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Luke MacFarlane Steps Out with Wentworth Miller

Luke MacFarlane Steps Out with Wentworth Miller

Wentworth Miller hangs out actor pal Luke MacFarlane in Los Angeles on Saturday.

According to spywitnesses, the pair first avoided being photographed together, but eventually walked down the street together with a smile.

Wentworth, 35, and Luke, 27, started their day off together by visiting printing store Kinko’s, where the Prison Break star surfed the web.

Afterwards the pair grabbed some drinks from Starbucks and headed to a small art gallery in Culver City. Finally, Went and Luke went to the In-N-Out Burger drive-thru and called it a day.

MacFarlane is the ex-boyfriend of Grey’s Anatomy star TR Knight.

20+ pictures inside of Wentworth and Luke‘s Saturday smiles…

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luke mcfarlane wentworth miller 01
luke mcfarlane wentworth miller 02
luke mcfarlane wentworth miller 03
luke mcfarlane wentworth miller 04
luke mcfarlane wentworth miller 05
luke mcfarlane wentworth miller 06
luke mcfarlane wentworth miller 07
luke mcfarlane wentworth miller 08
luke mcfarlane wentworth miller 09
luke mcfarlane wentworth miller 10
luke mcfarlane wentworth miller 11
luke mcfarlane wentworth miller 12
luke mcfarlane wentworth miller 13
luke mcfarlane wentworth miller 14
luke mcfarlane wentworth miller 15
luke mcfarlane wentworth miller 16
luke mcfarlane wentworth miller 17
luke mcfarlane wentworth miller 18
luke mcfarlane wentworth miller 19
luke mcfarlane wentworth miller 20
luke mcfarlane wentworth miller 21
luke mcfarlane wentworth miller 22
luke mcfarlane wentworth miller 23

Photos: National Photo Group
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  • katie

    wentworth miller is so hot

  • Crabby Girl

    Finally he’s coming out!!! LOL Sorry girls. He’s gay!!

  • yomama

    haha told you

  • Souhila

    OMG, it’s official , he’s gay !!! I’m so disappointed , didn’t want to believe it!

  • sarah

    Luke McF was with TR knight!!I’m not agree, ’cause I love him, he’s too hot to be gay, but luke is awesome and WM is better than TR!!

  • Matilda

    He is NOT gay!!! If you hang out with a gay person that makes you automatically gay?! Grow up!

  • yomama

    i’ve been saying for months that he was dating luke.#
    they make a cute couple.
    conggrats wenty.

  • Crabby Girl


    Get out of denial. You never had a chance with Went anyway. Have you ever seen him smile that big when with a chick I think not. He’s gay deal with it!

  • Patmycrotch

    Big deal if he is. However, like Kathy Griffth say “Come on, throw one back would ya”

  • HotMama

    They do make an adorable couple and what a relief he must feel to finally come out in public. Matlida he’s gay! Sorry to burst your bubble if you really thought you had a chance with him.

    Went the hat you can do better than that ;-)

  • grace

    OMG why is he gay now?just because he steps out with a guy,who is actually gay?If you are going out with a person,whichis homosexual it doesn´t mean that you are homosexual,too!I agree Matilda!
    went is sooo hot!

  • But seriously

    In all honesty? I am speechless! I really have nothing to say!

  • Ace Tomato

    They’re both adorable and both gay.

  • Faith

    #11 He’s not now gay always has been. People just didn’t belive it.

  • yomama

    matilda luke isn’t any gay person, he is the guy he’s been linked to for the past 8 months, they are a couple, they spend all their free time together and have been dating for months.
    paps have been trying to get pics of these two together for months now, i guess wenty got sick of hiding and their realtionshipis more important to him than a stupid show.
    i am so proud of him, i love him even more now.

  • Lisa

    Okay, and let me first know that I love Wentworth and do not believe he is gay. But, if this does not start the rumors back up, I don’t know what will. I did not know this guy and immediately knew he was gay. Poor Went. He is not gay–this is what he says, but this will start rumors galore. Poor Wentworth.

  • Bite me

    Gay or not I would do him

  • upanina

    he’s gay!!!!!!!!!HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!I knew

  • Faith

    He said he’s not gay but there is more than one definition of gay he could have been refering to the other definition he’s smart enough to do that little play on definitions. I love Went too but ok if he’s not gay why would they avoid having pics taken and come on they went to a meat joing called in and out. LMAO if that’s not suggestive I don’t know what is.

  • Lisa

    Um, In and Out burger is a restaurant chain. COME ON??? Gay means happy, and if was trying to play on words, why would he say he is not happy. He said he is NOT gay, but again, this is going to cause drama.

  • sami

    Why?!? I feel so sad. At first, i didnt want too blive he was gay.. :(

  • Hailey

    Straight men don’t have gay men for friends! He’s gay girls always has been always will be. Love him all the same though.

  • allways here

    i luv him so much he’s so sexy and hot

  • Jake

    i knewed! cute cuple! :D

  • Vic

    I totally think that wenty is gay, after I have seen his first screen kiss with sara, but who cares. he is hotness !! wish him all the luck in this world :D

  • mitcha

    uhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu biba!

  • Tiana

    I really hope all the people who contributed to outed this man are happy because his career will be over once PB ends this season and we will never see him again, Bravo

  • Luli

    damnit! Always the hot ones… they make an adorable, hot couple!

  • [~Famous~]

    wow, so that’s the boyfriend huh.. cool =\
    I’ll never watch prison break the same again.

    Went looks like a serious butt-pirate in these pictures.

  • Kiki

    Somebody tell me they at least like women some!

  • LJ

    To me it’s same if he is gay or not, but i can’t understand that people think that man is gay if he is out with gay man..

  • Justin

    I don’t understand all of you who are in denial it’s not like you ever had a chance with Went anyway so what do you care if he’s gay or not. Which he is by the way.

  • maya

    they are so cute together

  • Giulia

    Oh wtf they are so damn hot.. *___*

  • Justin

    I don’t understan all you women who are in denial. It’s not like you would even have a chance with him if he were straight which he’s not by the way.

  • blabla

    Noo Wenty, please just be friends.

  • the_original_nika

    Im with #6.

  • Jake Gyllenhaal

    Perez said it in his blog a long time ago so it must be true.
    Every 1 who dont believe this is in denial. when i 1st saw PB i thought he was like 20-22 YO. Turns out hes 35, no wife, no kids, on top of that, hes hanging with a known gay dude.
    Everybody, This is his coming out. he doesnt have to say anything. he knows that being seen with this guy will bring up the rumors. yet he went on ahead with it. Think about it.
    Case closed.
    P.S. for all the girls in disbelief, get over it, he plays for the opposite team now.

  • Tally

    LMAO now you’ll see him eveywhere with a woman just to dispell these rumors you just watch! Which they aren’t rumors the man is gay as the day is long but that’s ok I love him all the same!

  • black

    I know a gay person when I see one…..and Wentworth Miller sure as hell is not gay.

    It just doesn´t fit.

  • Tally

    Thank you 37 I couldn’t agree more. This is his coming out with out saying the words!

  • me

    black you are so silly

    wentworth and luke are clearly a couple
    And they seem happy

  • PurpleRain

    OMG Black Went being gay fits like a glove! He acts talks and is gay just watch any of his movies he’s as gay as they come!

  • lily

    He looks very happy.

  • LJ

    #37 so if that ugly stupid Perez say something – it’s true…thanks for best joke of the day..

  • anon1

    I don’t understand the big deal about Wentworth Miller. He is NOT cute. Neither of these guys actually.

  • steph

    oh god,,,that’s why he and sarah don’t have chemistry on prison’s bec. he likes boys

  • Sara

    Aww. Went is such a sport. Unlike T.R. who is moody and cranky every time he got spotted.

  • Jake Gyllenhaal

    #43 you might be right about that, but this topic(Wentys Homosexuality) was one of the confirmed sources from Perez’s part. and the man clearly knows the gossip in Holywierd, especialy whos gay and whos not. Either way I support Wenty all the way and wish him a successful career. Through this issue he gained a fan u could say(me). I mean, it’s good to have positive gay role models for young teens today.

  • Lisa

    To #45: I don’t know what show you are watching, but he and Sara have AWESOME chemistry. I think most would agree. The reason that people on here are causing such a fuss is due to the fact that Prez Hilton is such a jerk. Prez Hilton has called everyone under the sun gay or some other untruth. Wentworth has said OVER and OVER that he is 100% not gay. Now that he is with someone who is is not fair to assume that he was lying. Do I think he is gay? No, he said he is not. End of story.