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Justin Timberlake - "Lovestoned" Music Video

Justin Timberlake -

Justin Timberlake smiles and waves hello to throngs of adoring fans as he and his entourage leave from the Intercontintental Hotel in Cologne, Germany on Sunday.

Timberlake‘s “Lovestoned” music video just hit the web, with some crazy special effects in the beginning. Remind anyone of those Windows Media Player and Winamp visualizations?

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Justin’s new “Lovestoned” music video? Are you lovestoned for “Lovestoned?”

Justin Timberlake – “Lovestoned” Music Video
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  • HottieTottie

    Another winner for JT!

  • Amanda

    I’m disappointed

  • Laura

    Love it!! Simple nothing too much going on!!!

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    another good video. It’s different – anything different is good.

    hit after hit, he cant lose.

  • xy

    very nice!
    the song is wonderful and i agree – the video is not overloaded with action or a story. simple, modern, something different.

    and yes, another hit for JT. how does he do it?

  • Ms Katie

    ahh like the song, but radio stations were saying Summer Love was his next single. AND SUMMER LOVE is my fav song on the is going not pleased with the video, it’s like he did it in a hour and put the video editor did most of the video. not happy! but he sure did look hot in the 2nd half

  • Didi

    what a load of sh*t

  • P

    I love it. Visually different and I just love this song anyway…one of the best on the album.

  • Atanaska

    Love the video…I agree, simple but it really works. I expecially love the ending, the white background and Justin’s handsome face makes me feel as if I’m in heaven. Loving the song! Great work again from Justin.

  • Maria

    Lovestoned is my favorite song of this awesome CD. I love, love this video. As xy says not so overloaded. It has the right balance. Famous Fug Face says anything different is so, because I’m so sick of the same videos and so sick of the guy on stage doing a performance video. How can you just tape a concert and say here is your video, thats lazy or guy walks around town and sing, must be 100 of them. I understand videos are not that easy but it takes some serious thought.
    JT is brilliant.

  • sara

    the video is rubbish. the song is growing on me though.

  • Luv’nJT

    This video is unique…different. It’s so JT. He’s always looking for new, creative ways to express his music. It’s a slight change from what we expect from Justin, but I like this video. It’s simple..not too much action and storyline to follow. It allows you to enjoy the song while looking at Justin. The song is nice and the music speaks for itself. Big props to JT for a creating a visually unique spin to a this hit song.

  • Mmmmm

    he is soooo fine! LOVE him! Thanks JARED! you rock!

  • Sarah

    JT looks very tired and I’m sure everyone will get used to this like they did with he previous songs.

  • Nancy

    he looks handsome… the video itself could be a lot better, especially for THIS song. I don’t think it was original, because Madonna did the same with her “Get Together” video. The only difference: the grafics and the ending, becuase Madge didn’t have the interlude of the song… that’s it…
    and yeah, he moves just like MJ.

  • Whoopie

    I love the song.. but don’t like the video.
    Well, maybe the second half, he’s so HOT (i love him with a lil’ facial hair yeah :) )
    Guess he had a big budget in the previous video bcs he had Scarlett and they had to do this one cheaper (kidding – or not..)

  • Amy

    Amazing. So cool.

  • Stephagirl

    Again, he’s such a talent. It’s a beautiful song with so many levels. I’m not really a fan of the second part of the video, but it kind of gives JT a chance to showcase his acting stuff (looking into the camera, etc), and it seems like that’s the direction he wants to head after all this.

  • S


  • [Famous Fug Face]

    Whoopie, an artist like Justin has an open budget on his entire album. All videos – He could put out 4 more singles if he wanted – The label will recoup their money.

  • Todd

    Very good, like it. It’s kinda of cool.

  • Ann

    Simply awesome. JT is making all the right moves now.

  • RIP OFF!!

    Video is nothing original. Ripped it off from the Winamps. LOOOSER!!! Song is shit too.

  • what an ugly

    w8gger. he thinks he’s black and wants to be recognised as an rnb artist when he ain’t got a bit of soul in him. he’ll always be a pop artist and the grammy ppl def know that.

  • etcera

    he’s soooooo gay.

  • Burpie

    I love the song! The ending could be better, but overall it’s a great song.

  • santa

    enrique iglsias new cd was just release yesterday i bet it will top justin’s so move over justin.

  • Luisa

    lol strange video… the final part is kinda stupid don’t u think?

  • Priscila

    I agree with Atanaska “makes me feel as if I’m in heaven”.
    The video is simple, cool and sweet.
    JT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Natalie

    Lovestoned is one of my fave songs on the album… Chop Me Up is my favorite though, I wish that was the single =(

    Anyway, the LoveStoned video is nice and good song. JT looks SEXY. That boy knows how to wear a suit.

  • wehomo

    The second part of the vid reminds me of the next morning after doing ecstasy at the club (the first part!) and being all bright and white and dreamy feeling. And he looks a little e-tarded so it’s perfect narrative haha.

  • Jane Doe

    I like it because its different. I’m not big on videos though and the song itself is decent, but not great.

  • Cat

    the beginning is boring. nevermind, change of thought. the whole thing is.

  • Ali

    The video is ok. I love the 2nd part of the song. :)

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    lmao @ enrique iglsias. womp womp

  • Dea

    Personally I think this is the best song on the album. The video’s simple but I like it ;)

  • maina


  • JST

    He looks like Adam Levine in this with the tight fit suit and all.

  • Nadine

    well it was interesting! definately different… loved the ending! kinda reminded me of when he did dick in a box on snl dont ask why but the way he was staring just reminded me of it! lol that skit was hilarious! lol…

    kinda creepy too… when he was staring at the end its like “im watching you!!” AHHH! OMG!

    yes im weird

  • Jennie

    Don’t really like this song, but some of his songs eventually grow on me. But I know this one won’t, really not like JT anymore.

  • Janie

    I love all of it. can’t wait for it to get air time.

  • Steffi

    LoveStoned is my FAVE song on the album.
    Nice choice JT!

    The video is interestig and Justin looks damn HOT in suit.

  • annie

    I don`t like it!!!

  • mcfan

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this makes up for the disappointing What goes around video.

  • Casy

    Truely a great video, something new for a change.
    Lovestoned is the best and I love the ending as well the begining noone has put that too a song, really smart JT.

  • goldend

    “and yes, another hit for JT. how does he do it?”

    well, the state of music these days is such a disgrace that this “artist” has managed to trick everybody with his lame “sound”

    The horror!!!!

    The horror!!!

  • creativegirl

    I think there is a little sample of a Prince guitar riff in the middle there, I can’t put my finger on what song its from but its definitely got the same feel.

    I love this video, its really cool. I just love everything JT does – so its no surprise.

    He’s amazing.

  • Illadun

    This video is definition of style. It’s great. If you don’t appreciate the videos’ build, you will later. Once you start to feel the song a little more… watch the video again and see how he goes to work in this shit yo. I love the fact that justin is using the whole cinematic theme for his videos. More artists should do these videos that focus on the artist and the song’s LYRICS most importantly. A+ work. Trust me. If you think the video isn’t all that now. Watch. It’s a sleeper. Wait till you vibe with the song a lil more. You’re opinion will be much like mine. EZ.

  • Antonii

    hey guys, im not really a fan of the video because it looks like it was knocked together in a few minutes unlike the What Goes Around video which had the visuals to reflect the lyrics very well and built it up like it was a film.

    anyways, does anybody else think that in the I Think She Knows interlude where Justin is wearing that grey suit, his face looks like it has been done by computer : CGI? Ive watched the video a good few times and am not sure.

    Anyone else think that?