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Kim Kardashian Poses Totally Naked, Talks 'Amazing Sex Life' with Kanye West for 'British GQ'

Kim Kardashian Poses Totally Naked, Talks 'Amazing Sex Life' with Kanye West for 'British GQ'

Kim Kardashian looks so seductive while laying naked on a bed in this brand new picture from the Men of the Year issue of British GQ, which is on newsstands now.

Here’s what the 33-year-old reality star had to share with the mag:

On a possible sex tape with Kanye West: “My husband Kanye and I have an amazing sex life. So far as the sex tape is concerned, whether or not we’ve made another … If we have, it’s never something I want to go public. I never want to make the same mistake twice.”

On naming their daughter North West: “But Kanye and I were having lunch … and Pharrell came over to us and said, ‘Oh my God, are you guys really going to call your daughter “North”? That is the best name.’ Then a little while later Anna Wintour came over and asked the same thing. She told us: ‘North is a genius name.’ Kanye and I looked at one another and just laughed. I guess at that point it sort of stuck.”

For more from Kim, visit British GQ.

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Credit: Tom Munro/British GQ
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  • menatlive

    Kim is a “fake”, CHERLIZE THERON IS AMAZING!, the new spost of j’adore dior !

  • Ooo

    I can’t imagine Kanye having sex. He’s asexual in my mind.

  • sienna

    She is such a ho. And she’s proud of it.

  • http://JustJared Jan

    Kim has a serious problem with needing attention. I’ll bet she loves herself more than she loves her daughter…who is just a prop for Kim’s narcissistic illness. I do not find her attractive whatsoever cuz what’s on the “inside” is a total turnoff. Her head lives in another world.

  • anonymous

    Her arm looks pretty tiny compared to her body! Those pics are NOT good. Plus the name North West sounds stupid no matter what say the so called Anna W. or Pharrell W.

  • xyzc

    Nobody believes her lies anymore

  • geez

    It’s obvious the Brits has very low standards on what they deem as beautiful and sexy.

  • xyzc


    Lol, but he’s gay tho

  • Maddy

    I would be so embarrassed if my mom was posing like that, conducting an interview that included her sex life.

  • go go

    She is the most inattractive thing ever, she would fit in to one of those freak/circus side shows. Her life is only a dog snd pony show anyway.

  • Jo

    She’s disgusting

  • M

    Her breast looks like a squishy balloon

  • GerardButthole

    She has been, is, and will always be a wh.ore. That is who she is. No more, no less. A

  • Caryn

    Name dropping, brown-nosing much?

  • scarlett

    How is this GQ’s Woman of the Year? For doing what? For little more than get married & squeeze out a kid. Oh because no one else does that. All the amazing women in the world breaking new ground, there are even actresses who’ve achieved more, look at Angelina opening up about her mastectomy, being an ambassador etc etc. And they choose Kim, what a joke.
    I’m not going to say she’s unattractive b/c it’s different strokes, she clearly is to some people, but those photos are airbrushed to within an inch of their life, she looks fake…actually that’s probably quite fitting. I’m permanently gobsmacked not only by the attention but who it comes from (Wintour/Valentino/Tisci) both her & Kanye and his ego get.

  • LOL

    I’m not a fan of hers, but guess what she’s a multi millionaire married to someone with close to half a billion dollars in business as a rapper businessman…someone clearly thinks she all that and more.

  • Dirk

    I guess she couldn’t stand all the attention other female celebrities were getting for having their nude photos leaked so she had to shove her body in the limelight on her own initiative. God forbid people are looking at other women’s bodies other than her own.

  • Mia

    Amazing sex life my a$$… Your ” husbands g@y you fat troll stop with the delusions and bs name checking all these losers for calling your daughter a direction on a compass.

  • Intric8

    i wouldnt touch that with a ten foot pole

  • OHCanada

    Oh for the love og G-D!!!! There is so much crap going on in the world…yet this fecking pig is all over the news for being naked.

    Will someone PLEASE take this PIG to the slaughter house already!

  • Caryn

    @OHCanada: Thx for the laugh this morning. What a visual.

  • Tammy

    LOL I think she’s lying about that awesome sex life. Kanye looks like the type of man that would be critiquing every move in the bed room. “No Kim move your boob over there…right…now put your foot by the flowers on the bed……no bitch if you don’t look good in the bedroom, then I don’t look good in the bedroom” -__- Conceited asshole.

  • BCrisp

    She is a woman seeking any attention she can get no matter what it may be and she has no class. I do not understand why since having a baby – a daughter who she should want to be an example for, she has made decisions and performed actions that degrade her as a woman. She clearly needs to find some class…. learn a little from her two sisters maybe. I for one am sick of her parade.

  • lolly


  • Ooo

    @scarlett: I think the award is bought and paid for thing. I would think Angelina, Sandra Bullock or Jennifer Lawrence would win if it was legit.

  • Ava

    @ LOL…. The only thing LOL is ” your rapper worth a billion dollar” .. Kanye is worth is less then Kim, that’s why he married her , who else has there own money and fame ( dubious fame that it is ) and would hook up with him, the only people who would date him are gold digger’s , fameho or some pretty nobody know’s model.

  • Whatever

    This woman seems so proud with being trashy, sad world we live in.

  • Mary

    When you have to talk about your sex life, it sucks. I think she looks horrible here. They could have done so much better, but I really think Kim doesn’t have much to work with. “Blow up doll” is her only look. Looks like rebranding her as someone with class didn’t work, so they went back to the porn star route.

  • forrest gump

    she is paid by kanye to say these things.
    so sad for her.

  • forrest gump

    …….paid by kanye to say this.

  • my butt oh no!

    Desperate for looking good in the bedroom.
    Trying to look different, this is the worst she’s ever been.

  • AnneG

    This should be censored.

  • AnneG

    Nobody should look like that.

  • Good grief

    Why can’t this woman just go away!
    I’m sick and tired of seeing her fat a/ss all over the media
    Nobody cares about your sex life piggy

  • G

    Her butt cheeks look so unnatural, like two inflated balloons

  • Diedre

    She looks like a rode hard, put away wet mess in that picture. She will one day be a horrible embarrassment to her daughter or, worse yet, simply spread her bad influence on North as her mother has done to her.
    Generally, those who feel they must brag about their s*x life do not have a good one. Considering that Kanye is a closeted homosexual, I can only imagine Kim’s frustration.
    What a sad thing. None of those kids ever stood a chance. Their mother is a raging sociopath who raised them to be nothing but money making wh 0res. Mission accomplished…but what a horrible legacy. Sad.

  • asdf

    This is actually the worst she’s ever looked in my opiniĆ³n. These are ugly photos

  • dido

    Dirty cow! How fat and loser you’re. Money hungry whore!

  • jamie

    She has no shame. Guess who’s going to buy this piece of trash.

  • Holy roller

    Hahahahahaha ! Really Kim covering for Kanye is a great payday for her. We all can see he is really with that designer guy; wtf is his name again?

  • Maleficent

    *Yawn* Nothing everyone hasn’t already seen before…

  • One

    Trash. Pure trash.

  • What?

    So tired of this completely worthless no talent fatass.

  • jane

    it’s mostly women who comment and hate on KK, right? i hate her too and that whole family, but i never hear men complaining about her – most will like her body and ASSets, which is what she counts on, probably

  • http://comcast Audra

    She has to be the most sickening person alive. I cannot believe I am commenting about a slut like her.

  • Littleoldme

    @go go: I disagree Go Go. Kim is not INATTRACTIVE! On the Internet you haters can let out all your corrosive energy. You speaks volumes about yourself.

  • julia

    @go go: unattractive*

  • USA

    God help them. They are too very confused people. I actually mean that.

  • Kim, not

    She just gets dumber and dubmer with every interview.

  • She looks like trailer trash. GQ apparently doesn’t have a clue, just like Vogue.