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Britney Spears Does Damage Control

Britney Spears Does Damage Control

Britney Spears draws out hordes of paparazzi with another shopping trip in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Brit Brit smiled and blew kisses at the crowd, doing a bit of damage control before her exclusive tell-all interview un-sanitized breakdown is published in the forthcoming issue of OK! magazine.

Miss Spears was, of course, accompanied on her shopping trip by her new blonde assistant.

UPDATE: More pictures added of Britney and her blonde assistant eating a late lunch at Cravings restaurant on the Sunset strip.

20+ pictures inside of Britney‘s damage control Tuesday…

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55 Responses to “Britney Spears Does Damage Control”

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  1. 26
    Ms. sugar walls Says:

    GO BRITNEY! screw what these haters say…baby do you! You are entitled to make mistakes in your life, and I am here to tell you that K-fed was a big one in your life! I love those red heels, I like that dress! You see people want to send nasty comments your way..but i think that their lives is just as messed what they try to betray yours! I think that you are no Lindsay Lohan, She keeps on messing up, you on the other hand are a muture adult to know that you have messed up, and correct them! GO BRIT!

  2. 27
    Puzzled Says:

    I am struggling to understand. What is the fascination with this girl? She’s neigher pretty nor talented in any way. She had a few cheesy pop hits, that’s it.

    With some many pretty and talented people out there in LA, Holywood, etc. why do we need to be interested in Britney Spears?

    I never read or click on stories for Britney, first and last time. I guess I was pushed into participating this time because of the sheer number of stories about here out there…

  3. 28
    BritneyBACK! Says:


  4. 29
    lillas Says:

    Actually, I think that Paris and Lindsay are still better then Britney. Despite all of their screw ups, at least they didn’t bring innocent kids into their sorry lives. And Britney you are not that hot stop acting like it.

  5. 30
    jo Says:

    she looks awful hahahah

  6. 31
    Marta Says:

    I looking for posters of britney spears. I have so many posters+artikels to swap, A-z.

    You can see them here:

    write me here:

  7. 32
    Nonnie Says:

    OK magazine is a celebrity friendly magazine, and Britney’s behavior most have been bad melt down for the editors to publish the information they have. I wish they could go ahead and publish the interview and information they have about her true behavior.

  8. 33
    ('@') Says:

    Get your act together. You can do it!! :)

  9. 34
    Karen Says:

    She has learned to become as cynical as the media itself is! I love it!
    If everybody just left her alone, she would be able to rearrange her life! she´s still suffering a lot…but she´ll hit on all of us again!!!

  10. 35
    danny Says:

    i think she looks great! people really need to give this girl a break….

  11. 36
    gini Says:

    she looks great!!

  12. 37
    preesi Says:

    All you MORONS who are saying WE LOVE YOU BRITNEY. And saying she looks AMAZING and BLINDLY supporting her are NOT helping her!
    She needs you to turn your back on her so she gets help!

  13. 38
    Dirty Cougar Says:

    She looks like a trailer park gypsy! LMAO!

  14. 39
    me Says:

    [i]Her mother should always stand by her regardless and should let her live her life the way she feels it should be.[/i]

    I’m going to have to disagree with you on this comment number 25. I think her mother did the right thing by not sticking by her unconditional. The fact is, it’s not just her life Britney has 2 children to consider and from the moment she had kids, life stopped being [u]all[/u] about her. From the looks of it, Britney has been living her life just the way she wants and it’s only hurt rather than helped her.

    Lynn did the right thing where she saw that her daughter was self distructing and forced her to go into rehab for her own good. The worst thing Lynn could have done was take a page from Dina Lohan’s book of parenting and just be an enabler watching her daughter spiral into oblivion.

    Obviously rehab didn’t work because Britney wasn’t ready change so now look at her. It’s about time we start placing blame on those that deserve it and in this case it’s Britney. Come on folks, this is a grown woman whose made mistakes, but instead of maning up and taking responsibility for her actions, she blames everyone. “It’s not me, it’s my mom, the ex, the media, the paps, the Sahara desert.”

    Gimme a break Britney! This is ridiculous and for people to start excusing this behavior is even worse. Paris Hilton is just as dumb as Britney, but she was raked over the coals (I loathe Paris so don’t think I’m in any way supporting her). Britney has barely been burned because people feel sorry her. Well the last time I checked, stupidity and an unwillingness to change didn’t make up for having serious problems. Britney has got to get it together for her children’s sakes.

    She’s claimed that she’s gotten rid of all of the users in her life, but its clear that isn’t case. It seems as though the people that Britney needs the most are the ones she’s driven away. And it’s the users and ne’er do wells that have managed to get a nice foot hold in this girl’s life. Let’s just hope that her family and [u]real[/u] friends can finally get through to her because right now all I’m seeing is a repeat of the Anna Nicole Story and we all know how that saga ended.

  15. 40
    me Says:

    i m a proud saguttarius and britney is amazing!!

  16. 41
    me Says:

    i don’0t think ok have the interview!!they just want to sell more magazine!!

  17. 42
    Jon Says:

    She is still HoT! I cant wait for her come back! I LOVE HER

  18. 43
    Gigilo Says:

    I’m convinced she has multiple personalities!!!

  19. 44 Says:

    I am praying for you Brit Brit!

  20. 45
    Hulla Says:

    Wow, she almost looks good. No hot pants, not *** falling out…

  21. 46
    gi Says:

    Why is it you always get teenyboppers making excuses for her

    “omg leave britney alone you jelliz haterz paris and lindsay r lyk so much worse”

    Er no. I am no fan of Paris or Lindsay but they’re not as bad as Britney. Paris and Lindsay are just hurting themselves, they’re not mothers. They’re young free and single. Britney is dragging her sons into all her crap. She isn’t fit to be anyones mother, she is just an arrogant w.hore that needs to get over herself. she’s a spoiled b.itch.

  22. 47
    paulie Says:

    It bothers me to hear Britney’s fans defend her erratic behaviour even claiming it’s perfectly reasonable and par for the course for a twenty something mother of two Let’s have a brief recap of this so called reasonable behaviour: Being photographed more than once sans underwear and with your legs spread open allowing us all to see all that you have to offer. Partying every God given night even though you have two very small kids at home. Drinking so much you have to be half carried half dragged out of nightclubs. Failing to turn up to studio sessions and causing your long awaited return to be shelved indefinitely. Shaving your head in public. Attacking a car with an umbrella in front of photographers, Stripping off your clothes and swimming in your underwear again in front of assembled photographers. Endlessly wearing clothing guaranteed to give the general public an unobstructed view of your nipples. And now this ill fated photo shoot where your dog craps on designer clothing, you think the ceiling is coming in on you and you babble on incoherently about conspiracies against you. Reasonable behaviour? I don;t think so. What in heaven is it going to take for Britney and her fans to admit she has a problem and needs help? I’m not a fan but can’t bring myself to lay into someone who is clearly mentally ill. I can only hope for her sake and the sake of her children she’ll see this latest bit of bad publicity and sort herself out,

  23. 48
    blah Says:

    i hope she chokes on her rats nest of a wig.

  24. 49
    blah Says:

    paulie is my hero. thanks for the recap because i forgot some of those amazing things she has done.

  25. 50
    sondie Says:

    ok the red shoes-THE RED HEAD WRAP and THE RED BAG….oh and her red rashy face and ass….too much! what is with the head wraps? Ok we know you got new growth!

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