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Zac Efron & Michelle Rodriguez Spotted Kissing in Sardinia!

Zac Efron & Michelle Rodriguez Spotted Kissing in Sardinia!

UPDATE — See the photos of Zac and Michelle kissing here!
Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez seem to be a little bit more than friends these days – they were spotted kissing on Sunday (July 6) during their vacation to Sardinia!

New photos that are spreading around online show the possible new couple locking lips on a boat and show a ton of PDA. They were surrounded by friends included Italian businessman Gianluca Vacchi, who they have been vacationing with for over a week and a half now.

Michelle, 35, posted a video on Instagram over the weekend of herself swimming in a pool with a glass window side and it sounds like the person laughing is Zac, 26. Watch the clip below and decided for yourself if it is him taking the video!

Make sure to check out Michelle rocking a bikini throughout the trip in the gallery below.

Just Jared on Facebook
michelle rodriguez bikini pic 01
michelle rodriguez bikini pic 02
michelle rodriguez bikini pic 03
michelle rodriguez bikini pic 04
michelle rodriguez bikini pic 05
michelle rodriguez bikini pic 06

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  • lauren901

    get it for both i guess.

  • First

    In b4 stalker lauren

  • First

    Damn. Its impossible.

  • ATizz

    it looks like the coke it’s good. I bet their dealer is happy.

  • sefy


  • BO

    where are the zac fans like lauren and Ok trying to deny this, and talking about how sober and healthy Zac is, when everyone know Michelle was doing cocaine from between Cara┬┤s boobs 2 weeks ago. I call it, he will head to rehab after that movie he will film, that one were he will play a drug addict DJ… or a DJ. lol
    I bet this is why he loose his SW role too.

  • lauren901

    your so funny

  • lauren901

    im not denying anything,
    actually who knows they been hooking up or whatever? fyi its zac life and who he wants to date and etc, we actually dont know anything.

  • eva

    CRAZY but not surprise. I saw both in a french club few years ago. Holding hands all the time, kissing neck… Very hot night lol

  • OK

    Fun and games just fun and game. sounds like an old man laugh to me but I’m not a good judge.
    I saw some PDA but not a ton.
    This proves Zac is not gay.

  • Lisa

    MMM and after that you think he still sober?

  • Jay

    Her body looks good!!! Where are the kissing pix am i missin something here?

  • OK

    Zac still looks sober and healthy to me. What does kissing have to do with that.
    However I would have to be drunk to kiss her but sober as a judge to kiss Zac.
    BTW the last part was a joke.

  • lauren901

    its on

  • Just saying

    I called it the first post Fuc*Buddies . Drug Buddies

  • Truth

    After seeing all the pics , I think they are into swinging , threesomes and drugs the only thing they all have in common is they are vain enough to take care of their bodies. Saw a pic from last night and she was high as a kite.

  • Youngwildandfree

    Whats wrong with the fact that Zac and Michelle have fun with each other? They are on Vacation, single and like each other. Maybe it’s only a fling but it could be more too. Calm down all you haters. I think also he’s helping her.

  • Dan

    @Jay: her body always looks good.

  • sdf

    she jumped from girl to boy very fast!!!!

  • xvlmxx

    @BO: Its really sad how people want him to fail or relapse. I choose to believe that he is sober. Since there wasn’t any gossip about him using/drinking again, I beileve he learnt from his mistakes. I believe he will overcome his struggle as long as he isn’t in L.A on daily basis. Traviling around the world will help him a lot. Him hanging out with Michelle and knowing both of their history, this won’t end well if they are end up together. UNLESS Michelle is giving him the support he needs and understands with what he’s struggling.

  • xvlmxx

    @OK: Yup. He does look healthy, but nope. He is still on drugs to people. I’ve never seen a celebrity who gets so much negative thoughts and hatred like Zac does.

  • Jay

    @lauren901: Ohhh ok thx.
    Damn ppl why all the hate like u all never hooked up w/anyone before. Chill w/all that hate damn its not that serious

  • d

    2 cokeheads together… who is going to die first?

  • Youngwildandfree

    I also think Zac is sober. He is an smart guy he know to handle to stay sober even in a Nightclub you can buy drinks without alcohol. What should he do he can’t be in a Tower like Rapunzel his whole Life. He have to handle his addiction.

  • assman

    did she wear a strapon for Zac

  • Amy


    LOL… Wut? I think they’re both bearding for each other.

  • Peter

    @Jay: yes, it does look good, but I’ve seen her work out videos.

  • Yikes

    Wow, if he wants to stay clean and sober, he needs to stay away from her.

  • @26

    @Amy: You’re bearding, go get that shiz waxed

  • Ben

    @Jay: I know, can’t wait for fast and furious 7.

  • OK

    I truly believe Zac is sober and staying away from both alcohol and drugs. In one of the pics you can see he is making a sign at the paps. Then the PDA starts Just saying.
    @Amy LOL

  • Jessa

    There a a bunch of pics on them on the boat. He is all over her. I called it. Friends with bens but he must really like this chick cause he hasn’t been that open with someone since Vadge Hudgens.

  • Jessa

    I think he is into her more than she is into him but whatever. In the pics which Jared is probably trying to buy now…he is constantly trying to touch her like in a clingy way.

  • Luis

    @Ben: me neither, though it’s not going to be the same without Paul Walker.

  • Mumi
  • Jessa

    Not sure if they are partying or not but they both look fine. He seems completely in to her.

  • Jessa
  • Jo

    Hmm she’s gay and he’s gay so, no, unlikely that they’re together.

  • Jessa

    @Jo: He’s not gay. She’s bi.

  • Jessa

    I know people want to believe he is but he’s not but she is def bi. He’s dated girls on the down low since he split with Hudge but this is the first he’s been so open. Whatever..his life.

  • Jessa

    Doesn’t matter who is with as long as he stays away from the nose candy or keeps a lid on it. Hate to see him go down that road again.

  • lauren901

    i think most ppl are just kinda like um random because it seems kinda clear michelle isn’t the smartest person to hang with when zac is trying to be clean?

  • WTF

    What a loser. Rodriquez is an ugly version of Vanessa, and here she even has the same bikini Vanessa wore on their first trip to Hawaii. You can not tell me he ain’t thinking about V, and wishin this was her instead. He still wants her, and that’s why he has not been in any long relationships since her. But V is doin great with Austin, and maybe he just realized she ain’t ever comin back to him. So he got a nasty wannabe. And one who has been in jail, does drugs, and does girls. Yeah, this is super great for him.

  • @43

    @WTF: Hi Vanessa. Nothing else to do with your time huh? Lmao

  • Jessa

    @lauren901: They’ve known each for years. I would think his fans would worry more about his sobriety. She does have a sort of checkered past but it’s what it is and we’ll see.

  • Jessa

    @WTF: Michelle does look like a roughed up version of VHUdge.

  • Jace

    @Luis: can’t either.

  • lauren901

    his fans are worried for him but some want him to be happy? and honestly im worried that she will pressure him to use again or whatever, she isnt the greatest exmaple of someone you should hang with but its his life,

  • Jay

    @WTF: @Jessa: Naw I dont think they look alike MRod has a smokin hot body V is lookin way too skinny no curves on her anymore she used to look good back in the day but lately V been lookin bad if i was gonna call anyone roughed up it would be V

  • cali

    Wow, they’re both being each other’s beards. I’m pretty sure they’re both gay.