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Justin Bieber Says Sophia Bush is 'Such an Inspiration'!

Justin Bieber Says Sophia Bush is 'Such an Inspiration'!

Sophia Bush juggles two iced drinks while leaving Starbucks solo on Wednesday afternoon (July 9) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 32-year-old actress recently attended the nuptials of Scooter Braun and her good pal Yael Cohen, where she caught up with Justin Bieber.

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“I love this Girl. Such an inspiration for young women. Good seeing you Soph,” Justin captioned a cute Instagram pic of the two. Check it out!

A few weeks earlier, Sophia was spotted chatting on her cell phone while stopping to pump some gas in Westwood.

FYI: Justin is wearing a Dolce&Gabbana jacket.

10+ pictures inside of Sophia Bush out and about in WeHo…

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  • Nina

    Ok Justin, so why you don’t follow she as an example (she is an example for boys too)? Stop being such a spoiled child.

  • Nina

    don’t you *

  • assman

    Sophia has a thing for douches, like CMM

  • jack

    Too bad that this inspiration came a little too late.

  • Maika

    I’ve met her and her boyfriend Jesse the other day in Big Bear and thry were both so sweet…and really good looking!

  • Jen

    Can anyone confirm whether or not Sophia and Jesse are dating??
    I had a feeling they were together but recently I’ve been thinking that I’ve been wrong.
    Jesse didn’t even wish her a Happy Birthday on Instagram/twitter
    (Although I’m sure he did via person or phone)
    But I’ve noticed that they haven’t been hanging out as much lately.
    He didn’t go to Cabo with her or Canada for Yael’s wedding (even though Jesse knows her friends). I don’t know….maybe it’s just me, but I would definitely take my boyfriend to these kind of events. I’m thinking they’re just friends.

  • Nicky


    He was in Cabo with them. Bradley created an instagram account during their stay in Cabo and Jesse was one of the first he followed and he even taged him in one of his pic before removing him; and during their stay Jesse and Scooter started following each other on twitter. I guess Sophia did not want people to know he was there. Also, like two weeks ago, Sophia joined him and his friends in Big Bear to celebrate Jesse’s bff bday. Also, Jesse was with her for her birthday; she even tagged him in one pic on instagram before removing his name two minutes after. Again, I guess she did not want people to know they were together; Sophia does not want people to know they are together because of her history with costar. People who follow Jesse, Sophia and their friends on social media are well aware that these two are more than friends; and the more they try to hide it, the more obvious it becomes.

  • Jen

    Thank you for the info!
    They make an adorable couple so I’m happy for them.
    Now that they’re moving back to Chicago, I wonder if they’ll share an apartment this time around since they’re now dating.

  • Nicky


    They are adorable indeed! And it would not surprise me if they did share a place. From what I’ve heard, they are together almost 24/7, so I don’t see why they would not share a place…but we may never know since they are so private about their relationship.

  • Jen

    Love it and love them!
    I know they’ve been friends for years but I wonder when it turned into something more? I heard it was towards the ending of filming season 1 for Chicago PD.


    I always respected Sophia and what she stood for. She’s an environmental activist, an animal activist, and she fights for not only womens rights but human rights. I’m baffled that she’s so close to someone who has publicy been horrible against all of that. He’s adopted animals and passed them off to fans or left them behind, he eggs peoples homes, he puts others at risk by driving while under the influence, he makes racist jokes and he pees in buckets in public places where people eat and expects others to clean up his mess. I don’t understand how a woman who stands against people who wrong others, bully others or put others at risk would openly be buddies with someone like Bieber. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt and a second chance, and I did that at first with Bieber but it’s like he never seems to grow up. He needs to really step back from the limelight and get his priorities straight. I guess the term “getting too big too fast” really rings true in his case…but I’m still shocked at Sophia. Is she really just a butt-kisser underneath it all or is she turning a blind eye? She never hesitates to sound off on Twitter about people who bully, drunk drive, ect ect but I guess Bieber gets a free pass.

  • Nicky


    Also what I’ve heard. From what I’ve also heard Sophia and Dan broke up around mid March and apparently her and Jesse got together soon after that and it became more serious after her trip in the middle east. But again, they are so private so it’s hard to know for sure. If I had to guess, I’d say that Jesse always had a crush on her but didnt do anything since Sophia was with someone, but once it was over, he took his chance and I guess that Sophia liked him enough to give him a chance. (I’d say she had strong feelings for him since she once said she’d never date a costar again…guess Jesse made her change her mind about that!)

  • Amelia

    @wow WTF

    Bieber posted that photo not Sophia. And he is a big supporter of Pencils of Promise, as is Sophia so I assume they connect based on that. She was also at a good friends wedding so to be outwardly rude to another guest would have been highly disrespectful. Just because she is photographed with him does not mean she is best friends with him (or even friends at all), or that she supports everything he does. Chill. Please.

  • Jen

    Sounds about right. Honestly, the relationship started off well. I mean they’ve always been great friends since they’ve know each other. And then after spending so much time together filming a show away from home, it’s not at all surprising that a close friendship blossomed into something more. They let their bond take its natural course and as it turns out, that bond developed into romance. I also love how close they are to not only each other but with one another’s family and friends as well. I will always wish them nothing but the very best.

  • Sara

    I absolutely agree.
    Also, Sophia’s best friend is now married to Scooter Braun who happens to be Justin’s manager and has been since the moment Justin’s career launched. Sophia is also very close with Scooter and his brother Adam as well who founded the charity Pencils of Promise….a charity that Sophia happens to be a huge part of. And has raised thousands of dollars for.
    So the fact is that Sophia and Justin are connected via many relationships. She may not agree with everything Justin says or does, however, she’s not about to burn any bridges or relationships since many of her friends happen to be friends with Justin as well.
    She most likely appreciates Justin’s charity/giving side (which happens to limited since he mostly cares about partying these days), but that doesn’t mean Sophia is a fan of his general behavior. She probably views him as a casual friend and that’s it.
    No need to get upset over the fact that she is civil/nice to Justin.

  • JesseNSophia

    @Nicky: agree with you. Those who follow them, their friends and family know what your saying. I’ve seen them tag each other and then minutes laters remove it. Their friends tag them in pictures . I feel bad for Sophia because of all the backlash she will get or already has gotten. It’s her life, she can date whoever she wants. Who are we to tell her she can never date a costar, plus jesse has been her friend also. And the Justin pic, she is friends with Scooter and best friends with Scooters wife, it was a wedding and she was being friendly. It doesn’t mean she agrees with the things he does.

  • Jen

    @Amelia: @Sara: The fact that he said “love you Soph” and the fact that they’ve been at events together many times before and outside of events says more than just being at Scooter’s wedding. I’m fully aware that she’s friends with Scooter, but she’s friends with Bieber too. You can also both be at a wedding, not be outwardly rude and not hang all over each other being buddy buddy with someone. If I shared a mutual friend with someone as heinous as Bieber, I would be pleasant to them but not all huggy. Sorry. That’s how I feel and you can’t change my opinion.

  • pork

    bieber is a bichy punk who cares what he thinks about anything

  • Jen

    I would just like to point out that the “Jen” behind comment #17 is a different Jen. Second, Sophia and Bieber have been at events before BUT they were never there together AND the number of events they both happened to attend can counted on one hand.
    Everyone is entitled to their opinion and if you don’t like that Sophia is cool with Bieber, I respect it. However, Bieber may have used the word “love” to describe Sophia. But she’s never used it to describe Bieber. They’re friends and I’m just going to leave it at that.

  • Jen

    @Jen: You bring up a good point that it may be one-sided…but, yeah, in Hollywood who you associate with affects how people see you and considering what Sophia advocates, it sends a bad message. They’ve actually been spotted out together with Scooter quite a few times, went on one of those Pencils missions together and attended one of the galas…and they were photographed together all night. Considering how both speak of each other, it definitely seems they are friends. I still respect what she advocates for, but I can’t help but feel she’s a bit of a hypocrite. That’s my opinion and I stand by it. I’m not trying to force my opinion on bothers, but that’s how I feel.

  • Jen

    I’m not trying to force my opinion on others*

  • Ali

    OMG you peeps have too much time on your hands. I do too but to dissect a photo like this. You have no personal knowledge of anything and yet you claim to know all these things too funny. Let Justin grow up…I’ve egged lots of things in my day and done some ridiculous things and if I had his money I’d probably have done worse. Damn if I could afford those cars he owns I’d have been drag racing everywhere! And done worse. He’ll mature like we all do. He is not a monster.
    Sophia’s a hypocrite…geez grow up.

  • Rek

    Thanks for letting society know how very mature you are.

  • JJ

    @Ali: Really? You’re trying to prove a point by telling everyone how absolutely stupid you were growing up and how, if you had the money, you would have put others at risk on the road? You look back at your poor immature behavior fondly? I can see how things really turned around for you…

  • Ali

    People change and grow up. Did I make mistakes…PLENTY! I think most people do…unless you are perfect. Maybe I’m the only who was a jerk in my teens?

  • lawl

    @Ali: You’re such a moron.