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Leonardo DiCaprio Sports Scruffy Beard While Hanging with Pals

Leonardo DiCaprio Sports Scruffy Beard While Hanging with Pals

Leonardo DiCaprio shows off his scruffy beard while stepping out to do some shopping with friends at the Sunset Plaza Market on Thursday afternoon (July 10) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 39-year-old actor has been growing out his beard for quite some time now and earlier this week the internet went a little crazy when a photo surfaced of him looking just like actor Jack Nicholson!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo‘s girlfriend Toni Garrn is also in town and she just celebrated her 22nd birthday. Make sure to see the latest photos of her from this week.

15+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio out and about with friends…

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leonardo dicaprio sports scruffy beard 01
leonardo dicaprio sports scruffy beard 02
leonardo dicaprio sports scruffy beard 03
leonardo dicaprio sports scruffy beard 04
leonardo dicaprio sports scruffy beard 05
leonardo dicaprio sports scruffy beard 06
leonardo dicaprio sports scruffy beard 07
leonardo dicaprio sports scruffy beard 08
leonardo dicaprio sports scruffy beard 09
leonardo dicaprio sports scruffy beard 10
leonardo dicaprio sports scruffy beard 11
leonardo dicaprio sports scruffy beard 12
leonardo dicaprio sports scruffy beard 13
leonardo dicaprio sports scruffy beard 14
leonardo dicaprio sports scruffy beard 15

Photos: FameFlynet Pictures
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  • Amy

    #beardfail #notkillingit

  • Zzzzzz

    He looks good! Also, good to see him out with his dad and buds!

  • Katie

    He looks like he is ready to play Candie, again.

  • Zzzzzz

    @Amy: Hi! Unfortunately, the beard is going to get even bigger. The character he’s playing looks like a wild mountain man!’

  • also…

    I like how he looked in Django with the beard so I can’t wait to see his look in The Revenant. Looking good Leo.

  • Amy


    I hate bearded Leo. :(

    He looks so much better clean shaven. He needs to shave it when he’s finished filming. NO MORE UGLY GOATEE!

  • ####


    Why Also, you better watch out. That’s like the third Leo compliment in just as many days!!! :-)

    And who on here says you’re always talking negative about Leo!!! LOL

  • ####


    And I agree with you. I liked Leo’s look in django too!! :-). Can’t wait to see how hairy he gets for the revenant! LOL

  • also…

    Fake also is back and already ruined the thread.

  • also…

    @####: LMAO, That wasn’t Leda in post #5 that was me. LOL!

  • also…

    OMG everyone, #### thought Leda gave Leo a compliment. I can’t stop laughing. When has Leda ever given Leo a compliment. LMAO!!!!!

  • also…

    Hi Leda! Did you miss me? I see you kept talking about me while I was gone and your little lapdog #### admitted that I hurt her feelings. Put her back to sleep. She actually thought you gave Leo a compliment. LOL!

  • Partygirl

    It’s great to see Leo out with his dad and friends.

  • also…

    @####: Have nothing to say? LOL! You actually thought your master Leda gave Leo a compliment. LOL! Think before you post. When does she give Leo compliments about anything. She’s negative 24/7. I know you wanted to prove me wrong but she’s incapable of giving Leo a compliment about anything. Go back to sleep. LOL!

  • S

    Leo is looking handsome! Ummm I volunteer to scratch that scruffy chin;)

  • Leo

    Always so happy.

  • 137/27

    maybe you are disagree with me, but I think Leo looks so handsome even with that scruffy beard

  • archangelmichael

    @also…(the real one)

    Forever the faithful non sleeping stalker. You should just be paparazzi. This way you can stalk leo upclose and not from your computer fat a$$.

  • ####


    1. You definitely didn’t hurt my feelings; you’re just annoying as fcuk!
    2. She did give Leo a compliment on the other thread but you chose to ignore it so you could keep derailing the thread with your BS!
    3. No. 2 above makes you a hypocrite like every other poster on here you accuse of being a hypocrite!
    4. This will be the last time I acknowledge you EVER on these threads!

    Good riddance to you and your lapdog sexyback aka archangelmichael or whatever!!!!

  • everyone ignore the troll


  • also…

    @####: Sure she gave Leo a compliment. I sure as hell didn’t see it. But maybe you noticed it since she never gives him a compliment. But funny how you thought post #5 was Leda and you were ready to jump in and defend her. She’s the biggest hypocrite on this site and you never call her out on it but you still fight her battles and call me a hypocrite. LOL! Go to sleep lapdog. That’s what you are. You just embarrassed yourself in this thread thinking Leda was post #5. I schooled you and embarrassed you and you admitted in the other thread that I hurt your feelings. Thanks for the laugh. I have no lapdogs. I don’t give a f*ck about sexyback. I;ve called her out as well in previous posts. See at least I’m consistent about it unlike you. You love calling other hypocrite but you don’t dare call out your master. LOL! You’re such a great lapdog. Thanks for acknowledging me. I knew you couldn’t keep quiet after I just embarrassed you. Think before you post. Leda never gives Leo compliments. Remember that next time.

  • Tweet

    Sandraaaa➰ ‏@SandraWh0 · 5h

  • also…

    Who here thought Post #5 was Leda? LOL!

  • Zzzzzz

    @####: Hi lady! Glad to see you posting again. It does get confusing, but just ignore and skip!
    @Amy: Actually I like Leo with a little bit of scruff. Not into the baby-butt smooth look!

  • Lucky

    Hot summer in LA. So many pictures the last few days.

  • ####


    Yep! That was my last acknowledgment of the troll!! :-)

    Leo looks like he may be trimming down a bit unless his shirt is just baggy. Lol

  • also…

    @Zzzzzz: Well it’s pretty simple really, Leda never compliments Leo so it’s obvious who was post#5. Come on is she that naive? LOL!

  • also…

    @####: Really? because you just acknowledged me again. LOL! Remember Leda never compliments Leo. Think before you post. You got so excited when you though it was her. LMAO! You thought you were proving me wrong when all you did was prove me right. She’s incapable of giving out compliments. She’s negative 24/7. LOL! I was right :D

  • Zzzzzz

    @####: I don’t think he has, tbh. Look at the photos from Sunday when he was playing volleyball. He looks the same.

  • Amy


    Sorry, not sorry. #teamcleanshaven

  • pork

    it’s a great look for him esp in the morning while he is wiping his azz

  • Zzzzzz

    @Amy: lol!

  • http://verysexy,sexy!! sharyllee

    am not interested in him!! skinny legs!!

  • Hey

    Where is Leo’s Beard?

  • Tweet

    ryan ♀9 @anstoniacarter · 26m

    I just spent my last few hours starring at the back of Leonardo DiCaprio 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩

  • confused

    it’s fishy to see him papped all these back to back! can get the t pix outing since it’s obv. she is doing it on the purpose milking the opurtunity as long as she has it but when I put all her pix and leo’s pix together/separately outing, it’s more like hey doing it on a purpose.
    maybe their purposes are different, right? now I’m really confused!!!!

  • 36

    @confused: She is receiving her reward for keeping the charade, for agreeing to stay with him after the rumor with Katie then the scandal with her husband and even his publicist claiming Toni was with him at the club.

    She telling all the press she is staying the whole month in LA “with Leo”, then making sure both being papped in LA, at Goal watching the game “together”..

  • Delivery

    This post is about Leonardo DiCaprio, one of the biggest movie stars in the world right now. Love him or hate him, but it’s about him. Strictly him. It is not about the Victoria’s Secret model Toni Garrn. If you want to discuss Garrn and her whereabouts, please take a look at the thread below where you can discuss her credentials, clothes, IG pics, farts, etc all you desire to. Thank you for your time.

  • Jimmy

    horrific actor

  • Ap

    he looks dirty

  • Darts

    He looks 50.

  • Jo

    He has really nice legs I have to say. He looks good. A bit -uhm- wild maybe, but I like it.

  • http://Justjared IMO

    Leo looked good! When toni away but leo plays! She staying whole month with leo in LA, keeping eyes tabs on him LOL! Seems like toni had a nice 22th birthday.

  • kil

    Come out Leo.

  • archangelmichael

    Leo is hot and he and Toni will have a gorgeous baby very soon . This is my new prediction

  • hmm

    Lookin’g good, bb. Is he commando? I think he is wearing boxers:
    wtf is that? it wants to break free hahahaha

  • LOL

    Working so early on the ‘busy schedule’ excuse? LOL

  • Dear Lainey
  • #45

    Your an idiot stop huffing chemicals from the bathroom , and talking to yourself 24 7 but yet you claim ( also… )is obsessed! *smh

  • archangelmichael


    BITE MY NU#$

    You just don’t want to deal with the obvious. I swear I can’t wait til the new St. TROPEZ pics. Of course you will call the pda pics of leo and toni pr. Stunts. Your delusional and smoke way too much crack.