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Michael Fassbender & James McAvoy Are Sexy Superheroes at 'X-Men' Premiere!

Michael Fassbender & James McAvoy Are Sexy Superheroes at 'X-Men' Premiere!

Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy are sexy in suits while hitting the carpet at the premiere of their new movie X-Men: Days of Future Past on Saturday evening (May 10) at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City.

The guys were also spotted earlier in the day signing autographs for fans after attending the film’s press junket.

The night before, James made an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and he played a game of Double Dutch with the host and fellow guest Amy Schumer.

Make sure to watch the fun video now!

20+ pictures inside of Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy at the premiere…

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michael fassbender james mcavoy x men premiere 01
michael fassbender james mcavoy x men premiere 02
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michael fassbender james mcavoy x men premiere 13
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michael fassbender james mcavoy x men premiere 15
michael fassbender james mcavoy x men premiere 16
michael fassbender james mcavoy x men premiere 17
michael fassbender james mcavoy x men premiere 18
michael fassbender james mcavoy x men premiere 19
michael fassbender james mcavoy x men premiere 20

Photos: Starpix/Just Jared, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • assman

    is Singer there?

  • Miss

    Sexy mofos

  • fizcus

    I love them both so much, so much talent! But damn how beautiful and sweet is James Mcavoy!!!

  • CarrieFromBelgium

    Nice yellow teeth

  • Interesting

    D@mn when Michael showed up I knew cuz everybody was shouting for him. Hes definitely brought sexy back. I wanna bite him LOL

  • ????

    Gotta to say it…who does Choncita Wurst, the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 winner remind you of …hmmm let me think….hmmm….her name begins with M and she has quite a few “first true loves” who a HW movies stars…I wonder who it could be…hmmm.

  • ????

    Oh and please note, I think Conchita is beautiful too…perhaps more so than the person she reminds me of.


    Hawt Men alert!

  • fangirl

    As usual, Michael Fassbender in a suit, without underwear. LOL

  • kiki
  • kiki
  • Lena

    James is the spitting image of an ex boyfriend. I liked my ex, and he was charming and funny and sexy, but I never considered him really physically attractive or total hottie. Interesting how women find that look physically appealing. I don’t personally. He needs preparation H under his eyes to reduce the swelling. LOL. :) Michael looks yellowish or pasty in recent photos unless the brown make up is piled on. I wonder if he had plastic surgery. He was attractive years ago, but he has slumped into a weird look. Eyes smaller. Face sunken and pasty, kind of washed out, and that suit just makes him look sleazy. What’s up with the skinny shiny 3 piece suit look? It’s trying too hard. And what is up with his tired looking 50 ish PR puffy face lady cougar who looks like she tries to cram all her body fat flaws into 2 sizes too small skinny jeans with stripper heels in order to try to beat 20 year old girls at their own game? And then SUDDENLY, Fassbender, who looks 47 instead of 37 to begin with, and looks like he’s aging faster as the days go by, is now suddenly starting to wear clothes that just make him look like an aging guy trying to regain his youth as well? Is she influencing his new desperation style? Maybe we can coin a new style phrase on JJ. Let’s call it “nostalgic desperation trendy chic.” Done.

    If this is that same PR lady who represents/ed Mickey Rourke who said she “told him what to eat, what to wear, what to do, when to do it, what to f##k” then perhaps her own midlife crisis is spilling over on to Fassbender and while she is busy trying to stuff herself into teeny weeny undersized jeans which just push the fat up through her torso and puff out her face wrinkles even more to make her look older, she’s advising him to wear similarly dumb “try to relive your 20′s” outfits as well. Bwahahahahaha (Note: when you push the fat, it’s got to go somewhere, right? If your clothes are so tight, it’s got to travel to the face eventually eh? That’s why it’s best to just buy the correct size, and if you’re that insecure, just taxi on down to China town and have some nice illegal alien sew size 2 labels in there. And, if this is the same control freak PR lady that Mickey was talking about, perhaps she wouldnt flinch at threatening deportation if Ling Ling spills the beans as to her real skinny Jean size to her thirsty (formerly unpopular high school girl) PR friends. I must admit, I am very funny today. :)

    And, by the way….my oh my what a festive event. So much fun to go to an event, get wasted and avoid talking about your director who is accused of rape and who you possibly saw do creepy things to young guys while working with him but wouldn’t have dared report as it might have interfered with your OWN self centered interests despite helping out other human beings.

    Okay, fan girls…let’s see it. Spill the goods. Where’s the X-Men PR lady video and/or photo montage with the 1/3 of screen section allotted to Fassbender and 2/3 allotted to herself. You know it’s out there. I’m disappointed it hasn’t been posted yet. Go find one with a wrist corsage this time, Kay? LOL.. :). Or maybe one with them with hands holding and posing towards each other with her shawl draped on her arms, wrist corsage towards camera, with a glitter banner above that says “X Men Prom 2014″…:)…bwahahabahaha..

  • fangirl


    definitely no

  • Oh yeah


    Yes it is Ms Campbell, but she’s got a short wig on.

  • fangirl

    @Oh yeah:

    If you´re referring to the one with short hair and holding a microphone
    Naomi does not have short hair…plus, the woman near him is a reporter.
    And Naomi looks older than the woman in question.
    Definitely NOT Naomi.

  • Juliana

    @Oh yeah:

    @fangirl is right…not Naomi just a reporter


    You are both delish!


    @kiki: Not all BLACK, WHITE, ASIAN look the same. You IGNORAMUS!

  • fangirl

    It´s a reporter from E@ not NC:

    https :// com /239ad02227b352d1e24894e572790832/tumblr_n5fvqd1wjt1qmu976o3_1280. jpg

  • fangirl

    correcting: E!

  • Interesting
  • @allegric stupidity

    Ciao, mada princess or anca , vin va la vita !

  • wondering

    Michael was supposed to have said in a new interview that he likes “feisty women”. Is he softening up fans to a reveal that he’s with Naomi?

  • old

    @wondering: that’s an old interview with a recently added reference to NC. Stop believing everything you read and not just in reference to Michael but media.

  • truth

    McAvoy is a great actor and a nice and cute guy.

    Fassbender is an asshole, overestimated as actor (in fact always acts the same way), and a nasty person who attends women of easy virtue.

  • Lena


    Well, if that’s the case ( ie, that he likes “feisty” women, and he’s dating Naomi) and he’s trying to soften up the fan base, why doesn’t he just take the more DIRECT route like every other ding dong celebrity out there and get a tribute “tattoo” proudly displayed somewhere conspicuous on his body for the world to see? Like 666 on his forehead? That should cover it… LOL… :)

    NOTE: Michael soooooo…needs to remind his PA to pencil in a dash in and out trip to Tiffany’s for some expensive diamonds for Naomi and weekend trip to Africa for a quick slaughter and run of innocent tribes people as an “impress your new girl” genocide campaign so he can compete with The Jackal’s, I mean Naomi’s past tyrant admirers/loves, (Charles Taylor) etc…Because if innocent blood is not shed and diamonds are not offered, can it really be considered love fit for a diva like Naomi (Sarcasm intended)


    NOTE: The cry baby Kool aid drinking zombies on IMDB are whining about the posts on JJ…Probably mine in particular. LOL. But, they can sit on it… :). They know what I’m referring to…

  • that’s the interviewer

    @kiki: that’s not Naomi Campbell.

  • wrong moron

    @truth: I actually meet fassbender back at the comic con and he was humble and sweet. so he’s just as sweet as James. yeah I met him too. so nice try troll.

  • wrong moron

    @Lena: I use to post on Fassbender’s and McAvoy’s board about a year ago and aren’t you that “lawyer” that does nothing but stalk Fassbender’s board and posters from that board? Wasn’t your name invincibelle/ gorilla hunter/I lovetedhughes/ undermilkwood?

  • Hello! He’s a smoker

    @CarrieFromBelgium: What did you expect idiot. His teeth aren’t always going to be pearly white.

  • fangirl

    I was at the Sao Paulo premiére last Thursday.
    I saw James and Patrick !!
    James is so damn cute and a nice person though unfortunately I did not get an autograph. But the premiére was very cool.
    They need to do more premiéres here.

  • Interesting

    Ok they are both looking very sexy, especially Michael (licks lips). And Im guessing why he has his hands in front of him like that. What u hiding babe? LOL

  • Interesting
  • Interesting

    Ok, lemme just say that I wanna be wrapped up in him. Covered from head to foot. Completely devoured by him.


    “Michael Fassbender is a man. He just looks at you, and you want to take your clothes off. Let me just say this — once he kissed me on the mouth to say hello, and I almost fainted. The kiss was very platonic on his part. I could smell what he had for breakfast in the morning, you know what I mean? He could eat a pile of shit, and it would smell good on him.”

    Sarah Paulson‘s description of Michael Fassbender in the new issue of New York confirms first hand what I always suspected about the “Shame” actor — he is sex on a stick

  • Interesting


    Now that’s saying a lot coming from a lesbian. The man makes every female wanna drop the panties, whether straight or not LOL

  • Interesting