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Tom Cruise Gets the German Green Light

Tom Cruise Gets the German Green Light

A solo Tom Cruise catches a helicopter flight in Berlin, Germany en route to the set of his latest historical thriller, Valkyrie.

Tom, who is also one of the film’s producers, recently received permission to shoot at Tempelhof Airport’s Columbia Haus, site of a former Nazi prison for political detainees. in Berlin.

Before this, Tom, 45, was turned away multiple times from filming at a number of key locations in the German capital. In the film, he portrays German resistance hero Claus von Stauffenberg.

Valkyrie is set for a Aug. 8, 2008 release.

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Photos: Dean Chapple/Splash News Online
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  • [~Famous~]

    I knew he would get permission, he’s Tom Cruise. LOl

  • brangaloonie

    well he has the proper nazi-haircut alright.

  • Anna

    He looks great!!!

  • Ann

    He’s so insufferable. I hope his new movies bomb. He could use a dose of humility.

  • Chinnifer Maniston

    His hair actually looks better like that.

  • Corpus Christi

    At least he has on jeans.. and looks comfortable, instead of that stupid three piece suit he always wears. maybe Katie is loosening him up a bit!

  • boss

    i don’t know why people give tom such a hard time….his movies are great, he is devoted to his religion, he always looks happy with his wife and children, he supports charity…seriously, wtf is there to hate about him?? i would watch any movie he comes out with because i know it will be good!

  • Zoe

    Damm, my day is ruined now! The Germans were my heroes. Loved how they were banning his crazy ass. They’ve got some big balls over there. Tomtom’s such a little dork!

  • pr person

    Whats the matter Tom? Why aren’t you smiling for the cameras? Oohhhhh..wait.. I know! It wasn’t a prearranged photo op, there were no fans around, no one was seeking an autograph and so there was no need to put on your pony show. What a Loser!

  • Megg

    I have never dislike a celebrity as much as I dislike this gay controlling, egomaniac, bi-polar dwarf.


    Wow, he looks hot! love his hair

  • Hulla

    I don’t care for him but I want at least this movie to succeed.



  • cult

    You mean he rides in a airplane?..and not in a space ship -then gets beam to his chosen location?..The German son says he dislikes Tom and his wacko alien cult religion, an does not agree with old man Tom ‘the cult leader’ playing the role of his father.
    It was a disgrace he says.
    Was ET visiting Tom in Germany?
    Since Tom is the cult leader, is John Travolta the 2nd in command.
    Wierdo’s..Freaks. German Government does not recognize the alien religion ‘Scientology’.
    Who would, they believe aliens are a Gawd.

  • K-Anne

    TinyTommy sucks. I hope nobody goes to see his movies from now on after his comments about Post Natal Depression. His cult screwed him right out of a career. I also can’t stand his fake ass marriage.

  • boss

    people are so ignorant when it comes to religion….at least tom has the balls to stick by what he believes in whether people like it or not…religous tolerance anyone? geez…hasn’t the world learned yet that it is stupid to hate someone because of their religion? and how come people rag on tom for scientology’s beliefs when there are all those christian pedophile priests out there?????

  • Ace Tomato

    He’s lost weight. I swear he was super chubb there for a while.

  • silly

    atleast they finally let him in this one location, it’s the least they can do after refusing him all the key/important locations i’m sure it was the last option on the card and he had no choice but it’s either he takes it or lump it and #16(boss) how much were you paid to post on sites for him

  • Darlene

    He’s my man!!!

  • Beth

    I laugh how gossip takes over the facts. Those Germany banning crap is not true. Germany even gave TC 6 million as their love gift and
    Nazi planes have been flying overhead already for filming and the locals are aware of the production.

    Read Variety and other real entertainment news people not trash bloggers.

    WTG TOM!

  • Margot

    Im dying to watch this movie. He is hot unlike other actors so ugly for their age and young actors looking so trashy and old.

  • Hulla

    Scientology is NOT a religion, it’s a brain-washing business.
    We Germans had enough problems with brain-washing ideolgies in the past.



  • Lane

    Im not familiar with all this but thanks to Tom Cruise and the free publicity the press gives him Im very curious about this movie now.
    He looks handsome and I love his appearance and clean cut professional look.

  • Summer

    WooooHoooo Tom is back. I miss him.

    Why is JustJared behind with the Valkyrie news and telling the banning juice that’s not even true.

  • catholic

    This is my 2008 movie along with Indy 4,TDK,Iron Man ,Bond 22 and Katie’s movie.

  • April

    Very hot and still among the best American actor of our time. Love him and Depp. I respect him more that he is a family man at heart, he is so good to his fans and the paparazzis.

  • [~Famous~]

    4, unlike certain other actors and actresses, Tom’s movies dont bomb.

  • Sid

    So many films of actresses and actors fail at the box office but you dont hear a beep about it but everything Tom Cruise does is analyzed 24/7. I am so there for this movie.

    Congrats to Tom that Museum of Movie Image will honor him and on the New York Times Germany gives Tom a generous Gift.


    Wow Tom is looking kinda hot again.

  • hayes

    loooove him,Katie and his children.

  • Ariya

    Im Jewish but it didnt stop me from watching Passion of the Christ or that Tom Hanks Da Vinci Code. Cruise is a versatile actor and this movie Valkyrie is already stirring up lots of interest among my Jewish friends in Israel and even here Stateside.

  • Cammy

    He’s an inspiring actor and a hunk. Hard to believe he’s already in his 40′s.

  • me

    Now that’s the Tom I crushed on as a child. I like him a lot better with the hair cut and the craziness isn’t as all encompassing as it usually is. Wow a wee bit of less crazy suits Tom quite nicely.

  • shamu

    Im a Tom Cruise bandwagon and I make no bones about it.

  • jaredfan

    no way an American white boy can play a Samurai hero but now Japan has a National Day for Tom Cruise not sure if its Oct. 6,9 or 12.
    Hollywood filmmakers and German directors are correct that if any actor just played this role the public and media wont care.
    This movie will just fade and Germany’s so called hero unheard of.
    With Tom Cruise it is giving the movie,the history and Germany a lot of attention. His presence and talent is undeniable.

  • Lola

    *****He is yummy**

  • K-Anne

    Oh my, Tom is looking very HOT! I love his haircut. I’m looking forward to this movie and its going to be a big success but importantly its going to be a great movie with all the talented cast. I just hope he would start doing more than one movie a year….this year has been so boring without Cruise movie.

  • Zoey

    He is looking like his old self. Is it just me or this guy just gets younger and younger?

  • Joyce

    A great man and actor. His wife Katie is so beautiful and likable.



  • pr person

    The only thing that Cruise is known for now a days, is being an arrogant, ignorant, medicinal ranting, wife auditioning, big nosed, weirdo.

  • Alpha

    My German friends are debating because some revere Stauffenberg while others hate him because he’s a Nazi top ranking officer with Hitler. They’re curious about this film and curiosity got the best of me too. They cant do wrong with the caliber of Tom Cruise.

  • Hana

    Finally we have a picture of Tom Cruise! I’ve missed seeing him, even though I’m just as happy seeing Katie and Suri but I just felt like a void when I didn’t see him for a while. Thank you JJ.

  • rustan

    He’s so hot!~

  • ME

    He needs to save his career and image by getting rid of Katie Holmes.
    She is a bimbo. He can do SO MUCH BETTER!!!! At least he’s two for three with Mimi and Nicole.

  • Tia

    Looks like Tom has found the fountain of youth.
    I’m looking forward to this movie and I’ve already started reading a book about Stauffenberg, all thanks to Tom.
    JJ you should get your facts straight about the banning and like someone suggested instead of getting your info from Fox news, you should try variety or Hollywood reporter.

  • 2Zoey

    Zoey : 07/18/2007 at 3:50 pm

    He is looking like his old self. Is it just me or this guy just gets younger and younger?

    He looks better when he is away from Katie Holmes…..Here he looks like the old Tom that everybody LOVED.

  • Jean

    He is looking great. So this is what he is going to look like for the movie “VALKYRIE”?!…looking forward to it.

  • Jean

    “46 ME : 07/18/2007 at 4:12 pm

    He needs to save his career and image by getting rid of Katie Holmes.
    She is a bimbo. He can do SO MUCH BETTER!!!! At least he’s two for three with Mimi and Nicole.”

    He is happy so who bloody cares about his career. Actors just like every other person should put their happiness and themselves before their career and obviously Tom wants her more than his bloody career!