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Posh's Poor Turnout

Posh's Poor Turnout

Victoria Beckham sports her very own DVB-branded white jeans with pink stitching to the official launch her new fashion line at NYC’s at Saks Fifth Avenue on Thursday evening.

The former Spice Girl finished off her look with a pair of silver Christian Louboutin pointy pumps and a sparkly, silver singlet top.

Disappointingly, a security guard mentioned that photographerss outnumbered the 70 fans waiting in line.

“She’s been my idol for 10 years and everything about her is just fantastic,” said student who waited in line for six hours. “I’m sure there will be more people coming.”

25+ pictures inside of Posh rocking DVB jeans…

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victoria beckham saks fifth avenue 01
victoria beckham saks fifth avenue 02
victoria beckham saks fifth avenue 03
victoria beckham saks fifth avenue 04
victoria beckham saks fifth avenue 05
victoria beckham saks fifth avenue 06
victoria beckham saks fifth avenue 07
victoria beckham saks fifth avenue 08
victoria beckham saks fifth avenue 09
victoria beckham saks fifth avenue 10
victoria beckham saks fifth avenue 11
victoria beckham saks fifth avenue 12
victoria beckham saks fifth avenue 13
victoria beckham saks fifth avenue 14
victoria beckham saks fifth avenue 15
victoria beckham saks fifth avenue 16
victoria beckham saks fifth avenue 17
victoria beckham saks fifth avenue 18
victoria beckham saks fifth avenue 19
victoria beckham saks fifth avenue 20
victoria beckham saks fifth avenue 21
victoria beckham saks fifth avenue 22
victoria beckham saks fifth avenue 23
victoria beckham saks fifth avenue 24
victoria beckham saks fifth avenue 25

Photos: Evan Agostini/Getty
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  • Seriously…

    Doesn’t she look like Andy Warhol?

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    womp womp – no!

    you probably have to be a toothpick to fit any of her jeans.

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    smile biish!! damn.. Lol

  • YAYA

    It wasnt well advertised outside of NYC in my opinion, but her LA turn out at Kitson was awesome. But she should be please none the less! Yeah VB!

  • Tash

    Sometimes VB manages to pull it off and look good – but not this time. The top looks good but the pants…..Like her, I have no backside and theres NO WAY Id wear skinny jeans – they make everything look flat if you have no curves! She would look gorgeous with a looser pair of jeans – still fitting, but kinder on her bum. Oh and shes look good with an extra couple of kilos!! Just a couple though.

  • jayjay

    i used to not like her. tacky not classy i thought. but then she certainly owns each look. no matter how trashy the look is, she owns it, she works it, and you know that no matter what, she wears luxuriously expensive things. the point isn’t buy expensive, look good, HELLO, i’m sure britney buys pricey things, but just look at her. TRAGIC. but victoria looks hot, i’ll give her that. i also admire the fact that no matter the rumors, she sure knows how to keep her man. one thing that must also be pointed, she’s independent. she’s doing her thing.

  • satan

    oh GOD… can’t stand this btch… so fatuous…

  • mari

    Can I ask who gives a crap about her? I see her boney anorexic body and face all over, and WHO CARES? She is an ex spice girl! Her husband is not even a big deal in this country at this time.

  • Mika

    I care about her and I love her and I can’t wait for her to come back with the spice girls later this year
    Love you Victoria you rock

  • Meg

    I like her and I think the jeans look not bad.
    but I dont want to spend that money with these jeans.
    I think her jeans arent enogh to spend that much.

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    I think David Beckhams wife is a lot more popular in LA than she is in NY.

  • Laureen

    Posh! Perfection in jeans. I hate her! Kidding. Lol!

  • Samantha

    She’s too cold to be popular in the US.

  • Marci

    She is such a nice girl! Why does she always make those faces like she’s a miserable old cow??? She really is not as mean or miserable as she looks in her photos. Posh please smile!

  • braelynn

    wow please someone get that stick..oops i mean chick a burger.

  • lauren

    she’s looks so stupid

  • Angela

    She’ll always be seen as a Spice Girl in America since that’s what she was the last time mainstream America saw her. She’ll need that reality TV show if she wants to get away from that image and entice the type of people who fawn over Paris Hilton and Mischa Barton to become her fans.


    14 Marci | 06/15/2007 at 12:19 am
    She is such a nice girl! Why does she always make those faces like she’s a miserable old cow??? She really is not as mean or miserable as she looks in her photos. Posh please smile!

    I know what you mean. I recall seeing an interview she did with these two kid reporters, and I was just STUNNED that someone who looked like such a miserable and affected POSER all the time, could be so down to earth, warm and funny. She should try and make sure that comes out more while she’s here in the U.S., or else if she continues to look like the biggest BORE in the universe,I think no one will have too much to do with her.

  • posh

    she looks fab! LOVE HER! thanx jared!

  • Yily


  • Mondo Bongo

    Like i said before NY is a tough town!!
    hahahahahahahahaahahahaha…70 fans…

  • Jewel

    I agree with #1 the hair definiately has an Andy Warhol feel about it.

  • Michael C

    Work it!

  • Diana

    I though white was saposta make to make you look FAT!!!!!

  • Julie

    How wonderful a new jeans line for anorexics! Way to go Posh.

    This woman is totally tragic, I’ve seen fatter toothpicks. Her pose is ridiculous, she thinks she looks really hot, but sadly she makes herself look like a cardboard cutout.

  • Don

    Where is her ass? Dear lord that body is nasty, and her toes are just about to pop out of her shoes.

    Is she a transvestite?

  • spotter

    Pic No 24:
    What are the white dots in the left part of her face? Is this the reason why she has on this side long hair? What is she hiding? Could be the rest of make up pads. Make up pads hang there only if you have not shaved or a skin like sand paper.

    She’s an alien that for shure.

  • spotter

    Now I see. The dots are reflections from her glitter top.

  • Jamie

    it’s cuz she’s GROSS……

  • electra

    There were definately more than 70 people there, Daily (Hate) Mail published that story, it’s no wonder they made up that.

    There were more than 100 fans there! See the pix from Rex and Wireimage.

  • 1006

    “Ano” butts are sooooo unattractive. Skinny yet,flabby and flat.

  • Brooke

    HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! :)

    And no one will BOTHER to watch your CRAP TV show either- Ms. “Priss-Posh”!

    What an absolute waste of a human being she is!


  • Carly

    Ha ha ha ha no one turned up for the anorexic party. lol.

    Posh you are ghastly, your skin is dreadful, your body is like a 12 year old boy, and your nose is totally out of control. Your only known because your married to a soccer player, without him where would you be? and sorry to say be damn you are ugly.

    You need to stop shopping and maybe spend some time with your kids!

  • seft

    What a flatass ho, does she really think she’s sexy?? haha what an OLD skank with bad skin.

  • Lee

    Are Americans aware that the rest of the world isn’t obese? There are actually thin people out there… and it is actually considered a good look.

  • Lee

    Can’t wait to get my hands on those jeans!

  • (‘@’)


  • chanck

    Gosh.. Jared, you have this b itch in every of your page…WTF? you turned yourself her cheap spokesperson or what???
    Enough already…PLEASE!!!

  • lilflowa

    70 is plenty with the way people are going on about how they dont like her lol! Plus i read on another blog that it was a good turn out i.e more than 70…there were pics of the crowd and her with fans… i will belive the other blog this time Jared!!

  • Crack a Smile- Break A Mirror!

    Seriously VB has a “face” only a mother could “love”!

    I agree with Jamie– she is NASTY! Hideous is more like it… Unbelievable… there is nothing warm, inviting, humble approachable,etc.. about her. She has taken the ano. thing a bit too far, she is greasy like vaseline, frosty the snowman actually shows more “warmth” than her… she is plain rancid! Why people like her is beyond me… she’s vile…

  • Sonny

    She is OLD NEWS…Can we please move on?

  • Jules

    ” the rest of the world isn’t obese? There are actually thin people out there… and it is actually considered a good look.”

    Hahahah well put Lee. So many haters here, I’m sure you are all just as accomplished as she is, and married to a great man if at all.
    P.S. Seen her in real life she isnt as thin as she looks on pictures, she looks healthy and good.
    What a jealous bunch, sorry but you are, face up to it.

  • Crack a Smile- Break A Mirror!

    Why is it that when one has a negative opinion of a certain “celeb”- people claim that they are “jealous”? Just curious? I, for one can say with 100% certainty that I am NOT jealous of VB! It’s true, I cannot stand this miserable cow- but jealous? No way! I would rather spend day in and day out surrounded by my kids- wathching them learn and grow with peanut butter stuck in my hair than live her jet-set lifestlye… no thank you! At least I will never look back on my kids’ growing years and wished that I had been there for this or that- I am there! She’s PATHETIC with her self-promotion-one-woman-tour! Enough with flaming her ego-centricity! There are alot of celebs out there that I absolutely do admire- (1) Angie, (2) Reese, (3) Jen Garner, (4) Heidi Klum, (5) Gwen Stefani… those are just a few that I could think of off the top of my head- they are women to look up to, who are to be admired, have talent and are actually contributing to this world instead of always wanting more, more, more as Ms. Priss-Posh does!


    what makes you people always say that her kids won’t recognise her..
    how phatetic!
    how do you know how much time she spends with her kids ? what because doesn’t push them infront of the papz? like alot of other celebs??
    and they don’t have a nanny
    either David’s mum or her parents look after the kids when the both of them can’t look after them.. god! & abotu the shopping thing atleats half of the time you see her “shopping” she’s actually their for bussines,, for her clothing line that is.
    I never really thought I would comment here but it really starts to bug me to see these comments with all the hate etc.
    yes you can have your opinion and sure you don’t have to praise her but what’s up with all that hate?
    if you don’t care about some one and you “hate” that person so much,, why spending time on her, you all think she just wants the attention why giving it to her then?
    some off you leave the same hateful comment everytime their are pics of her
    are you lot so perfect that you think you can judge some one else?? she might not be the most beautiful person on earth but is that a reason you can slag her evertime you get the chance on a blog? I’m wondering how many would dare to say it right in her face,,
    & so typically the smiling thing, so american the fake smiling my god if she doesn’t feel like smiling she doesn’t everyone around her or who met her say she’s a really nice person & very kind and funny
    is it a crime when you don’t smile?
    nobody’s perfect you know and you already showed you lot aren’t either by calling some one a watse of time or space or whatever! their are actually people who do worst things & their are happening worst things in this world then Mrs Beckham not smiling!
    I’m happy she’s such a strong person, she doesn’t gave a damn what others say about her, she does it her way and she achieved more then alot of you can ever say!

  • nokia

    she didnt care what are negative comments that she had. read english OK magazine, she said if she care what people said she will end up cutting her wrist, so she didnt care and she survive living a beautiful life with her family with huge money and huge success in her fashion range, her perfume outnumbered other celebrities perfume, her sunglasses sold out within minutes in london, her LEARNING TO FLY book is a best seller, her Rock and Republic jeans was a huge success, and i saw many beautiful people in my country and also celebrities in england wore her jeans and she wil get a lot of money to perform again with spice girls.. and maybe she is not that pretty, but at least she is working hard to be a successful women,and she did it.. she just received woman of the year award and entrepeneur of the year from glamour magazine.. ….what do u wanna say bout that, poor people? can u do the same thing? do u have that kind of money that she have? first if u wanna say she is ugly, look at yr face at the mirror first..are u prettier and more success than her? i dont think so

  • Fashion Critic

    I can not wait to see her fashion line in London.

  • Esme

    Gawd!! VB’s supporters are “nuts” over their “icon”!

    It’s a BLOG people… anyone can leave any sort of COMMENT/OPINION they WANT! Ever here of free speech? Geezzz… people either LOVE or HATE her– the people that don’t like her are just as FREE to leave comments as the ones who LOVE her- get over it! It’s just a comment/opinion- Gawd!- the way the lot of her “supporters” carry-on you would think the comment was directed at you! Get over it!

  • jocelyn

    ugly poker face victoria with a flat ass

  • Laura

    She is pathetic! All she does is buy clothes and get her photo taken with them on. She does nothing constructive for the world. She looks like a bean poll in those jeans – horrendous!

  • cutie pie

    what a flat ass trying to turn around and show that ironing board. that is not cute or sexy give me a big behind anytime