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Mary-Kate Rides High in Heels

Mary-Kate Rides High in Heels

Mary-Kate Olsen headed back to her Porsche Cayenne on Friday, June 1, 2007 wearing some high Christian Louboutin patent peep toe sling backs in an apparent attempt to boost her already-thin figure.

Along with her shoes, she carried a Prada fringe bag and a small black paper carrier bag (doing some shopping presumably). She completed her outfit with a baggy striped sweater and super-long pashmina. She doesn’t stray from her usual look at all does she?

Mary-Kate, 20, will be playing the devout Christian love interest of Silas (Hunter Parrish) on the upcoming season of Showtime’s TV series Weeds. The new season of Weeds will air on Monday, August 13, 2007.

Also, she and her twin sister, Ashley Olsen, are turning 21 on June 13! Party time for sure!

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Credit: Doobybrain (guest blogger); Photos: Anthony,
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  • TiFF

    She has great taste. Love those shoes!

  • Didi

    why haven’t these b*tches flaked away yet? and why can’t they just die of anorexia or a drug overdose already. they are boring and their lives are worthless and meaningless. nobody cares about them anymore. they were only cute as toddlers now they need to f*ck off and never be heard of or seen again.

  • Daisy

    WOW Didi…you sure have a lot of venom for someone you have never, and probably will never meet in your life. If their life is soooo boring or worthless, why would you even talk the time to read a story about her and comment? At least she is living her life on her own terms, and doing it in amazing shoes no less.

  • Didi

    I hate everybody over-privileged and over-exposed for being worthless wh*res, im not prejudiced.

  • Didi

    the fact there is a story about MK’s shoes is reason enough why this woman must be killed.

  • hhh

    she looks like a child who is trying to play the mother

  • Susiq

    How in the hell do you drive with shoes like that?

  • Celene

    Her style is amazing, probably only one of the very few celeberities that know something about fashion, and being unique. And i love how shes not ALL trend, I mean whatever she wears, shes true to her style.

  • Natalie

    True to “her style”? That’s laughable — I’m sure the Olsens have stylists like most other famous millionaires. The sad thing is, she still looks like an idiotic cavewoman.

    Mary Kate is like a 5 year old who’s mom finally lets her dress herself for kindergarten. The kid looks like a tacky mess, and everyone knows it, but noone says anything because the kid has no idea how bad they look.

  • Dancer

    Aren’t her shoes Christian Loubotin’s?

  • Jacqueline

    She OBVIOUSLY wears big clothes and lots of them because she wants to hide her figure, which is most probably almost non-existint. she doesnt want to walk by any news stands have see articles saying that she is anorexic again, so she hides her body under layers of clothing.

  • SkinnyPuppi

    She is so hot. She will be wonderful in WEEDS. She blows no talent Penis Hilton away. Don’t hate on Mary Kate she’s been acting forever.

  • Daisy

    OMG!!!!! Didi…you should really seek out professional help. She actually worked for the money she has, so I don’t see how she could be labeled as over-privileged. There is seriously something wrong with anyone who wishes for the death of a celebrity. Please get a grip.

  • Yily

    Hahah, Ashley looks like a toothpick! She looks disgusting. I bet you guys she would probably break in half if she fall down a set of stairs or trip over on her high heels. Why the hell is she on the A-list? What does she contribute to society other than the fact creating ugly looking clothes for kids.

  • Didi

    Daisy lol, please enlighten me…

    what has miss f*cking anorexia ever contributed and how has she worked for her money? her parents pimped the twins for tv and exploited them from the age of 2. all they have ever known is money and they were practically raised with a silver spoon up their a*ses. spare me the f*cking sob story

  • cdn

    I would take a story of cool shoes worn by someone who is going to work over sloppy girls stumbling in those same shoes, drunk.

  • chubbyone

    She looks ano & gross as usual.

  • amc

    She needs to hire a new stylist. She is a tiny tiny thing and she is always swimming in her clothes. She also is starting to look really old for her age…she needs to stop smoking and drinking coffee and start eating.
    I cannot understand it….she has millions of dollars and always looks like she is dressed like a homeless person…trying too hard to be different makes her look like a bum on the street. Britney Spears is the same way except she looks more like white trash all the time. Where are these people sytlists? They are attractive but they all seem hell bent on making themselves look awful.

  • Dee

    Wow Didi has so much doodoo flowing from his mouth all things come out tasting and sounding like shit!! Those girls are awesome, they dont comform to the LA styles like the ….. um lets see the one who is in rehab, the one who will probabley get 6 months for her second offense of driving under the influence, the one who is turning herself in within the next 72 hours. My kids like the Olsen twin reruns and DVD’s they did a awesome job as kids, teenagers, and they can do whatever the fuck they want because they have there money….. Rock on Olsen Twins and Didi do us a favor and roll back under your rock

  • kmillz

    Didi you have a lot of hate in your heart. I have seen your name on other threads and all you do is spew hateful words. I don’t know whats going on in your miserable life. Clearly you have some issues and maybe you should speak to a professional b/c you are obviously coo coo for coco puffs.

  • ashley

    i work in a job where i meet a lot of stylists and can confirm that the only time she ever uses a stylist is when she’s attending a big event. most of the outfits we see her in are picked out by her.

  • all for one!

    Didi = Fug Face = Black = Darkest Black = asshole!

  • all for one!

    ^^^^^^^^^that was a.sshole!^^^^^^^^^

  • angelinammm

    “i work in a job where i meet a lot of stylists and can confirm that the only time she ever uses a stylist is when she’s attending a big event. most of the outfits we see her in are picked out by her.”

  • jam

    wow, i fucking love mk’s style…she’s so strange!!

  • Diana

    They work since they were babies, self made millionaires … not without problems (I don’t know why if they got so much). Those heels should be illegal …lol

  • neil

    LOL! Where’s Andy Warhol when you need him!

    Isn’t her 15 minutes up yet?

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    How could someone say she has great taste?!? If you think she has great taste that means you have horrible taste.

  • ick

    I can’t admire these girls. I hope they have a nice life, but they seem like they are disturbed. Anorexia is actually a mental disorder, if you didn’t know that. The taste in fashion is horrendous. What she really looks like is a little girl who got into her mommy’s closet and is playing dress up.

  • Maureen

    She does look like she’s playing dress up…she should gain some weight or find a good tailor. Beautiful shoes though…

  • mewhoelse

    Ah yes, MK Olsen is a trendsetter.

    Now, prepare yourselves to make the Olsen twins’ style your very own! Stay tuned for the launch of their collection, The Row.

    It will be the first label in the history of fashion to leave out bottom garments altogether. Hey, who needs pants when you’ve got oversized sweaters?

  • Laureen

    Nice shoes! To bad she a short fugly miget trying, to appear taller. Totally fug!

  • Cynthia

    Love MK. She is the prettier twin.

  • tell it like it is

    First, Im afraid she might get tangled up in that shawl and fall, breaking multiple bones (she looks fragile). Second, although I personally dont care for her choice of rags at least shes self creative unlike nicole richie whos style was chosen by rachel zoe (see her before /after photos.

  • aquame

    her and her sister rock the hottest shoes! they are like shoe fashionistas!!

    she is gross, though.

  • DooDoo

    you’re probably fat anyway.

  • wut wut

    all i have to say to dildo is shut the fack up
    you crack whore…..
    any way mk and a don’t have a stylist obviously you guys don’t know that……….they have their own style….
    i think it is unique and they don’t care what other peeps think so

  • doug

    Would kill to nail her in those heels