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David Beckham Watches His Galaxy

David Beckham Watches His Galaxy

David Beckham scratches at his beard while watching as his new club, the Los Angeles Galaxy, get defeated 3-0 by the Mexicans Tigres UANL on Tuesday in a friendly at the Home Depot Center, Carson, Calif.

Becks, who had his ankle in an ice-pack, watched from the best seats in the house alongside LA Galaxy President and General Manager Alexi Lalas.

Mr. Golden Balls is scheduled to debut his soccer skills on the field this Saturday against English club Chelsea but it may be delayed due to a lingering left ankle injury. “He’s had a lot of treatment today. It’s a little bit better,” Galaxy coach Frank Yallop said. “We’re hoping he will be OK for Saturday.”

20+ pictures inside of David Beckham cheering his Galaxy on…

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Photos:, Splash News Online, Big Pictures/Bauer-Griffin
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  • Aloha

    David is ok.,but Victoria sucks.

  • Jill

    I bet David is wishing he were able to help his team mates. I know he hates to see his team lose. Hope his ankle gets better soon. Looking forward to seeing him play for the US Galaxy team.:)

  • money in da nag

    Are we surprise? He is an older man with known injuries. Not 20-25 anymore.Side-lines will be his home. Why hurt yourself- he is already swimming in injuries- milk it for what it is worth. Many millions in his case.
    This is a prelude of what is to come. Sure he will play, but he already is dealing with old you think he is gonna kill himself..he is super rich and spoiled like a lot of athletes..and yal say he looks good,, he has it made..why play?..most times..milk it Beck..milk it..

  • he looks tired and bored

    I am sure he will have many injuries and do little playing all the while collecting his fortune. He is in it for the fame. His wife is not an asset either, she makes a fool out of them. This is all so pathetic.

    Just play soccer and knock it off with the posing and attention seeking.

  • Lica

    So sexy, i love becks and your cute sons! |O|

  • Bit me

    is this man really worth $250

  • smooth

    money in da nag

    You don’t know how you are wrong. Millions football’s fans love him not because of his skills but because his is trully athlete,because he is oposite what you think. Beckham NEVER wolk on the pitch,he always fight and run like crazy,he will play with injuries if he should help his team. It happends a lot of times through his carear. People look at him and see rich handsome boy- but when they meet him and work with him they admit how strong and professional he is. Did you hear about Capello or Lushneburgo,MacLaren? They all thought he is a joke,but ectually Becks proved how wrong they were,maybe Maclaren will never admot it,but Becks saved his job in last two england matches and he played injured in second half to set up 2 goals. David played injured in Madrid game because Real had no more substitutes.
    Becks is hard worker on the pitch and on the trainings,he stays alone after the training sesions to praticce his free kicks.
    Sir Alex Ferguson said that Beckham is the best England player of his generation not because he is gifted more than anybody else,but because he works like nobody else.

    P.S. I promise you in two months you will chnage your opinion about this man. You are not the first one actually.

  • smooth

    It’s a pitty a lot of people know not much about such beautiful game like football.
    He played with injury for 3 games! Less than a month ago,it’s not a case he is 32 years old,it a case of injury-this is not serious injury but it takes time,that’s all.

  • iagree

    I totally agree with #7. Beckham didn’t get where he is from bench warming.

  • sexybeasts

    LMAO! Seriously, Who would offer him this much money if he wasn’t good!!!!! Think up a better argument to dislike him.

  • meh

    when they say ignore the there talking bout u ppl. beckam’s a balla. let him b.

  • Lulu

    The only reason this injury takes time to recover from is because he played 3 games while he was injured.

    He never faked any injury, he even played almost an entire season with infiltration in his back.
    Not many players do that, most of them just decide not to play.

  • Irishgirl

    Becks is a great footballer. He is very talented. You Americans will soon see that. And he is so down to earth and nice. Victoria is a different story – talentless, vain and desperate for fame. Becks is in this because of his passion for footballer, he is not in it for the fame.

  • Lulu

    lol Irishgirl, i think he’s in it because of his passion for football, not footballers ;)

  • Posh 2.0

    Very hot hot man. Good lord!

  • Rae

    “What was I thinking? Seriously.”

  • sexybeasts

    I’m American and i they’re both the shi*!. Love em!

  • Callie

    Ummm, I’m thining Mrs. Beckham is not going to like that picture of the woman holding hubby’s arm down – she’s standing awfully close to him and she’s youngish and sort of thin too. So, LOOK OUT when you get home Mr. Beckham – there will be some serious questions!!

  • #3 is rite

    I so agree with with #3. He may want to play but he aint gonna be able to keep playing with all his old injuries. Kick ball that is what we call it where I’m from,,it’s just kicking a ball in a goal how hard is that? He shouldnt’ play if he has so many ankle injuries. I say he won’t be of much use. New injuries,old injuries,reinjured,on and on.
    Play yeah but if he gets so injured to where he is put out and a bench warmer like in Europe,he aint got no worries.Money is still going to come and he’s hot, will still follow.Soccer will never be a big sport in USA,you have sports announcer/radio people making fun of it all the time here.

  • sexybeasts

    Football(soccer) is coming around here in the states, I know two girls
    who have received college scholorships for this sport. It is not as unknown as europeans think it is. I don’t know about where everyone else comes from but in America our schools provide many extracuricular activities for our children on top of a phsical education class they must attend.We have football, soccer, baseball, basketball, cheerleading, softball, track, cross Country, swimming, gymnastics, lacrosse,volleyball,the list goes on.These are all school sponored. Not only can you get scholorships for academics, you can get them for sports too. I think there are to many choices, and not enough emphasis on academics.

  • sexybeasts

    #19 ….bullcra*!

  • soccer is wimpy

    Soccer is played by small kids,girls some schools and after school sports teams but it is not a ‘America big Leaguer’ sport. That’s ok. It should not be. Not manly enough jmo.
    Don’t get the socks rolled up so high on grown men.zzzzz yawn boring.

  • wow

    The bodyguard in the background is hot too!

  • Jayne

    Its normal for footballers to get injuries from time to time, Beckham has been fairly lucky over his career hes only had one serious knee injury, which in comparison to other players of a similar age is quite good going. As a Real Madrid fan i can promise you that he hasn’t just gone to LA for the money, he will work his socks of for any team that he plays for, the only reason he’s currently injured is because his national coach and Fabio Capello (Then Real Madrid coach) decided they both needed him to much to rest him and they both played him while not 100% fit. Becks is fully committed to football (soccer) anyone who suggests otherwise clearly knows very little about him.

    If LA Galaxy rush him with this injur, they will regret it in the long run, the chelsea game is just a friendly, Galaxy will need Becks to be completley recovered for the leaugue games – and by the looks of Galaxy recent results they really need his help

  • wow

    #24 LOL, they do need him!

  • Cynthia

    The pic of Dave waving, sup Davey bb!

  • Moonlight

    So…many…Beckham threads……

    Ah well. Guess it’s all good, if I can keep looking at David. :)

  • Courtney

    In case anyone cares…i have a clip of brits new song “get back” on my site (click my name)

    Oh and David Beckham IS HOT!!!!! Although I cant stand all the hype of them. They are overated.

  • mackenzie

    this team is so bad.. one good player is not enough

  • faye

    6 Bit me : 07/18/2007 at 1:45 pm
    is this man really worth $250

    Wrong. $25M for 5 years

  • vicky

    He is the most professional footballer I’ve ever seen.He is a figther, hard worker, humble and downtoearth ! Did I say he is f**g hot too ?

  • Orly is hotter

    and he cheats dont long be4 he cheats while living in plastic city? I give him3-6 months.

  • Corpus Christi

    #30 Faye

    Beckham Moves to America

    Beckham finally made the much-reported announcement of a new five-year contract with the LA Galaxy team on January 11, 2006. The total $250 million deal translates to $1 million a week – the biggest in world sport.


    hes getting paid $250 million to watch games?! i still love you though, bb

  • Mexican Baby Luv

    LOL YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! la galaxy sux!!!!!! AND JUST CAUSE THER MEXICANS DOESNT MEAN U HAVE TO PUT IT THAT RUDELY! and ya beckahams gay!!

  • Star

    Becks is hot no doubt. Yes he’s a good player but not worth $250 Million. This money is more for advertising and stuff. Truthfully he’s more of a celebrity than a footballer. If he was ugly no one would even mention his football.

    He says he’s not going there for the Money. Dear Lord David you can’t pull the wool over everyones eyes.

    As for his wife well she’s a joke. She’s fake and nothing else. She will fit in perfectly into LA with all the other fake people that live there.

  • smooth


    This is what I afraid of,people expect from him a lot,but football is a team game,one player can win games but not championships.
    Now LA Galaxy is awful team,I saw their 4 last games…no tactics,strange subs,holes in deffence…so on.
    Becks can’t change it.
    I heard Capello is coming to America,would be great if he becomes LA coach.

  • Lee

    #22 *****Soccer is played by small kids,girls some schools and after school sports teams but it is not a ‘America big Leaguer’ sport. That’s ok. It should not be. Not manly enough jmo.
    Don’t get the socks rolled up so high on grown men.zzzzz yawn boring. ******

    Lol! Soccer not manly enough for Americans?!?!? And Baseball is??? That’s funny! The only ‘manly’ sport America has is American Football… and even that is girly compared to rugby…

  • wslandry

    Blah, Blah, Blah

    Soccer maybe an international sport but it sucks in the states. What a great sport for a bunch of morrons to fight over there country losing. This is exactly whats going to happen! Wait to see all the bone heads show of when they play Mexico in L.A. Only game I went to was the World Cup when it was in L.A. years ago and what a freaking boring sport. When they played the national antthem Mexico booed through the whole song. People with any brains will stay away and let all low life drunken factory workers party. Thanks L.A. for bringing all the Hooligan crouds to our neighborhoods.

    Soccer Sucks!!!!!