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Sofia Vergara Blasts Critics of Her Emmys 2014 Turntable Skit

Sofia Vergara Blasts Critics of Her Emmys 2014 Turntable Skit

Sofia Vergara strikes a pose while standing on a turntable for a skit during the 2014 Emmy Awards held at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on Monday (August 25) in Los Angeles.

Fans of the 42-year-old Modern Family actress were enraged by the skit, in which Academy of Television Arts & Sciences president Bruce Rosenblum gave a speech while Sofia did some modeling poses.

Sofia blasted the critics when she was told of the outrage over the moment.

“I think its absolutely the opposite,” Sofia told Entertainment Weekly. “It means that somebody can be hot and also be funny and make fun of herself. I think it’s ridiculous that somebody started this—I know who she was—who has no sense of humor [and should] lighten up a little bit.”

Sofia Vergara Gets Put on a Pedestal at Emmys 2014
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  • Farrah

    I love a Sofia Vergara. I think she’s an incredibly sexy women who has an impeccable sense of humour; I have a frat boy sense of humour myself. However, being a women who is also annoyed by overbearing feminist, in this instance, I have to respectfully disagree. As I sat watching the awards show, I was completely appalled and offended by the blatant perverse objectification of women while horny, chauvinistic men gawked–with Homer Simpson drool–at the demeaning spectacle.

    We may be in the twenty first century but society hasn’t changed all that much. In fact, I genuinely believe we have regressed as humanity. Look around you. We’re still dealing with the same social (etc) issues our ancestors have dealt with years before. Women being catalytic tools/play things for men. With the exception of a few shows, women still get derogatory writing on television (sometimes by women, which is by far the most mind boggling revelation) at the helm of misogynistic/chauvinistic men who refuse to accept women as subordinates or superiors. Whom still believe a women’s role is in the house taking care of the kitchen, children and their manly men.

    Last night what we saw on our screen was “The Man” showcasing leadership while his pretty little Tootsie Roll women rewarded the male achievers of the night with a ditzy ‘lap dance’.

    You can try to spin this which ever way you’d like, but Sofia was, metaphorically speaking, prostituted by the academy. Period.

  • Farrah

    BTW, there was no pun intended in my “You can try to SPIN this comment”. Definitely a Freudian slip. ;)

  • Alaric

    Funny how women don’t complain about sexism when shows like “The Talk” constantly bring on men in their underwear and use them as props. then it’s “female empowerment.” FEMINIST only care about equality when it’s a woman in a compromising position.

  • JustSay’n

    Hey, I’m girl & I don’t see what the big deal is. After all the crap Miley Cyrus & peers give us, people are complaining about this??? After all what the Kardashians have put us through??? After all the mostly naked selfies EVERYBODY post on the internet??? Psst, pleazzze! Seriously, what’s there to complain about??? I personally appreciated the class for once.

  • Living in a box

    Just because you are part one of the funny show, doesn’t means you are funny. Does Sofia knows that she played the stereotype Hispanic women?

  • Lil

    I bet she didn’t bring Joe because she wanted to get good and drunk at the after-party.

  • Rocky

    We women need to STOP ragging on each other and SUPPORT each other. It was done in fun and she had a fun time doing it. The woman ROCKS and has one hell of a body. A perfect choice for this type of skit. So, for ALL those women who have a problem, GET OVER YOURSELVES!!



  • Penny Lane

    Sofia knows she played the stereotypical Hispanic/Latin woman last night, the character she plays on Modern Family is a stereotypical Hispanic/Latin woman for christ’s sake. She knows it and she plays her part well on screen as well as off screen when she plays along with the jokes about her curvy body and about her thick accent and when Guiliana Rancic from E! greets her with ay ay ay on the red carpet. But unfortunately Sofia wasn’t able to get roles or to get noticed if she hadn’t played up to that stereotype, including dying her natural blonde hair dark brown. I think she’s a wonderful actress and I can’t wait to see her do more serious dramatic roles. I’m a feminist and a Latin woman even though you wouldn’t assume so by looking at me. It does seem strange how people can be appalled by Sofia spining around on a display case and not by her role on Modern FAmily where in many ways she’s put on a petistool and gawked at in the same objectified way. But like a previous commenter said there are so many instances of that now on television it’s hard to tell the bigger offense from the others. In many ways we have regressed from the 90s where you didn’t necessarily have to be skinny or model status gorgeous or be provactive and sexual to get noticed as an actress or musician. Some feminists would argue that the freedom to dress with as much clothes or as little as you want is a symbol that no one is dominating you or controlling you. Feminism is a big umbrella and often times people think there is only one kind or misunderstand what it is to be one.

  • janet

    it was cute, and done in fun, and she knows what she is doing and the stereotype she is playing into. no big deal

  • Danny

    a lot of women want their men to comment about their figure.

  • Orlando

    @COLOMBIA: This is what real Latin women look like, not the dark mixed kine you have in America. Real Latin people are descendant from European Spaniards not from the property of the Spaniards.

  • Nadal

    Agreed. A latina woman who actually looks Latina and can play Latina roles convincingly.

  • CastilianGuy

    @Nadal: That’s because to the world she is the epitome of Latin beauty and that means white with long straight hair and Spanish features.

  • Sara

    It’s silly that anyone makes a big deal out of it. She after all is a comedian. No one criticized Julia Dreyfus for the kiss. It all humorous people need to lighten up. I think that the initial response was out of jealously.


    Sofia is Natural
    Sofia is Pretty
    Sofia is coming from the country whit the most Beautiful Womans
    Sofia is also coming from the Most Happy Country in the World
    Sofia is the Typical Colombia (Beauty and Funny)
    And like she say Way not to be Funny Happy and also make Money
    Sofia is very smart ( Tipical Colombian)
    How I know this ? Because I am also From that HERMOSO Pais COLOMBIA

  • http://comcast Dee

    Go back to Columbia then if you think you are so superior.

  • lorrieG

    To everyone who was offended by Sophia Vergara spinning on her pedestal and being “objectified”…have you ever seen an Emmy? My husband has one and she’s all about the tits and ass. Take a close look
    …if you’re so offended, you need to get them to redesign the statue…she’s posing just like Sophia did last night–lighten up people; it was a boring speech and they made it humorous!

  • http://google Leland Whitehouse

    I saw nothing wrong at all with the skit. It was ment to be funny & entertaining and it was. I like it 100%

  • Carl

    It is called being in the moment handling yourself flawlessly. She is what she is and looks the way she does and she’s not afraid to show it. It doesn’t imply anything else except in the minds of her viewers. Give the woman some credit for Crist sake. I know her and perhaps that makes me bias, but she has come a long way from her days living in Colombia. And for all you ignoramuses out there it is spelled ColOOOOOOmbia not Columbia.

  • http://aol DEE S. 517

    Are you kidding me????? I thought Sophia’s skit was the BEST part of the night…………and I am a woman!!! I was laughing so hard because it was very witty and funny. I particularly liked when she patted her own back-end. Jeeeez…..some.people need to LIGHTEN UP.

  • http://website leon

    And you need to go back to school and learn how to spell . Colombia , Not Culumbia. moron .