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Kim Kardashian Rocks Super Sexy & Revealing Outfit at 'Violet Grey' Event!

Kim Kardashian Rocks Super Sexy & Revealing Outfit at 'Violet Grey' Event!

Kim Kardashian steps out looking as sexy as ever at the Violet Grey and Cassandra Huysentruyt Grey-hosted event to celebrate the digital magazine’s August artist in residence, illustrator Donald Robertson, on Wednesday (August 20) in Los Angeles.

The 33-year-old reality star was joined at the event by entertainer and artist Carol Bayer Sager and Cassandra Huysentruyt Grey herself.

That same day, Kim spent some time in the studio for a photo shoot with her sisters!

“Good day on set today with my sisters! Glam by my dream team @makeupbymario @mrchrismcmillan” she wrote on her Instagram account. We can’t wait to see the final photo shoot pics!

FYI: Kim is wearing a Yiqing Yin jumpsuit and Prada shoes.

10+ pictures inside of Kim Kardashian in a very sexy jumpsuit…

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kim kardashian rocks super sexy revealing black jumpsuit 01
kim kardashian rocks super sexy revealing black jumpsuit 02
kim kardashian rocks super sexy revealing black jumpsuit 03
kim kardashian rocks super sexy revealing black jumpsuit 04
kim kardashian rocks super sexy revealing black jumpsuit 05
kim kardashian rocks super sexy revealing black jumpsuit 06
kim kardashian rocks super sexy revealing black jumpsuit 07
kim kardashian rocks super sexy revealing black jumpsuit 08
kim kardashian rocks super sexy revealing black jumpsuit 09
kim kardashian rocks super sexy revealing black jumpsuit 10

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  • Lol


  • Dylan

    Gross, per usual. Is that really someone’s mother?

  • Randal


  • Ugh

    Kanye your baby’s mama wants to be a porn star.

  • meiii


  • V.

    This woman really has a serious lack of confidence, why is she always showing her breast?

  • The headline should read…

    Once Again Kim Kardashian Wears Another Two Sizes Too Small Outfit in which she makes look like trash!

  • Oz

    KK, if you’re going to wear something so revealing here are 2 handy tips:

    1: Make sure the size is right because there’s nothing worse than ill-fitting clothes, especially with your bust size.

    2: If you’re going to wear something like that, make sure everything is EVEN… lopsided isn’t an attractive look.

    You’re a Wife and a Mother now, if you want to show off your body then fine, but you could be MUCH classier about it.

  • Cookster

    Doesn’t she know how to do anything else but have her body hanging out all the time. Disgusting

  • j

    The title’s wrong, it’s a KK wax figure. Surely cannot be a real person…?

  • Kanye

    What’s that weird line above her right breast? Is it the edge of her silicone implant?

  • moi

    Ewww her booby doobys are a weird shape

  • Caryn

    Sexy is not a word I’d associate with this ill fitting, too-tight trashy bit of clothing.

  • Barbara


  • Why why and why??

    Why the constant need of this porn star to expose her bust in all public events she attends? Hello missy you are a mother act like one. You are totally irresponsible!!!

    Kim really has no self confidence, her confidence must be on the floor. These people who craves for attention and they have to do stupid things to the media to see them their confidence are so bad bad.

    For sure Kim acts and looks like a hooker!!!! Another question

    Where the heck she finds those strange, odd, unusual, fugly clothes she usually wears? I mean you cant find that on regular average stores or does she shop at designer clothes?

  • essie

    Don’t understand the appeal of fake boobs.. why do some women choose to have unnatural shaped breasts and flaunt them as if it’s attractive..

  • Rachael

    Why does this slapper think that showing her breasts all the time is sexy? She looks absoulety awful in this outfit. NOT classy at all — but then again, this family doesn’t have a pinch of class!!

  • mikE

    she looks hot and beautiful and has lost a ton of weight,haters gonna hate.

  • QueenOfTrashin

    LOL! They made the ass TOO big. Can you believe that? Maybe if she had put a safety pin in the back to take up the extra material. Twat.

  • also…

    This is just wrong on so many levels. And far from sexy. Her boons look weird and oddly shaped, asymmetrical.

  • Joneblaze

    Her breasts look weird in that outfit

  • sunshine2121

    OMG! LOL this made me laugh hysterically. Her stylist or whomever dresses this stank taped up her boobs way too high LOL. We get it, her tits are starting to sag. But, did they really need to tape the tatas that high? It looks so ridiculous. PS! she does not work out hard!!! It’s all lipo and whatever the rich do to lose weight without hard work.

  • siennagold

    what the heck is she trying to prove. desperate. tacky. slutty.

  • Kal

    Did she forget to look in the mirror? She looks horrid justjared!

  • Jessa

    That’s just vulgar.

  • Celebs-life

    Kim Kardashian attends Cassandra Huysentruyt Grey Hosts Artist In Residence Donald Robertson

  • advice

    She should just walk around naked, her intention is to show off her entire body all the time right? So spare us the ugly cheap clothing, and go nude.

  • Leoismyman


    GO AWAY.!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Boob

    That is just truly digusting. You can see her areola. I guess that’s the point. She’s so embarrassing!

  • Naye

    Why, oh why is this family famous?? They have pretty faces, yes, but only because of their incredible make-up. They don’t do anything, they have no talent, they have nothing intelligent to say…I’m sorry I just don’t get it! And why is the short, fat one so popular? Didn’t she just release a selfie book? Why do we Americans admire this sort of self-centered people?

  • Jessa

    She’s turned into freak show with that over inflated behind and enormous breasts. Then again, the whole family is a train wreck freak show on steroids.

  • Mary

    She really needs to fix those things. For someone who constantly hangs them out, doesn’t she care how wonky they are?!

  • Alien plastic Kim

    Kim K looks like a plastic alien and her breasts look like two giant flotation devices. Can she really think she is pretty? She looks like her mom but with long hair and bigger fake breasts.
    And then lets talk about Kendal and kylie lolololol they look like their lesbian father- and yet all the kardshians make these faces like ” I am so pretty” but they are not! lso do the littler two even go to school or do they spend all their time on the show and shopping etcetra?
    The only decent one is Kourtenay. I think the vilest one is Khloe- omg who is her dad? then kim is the next vilest, then the younger two. And Kourtenay’s husband is vile to.

  • Cate

    She freaks me out with her plastic surgery face and body, lack of expression and dead eyes. She’s like a fembot.

  • Melissa

    Just awful, this woman has not sense of fashion or style, all she has is that dumbo behind of hers to parade around for the photogs.

  • Trudie

    Kims breasts look like they are ready to explode. They look REAL FAKE. I wonder if Kanye likes that look, cause both front side and back side are now certifiably artificial.

  • Arank Paul

    I hope to see this woman in a decent and fitting outfit before either she or I die,

  • ew


  • Richard Rider

    WTF mate?

  • Ugh

    That doesn’t look good on her. There’s no way she doesn’t realize that. What’s wrong with her?

  • verox87


  • Erika

    I do not like that jumpsuit….

  • Vince



  • Ms. Sangha.

    Her jumper crotch smells like rotten fish, yuck, it’s so tight down there.

  • Mezzo

    The only way she could look more trashy is if she had bleached blond hair.

  • fatalreview

    those are some lopsided fake udders and notice no back or side photos -even photoshop can’t make those look good anymore

  • kathy

    Angelyne the 2nd..there are no words ……..

  • Chrissy

    I feel so embarrassed for the highly successful and classy songwriter, Carole Bayer Sager who was placed next to this fake and talentless skank. That ‘s so cruel……. Who let KK in the room?????

  • Tamekah

    I can see each and every single stretch mark on her saggy boobs and her breast surgery scar. I bet she thought “OMG my saggy boobs look so perky in this outfit”… Clown.

  • Tamekah

    @mikE: Liar. I saw her pictures when she went out with Mason and she looked like an elephant from behind. She loves to dip her fries in mayo. How classy!