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Sophie Turner Gets a New Tattoo in Honor of Baby Willa!

It looks like Sophie Turner got some new ink in honor of her daughter, baby Willa!

It looks like Sophie got a “W” for Willa, who was born on July 22, 2020, on her arm right next to where she got a “J” for her husband Joe Jonas.

Be sure to check out the subtle way we actually found out when Willa was born, despite the announcement of her birth not happened for a few days after that.

Just recently, new uncle Nick Jonas, opened up about the little girl and revealed how Joe and Sophie are doing as first time parents. Congrats again to the family on the new baby girl!

Click inside the gallery to see Sophie Turner’s tattoo she got in honor of her daughter…

sophie turner tattoo 01

Sophie Turner Quietly Reveals Baby Willa's Birthday

Sophie Turner hasn’t said much about her baby daughter, Willa, since her birth over the summer months this year.

In fact, apart from her name, we don’t know much at all about the newest little Jonas baby.

Sophie and husband Joe are pretty private with what they reveal about their new family – until this weekend, when they revealed a little something more.

Taking to her Instagram Stories, Sophie showed off a new piece of jewelry she received from artist Jennifer Fisher and the gold bar necklace is inscribed with a date: “22.07.20″

Sophie and Joe announced they had welcomed their daughter a week after that date, so it lines up as Willa‘s birthday!

The name Willa is also a nod to Sophie‘s Game of Thrones days. See how fans figured that part out here…

Just recently, new uncle Nick Jonas, opened up about the little girl and revealed how Joe and Sophie are doing as first time parents.

See Sophie’s new necklace with baby Willa’s birthdate on it inside the gallery…

sophie turner reveals baby willas birthday 01

Nick Jonas is Gushing About Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner's Daughter Willa!

Nick Jonas is gushing about his new niece!

During a new interview, the 28-year-old singer chatted about brother Joe Jonas and wife Sophie Turner‘s daughter Willa, revealing that he has met her.

“I have [met her],” Nick shared with ET. “It’s, you know, Joe and Sophie’s thing to speak about or not, but she’s the best.”

“I wish we could all be together, but that’s so many families’ wish and dream at the moment,” Nick added. “But yeah, I’m grateful everyone’s healthy and happy. We’ve all been very fortunate, but looking forward to a time when life gets back to hopefully some kind of version of normal and we can spend more time together.”

The couple welcomed their daughter Willa back in late July and have been enjoying time out of the spotlight with her. Sophie did share a bunch of never-before-seen pregnancy photos a few weeks ago that you should check out if you haven’t already!

Fans Think Joe Jonas Publicly Celebrated Willa's Birth Days Before the News Went Public!

Some fans believe Joe Jonas hinted at the birth of his daughter Willa days before the news became public!

The 30-year-old musician’s band Jonas Brothers dropped a new EP/playlist on Friday (July 24) titled “Dance With Joe.” The EP consists of six songs from both Jonas Brothers and DNCE, including newly released “X”, “What A Man Gotta Do”, “Cake By The Ocean”, “Every Single Time”, “Body Moves”, and “Video Girl”.

“So when Joe released the Dance with Joe EP, he really was celebrating the birth of his daughter,” one fan wrote on Twitter.


Another reason fans think it was a hint at the baby news is neither Nick or Kevin have a similar playlist/EP.

Joe and his wife Sophie Turner welcomed their baby girl last week and fans noticed something about Willa‘s name!

Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner's Daughter Is Named Willa & Fans Notice a 'Game of Thrones' Connection!

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas welcomed their first child – a baby girl named Willa – last week and a few savvy Game of Thrones fans noticed a connection!

If you don’t know, the 24-year-old actress starred as Sansa Stark for all 8 seasons of the HBO drama and was a fan favorite on the show.

Super fans noticed that Willa is the name of two very minor Game of Thrones characters! One of the characters named Willa appeared on two episodes of the show back in season five and was a wildling character.

The second appearance of Willa in the series is in season eight as a servant at Winterfell.

Sophie and Joe‘s rep released a statement on the birth of their first child and you can check that out right here.

Congrats again to the happy couple!

Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner's Rep Releases Statement on Baby Willa's Birth

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner welcomed their baby daughter Willa on Wednesday (July 22) and now their rep has confirmed the news in a statement.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are delighted to announce the birth of their baby,” Joe and Sophie‘s rep said in a statement to People.

A source is also speaking out about Joe and Sophie‘s baby girl.

Joe and Sophie welcomed a baby girl last Wednesday in LA and are over the moon,” the source told ET. “The couple is already obsessed and can’t stop gloating about their new addition. The couple is taking time to enjoy this special moment and have only shared the news and updates with family and friends. With the pandemic Joe and Sophie have been very cautious about who is around them and their little girl.”

Check out the last photos we have of Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas.