’s irritating that Lucas did Star Wars, but then did Red Tails to cast black actors when that movie had race and racism at its core. He should have stuck to what he does best and created a hero’s journey iconic story with a sci fi afro centric vibe, in my opinion. I mean, why not normalize things and calm race issues and stop this pigeon holing of black actors in slave roles or racism related roles? Hancock was the best super hero movie I have seen in a long time. It made tons of $$$. So, what is the hold up folks?

    Maybe they can create a sci fi role for Luputa/super hero. Isis? Something with the Emerald Tablets Africa? Might I suggest some creativity and a wee bit of bravery?

  • Amy

    and they want to call Jennifer overhyped. Last year passed on the title becuase she thoight it was too much and they named Paltrow. Of course Lupita wouldn’t pass on it. So next year we will be calling her overhyped?

  • ladyb

    @BJ: She is going to be on Star Trek.

  • http://google I’ll Explain

    No, it means that you get brainwashed from the time you are little
    when only seeing “beauty” images of people who look nothing like you!

  • http://google I’ll Explain

    You just made Lupita’s point for her (as if Halle Berry is the only
    beautiful black woman). Many people have been on “People” list
    that I would totally disagree with, but they select white women with
    different hair, features, breast size or whatever. Everyone knows someone more beautiful than WHOEVER they choose…so that should
    not be the point. Lupita IS gorgeous in my opinion and even more so inwardly!

  • Good for her

    She is a fine babe, No lie.
    It is definitely an improvement from last year but who really takes this list seriously though?

  • PR

    It’s obvious that Lupita has a BIG PR machine behind her.

    She doesn’t work in movies since two years ago and hasn’t any project in line.