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Jennifer Lawrence Makes Funny Poop Joke at Children's Hospital (Video)

Jennifer Lawrence Makes Funny Poop Joke at Children's Hospital (Video)

Jennifer Lawrence squats down to take a photo with the staff of the Kosair Children’s Hospital during a Christmas Eve visit on Wednesday (December 24) in Louisville, Kent.

“Is this what I should be doing with my body,” the 24-year-old Hunger Games actress says while trying to get into position for the picture. “Does it look like I’m like pooping?”

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For the next photo, the photographer suggests that Jennifer stand up and let the other people do the squatting around her.

Jennifer Lawrence Makes Funny Poop Joke at Children’s Hospital
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jennifer lawrence makes poop joke while visiting childrens hospital 01
jennifer lawrence makes poop joke while visiting childrens hospital 02
jennifer lawrence makes poop joke while visiting childrens hospital 03
jennifer lawrence makes poop joke while visiting childrens hospital 04
jennifer lawrence makes poop joke while visiting childrens hospital 05
jennifer lawrence makes poop joke while visiting childrens hospital 06
jennifer lawrence makes poop joke while visiting childrens hospital 07

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  • Storm

    She is so immature. Not a funny joke at all. I’m sure not even the kids laughed. She really makes me cringe.

  • sciguybm

    Real, honest, fresh. Thank-you.

    Really glad when real people show up in Hollywood instead of the faceless, nameless, robots stamped out of publicity-mills. Yeah, I’m looking at you Anston.

  • LOL

    Girl loves to play dumb. Cool and fresh air endless poop jokes.

  • Storm

    Apparently she is not “playing”. She is really like that. At least that is what her co-stars and others who know her tend to report.

  • Lee

    At least she admits she poops….

  • TC_94

    I’m sorry for the lack of joy in your life and for your inability to have a laugh…It must be really sad. Jennifer Lawrence is just so kind and humble. Open your eyes people. Here is an Oscar winning actress and the biggest star in the world putting others first. RESPECT and SHUT UP.

  • Sarah-Julia Karbowniczek

    in the last couple of years the Oscars became a joke and it seems like everybody gets one except Leo. And I doubt that she is the biggest star in the world right know…I guess that there will be a time when she will vanish because this girl next door thing only works for a couple of years before it just gets silly

  • TC_94

    First, she is really incredibly talented and people can say whatever but can’t deny that (if you think she will vanish you are a fool). Second, she IS the biggest star in the world and her rise to fame has almost no equals in history (go look at the numbers) but you are missing my point. This girl next door act doesn’t exist, she is the real deal people, just stop denying it… How can you still hate on such a generous act from her towards ill children…It’s either you have no heart or you are blinded by jealousy.

  • Sarah-Julia Karbowniczek

    i’m not jealous of her, I don’t care for her and I didn’t badmouth her because of the visit or said anything about her talents. But if you’re looking at the 2013 academy nominations you can see it was a slow year. They had to give the Oscar to somebody at that point..there wasn’t much competition. There are so many talented actresses out there, it would be very foolish to name Lawrence the biggest star right know. And you simply cannot forget the likes of Streep or Blanchett. Jennifer Lawrence draws in a younger crowd but I doubt that many adults are really falling head over heels for her. I don’t say she is the product of clever hollywood marketing but even a girl next door has to grow up at some point and I think Jennifer missed her cue

  • TC_94

    I think the problem is people forget she is just 24…Can you imagine the pressure one undergoes at this young age. Give her a break. She has time to grow up and become an actress of the caliber of a Streep or Blanchett but anyway I hope she stays down to earth even when she turns into a more mature person…

  • Storm

    Yes I don’t find poop or fart jokes funny…poor, poor pitiful me. I must also run over puppies in my spare time. Grow up, kiddo. Also, a quick visit to a hospital complete with press photos when she is not otherwise working (ie making millions in a highly self indulgent career) is not “putting people first”. All celebs do this – it is great for their profile and makes them feel like saints.

  • TC_94

    Merry Christmas to you to, kiddo!

  • millerz

    1. I don’t think she’s dumb at all I think she the one of the most real people on the planet, not even show biz. She says what everyone is usually thinking. I find her unfiltered nature refreshing. and 2. This wasn’t a visit that involved “press” for those of you who said it. Her social media pages didn’t even post it, like many other celebrities do of themselves for attention. That would be PR, that would be press. These photos and videos coming out are from the families of sick children and doctors, nurses & employees at the hospital sharing them online. If they didn’t do it or talk about it we would never know. It’s hard to believe for many people that a celebrity can do something out of the goodness of their heart and not for attention.

  • Mary Devlin Millar

    Oh, for Christsakes lighten up…it’s a joke and she brought some levity into an otherwise somber place.

  • Mary Devlin Millar

    Yeah, Lawrence IS the biggest actress in the world right now…no other actress has two successful franchises and three Oscar noms, one win for BEST ACTRESS, a Dior contract, etc.,….get it???.

  • Mary Devlin Millar

    Huh??…missed her cue?…what the hell are you even talking about?. LOL!. I don’t think Jennifer Lawrence has missed any…what was the word?…cue?…(whatever the hell that means)…I do think that you are making a nonsensical argument. Gather your thoughts, take a deep breathe and state your completely non biased argument based on facts to support your…argument. This should be good. Wait, I’ll get some popcorn….LOL!.

  • http://BONNIELYNNPHOTOBLOG.COM/ LittleDistraction

    She is a good example of giving back and kids love poop jokes

  • lol

    Press photos? Lol. Honey if these were PR photos then they’d be better quality. The fact that you think she did this for attention when she is in fact one of the biggest stars in the world is quite amusing. She doesn’t need or want the attention i’m sure, this was just her being her kind self.

  • Sarah-Julia Karbowniczek

    maybe you should read a little more instead of defending someone blindly and talking about “nonsensical arguments” if you have no clue

    Cue (theatrical), the trigger for an action to be carried out at a specific time, in theatre or film


    And yeah I can name other actresses – Cate Blanchett – 2 Oscars – 6 nominations (if we are only talking about academy awards) – and she has a few promo deals herself. And Let’s not forget TLOTR or The Hobbit.

    And if we are only talking about awards and nominations:
    Meryl Streep – 3 Oscars – 15 nominations

    Le’t see what happens when the Hunger Games and X-Men will come to an end and what kind of work she will get after that. One day you are the biggest star in tinsletown and the next day you’ll be old news…it happened before.

  • bbm

    well probably i would have said the same thing

  • suk bin

    elle est pourri ta vie

  • Storm

    You people are so incredibly odd. Somehow not being extremely immature means I am miserable or negative to you? What grade are you in? Her joke was lame, crude and not funny at all. My life is great though, thanks. You on the other hand, seem to have problems

  • Dan_nb

    I agree. Emma Watson did the same last year, some parents also posted some pictures but it was not in the press. I think it’s nice when celebrities use their fame and popularity to help others, especially children.

  • suk bin

    fucking idiot …

  • suk bin

    fucking idiot …

  • Storm

    I’ve looked at your other comments around these boards and can see you are a fairly typical troll and I shouldn’t have bothered replying to you in the first place. Please go away – your kind is not wanted here.

  • suk bin

    fucking troll ….

  • Storm

    You will be banned by the morning, so I have no need to continue attempting to reason with an obvious psychopath who doesn’t know country they are from or what language they should extract from google translate next.

  • suk bin

    I guess that you are fucking rat!

    your life must be so cool, and you must be so sexually satisfied, that any hot women you meet, even a 10, is going to feel that…

    you would do anything to get these people’s attention. He spits out through gritted teeth… Your life must be so boring so empty if you have time to sit around and gossip about other peoples business…

    I feel sorry for you because you can’t feel love…

    “She is so immature. Not a funny joke at all. I’m sure not even the kids laughed. She really makes me cringe.”

    pfff … fucking idiot … She cried a river … these past months ! she needs to laugh more !

    fucking idiot !

  • Storm

    Anyone tell me how to flag comments/notify the board moderators? This troll really needs to be banned, asap.

  • suk bin

    fucking idiot …

  • suk bin
  • Name

    Just read Lawrence is also going to the Louisville-Kentucky men’s basketball game Sat. That’s a HUGE deal in Kentucky! Glad to see her enjoying herself at home while she can. Pretty soon, she’s going to be extremely busy for pretty much all next year and the next couple after with movie projects. (Joy, X-Men, Glass Castles, Mockingjay press/premiere, East of Eden).

    Last year, she missed out on family time because she flew over to London to be with Hoult and his family. She sacrificed being with her family for what little time she had to be with his. Always thought she put more into their relationship than he ever did. Glad to see they broke up-hope she finds someone who will be just as committed to her as she was to Hoult.

  • Sprite

    Truly Game of Thrones humor, she’s probably a fan.

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