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Kerry Washington, Viola Davis, & Ellen Pompeo Endorse Hillary Clinton in New Video!

Kerry Washington, Viola Davis, & Ellen Pompeo Endorse Hillary Clinton in New Video!

Kerry Washington, Viola Davis, and Ellen Pompeo are speaking out in support of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in this new video that aired on ABC.

The three ladies star on producer Shonda Rhimes‘ TGIT shows and Scandal‘s Tony Goldwyn directed the clip.

“Every day I wake up and play a brilliant, complex, overqualified, get-it-done woman, who obsessively fights for justice, who cares, who gives a voice to the voiceless, who gets knocked down and always gets back up,” the three ladies say in the video. “I make television filled with the kinds of characters I imagine we all can be. Strong but flawed, human but extraordinary. Our characters are on television but the real world… The real world has Hillary Clinton. A bonafide, rolls up her sleeves, fights for what’s right, in it for you, won’t back down, champion for all of us. That’s why I’m with Hillary. Join us.”

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  • millerz

    I’m a woman and just because SHE’s a woman does not mean I’ll ever vote for her! She’s done a LOT of f’d up and shady stuff. Why would I want her as president. YIKES! All these women I respect endorsing her just makes me cringe.

  • Wendy

    Mmmm no thanks. I prefer not to vote for a person who should be in prison.

  • Wendy


  • dalovelee

    Uh nooo. Hillary is all about Wall Street. She’s a liar and she’s not going to do a damn thing for the working poor. This idiot idea that because she’s a woman she’s going to look after women? Or people of color? NO she will not. She’s as power hungry and deceitful as one can get. What successful policies can she say she has create..ObamaCare? That’s the worst joke on the middle class if ever there was one..

  • dalovelee

    Absolutely agree. I wonder if those actresses felt compelled to side with her because their boss Shonda endorses her.

  • Mike1288

    She can really claim any success. She even chose to run in a senate race where there was no competition. I am half asian and I would never vote for someone just because they were asian. To insinuate it is just demeaning to woman.

  • Dimme

    She stayed with a man who privately and publicly humiliated her their whole marriage all for political power, great message to send to girls. Women can’t do it on their own,
    shove your dignity, self-respect real deep down and stay with the sexual predator you’re married to.

    I can’t think of a politician in my lifetime who is more owned by big money then her. From tech giants to WallStreet and even foreign interests.

    So telling how corrupt America’s gotten just watch the democrats nomination process, be more truthful if they called it a coronation, doesn’t matter if she wins or loses she’ll get the delegate lead.

    The head of the CIA a few years ago had to resign for sending a email to his mistress on his government server but Killary has literally had hundreds of top secret and thousands of government emails sent to her private server, which easily get hack and did or blackmailed.

    She didn’t have resign or get fired ..nope … She running for a promotion.

  • today

    Ugly women looking for attention, hehehehehe

  • Angela Salvador

    As a woman, I find this ad especially offensive. Team Shonda and Team Hillary are shamelessly pandering to what they must be hoping is zero intelligence on my part—not to mention the assumption that I fully admire, adore, idolize and look to guidance from people who play FICTIONAL characters and read lines that are written for them. (It’s also disgustingly manipulative of those who DO look up to/live through these characters).

    Come on, ladies. In the real world, Hillary Clinton is in it for HERSELF and fights for whatever corporations are PAYING her to do so.

    FACT: Clinton has raised millions in corporate campaign contributions, particularly from her buddies on Wall Street. Therefore, she will always put corporate interests first; not the interests of the people. Hillary can whine all she wants about how she told Wall Street to “cut it out,” (and align herself with Obama because “he also took money”), but words are one thing; action is another. And I don’t see very many of the people behind America’s financial melt-down behind bars—despite what she OR Obama have said about that.

    And contrary to what our deluded Democratic party believes and or wants you to believe, Hillary cannot win against the Republicans. Just WAIT ’til they really drag out all the SCANDAL on she and hubby. Sure, there’s the little FBI thing hanging around them (and Bill’s latest: illegal campaigning and poll blocking), but that’s just the tip of an iceberg built from layers upon layers of corruption. Do a little search on Youtube for “Hillary Clinton, A Career Criminal” – good example of a never-ending list the Republicans are going to have a field day with. Because in the real world, she and Bill may be the experts on HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER … but they can’t get away with it forever.

    Then, of course, there’s the list of rape accusations against Billy (and the bullying of his accusers by Hillary). I’m not talking about Ms. Flowers, Ms. Jones or Ms. Lewinsky. There is a list of actual rape/assault/harassment allegations against him—and the Missus has played a real-life role in covering it up. Keep in mind: another “beloved” Bill fell very far from grace quite recently following ONE simple joke by some obscure comedian. So, again, just THINK of what the GOP can do with all of that. SERIOUSLY? SERIOUSLY.

    But there’s even more as to why Hillary cannot and will not defeat a Republican as our nominee: She does not bring out the younger voters, and she does not motivate new voters. Plus, Independents and Moderates aren’t going to vote for her.

    All that said, I’m going to vote for a candidate who isn’t bought and paid for by corporate interests; a candidate who is beholden to the people; a candidate who actually CAN make a difference in the REAL world. That candidate is Bernie Sanders. Bernie will champion free education and free healthcare for ALL; proper care for veterans; civil rights … plus so much more. And, yes, he CAN make it happen, because REAL people will stand up with him – and they are turning out to vote like never before. –Which means more seats in Congress … which means unlocking Congress. Now THAT’s McDreamy.

    OH, and just to be clear: I am not a troll. But I AM a woman who is going to vote based on issues, a candidate’s authenticity and integrity; not just for sisterhood. And it’s not like I didn’t vote for a Clinton in the past – but – things aren’t working in our country, anymore, with establishment politics. It’s simply time for a new approach.

  • FrenchGirl

    Between Hilary and Trump,i would choose Hilary .
    she is not perfect but she is competent and not crazy.Trump is more a crazy troll and looks the politician guy in Dead Zone
    Between a flu and Ebola,I always choose the flu

  • Gina

    Bernie Sanders needs more celeb supporters because I am not ok with this.

  • Wendy

    He has a few, they just don’t get mentioned because the media is ridiculous. Seth MacFarlane, Sarah Silverman, Danny Devito, Mark Ruffalo and Susan Sarandon to name a few.

  • Wendy