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Heidi Montag Takes a Chance

Heidi Montag Takes a Chance

More ~*~ EXCLUSIVE ~*~ pictures!

The Hills star Heidi Montag takes her puppies, er dog, for a late afternoon walk near her home in Los Angeles. Chance, the golden retriever, originally belonged to boyfriend Spencer Pratt.

Heidi, 20, finished off her day solo with an ice cream cone in Santa Monica.

The Hills returns this summer for a ten-episode third season.

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01 heidi montag ice cream 01
01 heidi montag ice cream 02
02 heidi montag dog chance 01
02 heidi montag dog chance 02
02 heidi montag dog chance 03
heidi montag dog chance 01
heidi montag dog chance 02
heidi montag dog chance 03
heidi montag dog chance 04
heidi montag dog chance 05
heidi montag dog chance 06
heidi montag dog chance 07
heidi montag dog chance 08
heidi montag dog chance 09
heidi montag dog chance 10
heidi montag ice cream 01
heidi montag ice cream 02
heidi montag ice cream 03

Photos: Shawaf
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  • Andrea

    How many more fake photo shoots are they going to set up? She must be desperate for attention. How sad.

  • ORvar

    oh my god please stop posting pictures of that chick, who the hell is she to begin with

  • ladybug

    these are always so friggin posed it’s idiotic.

  • creativegirl

    Wow this girl is a publicity whore if we’ve ever seen one. A new staged photo op every week – how exciting!

    What the heck happened to the little dog she cried for in the first season of the hills that her boyfriend at the time got her???? I guess dogs are disposable to people like her.

  • C,

    what is up with this chick? who the hell is she and why do i have to look at her ugly pictures? I thought she was some 40 year old housewife for godsakes. yuck.

  • andy

    a fake reality show.
    fake paparazzi pics.

  • [Fug Face [You]]

    Jared how much do they pay you to post her pictures??

  • Lo

    Fug Face why don’t you just leave this place if you don’t like it.
    Jared does a great job and that comment is unnecessary.

    Jared you are awesome

  • Mmmmm

    Who is she and do ppl really care about who she is? I love how she is eating that ice cream looks like she is trying out for Maxim … LOL

  • K

    She prob borrowed that dog from someone on the street just so she could walk it and have her pic taken and then just said it was her boyfriends. This couple is so transparent it is ridiculous.

  • Christy

    Seriously though…who cares?

  • [Fug Face [You]]

    Lo ~ wake-up dummy – slap yourself. I want to know
    how much they pay to get her pictures posted. [j/k]

    I’m sure Jared only post her pictures to piss people off. Lol

  • ann

    Do they have nothing better to do but stage there own photo ops?
    there so desperate.

  • Bill Paxton

    This girl has raised…..I man lowered the bar on pathetic-ness. She and Spencer just don’t get the joke.

  • crystal

    Crystal Sampson needs your votes!

    btw, She sucks, she has no brain of her! I can not stand women who get so caught up in thier boyfriends that they forget about their friends. it’s the ultimate sign of weekness!

  • BREW

    I LOVE LC…. Hopefully they have a huge falling out in the 10 summer episodes and Spencer and Hedi’s 5 mins of fame are OVERRRRRRRR

  • Quelue

    ugh why does she have to look so posed? doesn’t she know that random pap snaps are supposed to look like you’re actually doing something and not paying attention that someone is taking your pic. then again she’s trying to get exposure. why are paps taking her pic anyway? she probably pays them. i mean seriously she’s looking dead into the lens. hated it!

  • U2

    I told yall to expect fake – staged — photo’s from Heidi and Spencer every thursday/friday. And haven’t yall realized it’s from the same agency and the same photographer.

    “Photos: Shawaf”

  • MonkeyShines

    For all the rumors that she and her “boyfriend” have spread about Lauren they should not be on The Hills at all this coming season. The show is about Lauren and her friends not Lauren and her enemies. Spencer is trying to destroy and sabotage Lauren and Hiedi is going along with it like the numbskull she is.

  • mary

    Her breast implants are not looking good on her

  • mc

    Look at pictures of jessica biel walking her dog and these pictures… there is a huge difference. This girl obviously is looking for attention and this site is giving it to them. stop posting stage pictures of these low class fools. what an idiot. she looks like a porn star.. fake and ugly!!!!

  • pookie

    please jared stop posting picture of her

  • me3

    GROSS!!! please stop posting these idiotic pictures Jared. we all love your site but don’t you understand NO ONE can stand Heidi or Spencer. This is not news, this is not gossip, this is 2 desperate pathetic people who are dying to be famous. Please don’t waste your time or our time on them.

  • sam

    what’s the deal? this girl is not hot by any means.

  • jenny

    She definitely should not have had that nose job. Her smaller nose just draws attention to her big Jay Leno chin and moonface.

  • mig

    Enough with this skank. No one give two flying f***cks about her

  • stephen

    SO posed. puke-worthy, awful, moonface twins. ack!

  • Christina H.

    Only ten new episodes of The Hills next season?? Seems a little too short if you ask me! Uh….not that I watch the show…or anything…

  • sarah

    I can’t stand Heidi or her tool of a boyfriend.
    please go sign this petition so we can get them off the hills

  • truthhurts

    you’ll pardon me while I upchuck my dinner…and lunch….and breakfast…
    and other other meal I may have ever had throughout my life…

  • hateheidi

    one of my fave parts of us weekly and people magazine is the candid shots – these pics are so NOT candid. Heidi paid the same jackoff photographer from their other 2 shoots for f**cks sake. mind you even if they were candids – I still wouldn’t be interested. Heidi and her idiot guy took up waaaay too much time on the hills this season – they’re both ugly and lame and i wish they’d just disappear.

  • LJ

    Which one is the dog?

  • Cynthia

    Gee, this girl gets more publicity than Kristin Cavallari, but sadly since the nosejob she’s still ugly. I wish her 5 minutes would hurry up and expire!

  • sweetyoungthing

    where did she get 2 different sweatshirts? (she doesnt have them anywhere on her in some of the pics.) and why, if it wasnt a planned photo op?

  • hateheidi

    duh – because it WAS a planned photo op! Same photographer – what is it now – 3rd or 4th week of these “STAGED” moronic photos? What a GREAT manager you have Heidi! (insert sarcasm here!!!!)

  • Hot Tamales

    Holy Mother of Puke…. not this fake poser again. BLAH!!!

  • StillNotCute

    The Dog is Prettier.Another Homely Nobody,Sad Though, Since The new Breastices she thinks shes cute.

  • peg

    hate hate hate heidi and totally hate spencer even more (if that’s possible). Seriously, hat can we do to get them off the hills?

  • peg

    fake B I T C H

  • misuchan

    from those pics, looks like she’s advertising that Spencer Pratt isn’t doing his job right.

  • [Fug Face [You]]

    39 negative comments. Lol Jared is sitting back laughing. He successfully pissed people off by once again posting a thread about this unknown person.

  • angelinammm

    but what a cute dog!

  • gabo

    is she getting her own fukin prime time, big network TV show now or what?

    FYI: photos are setup! she wasn’t sucking on ice cream and walking her dogs cause she wanted to.

  • peg

    here comes the trash!!!!!!!

  • Lucy

    pretty sure Heidi is hot as. you’re all just jealous. shes one all time. and the hills is the sickest show. even if it is jsut total crap, who cares, its sick viewing. heido montag is a hot bitch for sure!

  • Lore

    Hey , just wanne say LOVE the pictures and I’m a big Heidi fan . For the little group that is in to Heidi I’ve made a site together with my friend Lisa . you should check it out ;)


  • Really?

    Hey Jared, I have candid shots of my much hotter friends hanging out. Will you post those or is it only E-level chicks with icky boyfriends that you care about? Free Paris just so we don’t have to see this chick.

  • keef

    WOW can you say staged shots. Who cares, she’s some chick who dropped out of school to work at a night club, dates on of LA’s biggest douche bags, just got a tit and nose job b/c she is affraid her boyfriend is going to hit on some bimbo with bigger tits than her.

    why do you post this crap?

  • MML

    I really want to know what happened to the dog she insisted on having. I hope it has a good home since the selfish bitch obviously gave it away. The pictures are hilarious. She is trying to look sexy but she can’t even walk a dog. Look at what a hard time she is having walking a golden retreiver. When it comes to dogs they are probably the easiest to train & get to loose leash walk. The dog obviously knows she is an idiot. In reference to a previous comment, I am hoping her 5 minutes are about up too. However, I am much more sick of Spencer Pratt a.k.a. Eddie Munster. I wonder if he sleaps in a drawer?!