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Jennifer Aniston Has a Nightmare About Flying Coach in Emirates Commercial

Jennifer Aniston Has a Nightmare About Flying Coach in Emirates Commercial

It has probably been a long time since Jennifer Aniston has had to fly coach and it seems that doing just that is the source of her worst nightmares!

In a new commercial for Emirates, the 46-year-old actress is seen wearing a robe while asking the flight attendants where the shower on the plane is and to direct her to the bar.

When told that the plane features neither of those features, Jennifer is seen going into a daze and then wakes up in the first class bed of an Emirates flight. Watch below!

Emirates A380 featuring Jennifer Aniston
Just Jared on Facebook
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  • arwa

    I don’t think she has a nightmare flying coach. I guess her nightmares are about flying in any commercial airline operating in the U.S.

  • craigwilson

    I never flew 1st Class, but my wife has and my kids at age 12 and 8, they ‘ accidentally” got bumped to 1st Class on a flight LA to Germany, they were very late to the airport, and the only seats were 1st class, so, at no extra charge they got it !!!! Very funny, Jen Aniston!!! voted nicest ” derrierre” in Hollywood yrs ago,,, I agree !!! CW ignore the photo it is not me, photo is ???

  • kellyf

    JJ’s imbecility continues. She didn’t have a dream she was flying coach, she dreamt she was on another airline.

  • Jeff

    How many products can she promote? She must have to worry about money. She’s an actress right? Maybe it time she gets a new team. Doesn’t Selena keep saying she has the same team now. Poor Selena is this what she has to look forward to?

  • Nox

    I was sure the first seconds of this commercial
    are from the “Friends”.
    Jen looks so young !

  • Joy B Angie

    “Emirates” has a good taste.

  • Gala

    Good job…she is so lovely…

  • Ethery

    Congratulations for her doing this commercial of all people she did this.
    Two great films from great directors and writers are coming, The Yellow Birds, The Comedian, What Alice Forgot… hope these projects will make her happy.
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  • Ethery

    I like BP as a person, he is so beautiful that I wish I see him and Sam W in heaven. I respect his wife as a person too I just don’t know her that much, except for like BeyoncĂ©, she was known to be a member of the Illuminati in show business. By the way my only fave actress is Jen A and I don’t like action movies.

    Did you notice America’s Sweetheart avatar is very cute – the dog. We three, America’s Sweetheart, you Nox and me have one thing in common, we prefer pets as avatars. While JBA and DRF both shares an airy taste on their avatars.

    It is possible for me never to watch mainstream movies anymore,
    except for my Kryptonite, Jen A rom coms and drama films.
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  • Nox

    Jen eats chicken and eggs – she is not a vegan.
    But she has a happy life.
    Can you explain it, Ethery ?

  • Ethery

    How do you know that she eats organic roasted chicken at Wholefoods?

    She is happy being married.

    Don’t worry about it Nox.
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    You know what, I want to see 100 year old Jen A performs the Rachel role at Golden Friends the movie. Being a vegan would surely get her pass 100 years of age.

    If Selena G had lupus please let her stop getting vaccines or flu shots. Let her stop eating sprouts and she needs to use occasional beans or legumes if she is already a vegan. Though a vegan could help she needs to rinse the legumes over and over again with distilled water so that the enzymes of these soaked legumes will not be part of her food. But it is much better from vegetables and grains combination for complete protein intake for the day. The grain millet is a complete protein, sweet potato or potato is a complete protein, Goji berries a fruit with complete protein on it already. Bake, boil at low heat or steam when you cook vegan food. Never use refined oil. Use whole grains or whole foods and avoid eating processed foods.
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