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Kylie Jenner Has Blue Hair Again - See the New Photos!

Kylie Jenner Has Blue Hair Again - See the New Photos!

Kylie Jenner shows off her brand new look while arriving at the Bellami Beauty Bar on Thursday night (July 9) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 17-year-old reality star just dyed her hair back to blue and rocked the new style on the carpet. She also showed off a whole lot of cleavage in a risque white jumpsuit.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kylie Jenner

It appears that Kylie‘s older sister Kendall Jenner might have been at the event as well as she shared a photo of the star’s new look on Instagram.

“babe, you’re blue,” Kendall captioned the photo. See it below!

FYI: Kylie is wearing a Max Azria Atelier jumpsuit.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Kylie Jenner going back to blue hair?

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kylie jenner has blue hair again 01
kylie jenner has blue hair again 02
kylie jenner has blue hair again 03
kylie jenner has blue hair again 04
kylie jenner has blue hair again 05
kylie jenner has blue hair again 06
kylie jenner has blue hair again 07
kylie jenner has blue hair again 08
kylie jenner has blue hair again 09
kylie jenner has blue hair again 10
kylie jenner has blue hair again 11
kylie jenner has blue hair again 12
kylie jenner has blue hair again 13
kylie jenner has blue hair again 14
kylie jenner has blue hair again 15
kylie jenner has blue hair again 16
kylie jenner has blue hair again 17
kylie jenner has blue hair again 18
kylie jenner has blue hair again 19
kylie jenner has blue hair again 20
kylie jenner has blue hair again 21
kylie jenner has blue hair again 22
kylie jenner has blue hair again 23
kylie jenner has blue hair again 24
kylie jenner has blue hair again 25
kylie jenner has blue hair again 26
kylie jenner has blue hair again 27
kylie jenner has blue hair again 28
kylie jenner has blue hair again 29
kylie jenner has blue hair again 30
kylie jenner has blue hair again 31

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Joolz

    Does this girl have nothing better to do than dye her hair every week? Get a job!

  • Hazel


  • dalovelee

    she looks like a hard 30 year old.

  • Chelsea

    Disgusting. She doesn’t even look human.

  • Caryn Carrington

    Well fake lips, fake boobs, obvious plastic surgery–so who is surprised by blue hair?

  • Nicola

    The hair is the least scandalous thing about her. She’s unrecognizable at this point and she hasn’t even turned 18.

  • Jonathan 100

    Check out this talented singer

  • Nightwish

    So… lip injections, the side of her jaw sanded down, and a probable nose job on her. What else? Friggin Phony family. Anyone want to get famous? Just have HORRIBLE and narcissitic values as a family, find a way to grap the medias attention and they will promote you to kingdom come.

  • LAGreggs


  • j k

    An Underage Slut Has Blue Hair Again

  • rani

    lady is a tramp #smh

  • MollyBD

    Poor kid is only 17 and she’s redone herself into a life-sized plastic doll. So sad, because she looks like a 40 yr old streetwalker. Who is her pimp?

  • Exposed

    Omg – all of this family has had so much plastic surgery that they all look alike! If I was her mother, I would be so embarrassed. What child dresses like this and destroys their face? She looks ridiculous! Kris and Bruce have failed this young lady.

  • Exposed

    She had her chin done obviously & her butt

  • Guest

    Pimp? That’s an easy one: who else but Kris? Easily winning Mother of the Century awards with her qualmless approach to leading her own kids to a complete lack of reflection on life.

    At the rate that this family is breeding with partners with equally profound intellects and noble values in life, in 1,000,000 years, they’re going to trace the ancestry of the global population and find that Kris Jenner is the genetic matriarch of the stupidest bottom 10% of the global population, the percentage responsible for public lewdness, tacky bling bling style, and sex tapes.

  • hunny

    Your first choice justjared Find Here

  • Rose Vasquez

    She looks so plastic!! Fake lips, fake boobs, fake tan … WHERE ARE THIS GIRLS PARENTS????? ANd BTW, fire your makeup artist NOW!!! You already look like the postergirl for underage plastic surgery teen edition — whats with the racoon eyes???

  • jh7058622

    They say when an underage slut gets blue hair an angel dies…

  • nicky

    She looks like oompa loompa

  • Silvia

    A 17 year old girl should not look like that, Miss Slut.

  • justno

    Is she morphing into Kim ? Wait, what is happening here ..

  • carolina diaz

    Does she got a boob job? her boobs months ago looked natural and now they look bigger. I think is a push up bra.

  • carolina diaz

    pimp? Kris jenner and tyga.

  • carolina diaz

    i’m sorry for the angel. lol

  • Pawesl

    its clearly not a push up bra when the entire front of it is open down the middle and you can clearly see she isnt wearing a bra

  • carolina diaz

    But there are some push up bras, that are made of silicone or gel. and they stick to your skin and you can push your boobs up and is transparent. Well they are really popular here in Europe, i don’t know about the US.

  • Jenny from the flop

    Jared youre so stupid. She didnt dye it. Its a lace wig

  • Rhonda

    She looks like a hooker (cheap hooker)

  • AnitaC24

    She’s evolved into Lil Kim — the rapper — with a touch of big, lard-ass Kim!

  • AliceAMonday

    Some New Features with justjared….. Go To Next Page

  • Leyzzle S

    her own mother

  • Leyzzle S

    Is there any possibility of this being just a wig ??? Please say yes.

  • Exposed

    She’s so fake…..she’s there to promote her hair extension line, but she’s not even wearing extensions she’s wearing a wig!!! Stupid look for any age. Try natural hair color and makeup. Cover your body. Do something noteworthy. Then you will stand out. Too many under dressed extremes. Hollyweirdos trying too hard. If anyone has her on snap chat, you’ll know how self obsessed she is. Videos of JUST her face, her boobs, herself singing tone deaf into the camera…

  • chanchansun

    She’s a mix of Little Kim-aka the rapper, and Big booty sis Kim! LMFAO!! WTF is she doing to herself? Jeezus.

  • girl93

    well if she has lip procedures when she was a teen, don’t be shocked if she has a boob job. IMO I think she has, but if she hasn’t she will have one in the future. I hate all the Kardashians/Jenners family but I have to admit that the only one with natural beauty is Kendall Jenner.

  • person

    I think Kylie is pretty but— I do feel badly for her. Because at only 17 she already thinks she isn’t pretty enough unless she gets lip injections on a regular basis. I imagine those have to hurt. And her self esteem must be low- her whole family has lots of plastic surgeries. Growing up in the public eye seems not fun. But still, she is only 17 and thinks she has to have plastic surgery. At some point those lip injections will get too painful to sustain- and I hope she can move into a place of self love and self acceptance. Kylie- you are beautiful without the lip injections– you don’t need to harm yourself to be beautiful or worthy,

  • Cheryl

    I totally agree. She looks too old to be so young.

  • Cheryl


  • siennagold

    damn what the heck happened to her. she doesn’t look like a teen anymore. more like following the footsteps of courtney stodden.

  • deusexmachina

    Nothing about her screams that she was just 17 years old she looks like a 40 year old woman a MILF actually. . WHY IS SHE SO IN A HURRY TO BE A MATRON?

  • Ana

    There are grown women 10, 20 plus years her senior who look younger than her. Too many fillers, spray tan and trashy nails and clothes on this child. Her implants are too large for her body and she’s such a desperate attention seeker. Her parents should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Michael Lambretti

    Orange Smurf.

  • Michael Lambretti

    She is as shallow and dumb as they come. Fake tan, fake lips, botox,fake boobs, butt implants, nose job, chin job, false lashes, brow lift to give her that vacant doll doe eyed look. Wig and colored contacts and veneers round out this wax figure.

  • Michael Lambretti

    She is pretty $500,000 later with $100,000 a year upkeep. Guarantee she’ll go overboard and look like a freak when she hits 30.

  • Michael Lambretti

    It’s a cheap halloween wig from Duane Reade. Not her real hair. But nothing on this tramp is real. fake, lips, boobs, butt, lashes,brow lift, nose job, botox, fillers, fake tan and gobs and gobs of makeup.


    Looks like someone wants to be the next Rachel Dolezal.

  • lala

    She has just screwed her face up so bad. She doesn’t even look like herself here.

  • D.j. Davito


  • D.j. Davito

    The MOTHER pimps all her children. She is the worst!!!

  • AngiePangie21

    I like the blue hair- this is the best tutorial for anyone wanting to get or curling “the BOB” hairstyle