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Ryan & Scarlett Hold Hands in Public

Ryan & Scarlett Hold Hands in Public

Lovebirds Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson move up the PDA ladder, walking hand-in-hand as they arrive at LAX airport on Monday after a flight from Vancouver, BC.

Things must be really heating up for Ryan, 30, and Scarlett, 22, as they were visiting Ryan‘s hometown of Vancouver. Scarlett must have taken the trip out to Canada to meet Ryan‘s parents! Wa-wa-wee-wa-wa!

In April, the couple was spotted “canoodling” while dining at Manhattan restaurant Odeon. In May, the pair was spotted kissing and holding hands at a concert in West Hollywood. Back in February, Ryan called off his engagement to singer Alanis Morissette.

10+ pictures inside of Ryan & Scarlett holding hands…

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ryan scarlett holding hands 01
ryan scarlett holding hands 02
ryan scarlett holding hands 03
ryan scarlett holding hands 04
ryan scarlett holding hands 05
ryan scarlett holding hands 06
ryan scarlett holding hands 07
ryan scarlett holding hands 08
ryan scarlett holding hands 09
ryan scarlett holding hands 10

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  • KrungKrung

    love them together.

  • cookie


    i dont know what to say..

    im not a fan of both!!!

  • liza

    Scarlett isn’t looking too hot, but Ryan is (as always)

  • http://myspace cr7

    Well, I rather see Ryan with Scarlett then with Alanis.

  • the_original_nika

    cr7 are you shallow!? =X just asking..
    Well.. not feeling the scruffy look. I adore him, but, every time I hear about Scarlett, shes dating that guy.. or that guy.. or that one. Like a man eater or something.

  • Helen

    never heard of him. Scarlett is a prostitute like Angelina Jolie.

  • http://deleted lulu

    6 Helen :

    Leave Angelina out of this thread. who’s sleeping from one guy to another after divorcing Brad ?

  • http://deleted to no.6
  • angelina_mmm

    Helen is jelaous

  • genx

    6 Helen: Look at s kanky Jennifer Smellyniston if you want to see what a wh*re looks like or look in the mirror. Ever since her separation, her divorce not even finalised Jen has been sleeping with any eligible male available to her. I wouldn’t be suprised if even the milkman and the mailman were on her list.

    Anyways I think Alannis is wayy more talented that overated boobby Scarlett!

  • fresh

    cant you losers leave brad, angie and jen out a single post? Damn!!!

    Anyway Scarlett doesnt look so hot.

  • genx

    if loser Helen hadn’t brought it up we’d be happy to post the x stench elsewhere.

    I hope Ryan knows what he is getting himself into. Trading Alannis for Scarlett…looks wise maybe Scarlett has the up but personality, talent and any other thing else..I would say Alannis is wayy better.

    But since I like Ryan I hope it works out.

  • truthbesaid

    Wow at one time I thought Scar Jo was the reason Justin left Cam. Now JT is with Biel and Ryan with Scar Jo…Hollyweird are soo confusing

  • alana

    they look hot together :)
    beautiful couple!

  • ScarlettIsAWHORE

    Both are looking like grap!Wow,again Scarlett looks like a big fat pig with this ugly white wayfarers.If u have pig features you shoulden´t wear one of these glasses!Oh and look at her giant pug nose!
    I bet this pig even thinks her poo is damn sexy but she isn´t sexy at all!Instead she always looks like a wanna be Fashionista but this pig can´t dress.Scarslutty is #1 on my worst dress list!She looks like a drunken ugly fat bum.

  • justjazz

    Scarlo is adorable , great actress and Ryan better be good to her…

  • http://deleted l????

    she was a bit overrated. most of her movies were indie and flop . Nathalie Portman , Rachel Mcadam even Keira K. are better actresses than her.

  • Michaela

    OK, I keep seeing these ridiculous “disguise” get-ups on certain stars (especially Scarlett) while out in public, and I really don’t get it, do celebs dress like total dorks on purpose when they go out in the “real world” because they think dressing this fugly helps them blend in better with real people??? If so, then that’s just such a HUGE insult to us real people :-)!! We don’t dress that horrid! Come on celebs, what are you trying to say about us??? I mean, are they at home looking in their closet and go “Hmmmm..we’re going to the airport today, so I think I’ll put on my grannie jeans, K-mart sneakers, and dirty sweatshirt, ya know, like the poor regular people wear everyday.” PUH-LEEZ. Unless they want to blend in at a homeless shelter, this kind of clothing only makes them stick out MORE. And those glasses!!, give me a break. Who are they kidding?? Why don’t they just tape on the Groucho Marx mustache & eyebrows while they’re at it. Why can’t they TRY to act like normal people and look decent…they’d actually be less of a sore thumb that way.

  • Gambita

    I disagree, I think most of her movies are good.
    But I agree on the fact that she’s a man eater… good for her. You don’t hear anybody saying how George Clooney jumps from one girl to another… it’s a given… same for Scar Jo!

  • eat_your_make_up

    they make a cute couple and i dont think they look like crap, after all they are taking a plane, theyre not the beckhams, they just dress comfortable to travel thats it.

  • grace

    she´s to fat for those jeans she´s looking like a farting,bruping,stinking hog.
    those sunglasses are shit.WTF is this girl thinking,she´s not interesting at all.
    she´s walking like she´s shitting in a diaper.


    I still prefer alanis over her, i was kinda dissapointed when alanis and ryan called off their engagement, they look good together (both canadian). Alanis is one my all time favorite singer, and got really excited when she was w/ ryan who i think is such a good actor. I’d still wish he would go back to alanis.

  • Amber

    Ryan is hot, hot, hot. I don’t care if you’re in disguised or whatever Scarlet but you are suppose to be a star and you are suppose to look decent out in public. Hideous clothes. Even I travel in class. Shssh!

  • V

    Who is this Ryan guy?



  • janice

    Gosh Scar is FATSO. Look at those mighty thighs. I prefer Ryan without the beard.

  • tracycutie

    i like them together…but they both should dress better and clean up…they look scruffy

  • Lobo

    Why so judgemental and cruel? BOTH are beautiful AND talented and
    look great together.

  • Marisleysis

    I think it’s kind of funny when I see adults holding hands without interlocking their fingers. I think of that type of hand-holding for parents with their children.

  • sasha

    Ryan + Scarlett = Rylett !!! =D

  • vivian

    Jared, you sound like a preschooler…”Ryan and Scarlet holding hands in public” You’ve gotten so lame.

  • Original Shar

    I really like this couple. They look good together.

  • ils vont…

    She can look frightening at times. she is like a step away from ugly and fat most of the time, it is what makes her appealing.

  • Ha!

    Actually, genx, it was lulu who brought JA into it. You guys can’t seem to keep AJ and JA separated. All Helen said was that AJ is a prostitute. heehee…I, like many people, thought AJ was skanky long before she got together with BP, so JA has nothing to do with it. I mean she’s pretty and all, but seriously, who sleeps with Billy Bob Thornton. YUCK.

    Scarlett is one lucky girl. Ryan Reynolds is HOT. Hilarious and great body. I’m jealous. :)

  • lanie

    Scarlett looks fat. Why would such a star dress so dumpy?

  • mossy


    can’t she find a single guy? not recently single ones.. like this one and timberdo uche.

  • Susan

    Oh damn, those jeans are hideous!

  • y

    woooooooooooo scarlett is so hot in real life!!!!!

  • y

    im kidding

  • Regina

    Rylett is a cute name for them! Two hot people together. Love it.

  • http://- Joanna [Poland]


  • +++

    34 Ha!

    Who sleep with Adam Duritz and Vince Vaugh?

  • Tealeaf

    She belongs with Justin Timberfake because she has an stank attitude just like him and she is not that talent,and her beauty is SO overrated, Ryan can do so much better.

  • Emilie

    They are cute together!

    And Ryan is totally HOT!

  • Bella

    Scarlett looks so NOT into Ryan at all! Her body language is very clear,
    she actually looks like she’s trying to pull away from him. She almost seems to be embarrased to be with him in public. I’m ignoring the fact they both look kinda scruffy, everyone deserves some down time.
    She does not look proud or happy to be with him AT ALL.
    Maybe she’s just having a bad day.

  • Nana

    Cute couple! (:

  • gina

    Regina :
    Rylett is a cute name for them! Two hot people together. Love it.

    yeah, it is a cute nickname for them. I like it and they do look cute together.

    Rylett…Rylett…Rylett!!!! hehehe

  • TheExpatriot

    Scarlett & Ryan = Scary =D

  • Émilie

    They’re both ugly.

  • Annoyed

    He deserves so much better, he’s humble sweet and is looking for a commitment. She’s a diva, self involved, and already told him she doesn’t want to marry him. I give it a couple more months.