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Matt Bomer Says His 14-Year-Old Son Came Out as Straight in a Touching Way

Matt Bomer Says His 14-Year-Old Son Came Out as Straight in a Touching Way

Matt Bomer is opening up about his family life and how his 14-year-old son Kit came out as straight to him and husband Simon Halls.

The 41-year-old actor chatted with RuPaul during a recent episode of his talk show.

RuPaul was asking about how he makes his home a safe place for his kids and said, “If your sons were to come out… as straight god forbid, no I’m joking people!”

“Well they do though. Our oldest came out to us as straight. He’s 14. He said, ‘I love and respect that you guys are who you are. I’m straight, that’s how I identify.’ And it was a big, nice, sweet moment,” Matt said.

RuPaul said to “give it time, Matt” and he replied, “Anything can happen. We would be there with open arms.”

Matt and Simon are the parents of three sons – 14-year-old Kit and 11-year-old twins Henry and Walker.

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  • Hypnotist

    uhh. ok.

  • Casey C

    oh fer fucks sake

  • MagicalSpatula

    what the

  • mahbelle


  • cuzjcacjo

    the Ru Paul comment bugs me… as if he expects the young man to be gay or something. what idiots.

  • Clarice

    Me too, for a person who asks for respect for the sexual orientation of the people, in this case he is not respecting much. I think this story is cool because it shows the opposite of what some say that if a child is raised by a homoaffective couple, he will be homosexual, there we see that the sexual orientation of a person does not occur in its creation, but by the nature and orientation of the person.

  • Gina


  • Gina

    His son looks like Claire Danes

  • Allure

    Yall need some social skills classes for real! lmao. Can you guys not catch the humor? They were obviously joking around to show what gay people go through when coming out and they just reversed the role here in a lighthearted way!

  • Lisa.

    I think you’re missing the sarcasm implied. Just some gentle humour, joking at how it’s a “big deal” and often a surprise if someone comes out as LGBTQI+… RuPaul was certainly riffing off that, as in if a hetero parent said their child just said they were gay, and someone tried to encourage them with “They’ll probably grow out of it; just give it time”.

    People tend to expect their kids to be straight. They were playing on the idea if what if being gay was the norm, and so someone ‘coming out’ as straight would be a surprise.

    You might want to consider the possibilities before calling people idiots… Doesn’t reflect well when you’ve missed the point. 🙄

  • Lisa.

    First, it’s been shown for years in scientific studies that being raised by LGBTQI+ parent(s) doesn’t make a child more likely to be LGBTQI+ themselves.

    It’s satire. Using humour, irony, etc to point out actions in this case. He’s flipping around the common, stereotypical, reaction of a straight parent if their kid came out as gay. A friend may say “Oh, they’ll grow out of it! Just wait, give it time…”.

  • Lisa.

    RIGHT?! Sigh… As IF they’re disrespecting the young man for *gasp* being straight! 🤦‍♀️

    I think satire isn’t well understood these days. Satire by definition uses humour, and irony (in short, saying the opposite of a situation illustrate a point) to highlight the quirks of people or culture.

    Saturday Night Live is an example of using satire in comedy. There’s exaggeration of truth/how people are to make it more obvious/see humour in it, or showing someone saying or doing the opposite of what they do usually IRL to, again, be humourous.

  • Kris

    What’s with the comments?? The moment was very cute! And it is only fair!

  • Lisa.

    I think a lot of people missed the irony here – that they’re flipping the scenario that’s stereotypical to when a teens comes out as gay to their parents.

    A friend or auntie might say to the parents “Oh, they’ll probably get over it/grow out of it” or that “Give it some time” and they’ll change their mind.

    They were totally using gentle satire here, not making fun of a kid being straight. But some seem to have thought they were being serious, as if the kid being straight was disappointing.


  • Lisa.

    Dude. Yes. It’s humour. Satire. Irony. Poking fun at how it often is when a kid comes out as straight and someone says “Give it time; they’ll grow out of it.”

  • Lisa.


  • FerCat

    I guess he’ll have to throw him out. Just to be fair. (¬‿¬)

  • regularfool

    Jokes yo…just spoofing the coming out of the closet convo that a lot of kids have with str8 parents :)))

  • Mega Polis


  • sondra

    Satire, sarcasm or humour, whatever the intent, this is beyond stupid.

  • Kris

    Exactly! You said it perfectly! People nowadays needs to calm down some and stop feeling over-offended with everything!

    Also they need to stop being homophobes.

  • cuzjcacjo

    i didn’t miss the point. rupaul is an idiot, along with the other people in his “community” who now think it’s perfectly fine to joke about being straight, right. heaven forbid you say anything negative about their lifestyle, though. but omg, it’s lol if your kid is straight, or might turn that way.

  • Warren Paine

    I admire Matt Bomer so much for accepting his straight son with love and tolerance. That is what a good parent should do, accept their children unconditionally.