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Diego Boneta Teases His Party Trick in Tonight's 'Scream Queens' (JJ Portrait Session)

Diego Boneta Teases His Party Trick in Tonight's 'Scream Queens' (JJ Portrait Session)

Diego Boneta is pure sex appeal in this exclusive photo from our new Just Jared Portrait Session.

The 24-year-old Mexican actor stars in Fox’s new cult series Scream Queens from creator Ryan Murphy and he’s already made his mark with a hot shirtless scene in the premiere episode.

Diego plays the role of Pete, a dark and mysterious barista who is against the Greek system and works with Skyler Samuels‘ character to bring down Chanel (Emma Roberts). His favorite scene to shoot in the series will air in tonight’s episode and he gave us the lowdown on what to expect.

“In episode four, Ryan found out that I have an impression that I do,” Diego told us in our exclusive interview. “I have one party trick and that’s it. But it’s a pretty good one. And in episode four, you guys will see that party trick. It’s an impression that I make, and he wrote it into the script.”

Make sure to tune in to Scream Queens tonight at 9/8c on Fox!

Click inside to read our exclusive interview with Diego Boneta…

Diego Boneta Interview – Exclusive

Just Jared: How did you land your role on Scream Queens?

Diego Boneta: Five years ago – 2010 – season two of Glee. I tested for the role of Sam, which Chord Overstreet ended up getting. We actually became good friends. Thanks to that tape, Adam Shankman, who also directed Glee, saw it and that’s the reason why he wanted to read me for Rock of Ages. I ended up getting Rock of Ages thanks to that tape. And then five years later, Scream Queens came along. I’m like, oh yeah, Ryan [Murphy], I remember meeting him for the test. I was like, he’s never going to remember me, there’s no way. It’s been five years. It was President’s Day weekend, I’m in Mammoth skiing with my family. I get the audition from my agents, and I asked my sister, “Hey, I got this thing, I’m not going to be able to go in, do you mind taping me?” “Ugghhh, fine, okay. No more than thirty minutes, and you have two takes.” I was like, damn, okay, okay. Didn’t even shower. I woke up, bedhead, probably worse than what I have now. And we do two takes, I sent in the second tape, and two days later I get a call from Ryan. He was like, “Diego, I remember you from the Glee thing.” I was like that’s crazy. And he told me about the project, it’s super secretive, there’s no script, nothing. He tells me about my role, and I was just honored and flattered to be a part of Ryan’s next thing. I think his genius is taking something that’s so out there, something that no one would think of, and then transforming it into a trendsetting idea.

JJ: Who have you bonded with the most on set?

DB: Well, most of my scenes have been with Skyler Samuels, and I feel like we’ve developed a cool friendship. We bother each other a lot, kind of like brother and sister. We have a lot of fun doing our stuff. I’d say Jamie Lee [Curtis], even though we’ve had few scenes together, there was a very cool chemistry right off the bat. She is an amazing woman, and such a pro, and a class act. And in the beginning, she was like, “Oh, I saw Rock of Ages with my son.” She was so friendly and we hit it right off the bat. But I feel like, what’s cool with this cast, is that it’s mainly a young cast, mainly female. So I feel very lucky to be surrounded by beautiful, talented women all the time.

JJ: Can you tell us more about your character?

DB: Pete is a bit of a rebel. He’s anti the whole Greek system, he hates Chanel (Emma Roberts) and fraternities. He’s a confident, blue collar guy; doesn’t have the kind of money that other characters have. He’s an investigative reporter who runs the school paper. He’s super passionate about his job and about seeking the truth. He thinks that he’s solving the world’s problems.He’s a bit of the romantic hero. He falls for Skyler’s character and they have a pretty funny thing going on because it’s kind of awkward when they’re together. But Pete is not just the boy next door – there’s something dark, edgy and mysterious to him.

JJ: What’s been your favorite scene to shoot so far?

DB: In episode four, Ryan found out that I have an impression that I do. I have one party trick and that’s it. But it’s a pretty good one. You guys will see that party trick. It’s an impression that I make, and he wrote it into the script. Recently I had a scene with Jamie Lee, which was very cool. I love when we do scenes together.

JJ: Have you had any scenes with any of the other male characters or is it mainly with just the women?

DB: There’s very few guys. I mean, Nick [Jonas], who’s a guest star, Glen [Powell]. Glen and I are roommates.

JJ: In real life?

DB: Yeah, so that’s like another TV show in itself. First week of shooting, production went crazy because we were cooking, and I was cutting an avocado, and I lost an epic battle. I got ten stitches in my hand. So that’s the adventures of Diego and Glen right there. Pete and Chad, who’s Glen’s character, they’re complete opposites. He’s the frat star, and I hate that. I wish that there were scenes with us. Just because we are polar opposites, I think it’d be funny.

JJ: What’s your favorite prop from set?

DB: When we were doing the promo shoot, they had all these weapons like kives. I immediately went for the axe because I’m a huge American Psycho fan and that scene with Jared Leto. On the show, there’s a funny break-in scene in the premiere episode, he has a very sophisticated prop.

JJ: Has anyone done anything like a prank to make you scream on set?

DB: Well, when I cut my hand cutting that avocado, I definitely, you know… But no one did that, I did that to myself. No, no one else has made me scream. I don’t normally scream when I get scared. I’ll start cussing in Spanish.

JJ: Can you tease your upcoming solo music?

DB: I’m really excited about this because this is something I’ve been working on pretty much right after Rock of Ages. And it’s been really hard because you can’t be in two places at the same time. I’ve been working on acting projects, and I’ve been shooting far away. Scream Queens is the first project that I shot in the states in the last two years. So it’s been really hard to make that work. But now, finally, I’m so happy. It’s timed perfectly with Scream Queens. The first single is going to be called, “The Hurt,” and it’s a song that I wrote. The sound of my single is Top 40 pop with some throwback sounds. Some throwback rock ‘n’ roll sounds with modern beats in the vein of Bruno Mars and The Black Keys.

JJ: Do you have an album that’s going to come out too?

DB: It’s an EP of six songs, but we’re not going to come out with the EP right off the bat. It’ll be singles every month to six weeks with a video, just to keep putting out content for the fans. It’s very heavy on the social media side of things. We just want to be putting out content with videos. Also, it’s been a while since I’ve released anything. So it’s reminding the fans that know, and informing the ones that don’t know, that I’m a singer. It’s how I started in this business!

JJ: What kind of music have you been listening to lately?

DB: My playlist is anything from Elvis, to Frank Sinatra, to Hozier, to Disclosure, to Fitz and the Tantrums. Lately, I love “Dangerous” by David Guetta. I listen to a lot of The Weeknd, I love The Weeknd.

JJ: Any movies or TV shows that you’re into these days?

DB: I saw Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, which I loved. And after working with Tom [Cruise], he’s just the man. He’s a very humble guy, very hard working guy. I have to see Straight Outta Compton. I’ve been watching Ray Donovan. I want to watch Narcos, which is on Netflix. I’ve been mainly watching Ray Donovan.

JJ: Who’s your celebrity crush?

DB: I’d say Candice Swanepoel. I have a few. (laughs) There’s something about Brazilian girls, so I will say Alessandra Ambrosio. Katy Perry too. I mean, I’ve known her for a while now. I’m very happy for her and for her success. I think she’s beautiful. You know who else I really like? Emma Watson. I’ve never met her, but I think she’s a very smart girl. And to me, I think with that kind of stuff, being an actor, you can meet a lot of very beautiful women. But the ones that are actually really smart, that have a personality, that are funny, that are passionate, to me that makes them even more beautiful.

JJ: What’s a typical day off like for you?

DB: I can’t remember the last time I had a day off. If I have a day off, I’ll go to the gym. I will definitely have sushi whether it’s for lunch or dinner. I love sushi. I’ll watch a movie, have dinner, hang out with friends, tequila will definitely be involved. And if it’s more than a day off, I love to travel.

JJ: What is your favorite place that you’ve been to?

DB: I love Mexico because that’s where I’m from, but my favorite city, whenever I need to recharge, I love Paris. I get very inspired while I’m there. There’s so much art and culture, and Paris, before New York, that was the capital of the world. And I love history too, so I go there. It does something special to me.

Make sure to watch Scream Queens every Tuesday night at 9/8c on Fox!

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