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'Glee' Cast & Crew React to Mark Salling's Death

'Glee' Cast & Crew React to Mark Salling's Death

The cast and crew of the beloved musical series Glee is speaking out to remember Mark Salling, who passed away today (January 30) from an apparent suicide.

This is the second death to rock the Glee family, following Cory Monteith‘s tragic death back in July 2013 from a drug overdose.

Matthew Morrison, Jane Lynch, and Jenna Ushkowitz are among the stars of the series who have commented on Mark‘s death so far.

Mark‘s death comes just over a month after he plead guilty for possession of child pornography. He was awaiting his sentencing, which was set to take place in March.

We will update this post when more cast members speak out to remember their late co-star.

Click inside to read what the cast is saying…

Glee Cast & Crew React to Mark Salling’s Death – Read Below

Matthew Morrison: He posted a photo of him sandwiched between Mark and Cory. “😇😔😇,” Matt captioned the photo. He used angel emojis on either side of a sad face emoji. The angels are in reference to the two late actors.

Jane Lynch: The Emmy-winning actress spoke to TMZ after the death was reported. “It’s sad. Very tragic,” she said. When asked how she would remember Mark, she responded, “As the guy who made that really sweet video at the beginning of Glee when he was so happy to be apart [of it.] It’s tragic and I’m broken-hearted over it.” She also retweeted a tweet from vocal coach Tim Davis, which you can read below.

Jenna Ushkowitz: She commented with a heart on Matthew’s Instagram post. She also retweeted Paris Barclay’s tweet, which you can see below.

Iqbal Theba: The actor who played Principal Figgins tweeted, “Oh Mark.” He later added another message.

Paris Barclay: The frequent Glee director tweeted, “It’s a painful loss, again. Two young actors, lost too soon. RIP #marksalling.”

Tim Davis: The show’s vocal coach wrote the below tweets.

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  • cinemaniac

    Yeah well no one is without sin for sure but let’s say there are levels of sin. Maybe no need to talk cruelly too but angel emoji is too much sorry. Not every broken man, victim of abuse turning into a monster. Let’s call Weinstein back, maybe he was a broken man too. You know what they do pedophiles in the prison. And no one commented about the crimes he is involved from gLee but they are commenting on his suicide. His crime was sickly disgusting.

  • GeniusBrunette

    there are no levels of sin. sin is sin. yes, he did something wrong but he killed himself. there is nothing wrong with having compassion. we have no right to pass judgment

  • David Parkes

    “Having compassion for #MarkSalling in no way minimizes his crimes.” Except it kinda does, anyone who does what he did does NOT deserve your compassion or sympathy, no matter how much you might’ve liked him onscreen.

  • Kelley

    fucking hollywood. so out of touch. he’s a fucking monster. no sympathy only for those poor children. he can rot

  • werd

    There are no levels of sin? So cheating on a math test is just as bad as murder?

  • quartzoup

    A mere math test and how you choose to solve it, is not a sin. Perhaps you need to have more life experiences, that way you won’t mistake “wrong” for “sin”. See, you’re mixing shit up. sins are against divine law.

  • werd

    Way to completely miss my point.

  • ShellBell

    So now we are getting the ‘He did it because he MIGHT have been abused’ crap. If he was then maybe he should have thought about what he went through before he started downloading all of those images. One or two would have been bad enough but it was over 50,000 and he was only stopped because he was arrested. The only sympathy I have is for all the kids who had their lives ruined just so sick assholes like him could get a thrill.

  • ShellBell

    Something wrong?…he had over 50,000 images of children being abused and raped. I’d say that’s a little bit more than him doing something wrong.

  • GeniusBrunette

    yes it is. a murderer is not any different from a thief or an adulterer

  • quartzoup

    you had no point, just an opinion, and it was wrong.

  • soyeahsowhat

    his family deserves it though. you can be a mass murderer and still have a family that will love you. and what he did probably stemmed from mental issues/instability so having no compassion for him means you have no compassion for people who suffer from inbalanced mental states

  • David Parkes

    Except for the fact that if you do a quick google search on him you can find that he had a pretty good upbringing/ no history of mental health issues. He just chose to be a monster. I feel for his family sure, i feel bad that they had such a monster for a family member despite raising him right.

  • soyeahsowhat

    I don’t know about his history but you don’t need mental illness in a family to have it, and not having a history of it just means it wasn’t addressed before something brought it on. Lots of men (and women) only suffer from mental illness when they reach the late 20s. Some mental issues do not present themselves until late in life. That doesn’t negate what he was doing, just sayin’

  • wearing

    Glad he’s gone!

  • wearing

    if someone ever rapes you, remember to have compassion for them. 🙄

  • greg

    I have found it is the people with no compassion are usually guilty of crimes just as bad as the person they crucified. What he did does not take away from the memories he gave other people. For people who don’t know him or the people who morn him personally is just wrong. And shows immaturity.
    Just let people grieve and don’t be ghouls about a person’s death.

  • Me2You

    second glee cast member headed to the grave at a young age

  • moody

    Gee, I didn’t hear any of this compassion for Kevin Spacey who,had a horrible childhood and he is accused of something no where near as hideous as child pornography.

  • moody

    Pedophiles deserve no mercy. Has lea Michelle chimed in yet?

  • Blake

    so almost everyone of these people seems to forget he was a pedophile.

  • GeniusBrunette

    yep sure will. Thanks

  • Joshua_B

    WOW: Even though, the actor made a horrible criminal mistake of child porn, life still could have offered him some light at the end of the tunnel. Despite all of that, I still loved his acting and singing on Glee.

    Regardless of the reasons behind it, suicide is NEVER the answer.

  • Giselle Marquez

    So if one of the victims of child pornography grows up and, unfortunately perpetuates the cycle of abuse by not having recieved any help, he/she then deserves no mercy?

  • moody

    Exactly. Pedophiles are the lowest form of life. They destroy young children.

  • Casey C

    this might be the first time I’ve ever seen paedophilia described as a ‘mistake’. wow. there would be no light at the end of the tunnel for him – life on the sexual offenders registry which would negate a lot of jobs, never act again, and 5-7 years in prison as the loweest of the low and be lucky to survive. he took the easy way out for what you call a ‘mistake’