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Mena Suvari is a Bald Bikini Babe

Mena Suvari is a Bald Bikini Babe

Like Britney… just a little more sane.

A bald Mena Suvari frolicks around in a skimpy bikini at a Malibu beach on Thursday.

The American Beauty actress was recently filming the lead role in Ernest Hemingway‘s The Garden Of Eden in Spain. The film is set for a 2008 release.

Mena, 28, has had her “newly” shorn look since June. She’s just been flying under the radar since filming her new movie out of the country.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Mena Suvari’s bald bikini look?

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Photos: Shaene Fanton/London Entertainment/Splash News Online
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  • disgusted

    wow…..I’m lost for words.

  • rae

    wow her skin looks flawless. and glowy

  • Diana

    She kind of looks like a… boy.

  • Yari & Timo

    i think she looks awesome!!!

  • not cute

    fat and fug..really fat and really fug, look at those big@ss, thighs..yucky..

  • Natalie

    Where are her boobs?? Women should have curves, and Mena has none. It’s kind of weird.

  • rae

    yes every woman should have curves but thats not all true, there are tons of woman of are born differently , not everyone is alike you know.

  • KrungKrung

    me likey likey her bald look, heck if i’m that pretty i would go bald too hehe, is her being bald for a movie? or she just like to be bald? not bad, not bad at all y’all…

  • hm…

    interesting… with all the money & yet had on the bikini that did not fit well to enhance HER shape… too masculine… too thick… to tiny… she looked good bald…

  • john

    damn she looks hot ..u b*tches are just jealous.

  • BB

    #5-not cute
    ‘Big @ass thighs’???

    are you crazy?

    you are what is wrong wth the world today….
    she looks great.

    full lovely thighs….

  • hehehe

    john, BB, i absolutely agree with u, she is cool, love her, she is really pretty … great ;)

  • sheila

    I am just thinking why did she did not make headlines by shaving her hair. No one cares about her like we care about Britney. I mean when Britney shreds off her hair. We were like shock but now Mena Suvari did it and no one cares. Face it, Britney Spears has our attention and we are addicted to her. We followed her. She is the most popular person ever. The reason why her mistakes was seen and scrutinized by many is because everything that she does make headlines. She went to the salon, she go shopping, she dine at, she was partying at, she is dating_____. And we love all the dirty stories. Because we like it, that it sells and a lot of magazines profit from her. She continous to be the cover of tabloids and making some BOGUS stories to sell. Contact people close to Britney to spill the beans. Face it! Britney is HOT,HOT,HOT! I know because I love her so much. I hurt when she HURTS and I keep praying for her. I never LOSE hope. I have never stick by her as fan as NOW. She needs the support that she needs. Britney, don’t be sad and look for LOVE, because we your fans LOVE you unconditionally.

  • Jess

    Sheila: Mena did it for a role, Britney did it because she was (is) batshit insane. There’s a difference.

  • gi

    I always thought she was a bit of a fug, even with hair, but at least she has the balls to rock it unlike, vile gutter w.hore Britney Spears.

  • B

    Jess 14 I agree with you!

    Britney Spears has no shame or dignity and just loves being the centre of attention, unfortunately she has attention for the wrong reason, which isnt the way to go…Mena Suvari has a decent career, and doesnt parade her private life to the papers, there is a difference, Britney chooses to live her life the way she does, if she doesnt like the attention, she knows where the door is out of Hollywood! an absolute mess, I dont know what the big fuss is about Britney she is talentless and a disgrace of a mother, she needs help!

  • d

    I find it interesting how people attack Britney spears without knowing her sans what magazines report of her. Normally when people attack someone it’s because they’ve said something irrevocably stupid, but britney hasn’t spoken about any of her antics. Maybe as oppose to judging get the full story…

    Nonetheless, i hope going bald isn’t the new trend in hollywood, not all women can pull it off

  • Iris

    # 6

    To say that someone ‘should’ look a certain way is an ignorant comment to make especially when you are refering to their genetic disposition. I would think that as a female you would be more supportive to physical diversity considering that low self esteem amongst women is the cause of so many physical and mental health issues in society today. It is OK for you not to like Mena’s look but to suggest that she ‘should’ have a particular physical makeup seems conceited as it is out of her control.
    Mena is neither obese or unaturaly thin and she is also not perfect but she looks happy and healthy.

  • kristen

    I think she looks really good. Very nice and curvy body unlike most women now I mean look at Nicole Ritchie. She’s supposed to be “hot”..?? What the hell happened to this world? Too thin is not in honey, don’t want to look like I have a body of a twelve year old boy!

  • Joe

    I like the look, I think she can pull it off.

    This Sheila girl is insane. How random was that.

  • Linda

    She looks great! Nice to see a small chest for a change. Love that she hasn’t succumbed to the industry’s pressure on having big boobs.
    You go girl!

  • Diana

    Nothing artificial hear ..for a change!

    She looks great, with a perfect body, I bet all those IT girls are just so jealous!

  • jojo

    her body waiste down is over weight and mena ia okay by me.ita with poster 5 and 6 her thighs are curved normal, their just to heavy, and her stance looks masculine, chest is flat and that’s okay.but she looks like she could stand to loose at least 40 lbs,thunder thighs.mena smokes and that’s never good.

  • Dani

    Mena’s just soo cute! With hair or without, it doesn’t matter. She’s cool either way. And I think her body is just fine!

  • gini


  • radio

    she is in perfect shape. not skinny not fat, still has curves i dont know what is wrong with you people would you rather makeout and hold hands with a girl who has a shape of a boy. dont people like feeling a little meat on them? hollywood really brainwashed you

  • radio

    danm she got some booty too.

  • Raichill

    I have never thought of Mena as pretty. She is attractive in an unusual way. I don’t like her hair this short and the bikini is hideous and a very bad fit. I think she would look better in a one piece swimsuit cut in a way that takes the emphasis away from her thighs.

  • Jess

    Jojo: “Loose at least 40lbs”, what the hell? Mena is 5’3½. So she’s not skinny á la Nicole Richie (who’s around the same height, sort of) but if she lost forty pounds, or even just twenty, there’d be little left of her.

  • t.

    Britney would look much better than this tart if she rocked her hair- and Brit’s body is curvier,thinner and she’s prettier amd has more talent. Menna should be as slim as Brit who is that height too. Brit has class.

  • sally

    You guys are NUTS..she is no where near being fat!! Its a very unflattering bikini but she’s not fat. We’re used to seeing skeletons in Hollywood

  • Lillianne

    I agree with t that Britney would rock if she “owned” her short hair. However, that’s where it ends. Britney is not more talented. She’s pudgy fat and sloppy out of shape and NO WAY IN THIS WORLD DOES BRITNEY HAVE CLASS. That’s a huge joke about someone who flashes every unflattering view she can.

    Mena looks adorable and I’d wear my hair like this if I looked anything like this girl.

  • brit’s fan, mena is a copy cat looser

    Some of you like poster 32 and others seem to think Britney the pop Queen has no class, that this mena looser does. Get a reality check. Who do we see in mags and tv and hear on radio..((Hello)) its every’s one favorite celeb. Britney Spears. Yes she is that mena’s person height but mena is fairly unknown while BRIT gets more famous everyday. Not to mention Brit is gorgess, very slim ,has full breasts, @ss to die for and so much talent in acting, singing & modeling, you saw the Allure ads here. Mena is copying Brit’s hair and style,what a looser. But no one cares. Yeah and she should loose weight to have Brit’s slim, thin & curvaceous bod. She is jealous of Brit stealing her style. Looser mena.

  • Sprinkles

    She’s rockin’ this look. This is what BRITNEY should be doing!

  • Oh Well

    love a girl that does her own thing, and looks good doing it.

  • allison

    WTF does Britney have to do with this can all the nutzoid fans stop talking about Trailer Park has been Barbie and focus on Mena. And all those people saying she’s fat are probably fat themselves, how can you ask someone who probably weighs 120 pounds to lose 40 pounds. Stupidity reigns supreme in this world.








  • Dumdums

    Britney did it so she wouldn’t be drug tested.. and she is bat shit insane. This girl needs .. a better bikini.

  • Iris

    Pleeeeese people, it’s just a haircut! One could also argue that Brit copied Natalie Portman and that Natalie Portman copied Cate Blanchete and that Cate Blanchete copied Demi More etc etc.

    I love Brit but I think it’s fair to say that she’s getting alot of publicity lately for all the wrong reasons.

    Are you the same person as GOD BLESS THE JOLIE-PITTS? Love your work. x

  • Martelka

    Really awfull look. I don’t think he is fat, but where is that beautiful girl?I haven’t recognised her here;((

  • Mmmmm

    Good for her that she is ok within herself to worry that she has no hair, million times better then those silly nappy wigs that Britney wears.

  • Sinna

    #13 Sheila
    You sound like an insane fan, but i’m guessing you are probably young. I’m sure Mena shaved her head for a role, Brit on the other had is a walking trainwreck who more likely did it to get attention.
    For those of you who are saying that she is fat. There is nothing fat about her, her thighs are thick and healthy, and she’s not ashame to show off her curves. That’s what’s wrong with our culture, and is why young girls are starving themselves to death. I’m sure anyone would rather see meat than bones.

  • Sinna

    t. : 08/17/2007 at 9:09 am
    Britney would look much better than this tart if she rocked her hair- and Brit’s body is curvier,thinner and she’s prettier amd has more talent. Menna should be as slim as Brit who is that height too. Brit has class.
    Brit has class. Are you fcking kidding. Get your head out of the clouds and wake the he!! up. My dog has more class it her pinky toe that this walking disaster.

  • magnus

    Hot as hell.

    That’s a great ASSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • [~Famous~]

    The difference between her and Shitney is she has the balls and confidence to go outside without a wig or a weave.


    Not into the bald thing AT ALL! I don’t see why ppl say she is fat! She looks normal.

  • Stellartes

    not digging the look and the bod

  • Dirty Cougar

    HA HA HA HA! She CUTE!!! DAMN it!!!DAMN HER! lol! She’s like Natalie Portman she, can totally get away w/ it! BTW~ Look @ her fabulous bod!

  • brit/beck /tomkat/fan

    STFU you ignorant people. Mena is fat- fat and she stole Brit’s look/haircut. Brit started this trend but hasn’t shown hers much yet..this trend thief stole it before Brit had a chance to show it.
    I hate when no-body celebs steal Brits A- list trends/styles. ITA with who ever said she has CLASS! Mena is class-less! A no body. She needs to trim down her legs/&thighs cuz they are enormous .Brit is petite and is healthy and doesn’t smoke and skinny with a nice figure.Get lost, Brit has it all.Mena get a JOB! AND DIET!

  • Harlow

    She kind of looks like River Pheonix from Stand By Me.