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Victoria Beckham Chats With Just Jared

Victoria Beckham Chats With Just Jared

Victoria Beckham stopped to speak with Just Jared ever so briefly on the red carpet at the 2007 MTV Movie Awards. In fact, the rightmost picture on the left was taken with my very own camera!

On her zebra-like print dress: “It’s just from a shop in New York. It’s no make. It was just a good buy.”

On if and when she’s headed back to Spain: “Yes, I am. Next week.”

On what she’s going to do back in Spain: “Pack!” (reporters laughed)

On how the filming of her reality show has been going: “It’s great. It’s really good fun. I really enjoyed it. I’ve been trying to balance filming and moving… We’ve been filming lots of stuff. My house is like a building site with boxes everywhere. I’m going backwards and forwards trying to feather my nest to make sure it’s perfect for David and the boys.”

On hubby David Beckham’s comeback performance for England: “I’m so proud of him. I think he was fantastic and the reception he got was incredible. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world and both me and the boys were so excited. It was great.”

And that was about it! Her rep pushed Victoria along as the Awards Show was about to begin. She was very sweet to interview and I’d do it again in a heartbeat! After the show, Posh had dinner at NOBU in Malibu with her publicist (left).

15+ pictures inside of Posh at Nobu at more red carpet pictures…

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Photos: Bauer-Griffin/Chris Behnke/Axelle Woussan
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  • http://justjared lippylou

    She cracks me up, if nothing else, she’s good to laugh at

  • Kelly D

    Ewww. She’s such a nasty hooker. Attention wh*re. Wish she’d go away.


    can you tell us if she looked plastic?

  • Fleasha

    Her Beyonce pose is hilarious. :D

  • indiesr

    # 4 | Fleasha

    Hahaha, I thought the same thing when I saw that pose. :lol: So I guessed her realty show is not cancelled…Bombmer :(

  • Mmmmm

    She is such a man …

  • PoshLover

    After seeing the back of the dress I like it even more. She seems like such a wonderful person/mom/wife. I wish I was there too see her too. Thanks for posting Jared.

  • Rancour

    Man, doesn’t she look like jeena jameson?? Ewww…. it looks like she’s putting on weight though but her face is disgusting. I miss the full bubbly Victoria Beckham. I don’t know who this anorexic is…

  • [Famous Fug Face]


  • amanda

    What’s up with the pink bra? Those things she got doesn’t need one. they just are made to stay like that isn’t it?

  • MJStyle

    Fabulous and sexy!


    Her dress is very “girly”


  • Caroline

    So hot!!!She looks amazing!

  • mumu

    ewwww fug face…especially her nose!!!
    she looks like an Ape. not a human/woman.

  • (‘@’)


  • Va Voom

    Fabulous body for a woman with children. Her legs are fabulously sexy. I love her sense of style. She never, ever looks frumpy.

  • Christina

    Aww I cant believe you got to chat with her!! She sounds like an amazing woman, very sweet! Plus she is absolutely GORGEOUS!!

  • zebra

    what is up with her pink bra and her super tight zebra print dress. i have to give it to her though…after having two children and still looking so thin. but why does she always look so freaky and plastic

  • JR

    Her publicist looks like a man.

  • annon

    yay! i love her!

  • Longtime Fan/Lurker

    I like her…

  • lilflowa

    she looks HOT!!! n yh her legs dont look tooooo much like twigs hehe….shes getting there

  • a realist

    That girl really thinks she cute.

  • jess

    wow, you were able to meet her, i’m jealous lol. she looked stunning at the awards, like always. she sounds really sweet, thanks jared..

  • a realist

    I just don’t like this showing you undergarments thing that is going on. I am from the era that undergarments are not to be seen by the public.
    Tacky I say!

  • Brooke

    If anyone wants to see what the “real” VB looks like- go to
    They show pics. of the SGirls in their heydey- you can she what Ms. Priss-Posh used to look like before she succumbed to various surgical procedures to make her look like a plastic-zombie-like-barbie doll carciture of her “former-self”… I am NO VB fan, but it is rather “sad” what she has done to herself– she really was a pretty girl back in the day… too bad she has turned into an ice-queen, ego-tistical witch~!

  • Yeah! !

    Now I’ve got it ~~ if Andy Warhol and Joan
    Rivers had a baby together it would look
    just like Victoria Beckham, WoW mystery solved!

  • Gin

    Now that’s a set of legs!

  • Eathan

    She looks fantastic!

    I’m happy you had the chance to talk to her.

  • hayley

    I thought her dress was really fun… it was just the MTV movie awards! I always think she’s great in interviews too… those boobs are the worst though.

  • Layla

    Unbelievably tacky. There are strippers who wouldn’t be caught dead in that get up!

  • livvy

    Victoria is not the pretty one in the marriage, but at least she works with what she’s got.

    Luv the dress. Luv the bra too. It’s not showing that much and just adds a color contrast to the dress. You’d almost think it was part of the dress. Her body is hot, and it’s a no-brainer about her legs. They are sleek, long and sexy.

  • kate.

    shes like a barbie doll
    that has fake boobs that turn into guns…
    like in austin powers

  • Ellie

    She’s gorgeous- that dress is gorgeous too! She really is a lovely and funny person- the only people who don’t like her are deluded and jealous. I think she is very amiable.

  • Nausicaa

    The more I look at her, the more I hate her ! She is too fake ! In Europe, she is not considered as a fashionista anymore for most of people, but just as a fool and hysteric fake woman ! I am French and I know Posh since she was trying to sing with the Spice Girls in the nineties : Then she was natural and normal, now she is a robot with the same boobs as Liz Hurley in Austin Powers :)

  • yara

    but whats the problem with the boobs? how many woman in the wordl has fake boobs? whats the big deal with that? i dont get it!! she’s critizes because shes poses because because she paints her hair because she go shopping. let her leave her life. she doesnt care about you silly people

  • yara

    the dress is cool. holla Vic

  • Ella_

    Looking at her makes me laugh!!!!!

  • baby

    I think it’s really cool that she wore a dress with no designer obligations hype.

    More of this.

  • Fresh Raggedy Anne

    As much as I love to hate her for being an attention ho, I have to hand it to her. She makes her look so extreme that you see her everywhere and she’s making loads of money off us! Wish I could say the same!

  • Nadine

    You know everyone’s like “OMG skinny whore” yadayadayada. and in case you guys didnt know the reason shes so skinny is because she’s worried about what they’re gonna say about her when she comes to the US. Why don’t you leave her the hell alone because YOU are at fault! That’s why they (Becks and her) would prefer to stay in Europe because the people there arent rude buttheads about the fact that shes too skinny or too fat! THEY ACCEPT her the way she is and I think WE should do the same thing

    So just leave her alone! GAWD!

  • Ashley

    I have to agree with Nadine, everyone is the reason she is the way she is. Words HURT and thats the reason we have people going to extreme measures to look nice, just accept her the way she is, she is a human being and has feelings, celebrities aren’t robots who don’t feel what people say. She can read, she knows how people talk trash about her. Victoria is a beautiful person inside and out, she can dress ridiculous and still look AWESOME. People who talks shit only do because they hate themselvse. If you don’t like her or any other celebrity why look at their picutres or read an article on them?? After all, thats supporting them!

    Remember what you say can really hurt somebody and Victoria is a mother, her sons can read these damaging words about their mom

  • nokia

    correct me if im wrong.. is the dress code black/white/pink? almost everybody wore black white or pink..

  • luluhale

    whats wrong with under her arms? How disgusting. Not natural. Do i see a faint scar? Why do ya want your bra showing? Not getting that part.

  • viva

    This woman should not get so much attention. She is so frustrated…..looks like a whore.

  • AndrĂ©

    Jesus Christ..
    she needs to go to rehab..i think she does nor coke nor anything ..but pelase, Posh, go to rehab and keep your f*ucking ugliness outta my sight!!!!!

  • AndrĂ©

    i just can’t believe Beckham f*ucks her. Seriusly.

  • gosh

    You who are criticizing are losers. Go pick on someone like Paris or Britney or someone who isn’t leading a decent life. Yer pitiful!

  • the guy

    amazing dress. love her legs. wack off to this on a daily basis…