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Kanye West Covers 'Paper,' Is Fully Clothed Unlike His Wife!

Kanye West Covers 'Paper,' Is Fully Clothed Unlike His Wife!

Kanye West poses for a photo on the cover of Paper Magazine‘s American Dream issue, on newsstands April 27.

This is the same magazine that the 37-year-old rapper’s wife Kim Kardashian famously went totally nude for last year. Here is what he had to share with the mag:

On people claiming he’s part of the Illuminati: “I’m tired of people pinpointing musicians as the Illuminati. That’s ridiculous. We don’t run anything; we’re celebrities. We’re the face of brands. We have to compromise what we say in lyrics so we don’t lose money on a contract. Madonna is in her 50s and gave everything she had to go up on an award show and get choked by her cape.”

On having more to come in his fashion line: “I haven’t even given my College Dropout of clothing yet. We’re still on mixtapes.”

On his daughter: “When I look in North‘s eyes, I’m happy about every mistake I’ve ever made.”

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kanye west covers paper magazine is fully clothed 02
kanye west covers paper magazine is fully clothed 03
kanye west covers paper magazine is fully clothed 04
kanye west covers paper magazine is fully clothed 05

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  • Tom
  • Jenna King

    So even looking into his child’s eyes, it’s still all about him?

  • Bufu

    Are you going to bring your daughter up to be as illiterate as you or will she be allowed to read a book now and then?

  • Rob

    IQ (intelligence) is inherited and not equally distributed among human races. Millions of IQ tests conducted world-wide over 100 years have been normed for every conceivable variable and bias and Blacks always rank at the bottom, even in non-verbal tests. There has never been an IQ test administered anywhere in the world where the racial rankings were different than; Asians, Whites, non-White Hispanics and then Blacks.

    Racial activist groups have tried to create their own tests to demonstrate intellectual parity of the races and attack the integrity of existing tests but the rankings are always the same; African Blacks average a 70 IQ (only 2% of Whites score this low), American Blacks are 85 (due to mixing with Whites, 20% on average), non-White Hispanics are 87, Whites 100, Asians 106 and Ashkenazi Jews at 115. Blacks have never ranked anything other than last on any IQ test ever created.

    Even using culture-free, unbiased testing designed by Black psychologists, no amount of testing or wishful thinking shows any improvement in Black IQ. Raven’s “Progressive Matrices” is completely non-verbal yet even the brightest of the African Blacks (South African university students) still score only 85 — a standard deviation above sub-Saharan Africa but it’s also a whole standard deviation below Whites.

    In the United States, self-identified Blacks and Whites have been the subjects of the greatest number of studies. They state that the Black-White IQ difference is about 15 to 18 points or 1 to 1.1 standard deviations which implies that between 11 and 16 percent of the black population have an IQ above 100 (the general population median). Consistent results were found for college and university application tests such as the Scholastic Aptitude Test and Graduate Record Examination, as well as for tests of job applicants in the corporate sector and in the military.

    The mean intelligence of American Blacks (who themselves are a standard deviation above African Blacks due to White admixture) is much lower than for American Whites. The least intelligent ten percent of Whites have IQs below 81; forty percent of Blacks have IQs that low. Only one Black in six is more intelligent than the average White; five Whites out of six are more intelligent than the average Black. These differences show in every test of general cognitive ability that anyone, of any race or nationality, has yet been able to devise. They are reflected in countless everyday situations. “Life is an IQ test.”

    Further, only one-in-3.5 million (.00003%) of African Blacks have an IQ of 140 or higher (genius level). But one-in-83 (1.2%) of U.S. Whites is a genius. Therefore the per capita genius rate for U.S.-resident Whites is 41,000 times higher than it is for African Blacks.

    Incidentally, though the average IQ of East Asians is 6 points higher than the average non-Jewish White, the percentage distribution of East Asians with IQ’s above 140 is slightly lower. The reason for this is that the range of cognitive variation among Whites is greater than among East Asians. Specifically, Asians’ IQs are more clustered around the mean. Therefore, Whites produce more geniuses, but also more morons.

    Psychometricians generally regard IQ tests as having high statistical reliability. A high reliability implies that although test-takers may have varying scores when taking the same test on differing occasions, and they may have varying scores when taking different IQ tests at the same age, the scores generally agree with one another and across time. Like all statistical quantities, any particular estimate of IQ has an associated standard error that measures uncertainty about the estimate. For modern tests, the standard error of measurement is about three points. Clinical psychologists regard IQ scores as having sufficient statistical validity for many clinical purposes.

    Standardized intelligence testing has been called one of psychology’s greatest successes and is the field’s most widely used invention. Since standardized tests were first used to identify learning-impaired children in the early 1900s they have become one of the primary tools for identifying children with mental retardation and learning disabilities, helped the U.S. military place new recruits, used to evaluate professional athletes and are used for job testing. IQ scores have been shown to be associated with such factors as morbidity and mortality, parental social status, and biological parental IQ. IQ scores are used as predictors of educational achievement, special needs, job performance and income. They are also used to study IQ distributions in populations and the correlations between IQ and other variables. The scores on the SAT (especially the SAT-math) and the ACT are for all practical purposes interchangeable with IQ test scores. The same is true for other cognitive tests such as No Child Left Behind mandated state tests and NAEP tests. All of these cognitive tests show the same racial patterns in test score distribution with Ashkenazi Jews, East Asians (Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans), and Whites showing higher scores than Pacific Islanders, Native Americans, Hispanics, and Blacks showing lower scores.

    There is a strong correlation between IQ and success. Economists have started taking an interest in the value of human capital, particularly the factor that psychologists call cognitive ability. In other words, it’s the ability of a person to solve a problem most efficiently. Not with violence, but by thinking. It is worth noting here that Blacks possess 10x more of the dysfunctional MAOA gene (or “warrior gene”) that is associated with violent and/or impulsive behavior.

    Researchers collected information on 90 countries, including far-off lands from the U.S. to New Zealand and Colombia to Kazakhstan. They also collected data on the country’s excellence in science and technology—the number of patents granted per person and how many Nobel Prizes the country’s people had won in science, for example (Blacks have never been awarded a Nobel science prize).

    They found that intelligence made a difference in gross domestic product. For example, some of the highest National IQs:

    South Korea 106
    Japan 105
    Taiwan 104
    Singapore 103
    Austria 102
    Germany 102
    Netherlands 102
    Italy 102
    Austria 102
    Netherlands 102
    Luxembourg 101
    United Kingdom 100
    Switzerland 101
    Luxembourg 101
    China 100
    Norway 98
    Iceland 98

    And the lowest:

    Kenya 72
    Cameroon 70
    Angola 69
    Cen. African R 68
    Eritrea 68
    Somalia 68
    Nigeria 67
    Haiti 67
    Gabon 66
    Zimbabwe 66
    D. Rep Congo 65
    Sierra Leone 64
    Senegal 64
    Gambia 64
    Liberia 64
    Guinea 63
    Equat. Guinea 59

    Blacks are the only racial group with no DNA from the large-brained Neanderthals who lived in Europe. Modern humans did not come out of Africa; the African humanoids came out and mated with the Neanderthals and Denisovans to create a composite hybrid that is modern man. Therefore, we do not share a common ancestor.

    Forensic scientists determine race by cranium shape; Blacks have a small frontal lobe and sloping frontal plane and a smaller cranium-to-mandible ratio. Caucasoids have the largest craniums, an almost vertical frontal slope and a massive frontal lobe. The mongloloid is very similar and also more evolved. It is the frontal lobe that separates our behavior most from the animals and is responsible for language and rational thought.

    When humans evolved from Blacks they mated with the large-brained Neanderthals in southern Europe and created an increase in cranium capacity and a heavier, more developed brain (and pale skin, a sloped head and a single brow). At least 20% of the Neanderthal genome made its way into the 5% of human non-Black DNA. This is significant because there is only 1.5% difference between human and chimpanzee DNA. It is equivalent to having one Neanderthal great-great-great-grandparent. Blacks are the only race with no Neanderthal genes.

    According to studies of brain weight at autopsy, endocranial volume of empty skulls, head size measurements by the U.S. military and NASA, and two dozen MRI volumetric studies Blacks’ brain size is 5% smaller than Whites, and 6% smaller than Asians. There is a correlation of brain size with IQ of about 0.40 and that these racial differences in brain size are present at birth. Larger brains contain more neurons and synapses and process information faster; by adulthood, Asians average 1 cubic inch more cranial capacity than Whites who average 5 cubic inches more than Blacks. This is a genetic trait because even malnourished Asians from poor countries have a larger brain on average than well-fed Blacks from western countries. Blacks are the only race without the derived form of MCPH1 microcephalin called haplogroup D which appeared about 37,000 years ago and is associated with increased brain volume. Sub-Saharan Africans belong to the MtDNA haplogroup L and Y-chromosome haplogroup E. This DNA is non-functional which is why mutations cause no problem and it serves well for lineage tracing.

    Further, this reflects what we observe in real life (including the so-called “Achievement Gap”). People have made long-term observations of the different races and reached rational conclusions; the more White a society is the more prosperous, inventive and safe it is. 19 of the 20 poorest countries are sub-Saharan African (Haiti). In sub-Saharan Africa the only countries that could be considered successful were White-governed, (Rhodesia and S. Africa). To this day they still can’t even feed themselves even though they lived alone in Africa, a vast continent with temperate climates and abundant resources, for 60,000 years. So, they cannot blame racism, poverty, imperialism or anything else for their failures. No pre-contact sub-Saharan African society ever created a written language, weaved cloth, invented the wheel or plow, or devised a calendar or system of measurement or complex math (arithmetic, algebra or geometry), built a multi-story structure, bridge or road or railway or ship, domesticated animals, exploited underground natural resources nor produced anything that could be considered a mechanical device until White colonizers did it for them.

    IQ distribution by race/ethnicity:

    • Ashkenazi Jews = 115
    • East Asians = 106
    • Whites = 100
    • South East Asians = 87
    • Non-White Hispanics = 86
    • American Blacks = 85 (average 20% White mix)
    • Middle East and North Africans = 84
    • Sub-Saharan Blacks = 67 (Only 2% of Whites score this low)
    • Australian Aborigines = 62

    Blacks have the lowest IQ of any race because they are the only race with no DNA from the large-brained Neanderthal who lived in Europe. Europeans have about 6% Neanderthal DNA, Asians also have about 4% Denisovan DNA. This is what caused the dramatic increase in cranium capacity (and brain size as MRIs reveal), brain function and nervous system development as humans evolved from Blacks and migrated out of Africa.

    It is worth noting that some groups succeed all the time, everywhere. Some have never succeeded anywhere. Blacks are the oldest race so they should be expected to be the most advanced, but they have never been successful anywhere. Civilization didn’t advance until humans evolved from Blacks by merging with the large-brain Neanderthals.

    Google: “race and IQ”, “national IQ”, “race and MAOA gene”, “Neanderthal DNA”, “smaller black brains”, “correlation brain size and IQ”, “achievement gap”, “IQ correlation to achievement”, “NIH Blacks 21% greater testosterone”…

  • jcinco

    Did you arrive here in a time machine from the 1950′s? Racist pos.

  • Rob

    Some tirelessly criticize studies that show Black intelligence to be lower than White but can cite no Black performances that indicate high mean intelligence. Everyday observation together with no evidence that the races are equal disconfirms racial parity.

    If the races are equal in intelligence then there should be evidence that they are; absence of such evidence is itself evidence that the races are not equal.

    The positive relationship between IQ tests, subtests, academic tests and real-world observances demonstrates the existence of a general mental ability. How can there be group or individual differences in intelligence if there is no such trait?

    IQ tests are often dismissed because they were created by Whites. Scales and thermometers were also created by Whites. Should we dismiss their data also?

    Whites are only 6% of the world population but have launched a probe exploring beyond the solar system, have harnessed nuclear power, have unlocked the secrets of DNA and relativity, created computer science…… Blacks still cannot even feed themselves.

    Nowhere Blacks live are they considered achievers. In fact they are universally viewed as unproductive and disruptive to society. Put Whites on an island and you get England. Put Asians on an island and you get Japan. Put Blacks on an island and you get Haiti.

    Show me any community, city or state that is predominantly inhabited and run by Blacks anywhere in the world that is equal or superior to a comparable White one. By their fruits ye shall know them. Show me the fruits of that intelligence.

  • Rob

    Sub-Saharan Africans never even created a written language. It was the White colonialists who gave the gift of reading to them.

    No pre-contact sub-Saharan African society ever created words for abstract ideas, or even created a written language or weaved cloth, invented the wheel or plow, or devised a calendar or system of measurement or complex math (arithmetic, algebra or geometry), built a multi-story structure, bridge or sewer or road or railway nor a sea-worthy vessel, domesticated animals, exploited underground natural resources nor produced anything that could be considered a mechanical device.

    Blacks lived alone in sub-Saharan Africa, a vast continent with temperate climates and abundant resources for 60,000 years. So they cannot blame racism, poverty, imperialism or anything else for their failures. They had a large head-start so they should be the most advanced race. But they are the least advanced race. And in fact they never did develop until they were domesticated by Whites.

    There are three races; Black, White and Asian (and many ethnicities). Anthropologists can identify race simply by observing the shape of the skull. Simply, Asians have Denisovan and Neanderthal DNA, Whites have only Neanderthal DNA and Blacks have neither. Civilization didn’t advance until humans evolved from Blacks by merging with the large-brain Neanderthals. That’s why Blacks’ brains are 5% smaller. Blacks are the only race with no Neanderthal DNA and are also the only race without the derived form of MCPH1 microcephalin called haplogroup D which appeared about 37,000 years ago and is associated with increased brain volume. No modern creations or civilization exists in sub-Saharan Africa that was not brought there by Whites. Blacks have by far the lowest IQs of any race.

  • Rob

    Blacks have mean testosterone levels 19% higher than in whites. Testosterone is associated with impulsive, aggressive and violent behavior.

    Also, people who have a shortened MAOA gene do not produce a protein needed to break down old serotonin in their brains. These people are more likely to be agitated, aggressive, and impulsive. The popular term for this is the “warrior gene” which could be considered propaganda to put a positive spin on those who possess the dysfunctional versions of MAOA.

    Comprehensive Psychiatry published a large study on the rates at which black and white Americans carry shortened, or dysfunctional, MAOA genes.

    The gene can come in the form of 2, 3, 3.5, 4, or 5 allele. A 3-repeat allele is considered dysfunctional and is what is referred to as the “warrior gene” in the video below. A 2-repeat allele is considered very dysfunctional. People with a 2-repeat allele MAOA gene have a permanent chemical imbalance in their brain making the person more likely to be agitated, aggressive, and impulsive.

    According to the study published in Comprehensive Psychiatry, 34.6% of Whites and 53.4% of Blacks have 2-repeat allele or less. However, only .5% of whites have the 2-repeat allele version compared to 4.7% of blacks.

    That means Blacks are 9.4 times more likely to have the extremely dysfunctional version of the gene than Whites. Considering that Black Americans are 9 times more likely to commit murder, this is very significant.

    Other studies have shown even higher rates of occurrence of the 2-repeat (2R) allele version of the gene in Blacks.

    It was discovered that Black males carrying 2R were more likely to be involved in extreme violence (shooting and stabbing) than Black men with other MAOA variants. The relationship between the rare MAOA version and antisocial behaviors has raised eyebrows because, quite simply, this gene is not distributed equally across ethnic groups. In the Add Health database, 5.5% of African American men, 0.9% of Caucasian men, and 0.00067% of Asian men have 2R.

    The association between 2R and committing a shooting or stabbing crime was statistically significant. The MAOA-2R has become a symbol of a new era in behavioral genetics research — an era that has reintroduced race into the nature versus nurture debate over the source of ethnic behavioral differences

    Notes: There are other genes associated with violent and/or impulsive behavior. The MAOA gene is only one of them. However, the effects of a shortened MAOA gene are well documented. The chemical imbalance its creates can be observed in a laboratory.

    Blacks possess 10x more of the dysfunctional MAOA (or “warrior gene”) that is associated with violent and/or impulsive behavior.


    J Natl Med Assoc. Dec 1999; 91(12): 653–660.

    PMCID: PMC2608588

    Racial differences in the androgen/androgen receptor pathway in prostate cancer.

    Black men were found to be exposed to higher circulating testosterone levels from birth to about age 35 years. Collectively, these data strongly suggest racial differences within the androgen/androgen receptor pathway not only exist but could be one cause of clinically observed differences in the biology of prostate cancer among racial groups.


    J Natl Cancer Inst. 1986 Jan;76(1):45-8.

    PMID: 3455741

    Serum testosterone levels in healthy young black and white men.

    Blacks in the United States have the highest prostate cancer rate in the world and nearly twice that of whites in the United States. The 2:1 black-to-white ratio in prostate cancer rates is already apparent at age 45 years, the age at which the earliest prostate cancer cases occur. This finding suggests that the factor(s) responsible for the difference in rates occurs, or first occurs, early in life. Testosterone has been hypothesized to play a role in the etiology of prostate cancer, because testosterone and its metabolite, dihydrotestosterone, are the principal trophic hormones that regulate growth and function of epithelial prostate tissue. Mean testosterone levels in blacks were 19% higher than in whites, and free testosterone levels were 21% higher. Both these differences were statistically significant. A 15% difference in circulating testosterone levels could readily explain a twofold difference in prostate cancer risk.


    Blacks are also prone to extreme alcoholism.

    In a blinded study, 159 subjects composed of nonalcoholics (N = 43), less severe alcoholics (N = 44), severe alcoholics (N = 52) and young children of alcoholics (CoAs, N = 20) were studied for their allelic association with the D2 dopamine receptor (D2DR) gene utilizing peripheral lymphocytes as the DNA source. The combined alcoholic group compared to the nonalcoholic group showed a significantly greater association with the A1 allele of the D2DR gene. Furthermore, an even more robust association was found when severe alcoholics were compared to nonalcoholics. CoAs also showed a significantly greater association with the A1 allele than nonalcoholics but not when compared to alcoholics. Analysis of risk of alcoholism severity suggests that it comprises of two independent components: family history of alcoholism and presence of the A1 allele. Genotype and allelic frequency of the D2DR gene were also analyzed with respect to race. A higher percentage of blacks compared to whites had the A1/A1 genotype, and A1 allelic frequency in the total sample of blacks was significantly greater than in the total sample of whites. Moreover, frequency of the A1 allele was significantly greater in severe alcoholics compared to nonalcoholics in both whites and blacks.

    PMID: 1839129 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

  • Rob

    Would you expect a population of small-brain people to have a higher, lower or equal IQ as compared to a population of large-brain people?


    On the outside, there’s not a lot of difference between Black heads and White ones. There is a slight difference, however, with Whites having the larger heads. But the big difference is in the size of the brain. Blacks have thicker skulls, which means that a higher percentage of their heads is bone instead of brain.

    Blacks are the only race without the derived form of MCPH1 microcephalin called haplogroup D which appeared about 37,000 years ago and is associated with increased brain volume.

    Empirical data obtained from brain weight at autopsy, endocranial volume of empty skulls, head size measurements by the U.S. military and NASA, and two dozen MRI volumetric studies have shown that brain volumes average 1427 cubic centimeters for Whites, but only 1361 cubic centimeters for Blacks.

    In weight measurements, the brains of African Blacks were found to weigh an average of 1157 grams, whereas those of pure Whites weighed an average of 1323 grams. The brains of US-resident Blacks, who have a bit of White mixture in their genetic makeup, average 1223 grams in weight.

    That 100-gram weight difference, between White Americans and US-resident Blacks, corresponds to an approximate 600 million neuron advantage for Whites. In 600 million neurons, there are about 600 billion synapses, each of which carries, as a minimum, one bit of cortical information.

    Also, Whites have a larger genus to splenium ratio (front to back part of corpus callosum), which indicates that Whites probably have more activity in the frontal lobes which are thought to be the seat of intelligence. One study found that White cerebrums exhibited 14% more sulsification, or fissuring, as compared with those of Blacks. So, not only are White brains larger, they are also significantly more complex.

    Blacks also have considerably smaller frontal lobes. Frontal lobes are responsible for planning complex cognitive behavior, personality expression, decision making and moderating social behavior.

    This is a genetic trait because even malnourished Asians from poor countries have a larger brain on average than well fed blacks from western countries.


    Beals, K. L., Smith, C. L., & Dodd, S. M. (1984). Brain size, cranial morphology, climate, and time machines. Current Anthropology 25, 301–330.

    Ho, K. C., Roessmann, U., Straumfjord, J. V., & Monroe, G. (1980). Analysis of brain weight: I and II. Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine 104, 635–645.

    Johnson F. W. & Jensen (1994). Race and sex differences in head size and IQ. Intelligence 18: 309–33

    Rushton JP. (1997). Cranial size and IQ in Asian Americans from birth to age seven. Intelligence 25: 7–20.

    Rushton JP (1991). Mongoloid-Caucasoid differences in brain size from military samples [and NASA]. Intelligence 15: 351–9.

  • Rob

    Google: “National IQ Congo”

    ….then, “IQ Koko the gorilla”


    It is estimated that a minimum IQ of 90 is required just to maintain a technological society.

    The more White a society is the more successful (safe and prosperous) it is.

    The following intelligence scores came from work carried out earlier this decade by Richard Lynn, a British psychologist, and Tatu Vanhanen, a Finnish political scientist, who analysed IQ studies from 113 countries, and from subsequent work by Jelte Wicherts, a Dutch psychologist.

    1 Singapore 108
    2 South Korea 106
    3 Japan 105
    4 Italy 102
    5 Iceland 101
    5 Mongolia 101
    6 Switzerland 101
    7 Austria 100
    7 China 100
    7 Luxembourg 100
    7 Netherlands 100
    7 Norway 100
    7 United Kingdom 100
    8 Belgium 99
    8 Canada 99
    8 Estonia 99
    8 Finland 99
    8 Germany 99
    8 New Zealand 99
    8 Poland 99
    8 Sweden 99
    9 Andorra 98
    9 Australia 98
    9 Czech Republic 98
    9 Denmark 98
    9 France 98
    9 Hungary 98
    9 Latvia 98
    9 Spain 98
    9 United States 98
    10 Belarus 97
    10 Malta 97
    10 Russia 97
    10 Ukraine 97
    11 Moldova 96
    11 Slovakia 96
    11 Slovenia 96
    11 Uruguay 96
    12 Israel 95
    12 Portugal 95
    13 Armenia 94
    13 Georgia 94
    13 Kazakhstan 94
    13 Romania 94
    13 Vietnam 94
    14 Argentina 93
    14 Bulgaria 93
    15 Greece 92
    15 Ireland 92
    15 Malaysia 92
    16 Brunei 91
    16 Cambodia 91
    16 Cyprus 91
    16 Lithuania 91
    16 Thailand 91
    17 Albania 90
    17 Bosnia 90
    17 Chile 90
    17 Croatia 90
    17 Kyrgyzstan 90
    17 Turkey 90
    18 Cook Islands 89
    18 Costa Rica 89
    18 Laos 89
    18 Mauritius 89
    18 Serbia 89
    18 Suriname 89
    19 Ecuador 88
    19 Mexico 88
    19 Samoa 88
    20 Azerbaijan 87
    20 Bolivia 87
    20 Brazil 87
    20 Guyana 87
    20 Indonesia 87
    20 Iraq 87
    20 Myanmar 87
    20 Tajikistan 87
    20 Turkmenistan 87
    20 Uzbekistan 87
    21 Kuwait 86
    21 Philippines 86
    21 Seychelles 86
    21 Tonga 86
    22 Cuba 85
    22 Eritrea 85
    22 Fiji 85
    22 Kiribati 85
    22 Peru 85
    22 Trinidad and Tobago 85
    22 Yemen 85
    23 Afghanistan 84
    23 Bahamas 84
    23 Belize 84
    23 Colombia 84
    23 Iran 84
    23 Jordan 84
    23 Marshall Islands 84
    23 Micronesia 84
    23 Morocco 84
    23 Nigeria 84
    23 Pakistan 84
    23 Panama 84
    23 Paraguay 84
    23 Saudi Arabia 84
    23 Solomon Islands 84
    23 Uganda 84
    23 United Arab Emirates 84
    23 Vanuatu 84
    23 Venezuela 84
    24 Algeria 83
    24 Bahrain 83
    24 Libya 83
    24 Oman 83
    24 New Guinea 83
    24 Syria 83
    24 Tunisia 83
    25 Bangladesh 82
    25 Dominican Republic 82
    25 India 82
    25 Lebanon 82
    25 Madagascar 82
    25 Zimbabwe 82
    26 Egypt 81
    26 Honduras 81
    26 Maldives 81
    26 Nicaragua 81
    27 Barbados 80
    27 Bhutan 80
    27 El Salvador 80
    27 Kenya 80
    28 Guatemala 79
    28 Sri Lanka 79
    28 Zambia 79
    29 Congo 78
    29 Nepal 78
    29 Qatar 78
    30 South Africa 77
    31 Cape Verde 76
    31 Congo 76
    31 Mauritania 76
    31 Senegal 76
    32 Mali 74
    32 Namibia 74
    33 Ghana 73
    34 Tanzania 72
    35 Central African Republic 71
    35 Grenada 71
    35 Jamaica 71
    35 St Vincent, Grenadines 71
    35 Sudan 71
    36 Antigua, Barbuda 70
    36 Benin 70
    36 Botswana 70
    36 Rwanda 70
    36 Togo 70
    37 Burundi 69
    37 Cote d’Ivoire 69
    37 Ethiopia 69
    37 Malawi 69
    37 Niger 69
    38 Angola 68
    38 Burkina Faso 68
    38 Chad 68
    38 Djibouti 68
    38 Somalia 68
    38 Swaziland 68
    39 Dominica 67
    39 Guinea 67
    39 Guinea-Bissau 67
    39 Haiti 67
    39 Lesotho 67
    39 Liberia 67
    39 Saint Kitts 67
    39 Sao Tome 67
    40 Gambia 66
    41 Cameroon 64
    41 Gabon 64
    41 Sierra Leone 64
    41 Mozambique 64
    42 Saint Lucia 62
    43 Equatorial Guinea 59

  • Rob


    The dome of the Asian skull is round and the face is flat. Although the Caucasian skull is a bit longer, it is very similar to the Asian skull, indicating that the Asians and Caucasians did not separate into two races all that long ago, or that there was interbreeding between their lineages.

    The African skull is quite different from the Asian and Caucasian skulls, indicating a much greater genetic distance between Eurasians and Africans than between Europeans and Asians. Compared to Asian and Caucasian skulls, the African skull is narrower. The bones of the skull (and the rest of the body) are denser and thicker. The eye sockets are rounder and proportionately larger and the distance between them is greater. The slight bump at the top of the head suggests a “saggital keel,” a ridge along the top of the head from the forehead to the back of the skull for attaching chewing muscles and strengthening the skull from blows received in fighting. The opening for the nose is wider, the nose bones protrude less, and the teeth more massive, with the incisors meeting at an angle.

    The most noticeable difference is the protruding jaw, a condition known as “prognathism,” a trait found in apes and in ancient human fossil skulls, even those not from Africa. The considerable gap between the cheekbones (“zygomatic arches”) and the indentation on the sides behind the eye sockets (“post-orbital constriction”) indicate that the more massive jaw was serviced by powerful chewing muscles that passed through the gap.

    At birth, Africans have fewer cranial bones than Eurasians. The skull bones (and other bones) in Africans are thicker and denser, even in the fetus, making them more difficult to break, which is an aid in head butting and fighting as blows to the head can easily be fatal. Some anthropologists believe skulls got thicker about 1.6 to 1.8 million years ago when erectus developed clubs as weapons, resulting in more cracked skulls. Denser bones (and less fat) make Africans less buoyant and less capable swimmers, but reduce their susceptibility to osteoporosis.

    The long, narrow skull of the Africans (dolichocephalic) loses heat the fastest and the more spherical skull of the Asians (brachycephalic) better retains heat. Comparing black, white, and Northeast Asian (Mongol) skulls, the black skull is more simian as it is long and narrow. The white and Mongol skulls are rounder and about the same size, but the cheek bones flair out more on the Mongol skull. There is a correlation of 0.37 between cranial capacity and the cephalic index, i.e., the long, narrow skulls of Africans have a smaller cranial capacity.

    The African skulls are very different from the skulls of all the other populations, even the Australian aborigines. The Black skull is smaller, with less space in the forehead, but proportionately more at the back.

    The difference between Eurasians and Africans in their nasal spines is dramatic. The anterior nasal spine is a small bone that extends outward from the middle of the base of the nasal cavity; it supports a nose that protrudes. The nasal spine is prominent in Caucasians, less so in Asians and small or absent in Africans. The race of a skull can be determined by placing a pen across the base of the nasal cavity. If the pen is held in place by the nasal spine, the skull is Caucasian; if it rolls off, the skull is African; chimpanzees and gorillas also lack a true anterior nasal spine.

    Simian prognathism (a protruding jaw with a recessed nose) is a very primitive trait that is characteristic of apes. A jutting jaw is needed if the teeth are large, plus it is an advantage in fighting as it permits a bigger bite and makes the eyes less vulnerable.

    Prognathism, the absence of “facial flatness” can be measured by means of the facial angle, the slope of the face from the forehead to the jaws. The facial angle is 70° for the “Black” (i.e., Congoids); H. habilis and H. erectus also have a facial angle of about 70°. An angle of 60° has been given for the Hottentots and Bushmen, and 66.6° for the Australian aborigines below the nose. Orangutans have a facial angle of 58°. A facial angle of 100° as the epitome of beauty. Africans have “remarkable prognathism.”

    A protruding jaw is usually associated with a sloping forehead which indicates a smaller prefrontal cortex, the area of the brain that handles planning, inhibition, and self control. Thus, the absence of prognathism is seen as less bestial and an indication of higher intelligence.

    In Eurasians, the upper teeth usually overlap the lower incisors, but in Africans the upper incisors are mounted in the jaw at an angle and project forward so that they meet the lower at an angle. The gorilla’s teeth meet at an even greater angle. African teeth are more primitive than Eurasian teeth and there are many other differences in their structures.

    A larger diameter pelvis will be selected for if baby head size, and therefore brain size, increases. Africans, with the smallest skulls, also have the smallest pelvis and give birth more easily. Pelvic measurements can be used not only to distinguish males from females, but even American white males from American black males, with about 75% accuracy.

    The sacral index is the breadth of the sacrum (the five fused vertebrae that are connected to the pelvis) as a percentage of its length. Walking upright increased the sacral index, enabling the sacrum to better support the internal organs, so a low sacral index is more primitive and a high sacral index is more modern. As usual, Blacks are closest to the apes. Note that the Blacks and the Andamenese are close together, especially for the females. The hips of blacks are also narrower, which makes walking and running more efficient for them. Overall Europeans have the highest sexual dimorphism, even before birth, and Asians the lowest.

    Vertebrae can also be used to help determine race. A “simian notch,” a much narrower second sacral vertebra, that is much narrower laterally than the first or third vertebrae, is characteristic of pongids [apes] and is frequent in Africans, among whom it appears to be a primary character.

    The heel bone projects more in Africans and differs in length, breadth, shape, and position, giving Africans a greater ability to sprint and jump. This is one reason why Africans excel in sports that require jumping. African feet are flatter and there is more separation between the first and second toes.

  • johnnyboyjohn

    Kanye embodies pretty much everything I totally dislike in black men and leaves zero for me to have anything positive to say about him. I have to give him credit, that’s a pretty difficult thing to do.

  • johnnyboyjohn

    Kanye embodies pretty much everything I totally dislike in black men and leaves zero for me to have anything positive to say about him. I have to give him credit, that’s a pretty difficult thing to do.

  • johnnyboyjohn

    Yeah, that pretty much tells you this guy is so completely marinated in Narcissist Juice that there’s zero hope for his offspring.

  • johnnyboyjohn

    Yeah, that pretty much tells you this guy is so completely marinated in Narcissist Juice that there’s zero hope for his offspring.