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Jennifer Aniston is a Beach Bum

Jennifer Aniston is a Beach Bum

Jennifer Aniston dresses uncharacteristically in a bold belted turquoise summer dress as enjoys a sunny stroll down the beach in Malibu on Sunday afternoon.

Accompanied by Friends BFF Courteney Cox, the two strolled together the sandy beach while Jen held her dog Dolly by the collar. Cox was seen playing with the new pup and a new mystery male (obviously not hubby David Arquette).

The pair enjoyed a low-key barbecue at the waterfront home Courtney shares with hubby David Arquette. Sacha Baron Cohen and pregnant fiancee Isla Fisher joined in on the festivities.

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Credit: NOTW; Photos: Pedro Andrade/
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  • jay

    Gawd can she look anymore man-ish?

  • Yaya

    She’s aging as fast as a torpedo. Oh! I forget, she never look good in candid shot.

  • norman an jen her girlfriend

    Jen’s skin looks burned and red. Not a good color for her. Please change your hair its 2007. ‘Rachael’ is no more, you are stuck in a time zone, stop traveling backwards.
    Does Cox ever wear anything but jeans to the beach?,hello shirts, skirts.ect..They both look 50.

  • Dieter

    I love Courteney Cox so much. She has such a beautiful flat tummie. I wanna smell her poon.

  • peepee

    what is the purpose of being rude or mean? its obviously shot with a telephoto which destorts everything.. her hair looks like every other actress in hollywood.

  • Yily

    It’s great to see these two are still friend even though their show has been over for a long time. I hope they’ll be BFF forever!

  • 2985

    The dress absolutely does nothing for her, and the belt too…yech…
    The white doggie is gorgeous though, love it!

  • Ace Tomato

    Cigarettes and sun, kids. She has all the money in the world and can spa and peel and botox and she STILL looks like leather.

    Cigarettes and sun.

  • Posh is hot

    Turquoise is not her color. You must admit she has some skin damage.
    Paul she dumped him. I thought they were strong. She looks haggard and older than 45. Sun gotta stay out of the sun. Cox needs to show the goods she does wear jeans when posted on here alot.zzzzzz sorry fell asleep.

  • bisdak

    I like the dress and the color but that face will only be passable if you’re royalty. :lol:

  • taryn

    Why does Jen always look unhappy and 7 an 8 they sort of look like their making monkie faces…
    Even though their both filthy rich they don’t seem to pleased with life. ITA the black belt with that dress is awful.
    Not to many can carry off that color of dress and she is one of them that can’t.
    Seriously If I was either one, I’d quit smoking(JA) no more I would vacation over seas.

  • norman???

    Where is Norman? Paris Hilton brings several of her dogs with her. Has Norman been banished? Poor poor Norman.

  • norman???

    Isn’t that a guy on CCox show Dirt in pix #9? He kinda looks like Charlie Sheen.

  • always frowning

    Why do these two always frown so much? The public made them as rich as they are, why can’t they smile sometimes? They know that the paps are in Malibu on the beach 24/7, so why not smile and wave just a few times? If they wanted privacy they need to be somewhere else cause Malibu is pap heaven.

  • bisdak

    those pics really tales the tale of how alone she is and a far contrast with her friends. While they are there as families, her being in her lonesome hilites that.

  • black

    When is Courtney gonna adopt her?

  • Anonymous

    Dear Lord, I didn’t even recognise her, she looks a right state! Jen looks like a haggard old bag lady!!! Courteney looks way better and younger than her. In fact it looks like Courteney is out for a stroll with her Aunt Mavis that looks uncannily like Jennifer Aniston!

    Jen, the hair is no longer helping your face look young darling you need to change it. That dress is making your boobs look droopy & saggy and the color is highlighting your leathered skin. You have aged 20 years over the last few months. I thought having a toy boy was supposed to help kee you young? I guess its over between her and Paul Sculfor then.

  • Shoegal

    She doesnt look good on this set of pics

  • Gabby

    I’m a fan of Jennifer Aniston’s but #16 black that was funny.

  • gini

    courteney is a really good friend for jen. love her

  • ecce

    Paul was introduced by HUVANE who paid for him. The whole things was paid for. That is why it started in a hotel (they paid for the hotel and brought him in) and ended for no real reason. Paul was a model paid to cover for Jen for the media. In reality they were NEVER a couple. Something that Huvane doesn’t want people to know right now. FACT. It is a pile of PR. Just like Gay Vince and Jen. Her real personal life is hidden. Until she is married it will ALL be games for tabloids, which she in fact hates and is the main reason for the charade

  • Paparazzi Caption…


    Star-studded Sunday afternoons don’t get much better than this – well, if you’re part of the Cox-Arquette clan, that is.

    Courteney Cox and David Arquette recruited pals Jennifer Aniston, Sacha Baron Cohen and a heavily pregnant Isla Fisher for an afternoon of fun and frolics in L.A.

    The fabulous fivesome were hanging out chez Cox-Arquette, enjoying a tasty barbeque at the couple’s Malibu beach house.

    Borat bloke Sacha was delighted by the view from his friends’ balcony, happily snapping away with his camera at the dolphins swimming in the ocean ahead.

    Things were a bit different for one of the party, however – poor little Jen. The reportedly once-again-on-the-market star was the sole singleton of the soiree, and spent much of her time playing with a dog. After her alleged split from hunky Brit Paul Sculfor, perhaps she’s swapping men for the next best thing… man’s best friend? We wish you all the best, Jen.

  • ???

    I did not recognize Jennifer. Did she get fat injected in her face while in New York? Something is different.

  • http://htt// CHIN UGLY FACE

    Where is hot Jennifer Aniston, tell me now?

    What a ugly woman Jennifer Aniston is ?
    she’s not hot.
    she’s not beautiful.

  • s.r

    it seems he(sorry she) breast feed at least four kids.

  • angelina_mmm

    Courtney has a great set of boobs why is she hiding behind ugly clothes that don’t fit?
    J. Aniston looks like she had something done to her nose area or cheeks they look puffed (collagen?)

  • annie

    Did she die her hair, it looks brownish not blonde! And where is her BF PAUL??? And I though she has so many firends, why is she always hanging out with Cox and Arquette, its like she is with them 24/7.

  • http://htt// false or True

    Is Jennifer become an alien ?

    pop face

  • http://htt// not good

    Where is Jennifer Aniston fans ?

    I want to know this woman is jennifer aniston maybe JJ could make a mistake.
    yes, she is an alien.

  • Nancy

    Jennifer looks great. Too bad certain nauseatingly psychotic people can’t admit it. God forbid Jennifer be allowed to hang out with friends. I know, what a concept.

  • Cheerios

    Y’know, making fun of her is no longer funny. Its sad and its true. She needs to get her life in order, find a purpose in her life outside of Hollywood. Money doesnt buy happiness and will not comfort you. Since she doesnt have a family, its a good thing she has Courtney. Can you imagine if she didnt have her? SAD. SAD. SAD.

  • http://htt// not good

    Nancy : 07/30/2007 at 7:07 am
    Jennifer looks great. Too bad certain nauseatingly psychotic people can’t admit it. God forbid Jennifer be allowed to hang out with friends. I know, what a concept.

    ha ,ha ,ha ,ha ,She looks like an alien

    pop face ,pop face pop face……………………..

  • fic

    I think so cool that jen and courtney remained friends after the end of the show

  • http://htt// Unemployment

    Jen’s face Explode run .run, run, ………………………….

  • uke-chan

    13 norman???

    yeahhhh, my opinion too

  • drainbreath

    Her face does look somewhat different I thought it might be the squinting at the sun but courteney looks the same so?. It is definitely the wrong dress for the beach for obvious reasons and the shape wouldn’t suit anyone. I wonder why her hairdresser friend doesn’t help her by coaxing her to change her hairstyle? The dog is lovely.

  • Angelina

    i think jennifer and courtney are great people. its really nice to see them hang out on a beach. i like what jennifer’s wearing- it really bright, i love the colour. as for courtney, she looks really boring. for courtney’s age, she still looks amazing on shows like dirt. but i can tell that she’s not wearing much makeup in these pictures. that girl should learn to dress like her bff!

  • sasha


  • http://htt// Tom& Katie fan

    Jen’s face blow up .What’s happen to her face?

  • Hey

    Aniston’s natutal hair color is brown not blond.

    I have to say as someone posted up thread it is blindingly obvious how alone she is. All those people there are family and friends with their kids. She’s there with her dog. She doesn’t interact with anyone but Courtney.

    And I think it’s true. All the sun worshipping and smoking have caught up to her. She does look haggerd

  • sara

    I like her outfit. I think she really needs to get away from her enabling tribe and she would be whole lot better off.

  • Cheerios

    Oh, I wanted to add, before I leave for work, the guy (pic 9) seems to be channeling his inner Brad. gosh, they are so copy cat. Now, I am not saying that Brad was the inventor of such hat, but seriously, at first I thought it was my Bradley. Strange.

    I feel sorry for Courtney to be honest. Everyone has at least one loser friend that tires you out. Jen is definately that friend.

  • meoww


  • Hey

    I am not saying that Brad was the inventor of such hat

    Brad Pitt didn’t invent wearing Fedora’s or scally caps. My father worse those things for God’s sake.

    41 sara : I agree with you but how’s she going to do that? Make a life on her own, by herself? She’ll never do it. She doesn’t have the courage. Plus, she’s just way too old now. She’s gotten herself in a rut and can’t get out of it.

  • bite me

    jen looks… nice

  • nasty girl

    Jennifer totally looks like a man in drag.

  • Hey

    She’s certainly aged- A lot. I think she’s just such an odd little person. I mean, she had the same lunch with the same two people for 10 yrs straight and never once changed her food. That’s weird. For her own sake I just wish she’d do some of the things she claims she wants to do like travel. I know she has a fear of flying but she has enough money to travel by private jet. While I understand most of her friends are married with kids she really should get the strength to do it on her own or with just one other person.

    Some how I feel like Courtney had his party under the guise of a get together but truth be told it would of been Aniston’s 7th year anniversary and CC didn’t want her to be alone.

  • insane

    Telephoto lens makes both of them look distorted – COME ON PEOPLE! Courteney looks practically deformed and we know that she is gorgeous. You wackos are a tough crowd.

    And so damn what if she is still single – she is not the only one in Hollywood who is. How long did it take Nicole Kidman to find a serious man? She dated many men while Tom jumped in with Penelope Cruz immediately then right to Katie. And when was the last time SHE made a movie and a good one? Jeez….why the hate for this woman. Oh wait, don’t have to ask. Starts with a B….

  • bite me

    really, 7th year anniversary

  • [~Famous~]

    Has she always been that orange? Lol I cant remember, blah. She’s ugly and that ‘outfit’ is ridiculous