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Scarlett Johansson's Midnight in Barcelona

Scarlett Johansson's Midnight in Barcelona

Scarlett Johansson plays her role well as tourist, snapping some pictures on Tuesday while on set of Woody Allen‘s latest Spanish project filming in Barcelona.

Woody‘s film has been unofficially dubbed Midnight in Barcelona. Dialog for the film will be in Spanglish — both English and Spanish! The shoot is set to last seven weeks and will also shoot at Woody‘s home of New York City.

25+ pictures inside of 71-year-old Woody directing 22-year-old Miss Johansson

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scarlett johansson woody allen spain 01
scarlett johansson woody allen spain 02
scarlett johansson woody allen spain 03
scarlett johansson woody allen spain 04
scarlett johansson woody allen spain 05
scarlett johansson woody allen spain 06
scarlett johansson woody allen spain 07
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scarlett johansson woody allen spain 10
scarlett johansson woody allen spain 11
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scarlett johansson woody allen spain 17
scarlett johansson woody allen spain 18
scarlett johansson woody allen spain 19
scarlett johansson woody allen spain 20
scarlett johansson woody allen spain 21
scarlett johansson woody allen spain 22
scarlett johansson woody allen spain 23
scarlett johansson woody allen spain 24
scarlett johansson woody allen spain 25

Photos: Kadena Press/Bauer-Griffin, Eagle Eyes/Splash News Online
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  • shopgirl

    She looks incredible here. I love how naturally pretty she is.

  • myself

    Now..this is an actress we can respect. She doesn’t go out and throw up everywhere..doesn’t get drunk and act stupid, doesn’t go to rehab 2X in 7 months…doesn’t need tons of makeup to look good. AND she can act. Blohan – get a clue – you have no job. Scarlett does!! =)

  • dani

    agree, shopgirl – she is very naturally pretty, which is something that most of the actress’ don’t have.

  • eat_your_make_up

    she looks great! and shes not the best actress but she does good acting, compared to other starlets nowadays… i mean at least she doesnt make films where her co-star is a speaking car!

  • grace

    she looks totally fucked up.
    Look at her eyebrows?Those are freakin me out!She looks like a monster!The hair colour doesn´t fit to her!
    She can´t act she can´t dress and she looks fat here!

  • scandalmonger

    What the hell?Pretty?Guys seriously u need glasses!Make up your minds!
    She looks like a sow who lifts up her head from the pig tub because she needs to fart!

  • [~Famous~]


  • Scar/Woody

    What’s up with these actresses or so called,wearing these super dark-black brows with the bottle blonde hair? Its Awful!Just Awful!

    I refuse to watch anything put out by this Perv old- old- old Child bride sicko. Scar please take some acting skills, your movie performances of late have been lacking and lame. Scar cant you work with someone else with a vision besides senile- so -not with it perv Woody? Dont trust Woody.

  • I’m Not Obsessed

    Scarlett is so OVERRATED.

  • Smaiur

    Oh c’mon you can say whatever you want but you can’t say that she is FAT.
    You’re so stupid, very very stupid. You are bashing probably the 80% of the women in this world. Sorry if she’s not anoressic or she’s not a model tall and extremely-slim.
    You just disgust me. Shouldn’t I eat a piece of chocolate ’cause then I’m fat? What the hell? Stupid, stupid, stupid and idiot. You just have to shut your stupid mouth.

  • buzz

    She is a no-talent slut that can’t make a movie anyone will bother seeing. Enough of her already. It’s obvious she is in this thread doing some damage control, but the faqct remains, NO ONE GOES TO SEE HER MOVIES! That says it all about this fugly chick. Don’t forget your AIDS test, Scarlett.

  • buzz

    Oh, and she’s FAT!

  • drake

    Hey “myself (or Scarlett) this is a girl who announced she has an AIDS test once a year. She’s so freaking stupid she thinks a TEST is gonna save her from AIDS while she is ADMITTEDLY promiscuous? Oh yeah, so much to respect here, LOL. And…..NO ONE GOES TO SEE HER MOVIES! They are all flops. She is perfect for Woody, though, two creepy people that no one else will bother with anymore. This move will be SUCH a flop, LOL, like they don’t know this? Scarlett is SO over, a has-been than never was. She’s not attractive, has no talent, and is too stupid to keep her mouth shut. And her boobs hang to her knees already. Bye-bye, Scarlett, this movie will be your swan song.

  • Josh

    “annoressic,” smaiur?? LMAO, yep, must be Scarlett on here.

    I don’t care what she looks like, but she has no real talent and the proof of this is that people don’t part with money to go see her in anything. She needs to stop with the interviews so people might forget how dumb she is but that still won’t get people to actually see her movies. And that’s the bottom line, her name doesn’t mean a thing, people don’t spend money to see her. Even if she took her clothes off, that wouldn’t help. She is strictly direct to video, do not waste time putting her in theatres. And if Woody the pervert is all she has left, that sums up where Scarlett is pretty good.

  • Kyle

    Josh, I disagree that Scarlett’s name means nothing. If I see her name in the credits, I stay away. So Scarlett’s name does mean SOMETHING, means skip the movie. EVEN when it hits video. She’s just downright annyoying to have to watch.

  • Mrs. Fugly

    I wonder what her natural haircolor looks like? Her hair seems too lightend no? She is probably a bottled blond. Oh well. To each’s own. I don’t know her well as an actress to insult her yet. I like her jeans.

  • Inmylittleroom

    I bet she smells her own farts too, tee hee hee. What a loser, tee hee hee.

  • Steve

    She’s at the top of my list of most-beautiful actresses. The exaggeratedly-pale hair in these pictures isn’t flattering, but she’s still beautiful.

    And talent? She has it. Of her films, I’ve seen these:
    Manny & Lo
    The Horse Whisperer
    Ghost World
    The Man Who Wasn’t There
    Lost in Translation
    Girl with a Pearl Earring
    Match Point
    The Prestige

    The only one of those where she disappointed was _The Prestige_, and I wasn’t impressed with that one much in general. (I don’t remember her in _The Man Who Wasn’t There_.)

  • Vladimer

    Steve, she stinks and her movies stink, and the proof is in the profits; they don’t make money until they are in Blockbuster. Beautiful she is not, probably doesn’t get a second glance in the market. She is just an average everything that has a good PR machine working overtime for her. And people just don’t seem to like her, which is too late to change. She will never be a box office draw, plain and simple, and her PR people will not change that no matter how many magazines they get her average face in.

  • ital

    Scarlett is so overrated! I don’t see why many people rave about her looks. She’s an average actress. Every time I hear about her or see pictures of her, it seems like she has that ‘I’m all that’ attitude, like she thinks she’s so hot.

  • André


  • james

    LOL, “Andre,” – you are NOT gorgeous at all, Scarlett, you need to stop thinking you really look like your air-brushed magazine ads which are basically horrid looking anyway. You are OKAY, that is all Scarlett, and your acting is actually below average, no range at all, so people are bored with you, which is why your movies bring in so little. Don’t take it so hard. Your problem is, you take yourself too seriously and believe the hype. Now your snooty attitude has turned the public against you and they rarely turn back because there is always someone new; in other words, Scarlett, your fifteen minutes are up and you have only yourself to blame because it was your dumb comments and your insufferable ego that made people turn away. Your new movie with the Woody-pervert will go nowhere, that us obvious. Prepare yourself, girl. And get your money up front.

  • Angelina

    A pretty talented actress comes along being admired by her fans because she deserves the admiration given. But somehow, some people come along and start bashing someone who is perfectly talented and gorgeous. Damn right James, I can use the word gorgeous. You seriously know NOTHING about the hollywood industry. Scarlett’s acting is above average. If her acting is below average, how on earth is she well known in the hollywood industry now? She’s been nominated for TWO golden globes, both in 2003. And she’s only 22. Scarlett is already respected in the whole world and is still gaining critical acclaim for many of her roles. And what’s sad about you James is that you know nothing about world- renown directions in the world. Hhhmm…have you even heard of Steven Spielberg? Martin Scorsese? Or Peter Jackson? Funny if you have because you sound totally clueless in that comment. And what makes you think Woody Allen is a pervert? Do you have any proof? i DON’T think so. And do you know how many Oscars Woody Allen has or has been nominated for? Well check out these statistics: He’s been nominated for 21 oscars and he’s won 3 oscars. He’s also been nominated for 11 golden globes and he’s already won 1 from there. That’s a lot for a man you call ‘a pervert’. Check your facts before you type next time James.

  • Jean

    I have to wonder at the mental age of many of the posters here….they often write as tho they haven’t reached the 8th grade yet….if they are going to post nasty things at least do it with some proper english and stop calling names as tho you are on a playground—grow up……

  • Jordi

    She’s in Barcelona, my city!!
    but it’s not in Spain, because Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, a small but great country.

    And we’re sad, because the film don’t speak english and our language (catalan). I know we are small and we don’t have any power to change that.

    Maybe if Allen was more sensitive about the culture and language of Barcelona….

  • beast

    scarlett is drop dead gorgeous

  • Oh my, you make me laugh

    “And what makes you think Woody Allen is a pervert? Do you have any proof? i DON’T think so.” – Angelina

    Well, hmmmm, let’s see…

    “Farrow alleged that Allen had sexually molested their adopted daughter Malone, who was then seven years old. The judge eventually concluded that the sex abuse charges were inconclusive,[20] but called Allen’s conduct with Soon-Yi “inappropriate.”[21] The case never went to trial and Allen was never indicted.” Hollywood justice for ya.

    “In a 2005 Vanity Fair interview,[22] Allen estimated that, despite the scandal’s damage to his reputation, Farrow’s discovery of Allen’s attraction to Soon-Yi Previn, by accidentally finding nude photographs of her, was “just one of the fortuitous events, one of the great pieces of luck in my life. [...]” Yeah, I’d be proud to have someone find nude pictures of my stepchild that I had taken too…..not!

    “Try to forget the fact that he was screwing her mommy when she was still a kid or that he took naked polaroids of her when she was only 17…” Yeah, that Woody Allen, a real high class guy!

    You nauseate me. Do you even know the meaning of the word “pervert”? Maybe you should check YOUR facts.

  • wiseone

    scorsese is good speilberg sucks. scarlett is hot but lousy actress. allen is a washed up pervert